Golden Stubby – Round 16

Voting is now open for the DT TALK Golden Stubby for Round 16. This coveted prize will be awarded to the player who excelled on the weekend, taking into account price, form, opponent and whatever else tickles your fancy!

This weeks nominations (collected by @WarnieDT through Twitter) are:

  • Brandon Ellis (103). A few nominations came through for Brandon Ellis even while the game was going. One of many players covering in the backline!
  • Lee Spurr (104). We thought he was gone… but came in as a late withdrawal and score 104! Massive for those with backline cover chucking the E on a player who was just an emergency in his own team!
  • Andrew Carrazzo  (123). He has been awesome since we all picked him up whether that was the first week he was back or when he was cheap as chips a couple of weeks ago… he could potentially be the second highest averaging defender come season end!
  • Brett Deledio (141). This man will be the highest averaging defender at the end of the year and he turned on an awesome display against Gold Coast… shame his effort wasn’t enough to beat the Suns.
  • Ryan O’Keefe (142). He is only in around 3% of teams be he has been great of late. 28 touches in the second half boosted his score and also helped get the win for the Swans over in WA!
Honorable Mentions: Steve Johnson, Sam Jacobs, Jobe Watson, Matthew Boyd, Gary Ablett, Sam Shaw, Colin Sylvia and Trent Cotchin (just to name a few)! Oh… how can I forget Karmichael Hunt? Gun! Trade him in! Haha.

Who deserves the Golden Stubby for Round 16

  • Brandon Ellis (23%, 467 Votes)
  • Lee Spurr (20%, 408 Votes)
  • Andrew Carrazzo (23%, 476 Votes)
  • Brett Deledio (22%, 457 Votes)
  • Ryan O'Keefe (11%, 228 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,036

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Stay tuned for the results. If you are a beer company looking at this, we’re looking for a sponsor of this awesome award (and much more brilliant exposure). Please contact us if you are a beer company and want to get on board!


  • Warnie why do you get so fired up about people whinging? The Golden Stubby isn’t that big of deal. Relax you dickhead.

  • Thanks Warnie.

    Gotta gotta gotta go Ellis!

    I deliberatly took an extra MBR donut to keep Ellis as solid bench cover, but never expected to use him onfield 2 weeks in a row (thanks Goddard). With 72 last week and 103 this week, Brandon has been a bloody legend! :D

    • Had to also go with Ellis. Lucky Goddard was suspended or i would’ve lost 30 odd points having Ellis on the bench haha.

  • Please tell me we are not going to reward a one off good score from somebody who has spudded it up the rest of the year. Lids for me please with an honorable mention to Carrots.

    • +1

      • I voted for Ellis for personal reason’s, but looking at the overall scheme of things I totally agree, Delidio or Carrots deserve to win it.

    • Understand your point, but that’s what the Golden Stubby is all about! It can be for a string of good weeks… it could be from a big saving performance when a gun is out… it could be rewarding players… the criteria is very broad for this in that there isn’t any (apart from there has to be a reason why they make the top 5… I’m not going to put a guy up there that no one owns or that such and such won one guy a league match).

      For the record, my vote goes to Carrots. Reward for getting on him at a cheap price and what he has done since. That for me rules for this week over Lids who has been a champion in my team all year.

      • I think Karmichael should be in there, I bet he’d get the most votes

        • Haha, it’s interesting you say that, because it crossed my mind earlier to ‘maybe’ vote for Hunt if h was listed. It’s a great story, hat’s off to him.

        • Did you nominate him on twitter? :)

    • I respect your opinion but my thinking is quite the contrary.

      A player like Carrots or Lids smashing out a big score doesn’t do any good to anyone. Sure, your score does look a bit better and the par score gets inflated but unless your spud opponent doesn’t have him, he won’t win you games or raise your ranking.

      Although I agree that a guy like Spurr (who I rage traded out) doesn’t deserve the award, Ellis or ROK are more worthy winners of Golden Stubby since they make a difference.

      • You vote for them then :)

      • Well if you had a backline donut then Spurr is a late inclusion and gets a big ton, to that player that is massive.

        But of course to the others, you dont name someone on the ground who is an emergency,so it means nothing.

        So it depends who you are really

    • Isnt the Reward about the Rounds performance Not how they have faired the rest of the Season by your Logic you may aswell have Side bottom up here for how well he had been travelling earlier in the year

  • About time Delids gets it I reckon, anyone who didn’t take him from rd 1 would be spewing. Anyone still without him is just not trying hard enough or thinks POD stands for pick other duds

  • Gotta go with Spurr, brilliant performance, saved me a donut that I was totally expecting to take.
    O’Keefe was fantastic as well, picked him up at his lowest price, great to see him back to his old ways.

  • has to be ellis,

  • About time Lids or Carrots got it, such quiet achievers in the back line

  • What? No honourable mention to the Zorkman – or do we just expect it of him already. Not a Lions fan, but as a DT fan, I have a serious man-crush on the Zorkman.

  • Would Murphy be getting tagged in the next few weeks with Juddy out?

  • Ellis Ellis Ellis!

  • Spurr sure is a pain! I would be much happier Broughton getting the 103 and Spurr sitting down with the red vest. My vote goes to Ellis

  • My vote goes to the weekly winner who was from my league and I ran a close second to (by 200+ pts) … A local Launceston girl Warnie, get her on your show this week!

    But yeah, Ellis stepped up big time for me and I have almost cracked the top 1k finally!

    • Oh really? Who is she? It is women’s week, so we should do an interview with her! If you can get me an email address or something, send it to me at Thanks heaps!

      • It’s not just guys playing this, I’m a 50 yr old Mum who filled a space in her sons team. Now I’m ranked under 3000, have 9 trades left and lost 1 game. I wish I got paid by the hour for how much time I spend on it though!

    • Actually, just looked… I know who it is! Haha. We’ll try to have a chat to her!

      • Haha thought you might given school/teacher connections … but mainly because it is Launceston and more often than not we know everyone! I look forward to it if you can organise it! :)

  • i nominated ROK but im voting for Ellis, so happy he finally cracked 100 or even got close to it for that matter.

    Have a feeling Spurr might take it out, hes been dead on peoples benches for a few rounds now then BAM, grover out in comes Spurr and a nice 100, such a surprise that hardly anyone put the E on him too

  • i dont want to sound like i’m whinging but toby greene must have been close to nomination 125 then 121 surely those kind of scores for a first year player should be rewarded (zorko probably would) same as dayne beams

  • sam shaw would also be a worthy winner with 84 and out for the whole 2nd quarter

    • ROK isn’t in my team but I go for the swans and he was everywhere….go the swans 1st

  • i’m voting for ROK, since i’ve got him he has averaged 100+ with this his biggest game, Mr consistent!!

  • Deledio for me… he’s the new Goddard.

  • you have to give it to spurr…

    was an emergency… is a late replacement…

    then dominates and hammers out a nice 104…

    i was looking at 2 donuts… but because of spurr i only had one…


  • Good to see a nice close race this week. It could be anyones!

  • gotta go rok…..

    single handedly pulled me from 2313 to 2455!!!!!!!!

  • how many weeks do we think the spud judd will get…

    im hoping he gets banned for the rest the season

  • Redden for mine. saved me with the resting of Maric! it’s not all about massive points!