Jeppa’s Draftees – Rd 16

Firstly, thanks to Calvin, Roy & Warnie for letting me rip off the green vest and make my debut on DT Talk. Also a special mention to Chook who has been a huge help each round this year and I hope to continue his good advice at the business end of the season.

No doubt the flavor of the round was the amount of mature rookies on debut, timely for those looking to make some cash for their last few upgrades.

Three-or-more Gamers

As we approach finals, the only relevance of the three-or-more game players is whether or not they are ‘keepers’. DayneZorko’s continued his 100+ performances and is well and truly in the Premium category. Toby Greene was very impressive with 121 and for those running low on trades should be considered for your last midfield spot. Sam Gibson continued his good run off half back for 68 and is a perfect midfield backup. Jarred Redden made a timely return to Port with 75 making him very good ruck cover and Sam Shaw enjoyed running off Izzy for a strong 84. Lee Spurr’s unexpected 104 made a lot of coaches smile and given the Dockers play GWS this week I suspect Spurr will hold his place,but long term I am not so sure.

The disappointments of the multi gamers were Aaron Hall (26), Beau Wilkes (11), Jack Crisp (43), Marty Clarke (30), Billie Smedts (25) and Jonathon Patton (35). If you can afford to off load these blokes then do so as soon as you can!

Two Gamers

The ‘worst 47 seconds of football ever’ included big man Tom Derickx dropping one of the easiest chest marks that ultimately cost Richmond the game. His poor marking and 19 point performance will likely see him back at Coburg this week. On a brighter note, the Dockers Cameron Sutcliffe showed some class when coming on for Broughton in the third quarter. He delivered the ball lace out numerous times and if he continues his good form I’m convinced he’ll be a regular member of the Fremantle 22. The last of the two gamers, Andrew McInnes scored a solid 68 but still looks out of place to me and would be a risky downgrade option.

One Gamers

We finally got to see Tom Couch in action and he started well by avoiding the green vest. Playing predominately on the ball with stints up forward, Couch managed a respectable 66 points, which included 9 tackles. Given the Demons growing injury list, his basement price and MID/FWD eligibility, Couch has to be your first downgrade option. Mark Baguleya Def/Mid definitely snuck under the radar this week with a score of 81 and he’s poised to stick around in the Bombers back six afterHibberd injured his quad.Sam Dunnell scored an impressive 46 in a half of football,but with Goddard and Steven due to return that could be his only game for the year. Josh Hall jumped his way to 37 including 2 goals before being subbed out in the third quarter.  Geelong debutants Josh Walker, 55 and Jackson Sheringham, 18 definitely did not look out of place in the Saturday night blockbuster.Steve Clifton managed a subdued 40 after a bit of gee up from those within GWS and Def/Mid Luke Brown scored a 45 from the back pocket against the GWS.

Keep Your Eye on

Sam Docherty – A Def/Mid who does come with the higher price tag of $130,200 however, given the Lions are not going to make finals I suspect Michael Voss will want to get games into his #12 pick from last year to fast track his development and improve the Lions depth. Docherty’s NEAFL form in recent weeks warrants selection.

Anthony Miles –This well built midfielder has been BOG 2 weeks in a row for the GWS reserves. Sheeds is one to reward players for effortand given his 89 points in his one and only game earlier in the year, Miles could be a good downgrade optionfor the remaining rounds.

Sam Kerridge – Another youngster in form in the 2’s after being named in the bests 4 weeks in a row. This Fwd/Mid option is unlikely to get consecutive games that don’t involve a vest of some colour but if his SANFL form continues,Brenton Sanderson may reward him.


  • Well written Jeppa. Welcome aboard.

  • Thanks bud. Great intro

  • Who would you guys play out of ellis,, or baguley if all are named?

    I am kinda tossing up between shaw, ellis? Liked the link ups ellis did on weekend not sure if he will do that vs north??

    • I liked Sam Shaw’s second half, playing with blurred vision. Unfortunately he’s set to miss this week (bleeding behind the eye) but I’m sure he impressed Sando a lot too. I think his JS is pretty good when he gets back.

    • I’d probably go Baguley. Higher reward. That’s just me though.

    • Easy – Ellis.
      Shaw isn’t playing (would be my first pick), and Baguley is still new to the team and could start as sub. Then again, Ellis has a history of Green and Red, but he should be long past that now.

    • Hi Ryan,

      Rumour on the street is that Shaw will miss this week with an eye injury so it’s between Ellis and Baguley.

      At this stage I would go Baguley as he’ll be determined to play well in order to cement his place in the Bombers back six.

  • The ultimate DT Talk team change – a rookie writing the rookie column. Chook out (retired), Jeppa in (promoted from rookie list). Sad to see Chook retire after so much good work but just as glad to see a rookie giving it a go. Good luck to you and thanks for the first article.

  • Welcome Jeppa!

    RIP Chook

  • Re: Miles (GWS) and Frost (GWS)
    I feel I should throw my two cents in here, as there is a lot of speculation about him debuting this week in Perth due to his recent BOG’s in the NEAFL. I got the chance to speak to Miles (& Sam Frost) for about fifteen minutes each after the GWS v. Crows game on the weekend. I asked Anthony his opinion on where he is at after his 30+ possession game last week, and his good showing in the UWS Giants v Sydney Uni game, and he was quick to point out he is concerned about his own fitness level. I also asked Sam how he thought he was coming along.

    The important bits (Miles):
    He has only played two games back since being on the sidelines injured for around six weeks. Last weeks game (vs Gold Coast Reserves) they were playing reduced teams and reduced quarters (16 players and 16 minutes a piece). He told me that the reduced game time helped him, as he would have struggled to run out the full game. This week (vs Sydney Uni) the Giants were playing cellar dwellers Sydney Uni, in a match that looked like an under 18s game. Miles bigger body won him a lot of the ball, but this wouldn’t happen in an AFL grade match up. Given that he has concerns over his own tank at the moment, I would not expect to see him play at Subiaco given the size of the ground. If he does, he has ‘green vest’ written all over the scenario. Personally, I’d expect him to get his next game against Port, in three weeks.

    The important bits (Frost):
    Firstly, the first thing you notice about Sam Frost is his size. He’s a bloody tall lad (190+ cm), and has a good size frame for AFL. Secondly, he has been in great form lately, polling in the best on ground votes in the past five matches, and this past week, he was holding down centre half forward with ease. We discussed the rookie situation at GWS, and he assures me he (or another GWS Rookie) could be elevated at any time. More significantly, when I asked when he thinks he could get a game, without hesitation replied “hopefully next week in Perth”. Given that it’s been announced that Patton will be rested, and Cameron has been out of sorts of lately (tiredness); Frost is the most likely player to debut this week coming.

    That was probably closer to ten cents worth… hope it tax deductible.

    • Where is my receipt?

      As always, thanks Griff :)

      • Cheer’s Griff, the time and effort you put into DT TALK is beyond value mate, appreciate the in depth info on Frost and Miles.

        Interesting that Treloar played a run with role on Dangerfield last week, he kept Paddy very quiet, do you think Sheedy will continue to use Treloar in negating / tagging roles, or was it just because J-Mac was absent last week?

  • Thanks Jeppa, great start!

    “Jeppa’s Juniors” rolls off the tongue a bit better though, no?

  • Just not Chook :(

    But Good job Jeppa… you might need to talk to our Pirate about doing you up a better logo :)

    Any news on Newman (WCE) they got smashed last week but with 5-6 Main forwards out you’d love his JS.

    Any chance they will debut more meat with Darling in doubt?

    • Newman could have a few more games – but I’d be wary.
      Hams will be back this week, and Hill is likely too.
      Dunno if Newman will hold his spot, and even if he does, you can bet he’ll cop a vest.

      • I agree with Slave. Newman was a late inclusion for Hams on Sunday. Would think he’ll be the first out when Hams and Hill come back in given they play similar roles.

  • Great work Jeppa…..just explain now what to do with clarke and smedts and some other filth in my backline…with no trades…trouble!

  • Nice debut sir… no wonder you’ve been kicking my butt in DT all theses years!

  • Grrrrr….another backline donut this week…..AGAIN!!!

  • Great work Jeppa – stepped up to the plate and smashed it out the park!

  • Maybe “jeppa’s juniors” ??? Has more ring to it

    • Should’ve read the comments first, already been suggested…

      Anyway great seamless transition from chook mate. Well written

  • Cheers for all your support guys!

  • Thinking off upgrading Jeremy Cameron on the back of three sh*t scores, and stupid free kicks he keeps giving away,
    the best options are boomer, porpoise or mcGlynn is it worth trading him or not

    • This is a tough one Daniel.

      I agree that you need to offload Cameron but from the 3 you mentioned, I’d say Harvey with not much confidence. How many trades do you have left and what does your team look like?

  • Yea i just read about thanks for the reply!

    You know the live update feature on ? Where it is a 2d green oval and lines go frm player to player with their name and number and move they have made?

    Well thats how ive watched every afl game this year being out in central qld mining:( so to come on here and get all this info and entertainment has really made it not so bad!

    Cheers guys.

  • who would you put your money on??
    Couch or Baguely

  • Which of these two should I keep? Couch, Baguley or Smedts?

    • None of them have guaranteed job security so cash in on Smedts and keep Couch and Baguley…

  • Looks to be a great substitute for Chook’s Rooks, really useful. Great work.

  • welcome jeppas… great start mate…

    i have waters / ryder / buddy all warming my bench.
    do i keep them or trade them? i only have 3 trades and 21k in bank.

    team is:
    lids, god, lake, adcock, hep, birchal, waters* (darley, spurr)
    stanton, gazza, hayes, priddis, rocky, boyd (old mac, williams)
    goldy, Ryder* (redden, big o)
    sidey, ROK, stevie j, buddy*, robbo, martin, zorko (dickson, sexton)


    • You can carry Waters (listed as 1-2 weeks) and Buddy (2 weeks) until they return. But you really don’t want to be depending on Redden as you’re second ruck for 3-4 weeks, so I’d trade Ryder to Jacobs, then hold onto the last 2 trades to cover injuries to star players in the run home.

    • i could straight swap:
      waters – carrots
      ryder – jacobs
      buddy – beams


      • what about old mac – couch….. dickson – beams

        then ill have enough cash to go ryder – cox next week…

        • or instead of dickson – beams i could do darley – carrtos… leaving lake on the bench as cover.

          • Assuming you are gona make your league finals and Redden plays over the next few weeks, I wouldnt trade this week and do old mac to couch next week only. Then you got cash and two trades for finals at round 20.

            I raised an eyebrow when Lobbe was subbed off and Redden was left to the ruck duties against the Bombers. If Lobbe is their #1 ruck option, wouldnt they have subbed off Redden instead? Interesting…

          • thanks jeppa… you make a good point…

            fingers crossed redden can get another 70+ score…

            i was thinking about oldmac – couch as well…


  • Awesome article mate. Cheers for the heads up!

  • top shelf jep. good to see people stepping up to the plate!

  • Boys planning to go:

    Orren —> J Hall/ J Spencer
    J Giles —> Jaryd Roughhead/Ben Mcevoy/Sam Jacobs

    Who should I downgrade to, thinking Spencer as Jamar is out for a month or so and who should I upgrade to

    • I would downgrade Orren to Spencer and pick up Jacobs given the crows play Freo, Bris, Melb & Gold Coast in the rounds for dt finals!

      Make sure you check out Emma’s player projections article on the Rucks!

  • 5 trades remaining in top 3000,
    D. Smith to Gumbleton or Frost?
    WITH upgrade:
    Hargrave to Scotland
    Giles to Jacobs
    Thoughts please?

    • As much as I love seeing Gumby back in the bombers line up i wouldn’t trade him in after just one performance. He’s playing for the first time in 2 years, at the moment he should hold his spot but once Crameri and Hurley are back they might give Gumby a bit of a rest so he can come out firing during finals/next year. Or he could continue playing in a killer forward line for the rest of the year but it’s too risky after just one game

    • Definitely not gumby and Im not a fan of trading in players before seeing them at AFL level. Plus frost is a $121,800 Defender. Do you already have couch? If not, jump on him.

      With regard to the upgrade Id go Giles to Jacobs.

      You’ll need to upgrade Hargrave later on though…he’s 31yrs and may be put on ice in a few rounds or even retire!

  • If i have 2 trades and I got Giles is it worth to get Jacobs?

    • Given the curse of the rucks this year Id wait till round 20 before upgrading Giles. Note that Giles will come up against the Suns in the first week of the DT finals. The last time Giles played the suns, he scored 107!

  • Jeppa, any thoughts on 2 gamers yeo – bris, spencer – melb or murdoch – gee? From your article I’m guessing you think that Couch would be a better option?

    • Indeed. If i had to pick one from Couch, Yeo, Spencer and Murdoch…Id pick Couch.

      Although if Spencer will be your 4th ruck then id go Spencer as he will be the backups backup only.

      • Thanks Jeppa. Goodbye Hall & Old Mac. Hello Couch & Pendlebury.

  • should i trade in Jobe Watson or Dayne beams

  • for round 17

    • I reckon beams will score higher than jobe in rd 17 but long term jobe will outscore beams