Dream Team Extra: Round 17


To be honest I’m weary already, with the MBRs and the glut of injuries and suspensions sucking the fun out of DT. But, that’s just me and I’m sure you’re firing up as we approach league finals. With not long to go, now’s the time to either finish off your team if you have the trades in hand, or hold and pray for luck if you’re running low. A few things have popped up this week that are worth a recap, so let’s get in amongst it!


Late Withdrawls

They suck. A bit of transparency from the AFL clubs when it comes to team selection would go a long way with footy fans (and DTers!). Mini-rant over, otherwise I’ll chew up this article with much pent-up angst and bitterness. I’ll just bottle it all up and release it at a really inopportune time in the future…


Big Ins

Goddard and Dusty have clearly learnt their lessons and should come back into their respective sides this week. Coach Hardwick has hopefully revved Martin up by telling the press that he owed the Tiges some good performances after his narcoleptic episode a fortnight ago. And BJ? Well, hard to say really as he’s been on a bit of an up-and-down cycle this year.


Billy Ray does his best Ivan impression

Beware The Mullet

Billy Ray Maric was a no-show in the warm climes of Cairns and whispers in twitterland this week point in the general area of his crotch. Well, his groin anyway. Hardwick mentioned in his Tuesday presser that Ivan’s availability would be a week-to-week proposition. The Follicular Extravaganza has lit it up this year but if he is battling a groin problem, then we could see another big man bite the dust this season.


No Shaw

Carrying on the topic of no-shows, dependable DEF cover Sammy Shaw is unavailable this week after attempting to smother the footy with his eye last weekend. After seeing a flash of red, then seeing stars and then seeing not much more than a blur, he’ll be on the sidelines this round presumably watching Adelaide in action with his good eye. Bad news for coaches depending on him for EMG cover. Disastrous news for those playing him at D7.


Broughts Bites Again

The early season #DTExtra made mention of one Gregory Broughton’s sporadic scoring as he played a lock-down defensive back line role to kick of 2012. Now as we hit the back-half of the season, Ross Lyon has moved him from his ball-winning midfield possie to a lock-down defensive forward role. Seriously Ross?!? No, I no longer have him and he’s made my #NeverAgain list, but for the sake of his patient coaches who persisted and were rewarded after Broughton’s lacklustre start, I hope he gets moved back to the middle. Oh, then there was this…

To top off his meandering DT form, Greg’s also missed Freo’s main training session this week. While I haven’t heard any rumours about him carrying an injury, keep your ears to the ground ahead of teams tonight!


Marc: The Judd Effect

I spruiked Marc Murphy last week as a bargain buy when he is predicted to bottom out under $400k next week. Now that the mixed martial artiste extraordinaire, C Judd, is unavailable for the next four weeks, I have to take that back as Murphy will undoubtedly wear the opposition’s best tagger for the next four rounds. Not great if you were looking at Marc to finish off your midfield, but just be warned that his numbers may be a bit off while his wing commander is out.


Anyways, that’s the rub for this week. Trading? Heard any juicy news bits, gossip or rumours? Got a rant or a rave? Stick it in the comments and let’s get some healthy chatter going ahead of team lists tonight. See ya next Thursday for another bout of media trawling and good luck this weekend!


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  • Great article once again TeeTee :)

  • Looking at leaving my team like this until finals start. 4 TRADES

    Backs: Deledio, Goddard, Scotland, Johnson, Carrazzo, Broughton, Gram ( Ellis, s.shaw )

    Mids: Swan, Ablett, Scotty T, Boyd, Mitchell, Jelwood ( J Mac, Gibson )

    Rucks: Cox, McEvoy ( redden, campbell)

    Fwds: Franklin, Chapman, Martin, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, C.Pearce, Zorko ( D.Smith, Treloar )

    Got 3 fairly easy opponents coming up looking for feedback cheers.

    • Pretty similar position Team and trades to me. 4 Trades. team:

      Backs: Deledio, Goddard, Scotland, Carrazzo, Birchall, Heppell, Broughton (Darley, S.Shaw)

      Mids: Ablett, Thompson, Boyd, Watson, Pendlebury, Goodes (Gibson, Sexton)

      Rucks: Cox, Jacobs( redden, campbell)

      Fwds: Franklin, Beams, Robinson, Chapman, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, Zorko (Martin, D.Smith)

      The only thing I’m considering is downgrading Smith to Couch next week (if Couch performs), which should give me enough to upgrade Gibson to Swan, which will then leave me with almost premo cover in the (probably Martin in the FWDS and Goodes in MIDS). Broughton is stinking up my backline something cruel and will inevitably be traded out at some stage during finals but I will hold the trade to cover any possible backline injuries.

      Your main weakness is your forward line and you’ll probably want Beams for the finals. If you’ve got easy games it probably doesn’t matter if you leave that trade for then.

      • Out of your squad of 30 I only have 7 diff players. (3 diff onfield)

        And once you get swan and couch it will be 5.

        I also have 4 trades left.

      • just curious to see what your overall ranking is killbot?

      • bullshit no way you could have afforded this side go tell your bullshit elsewhere.

        • What a bizzare response?

          These teams look like most of those in my toughest league. Mine is similar

          Deledio, Scotland, Goddard, Carazzo, Waters, Broughton, Hargrave, (Shaw, Baguley)

          Swan, Watson, Pendles, Boyd, Mitchell, Thompson (Sloane, Borgoyne)

          Cox, Jacobs (Redden Orrensen)

          Beams, Sidebottom, Pearce, Dangerfield, Robinson, Franklin, Zorko, (Porps, Cameron)

          Starting with a few choice mid-priced (Danger, Porps, Waters) and cheap premiums (like Watson and Sidey), buying the best-performing rookies and farming them, and waiting for premiums to drop to better prices (Pendles, Mitchell, Thompson, Carazzo, Scotland, Franklin) can mean fielding a team like this (or better) by the last quarter of the season. It isn’t that hard, but luck has a role to play in it.

  • yeah got maric last week when giles was omitted, so i am seething with rage

    who would you play in order:


  • Nice article Tee Tee. I’m one of those Broughton Coaches who has stayed loyal – #neveragain. Never thought I would be saying this:
    “I have Spurr as cover for Broughts”

  • On the Broughton one.

    I am thinking of dumping him for Scotland – I will also need to piss off Marley Williams for etiher Clifton, Sutcliffe or simliar

    It will leave me with 1 trade left till the end of the year.

    Got good bench coverage in all zones.

    Worth it or too risky heading into finals with only 1 trade.

    I’m a certainty for top 2 in my league but more focused on overall points. Currently sitting at 309th

    Should I pull the trigger?

    FYI – I’m pretty confident that Greg will be out this week – even if he plays he will stink it up.

    • im 10th in my main league and have a crucial match which will decide if i make the 8, i have 6 trades left and if broughton is out i need to trade….cant afford Scotland but maybe swap him for H.Shaw??

    • If you were outside the top 500 I would say hold. Given that you’re 309th you gotta go for broke I reckon, make the trade and if it bites you in the ass later on at least you had a crack while you were an outside chance for the car.

    • chasing points then yes get rid of Broughton….not sold on the Williams trade…his points wont change and your only going to get bench cover for him…why not hold until u really need to swap

  • …but just be warned that his numbers may be a bit off while his wing commander is out.

    I see what you did there. “Chicken Wing Commander”.

  • Inside and reliable info people….Broughton gone for the season.

  • You forgot one possible (emphasis on the possible) really big in, Nathan Fyfe!

  • Who should I play from Tory Dickson vs Carlton and Travis Cloke vs Hawthorn

    • I think Dickson will have a good game out against Carlton. Hawks are most likely to drop Schoemakers back to double team Cloke with Gibson. This could decrease his output.

  • For those interested, Jack Darling looks set to play as has made the trip to Adelaide.

    • That’s good for Cox owners. Will spend a bit more time in the ruck. Good job champ :)

    • not gunna help them…. crows are gunna flog em

  • Beams and H.Shaw


    Stevie J, and Scotland???

  • Splendidly written piece, that.

  • tipping Marc Murphy to absolutely tear it up this weekend, no matter what tag he gets. He WILL step up, just watch (remember I said this)

    I’m predicting about 130-150.

  • Danger will miss this week.

  • has a hand problem mainly but also has been running sore for a few weeks

  • Have some bench cover than Dunny.

  • so wheres the injury lists the one up top of page is outdated and not one in recent news either?.

  • yesterday he was definitely not playing
    prob late withdrawal if named

    • people talk as much shit on here as that chick above lives in launceston what a joke i cant believe the boys let this bullshit advertising on their site it just degrades it .

  • Great article!!

    I hope you are incorrect about Dangerfield, as I was going to take a punt on Zorko (C) :D

    With Danger out I will have a donut and therefore points will be even more valuable!

    I’m glad to hear Broughton might be out for the season… Time to trade his ass.

    I’m still going to captain Zorko… I friggen wanna boof him just quietly.


  • who should i trade in
    Heppell, suckling,Johnson, grimes or enright?

  • GWS are the first team to update their Sunday team. Their changes are as follows:

    In: Aylett, Bruce, Bugg, Giles, Miles, Townsend, Ugle, Whiley, Hoskin-Elliot and Frost

    Outs: Cameron (Back), Darley (EMG), Edwards (EMG), Patton, Conigilio (Back), Adams, Smith, Brogan
    (Rested), Cornes (Rested), Kennedy (Illness)

    Emergencies: Darley, Edwards and Phillips