Nix DreamTrader – Round 16

Hi All,

Here is new version of Nix DreamTrader with data as at end of Round 16.  Taking inspiration from Google Android naming patterns I’ve named this version octagonal wheel.

As well as updated data and re-calibrated calculations, there are extra features.

Extra Features:  The extra features are:

  • Self-populating data.   Now you just select the players from drop-down list and a lot of the other information is pulled in automatically.
  • Multiple trade scenarios.  You can now look at several trade scenarios scenarios all live at the same time. There is also a summary table so you can compare them easily.
  • Charts: Each trade scenario has season price charts for the 2 players concerned and a chart of the net $ to do the trade depending on the round you want to trade in.  Just the thing if you are stalking Marc or Pendles.

Bonus Extras:  As a special bonus to users downloading octagonal wheel, there are also bonus charts showing:

  • The game average total team points scored by each team over the season, also showing standard deviation and average for last three games.
  • The game average total team points conceded by each team over the season, also showing standard deviation and average for last three games.

That’s gotta make you wish you had some trades left!  But wait, you may find a special easter egg giving you a code that you can email to Virtual Sports to get 5 extra trades.  OK that’s not true, but wouldn’t it be cool if it was!

Anyway over to you.  I’ve entered the top 6 trades for this week.  People of obviously expecting Jacobs to perform a lot higher than his average, I’ll leave it to you to work out how high.

Remember to read the instructions (on a separate tab this week).  Happy to respond to any issues or suggestions either here or on twitter @NixTrader.

Here is the link …

Nix DreamTraderR16p

Edit Added: The file is an MS Excel 2007 spreadsheet, so it will try to open in MS Excel 2007 or similar.
I am happy to try to export it in other forms if posters want to suggest something feasible.  However, the formulas in this version are a lot more technical, so I am less optimistic it will transfer to other platforms easily.


Disclaimer: this tool is a guide only, you are responsible for your own use of the ‘T’ button.


  • What platform does this thing run on? I try to run it on my IPad and it just sits there trying to download or run something-or-other.

    • Does it use Flash for instance?

    • It is an MS Excel 2007 spreadsheet, so it will try to open in MS Excel 2007 or similar.

      You might be able to find some sort of Excel viewer app for your iPad, but I doubt it will support all the formulas.

      I put a note on last week’s post (and I’ll amend this week’s post) for people to suggest other formats they would like. I’m happy to try to export it in other forms. However, the formulas in this version are a lot more technical, so I am less optimistic it will transfer to other platforms easily.

      • Thanks for the prompt feedback, I’ll have a look on my netbook instead.

        iPad seems to render spreadsheets in a fairly civilised way but I suspect as soon as you get to the code-cutting bits then iPad won’t cope. Tabs are OK but, beyond this ???

        Without seeing it, would it be possible to make it web-thin client?

        • Funny you should ask that …

          It was originally intended to be an online calculator, and I had demo versions in HTML and flash. Also looked at basing it in MS Skydrive (basically online virtual excel but with limited features).

          However, it became obvious it was going to take money (for special software) to get all the functionality I needed and a bit of effort to keep it working online. So I decided to go with just giving users a new spreadsheet every week.

          I might re-look at a simpler online option but I don’t think it is realistic this year as the season is almost over and most users will only have a few trades left reserved for LTIs.

          A guide to the complexity of the situation is that last week’s file was only 47 kB and this week’s is 894 kB. The front end interface looks pretty simple but the back end isn’t – and won’t transfer very easily.

      • Super effort by the way Nix.

        I’m yet to make a decision and then see a positive outcome but it’s plain to see it’s a well crafted tool that provides real objectivity and takes away my caveman desires to just go with what I reckon is a good idea and then probably regret it for the rest of the season.

        • Thanks for feedback,

          Yeah it can throw up a few surprises. If you are not getting a positive result you can change the expected future score to override the average and see what a player needs to score in order to justify the cost.

          The question then is whether your “coaching” will improve the player that much if you trade him in to your team, or if you should look for other options.

          • Great stuff, mate. Just wondering what is the password to unlock the sheet? Keen to grab the data. Or better yet … can u point me to the location where u got the data?

  • Writing a password in an internet forum …. mmm … consult
    Sorry Julia says No.

    The data comes from a number of different sources and pretty much has to be collected and collated round by round from the start of the year. I don’t have a big file with everything in it and have to write various searches to retrieve what I want.

    If you want to be more specific about what data you would like perhaps someone on here might direct you to a source.

  • Ive got no idea what to do, ive got marty clarke and was thinking all year for him to be my d7, unfortunately i cant do that because hes so shit. Ive got morris and shaw as d7 and d8 and 54,000 in the bank with 5 trades left, what should i do?

  • Great work Nix! Slight glitch this week where for some reason the price, BE etc. of the player I’m looking to trade out isn’t changing when I go to future rounds, only the incoming player is working. Maybe it’s just my computer. Not a biggie though, I can just use the trading in space to check the outgoing player’s future stats to get a rough idea. Regardless, awesome tool! Great for us folk who can’t fork out $20 for Assistant Coach.

    • Thanks for response Sam,

      Well it is a biggie if it is actually happening.

      But I suspect you still have most of your outgoing players designated as “Out-temp” in row 10. This week a lot of the most popular out trades didn’t play last week (Buddy, Waters, Giles, Ryder) so they are all set to be “Out-temp” (red) in row 10 when you first get the file. So their prices and avg. will not change in future rounds unless you set them to start “playing” (green) again in row 10. Actually you should see the future BE change by 1 or 2 units in future rounds even if they aren’t playing, this would show it is working properly.

      Even if you change to new players and import new data this doesn’t reset the selection status – you still have to check and do that manually every time.

      If that doesn’t fix it, and you still have a concern get back to me with specific details – i.e. which scenario box, players and settings you are using.

      • You suspected right Nix, working fine now. Sorry about kicking up a fuss, can’t believe I didn’t realise what I was doing wrong.