The Friday Scramble: Round 16

Another week… More Carnage!  However, are we throwing the term Carnage around a bit too much this year?  Well probably.  Things don’t seem to be too much different from week to week, it is just the names that change, so from an individual team point of view it may seem like carnage but it is just the competition evening itself out.

So what have we been hit with this week?  Well the key ones are…

  • Beau Waters – out for 3-5
  • Buddy Franklin – out for 3
  • Paddy Ryder – out for 3-4
  • Nathan Foley – out for season
  • Marley Williams – out for season
  • Jimmy Bartel – Suspended for 2 weeks

There, I think that they are the main ones, and that is just the news from this week!  Let alone the fact that we are still without Brendon Goddard and Dusty Martin for one more week!  The only good news on the teamsheet was the welcome returns of Scott Pendlebury and Marc Murphy from injury this week.  Whilst a lot of people held Pendles, no one (in their right mind) would have held Murphy and given he has a BE over 200 I would hope no one is considering picking him up today either!

I don’t reckon there will be many coaches that have avoided all of this carnage this week but hopefully you all have cover!  At least the coaches heard our cries and brought some cover in for us this week like Redden, Couch and Aaron Hall.

I reckon that there are going to be a lot of DT Coaches that are going to have their bench cover tested again this week.

It was only a matter of time….

We all knew it would end in tears and we all expected it and that is why many of us stayed away and cursed every great score he put up.  But our old buddy Beau Waters finally delivered us an injury.  Personally I considered him a while back and ended up going with Heppell so I am in my own world of hurt with no excuse to trade!  However, many who have had Waters and have reaped the rewards of his great season are now stuck with the dilema of what to do with him.  Really it isn’t a dilema, just a choice.  Keep or Trade.

Once again, and as every decision is at this time of year, it comes down to trades remaining and the position your team is in.  If you are going for the car, then of course you have to trade.  However, if you are in it for the league win and you are cemented in the top 8 or even better top 4, then you could probably get away with keeping him (depending on your matchups over the last 4 rounds).

The big plus in regards to trading him is that he is priced at $450k so you can pretty much trade him for most defenders.  Favourites that I have heard around the place are Birchall, Suckling, Carrazzo and Scotland.

 The General Cometh….

Yet again we saw the General pay us a visit on the weekend with Stevie J just heading to the Gold Coast to hit the theme parks really!  I am fairly sure that there was never any thought of him actually hitting the park.  This caused a lot of donuts in the DT world!  As we draw closer to finals and teams start to become locked away in the top 4 and 8 we will find that the General will visit more regularly and we may find that our stars start to get themselves in a Red Vest!

Just keep a look out when your players are up against GWS or Gold Coast.  We all know what the Hawks did last year when they rested their stars in the last round.  This time around we have Adelaide up against Gold Coast in the last round and it is the Kangas that are up against GWS.  Can’t see the Kangas doing any resting because they will be fighting for a spot in the 8 but Adelaide may be in a position to rest.

There isn’t much that you can do about a red vest, but you can about the General.  Whilst you are “Finalising your team” (is there ever such a thing as a completed team?) you need to make sure that the guys on your bench aren’t just the cheapest dude you could find who is lucky to get a game in the Magoos, but is a guy that is going to get a game week in and week out.  They may not be the best scorer in the world, but if it means that you will escape a donut then it is better to have a 15 than a 0.  Heaps of games are won by less.  So far this year I have won 2 games by less than 5 and lost one by 3.

 Thanks Neeldy!   ….. FOR NOTHING!

Well finally… our mate Tom Couch has been named for his first game.  Whilst this is great for the kid and for Melbourne, but it has STUFFED US DT COACHES AROUND!!!  Not only did a lot of people punt on him getting a game early after he was elevated to the list and then have subsequently traded him out for no gain or a loss.  If he plays too much this year it will stuff his price for next season!  The prefered scenario is for him not to play and then be a rookie price again next year, come out and smash it from round 1 and be one of our best cash cows of the sesaon!

Having said that, if you held him, well done, but I am sure you are probably struggling by now in the overall standings, hopefully your leagues are going well as you would have needed this position to be scoring for you through the MBR’s.  I reckon though that he is a big chance for the Sub marine to pay a visit to him.  If not first up, he would be a big chance for a Red Vest.

Good Luck Tom!  Just don’t overdo it on the scoring so that we can have you at a cheap price next year.


As the news broke across the twitterverse early this week that Chook was hanging up his binoculars and TAC Cup Guide, many a tear was shed as we came to the realisation that one of the greatest talent spotters of our time was giving it all away.

Each week he toiled just so that we could have great Cash Cows and Benches full of playing youngsters.  He gave so much yet asked so little.   So I say, good luck in your retirement chook.  Enjoy and keep Merv Gray Autos up the top of the leaderboards.

Things to Remember

  •  DT is a Marathon not a Sprint -But the finish line is just around the bend so if you have someone out for 4 weeks+ you need to trade their sorry a#$ out of your team!
  • Take your league position and overall aims into account before trading– No point trading just to fill a one week donut at this point unless it is the last round before finals and you need to get into the 8.
  • Chook is a bloody legend – and don’t you forget it!
  • Keep your eye out today for late changes! – I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few of them out there this afternoon!  Thankfully Essendon were honest this week by telling us that Paddy was out not like they did with Zaha.
  • Don’t be too demanding on Murph and Pendles – These guys are coming back from a fair time on the sidelines and may not be right back in the cut and thrust!  Just remember how Goodesy was when he came back a couple of weeks ago.

A Massive week in DT where we lost some stars and gained a Rook we thought had gone for the year.  Just be wary with your trades now that most are getting down to being able to count them on one hand.  If you don’t need to trade it would be better to save them for finals than use them now to get a handfull of points.

Have a great Friday and weekend of DT’ing.  Catch me on Twitter to find out any late news I hear about @pkd73 or even just random stuff like last weekend when my lawnmower fell apart whilst mowing!



  • Well, we all have bloody strong benches this week. My score seems to hover about 50 points below the top 5k mean published here Sundays. Last week 2106 saw me rise 90 spots tho so still heading in the right direction.

    Not trading, got bench cover in Couch, Kreuz on for Ryder, Gibson and Broughton.

    Putting the C on Gaz. The difference bn his score and a monster last week was simply a few missed shots at goal. If he kicks them this week, hello 150. I do have Treloar and Dickson onground but saving trades atm.

    5 trades left ranked about 8800. Gunna sit tight for the next couple, wait for Pendles or Murph to drop perhaps.

    • Reckon you have a good plan there. I would not be trading if I had good cover for Ryder. I only have Redden and I just don’t think I can wear 4 weeks of his scores, if he even plays after this week.

  • My thinking is that Waters is gone for the rest of the ‘DT’ season. Would I be correct in saying that?

    If so the choice is easy for me.
    Waters – Birchall

    • Gone til DT Finals at least. If you have enough trades then Waters to Birch is a solid move.

      • Waters – Birchall

        7 trades left.

        • Wait hang on, so if I am a very good chance for the finals then I should actually hold waters?

          • Ok,

            T. Adams – Baguley
            Bugg – Birchall

            Leaves me with 126k and Waters and Goddard on Bench.

          • Cop a donut in the backs and bring in Maric or trade cover the donut and keep Redden/Giles?

  • So the rookie selections have broken the one, the only, the Chook!

    Where abouts did he announce this? I wanna read.

    I bet it was the announcement of Couch that did it.

  • I have downgraded Aaron hall so I can get in goodes this week, who should I get Couch or McIntyre? Gonna be last bench spot in forward line

    • Couch i recon, cos once tex walker and callinan are back i recon mcintyre will disappear

  • Nice one Dunny. Yes, I have Ryder, who I traded in for Hmac, who I traded in for Berger. Not trading yet as I am happy to take Redden’s score at this time. Like most I also have Buddy and Dustin – thank goodness Hall came back.

  • Nice article Dunny. Always a great pathway to a discussion of the weekend’s main issues. And may I add my thanks to Chook for his work over the years and wish him well in his ‘retirement’.

    But I cant cant resist the opportunity to answer your opening question. The overuse and misuse of ‘Carnage’ is starting to get right up my pedantic little nose.

    The Thirty Years war in Europe with many dead and accompanying plague, famine and economic ruin was genuine carnage. In professional sport omissions due to injury, suspension or loss of form are just everyday and largely predicatble commonplaces. I enjoy an interested community such as that surrounding DT Talk developing its own lexicon but could we make some effort to use these terms with at least a passing nod to their dictionary definition. Thank You.

    • I would be interested in starting a community that developed its own lexicon to describe you being a ‘i’m smarter than you, d*ckhead’. Go post this crap on a forum where people care about being smarter than each other. W*nker.

      • +1 possibly the best reply I’ve seen on this site

      • Damn it! The tone I was aiming for was respectful/polite but having reread my post I agree it was more smartarse/knobhead. Sorry to have peed you off Sloth. And I certainly don’t think i’m smarter than anyone else.

        • I hate trying to get tone across through messages. I have got in serious trouble because people haven’t picked up my sarcasm.

    • His name is somewhat appropriate.

    • Oh boy. I hopy The Plagiarist doesn’t read Hot and Cold. The amount ‘struggle’s would probably make him/her (let’s be honest it’s probably a him but I have to be all PC) implode.

  • First time I’ve made a team post but here it is. Bear in mind I’m saving trades for the finals to muster a league win! Couldn’t care less about ranking hence keeping Waters, unless he dies in his sleep.

    I went Bugg to Goodes already this week (to cover a donut), leaving me with 7 trades and $150k remaining.

    DEF: Deledio, Broughton, Heppell, Carazzo, Drummond, Smedts, Morris* (Waters, Goddard)

    MIDS: Boyd, Ablett, Thompson, Selwood, Pendlebury, Priddis (McDonald, Williams*)

    RUCK: Maric, Giles (Redden*, Campbell)

    FWD: Sidebottom, Chapman, Danger, Cloke, Lewis, Goodes, Zorko (Trelour, D. Martin)

    *Means they are planned to be upgraded for or during finals. Although I pending LTI’s this may change!

    I see heaps of promising rookies coming through in coming weeks, so will use that to downgrade Williams to a FWD to give me some flexibility. Still unsure about who to upgrade Redden to, hoepfully he builds another $60k in the coming weeks. Thinking Cox, and hoping he might deflate in value for a few weeks being stuck deep FWD until Lynch and McInness free him up.

    • 7 trades it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go waters to birch pocket 30k and next week go Morris to some premium.

    • Not a bad team.

      I would use other trade this week just to shore things up. My suggestion would be Treloar out, Smedts to the forward line and then bring in Michael Johnson. This will do 2 things for your team. Firstly, provide extra cover while Waters is out, and secondly, give you an additional DPP link form forwards to the backs. Drummond will be a perfect fit as D8 cover if he stays on the park when Waters is back.

      Just a thought.

    • Thanks Waffles. I agree it would be a good idea, but I want to take a punt with Waters as I see him becoming a bit of a unique for the finals with everyone trading him out, and I do think that we will only miss 3.

      Not a bad idea at all Riddles, I’m a big fan of MJ as a bit of a quiet acheiver. I should win comfortably this week so will hold on though. But perhaps Williams to MJ via moving Trelour onto the MID Bench? This will give me a Smedts to MJ rotation as well as a MID/FWD link.

      MJ may go up $10k next week, but still worth the extra week to decide should the Great Carnage of 2012 continue into round 16.

      Right back to work!

    • Gee, for league win that is a pretty good team, but I would do what Waffles said except going Bugg to a premium, as well as Waters to Birchall. Completed Backline when Goddard is back, and still a completed forward line if keeping Zorko. Leaving 6 trades to complete ruck and for Long Term Injuries. But what would I know?

      • Haha. I think every comment on here should have the disclaimer ‘what would I know?’ on the end!
        Yeah I agree the backline is weak and is top priority to upgrade. But not until next week.

        The DT final is still 8 rounds away. Yikes/gosh/OMG/whoa!

  • 7 Trades left going for league win, sitting first

    Option 1. Waters to Birchall

    Option 2. Waters to M.Johnson, Treloar to Goodes

    Option 3. Waters to Suckling, Treloar to Sylvia


  • I have gone from being stressed about having donuts/no bench cover to needing to decide who to play.

    Which options are the best?

    Sam Shaw v Darley

    Treloar v Hall

    Probably thinking Shaw and Treloar but bit of a raffle really.

    Thoughts appreciated.

    • Darley Treloar Sam Shaw might get 60 but really high risk little reward to go shaw so Darley easy ;) hope that helps.

    • Yeaa i recon shaw and treloar because they have a higher ceiling and are more reliable

      • More reliable you are joking right shaw has had 30 19 67 68 74 Darley has had like 60 every week.

        • …………………i have been ashamed :( LOL

          • Hardly. You should only listen to those who can count past 10 with their shoes on.

            Shaw has had 59, 78, 69, 21, 32, 74

            While not as consistent as Darley’s 64, 42, 66, 68, 68 – Shaw does have a higher ceiling, and Adelaide should smash GWS, and potential vest premo’s once the game is won, therefore giving the lesser lights a crack. I’d punt on Shaw over Darley

          • Mate dont dothe research

          • Mate no need for the smartass response yes I was wrong but was just aiming to get around there…lol.

          • Did I say 60 every game sorry forgot to say when he was sub lol

  • Traded out goddard last week for waters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! special mention to franklin and martin FMDT

    • Oh you traded out a premium after he was listed as being suspended for 2 weeks?

      Please, tell me more about how we should give you sympathy….

  • Ahh so goood, so many rookies in this round, and murdoch out which means i could get him in next week if he plays or tom couch

    • I reckon Couch and Magner will basically share the 1 position. If one comes in, surely the other goes out. With 8 rounds left, Couch surely gets 4.

      • Magner provides strength and does negate an opponent, but Couch would play a Half Forward/Midfield role. I doubt the Dees would want Couch trying to tag a defender with no real experience in stopping an opponent, and Couch may provide a tad more run to the side.

  • Somebody talk me out of bringing Yarran in… I think trading Hargrave to Waters before lockout last week has broken my common sense trading brain functions.

    • Yarran is a bargain at his current price. The only problem I can forsee with him is his turf toe issue.

    • I normally love talking people out of trades, but to be honest he’s back. Listed at HB and looks like he’s showing Carlton that he’s a genuine first XVIIIer

    • Don’t enable my bad trading behaviour! You people sicken me!

      Welcome aboard Chris Yarran, please continue your good form, avoid getting tagged and most importantly, please do not get injured.

  • I’m in alot of trouble my current rucks are Ryder, Giles with (Jenkins, Campbell)
    Giles is named on a extended interchange bench so unsure whether hes in or out?
    Ryders obviously gone down with a 4 week calf strain
    and Jenkins Has been also placed on the dreaded 7-man interchange bench
    Campbell Has been dropped this which sucks,

    i have exactly $100,000 with 7 trades?

    • Ryder is out for 3-4 so I would offload. I am offloading Giles this week before he loses more money and depending on how many trades you need for the rest of your team I would get rid of him this week too.

      Cox is a no brainer but will mean you need a cheaper option also. I like McEvoy I think he is ready to find last years form, I also think Hille will do well with Ryder out, but his ability to stay on the park is questionable.

      • +1

        gotta get rid of ryder.
        no one successfully rushes a big man back in.
        they seem to not cope with injury niggles on their return, i.e. sandi.

        also, he might have a 4 week injury, but dont be suprised if bellchambers cements their spot in the dons 22 by then. especially on the run in to finals, could be risky playing a ruckman that hasnt touched a footy in 4 weeks.

    • what happened to old mac -> goodes bogs??

      • No i realised Pendles was coming back this week so old macs just bench cover

    • Don’t panic mate, hold on until this afternoon to wait for Jenkins and Giles to be confirmed. Depending on who you are playing I would be inclined to hold off on offloading Ryder, and hopefully they’ll know a bit more about his timeframe as it could be 2-6 weeks.

      You’re not eating donuts hopfully, so Keep Calm and Chive On

    • Jenko will play. Adelaide have lost all their talls, he should actually score pretty well this weekend.

      • Not with Jacobs getting 150 hit outs.

        • My Teams as it stands is
          Def: Deledio, Heppell, Dempsey, Carrazzo, Wilkes, Birchall and unfortuneatly Bugg (Mohr, God)
          Mid: Hayes, Pendles, Boyd, Thomo, Stanton, Zorko (Old Mac, Horse)
          Ruck: Roughead (Trade for injured Ryder), Jenkins (Giles, Campbell)
          Fwd: Sidey, Petrie, Dangerfield, Darling, D.Smith, A.Kennedy, Saad (Cameron, Dusty)

          starting adam kennedy on ground instead of Cameron because of Cameron’s poor form of late

  • Def: Deledio, Scotland, Waters, Goddard, Carrazzo, Suckling, Hargrave (Darley, Shaw)
    Mid: Swan, Ablett, Watson, Pendlebury, Mitchell, Ebert, (Gibson, Williams)
    Ruc: Ryder, Giles (Redden, Campbell)
    Fwd: Beams, Franklin, Sidebottom, Chapman, Robbinson, Dangerfield, Martin (Zorko, Porps)
    5 trades and $91,000 left

    Option 1
    Downgrade porps …
    hargrave to Birchall
    then giles to cox/maric

    Option 2
    Waters to Birchall
    downgrade porps to …
    upgrade hargrave or giles

    Option 3
    Ryder to Cox/Maric
    Waters to Birchall

    going for league win and only one team I play doesn’t have Waters

    • I’d go option 3 with Ryder & Waters both out for a while

    • yeah #3.

      martin and goddard should be on your bench too.
      they are out this week.

      you have also got to consider saving a trade and enough cash to upgrade ebert to pendles or murphy when they bottom out.

  • Am i crazy to go McDonald to Couch…. it will DPP link me again to cover Martin for this week… with Treloar to cover Buddy…

    Only problem is Couch will be vested says the Sub Marine…. I just can’t afford Goodes…. Because im going Waters -> Scottland.

    Can i borrow some money?

  • Slappers

    wow been hit with another injury.

    so far my injury list of current outs are – buddy, waters, god, martin, ryder. (and no reasonable cover)

    3 trades left. im looking pretty solid for finals 1st and 2nd in leagues.

    should i hold trades?

    if i trade i was thinking:

    waters – suckling or waters – suckling or waters – carrots
    ryder – cox dickson – goodes big o – campbell

    (the 3rd option will give me extra cash for a upgrade before GF if i make it)

    • Slappers

      shit it stuffed up…

      options were

      waters – suckling
      ryder – cox


      waters – suckling
      dickson – goodes


      waters – carrots
      big o – campbell

      • Ryder has to go if you have the Giles/Redden/Orren as your other three ruckmen. Redden and Orren won’t get many games and Giles will probably have a rest in the next 4 weeks.

  • Slappers

    my worry is that they say:

    ryder – 3-4weeks
    waters – 3-5weeks
    buddy – 3weeks

    but really if essendon/eagles/hawks are going to make finals you would think that they would keep these players out until then so that they are fresh for the bigger games…


    so i think we should trade them all out…


    • percentage is important this year, unlike in recent years.
      you could reasonably expect teams to feild there best 22 if they are pushing for a top 2 or 4 place on the ladder.

    • True, but the doctors who are publsihing those time frames might already be including that period of extra caution. And as above, these teams are pushing for top 4, not cruising for top 2.

  • I’m expecting Pendles and Murphy to drop in price over the next 2 rounds and I’ll tory to get them in then. But I don’t know what to do with Franklin (I know what I’d like to do TO him o
    And Hawthorn but that’s another matter). Who would I trade him out for? Adam Goodes is a possibility but I think he will drop as well.

    Should I keep Buddy?

    If not, who comes in?

  • Got two out in the forward and backline each. Waters and Goddard + Buddy and Tippett (possible late withdrawal). Bringing in Goodes for A. Hall, should I trade in Couch or Baguley? Either one will give me one bench cover in the forward and backline, so I guess I’m looking for the one with the best JS + scoring potential. Couch’s VFL season has been well reported, don’t know so much about Baguley though. I don’t want to bring in someone that’s not going to play for the rest of the year because I’ll need to bench cover.
    After this week I’ll have 3 trades left, which means I’m holding onto Waters, Goddard and Buddy unless someone can convince me otherwise.

    • Slappers

      hold on to goddard…

      with the other 2.. who knows mate…

      as i said above could be 3-4weeks they out… but i feel they wont be back until after round 22… (if there teams are in good positions to make finals)

      • yeah that’s the annoying thing. I don’t mind having to make those trades in rd 21-22 if needed, I should be playing finals which is why im holding onto them. Just don’t want to enter finals with 1 trade the way things have gone this season.

        Couch or Baguley though?

  • what round should i get pendles and murph in??

  • Would you prefer Andrew Gaff or Lenny Hayes?

  • Is anyone getting Pav for Franklin? Freo have a few easy games coming up.

    • I went buddy to pav and hoefully bring buddy back when he’s back by upgrading another forward. pav in good form and easy run

  • Thanks and good-bye Chook!

    Trade out McDonald or Horsley?

  • I hope zorko doesn’t end up being like mzungu from freo.
    Cos mzungu was the best pick up of 2011 but now no on talks about him DT wise

  • Great article, as per usual. Long time reader here, first time team poster:

    Def: Deledio, Goddard, Scotland, Johnson, Heppell, Lake, Carrazzo, S Shaw, Darley

    Mid: Stanton, Boyd, Swan, Ablett, A Swallow, Sloane, D Smith, Gibson

    Ruck: Cox, Giles, Hale, Redden

    Fwd: Franklin, Sidebottom, Robinson, Dangerfield, Zaharakis, Martin, Zorko, J Staley, Smedts

    5 trades left, $12,000. Hale has played the entire season in the fwd line and I see him as cover for Fwd/Ruck, although with Giles dropping off Hale may take his place (depending on the impact of Bailey’s return).

    Only worried about a cash league win and sitting pretty in 2nd, but play the three best teams in the run home.

    Thinking Zaha – Goodes this week, but ideally would like to downgrade someone and get Beams in. Don’t think I have the trades to spare though. Thoughts?

  • will couch definitely get the vest?

    • Definitely? Mark Neeld is on this forum tomorrow so can probably answer your question then.

  • Burgoyne n gram or caraZo n ellis.. ?! Ps goodluck all this round :)

  • Please someone, try your best in persuading me not to trade Waters out. I’m going for a league win, and I’m firmly cemented in 1st place but I find it hard watching two 400k+ players on the bench (still holding on to H-Mac). Scotland looks tempting (already have Birchall and Carrazzo). Oh yeah, and I have 3 trades left – that’s right folks, THREE.


    • Slappers

      if thats your only problem then your doing fine…

      i have 3 trades and i have
      god, buddy, ryder, martin and waters all out…

      im currently 1st and 2nd in my leagues and i think i might hold onto them…

      as long as you stay in top 4 you should be fine.

    • Balayah mate, don’t be a silly sausage. I’ve got Waters, Goddard warming the bench this week.

      So much upside if you hold on, and you can always trade him out of things go wrong.
      Waters will even be a unique come finals time!

    • I have Waters, Goddard, Martin and Buddy sitting on the bench, and five trades left. I’m holding, and so should you with only three!

      Kept GAJ, Mumford and Pendles through their injuries too for that matter.

      • You save those trades for LTIs, and Waters is out for possibly 5/8 weeks, so if I were you with 5 trades left I would use at least 1 for Waters IMO

  • I think I’m in a bit of trouble here.

    Franklin and Martin out and Sexton, Milera and Crozier as my cover options. Add to that I’m a Waters, Goddard and Ryder owner with only have 3 trades left to somehow fix this miss.

    What makes it worse is I traded Hall who would have helped a little with this mess out a couple weeks ago for Crozier and kept Milera since it appeared that Milera had the better JS ’cause I needed the cash

    • If your going fo a league win and can cop a few losses while those guys recover from injiuries hold on to your trades.

      If your going for overall result trade out the guys who are out for the longest and cross every appendage

  • worth doing bugg to yarran? or who can i downgrade bugg to?

    • That Essendon rookie Baguley. The problem is that his job security is good until all the injured players return for the DT finals.

    • McInness from Carlton is a DEF to watch. Don’t like his JS but nothing different compared to Baguley.

  • Waters injured should i go for Birchall or Scotland?

  • What is Yarran’s rise if he scores another 90 or so? If it’s less than 40k.
    Waters —> Scotland this week
    Bugg —-> Yarran week after

    Set team with four trades left for long term injuries.
    I’ve only got the one trade more for the week after J.Mac —> Goodes (saves the Martin donut aswell).

  • Can everyone not get on Birchall, please. Someone’s gonna jinx him and he’s done well for me this season (when he plays).

  • Burgoyne and gram combo?


    Carazzo or ellis??

    I dont know which will avrrage out higher..cara will prob have a 100 av but ellis 50-70? And burgoyne n gram can score between 60-110.. Eep!!

  • This is easily the hardest week for me to make a decision whether to trade or not……..

    B: Waters, Scotland, Deledio, Goddard, Bugg, Drummond, (Shaw, Bootsma)

    C: Watson, Rockliff, Mitchell, Pendles, Priddis, Shuey (Horsely, Williams)

    R: Cox, NicNat (Redden, Orren)

    F: Buddy, Sidey, Robbo, Martin, Danger, Tippet, Hawkins (Didak, Walsh)

    3 Trades, $2,900 in the bank.

    In the 8 by 1 game….

    2 Hard matchups coming in a row..2 easy ones after that….

    Really considering moving Waters on. Was going to be for Carrots, but I like the idea of freeing up more cash. What’s the verdict on Yarran? Would give me 200+k.

    I could then go Williams>Goodes and sub Martin to the Mids bench. Would give me good cover for the rest of the season with 1 LTI trade and 30k cash…..

    Any ideas?

    • You witnessed what happened this fortnight with outs… eg franklin, Goddard, waters martin etc.

      3 trades should be saved for finals unless you wont make finals, it’s better to scrape into finals and have a stronger run, then convincingly make finals but have no hope of doing any good as you have no trades.

  • i need a second ruckman and cant afford anyone above 417,000.
    Who should i get???

    • Not Sandilands.

      • cheers really helpful, i will take that into account.
        But really I am upgrading Giles and need a second ruck under 417,000

    • Thought about McEvoy as a unique?
      Otherwise I’d look at Jacobs, he has a pretty easy run home, plays GWS this week and should pound out a few monster scores.

  • trade in Suckling or Johnson

    or Yarran?

  • Sitting fourth in my league and play nothing but the bottom end of the table until finals. Should hopefully make it into top two, so should I trade?

    Def- DLids, Godd(OUT), Waters(INJ), Brought, Adcock, Heppell, Carrazo… Sam Shaw, Ellis

    Mids- Ablett, Boyd, Thompson, Pendles, Mitchell, Horse… Gibson, Shiel(INJ)

    Ruck- Cox, Giles… Redden, Stephenson

    Fwd- Sidey, Beams, Robinson, Buddy(INJ), Martin(OUT), Zorko, Smedts… Paine, A.Hall

    12 trades still + 120,000

    Just want a league win.

    Cheers any feedback would be great!

    • Firstly downgrade stephenson to a rookie maybe Dericx.
      DEF should be fine cos of cover from ellis and shaw.
      Put Gibson on the field instead of Horse

    • Get rid of Giles as well, cos there are plenty of options around the 370-420,000 mark.
      You can trade Buddy out cos you have the trades maybe a Goodes or Pav will serev you well.
      Then maybe you could upgrade Smedts.

      Good luck

      • The last person to trade out Giles died from a UTI that got out of hand. Definitely upgrade Stephenson before Giles.

        Nice team for 12 trades left. Jealous

    • 12 trades? Holy moly! That’s a lot to have still around.

      Backline looks ok, but I think your forward line is in all sorts of trouble. I’d look at upgrading Hall and/or Paine to someone. Use the one you’re not upgrading to downtrade to someone like Couch, Murdoch, McIntyre, etc for funds. Smedts as F7 doesn’t really cut it, but he seems to have reasonable JS and is good bench cover.

      The other thing that needs attention are mids. Horse out for an established Premo. I can’t see any way of quickly raising funds to turn him into a Watson, GAJ or Swan, but the rest of your midfield is reasonable. I’d look into a slightly cheaper premo like Redden, Rockliff, J. Selwood, or even Cotchin, etc. One option is to wait a few weeks for Marc Murphy to drop in price.

      Then you’d also probably want to upgrade a ruckman. If you can scrape the funds, upgrade Redden or Big O and keep Giles as cover, but otherwise try get a cheap second ruck like McEvoy or even Mumford.

      Both Big O and Redden have been unreliable cover so far, but Big O did have a big day out in the reserves last weekend (something like 28 disposals and 40+ hitouts) so he may come back soon.

      • Cheers for the feedback everyone, to that last comment, I already have GAJ, and the plan was to swap shiel in the next week or two when couch or mcyintyre is showing some promise. Shiel is worth 350, all I’d have to do is trade him down then Horse to swan. I just want to wait because Swan is at 600, wait till he’s at maybe 560 in two weeks hopefully and ‘swoop’ in for that magpie.

        Yeah my forwards got hurt when Zahar took a hit and I put smedts there and traded in shaw in the backline. What are the thoughts on Goodes anyone?

        Is he still premo or is he too inconsistent… almost like a NVoldt in a way? I just don’t know if I’m sold.

        My rucks aren’t great but I’m happy with my choice of Cox and Giles, at least they’ve continued to play throughout the year. Unlike Mcintosh and co.

        Thanks again for all the help! Love discussing dt!

        • Dur, somehow missed the GAJ in the lineup.

          I really like Goodes. Was one of the few injuries I did trade out this year, but I’ve been annoyed all week I am $5k short on bringing him back through my preferred plan. He’s been in my DT for the last couple of years. Has been tried and trusted (especially on the back end of the season) by many DT coaches.

          If it weren’t for a much wider crop of well scoring forwards this year (Beams, Sidey, Zorko, plus usual suspects like Chappy and Buddy) and the slow start back from injury (Goodes’ longest layoff ever), he’d be close to the number one must have for the forward line. I’d say his past history, his ridiculously low price (13k below D. Martin!), and his last game, outweigh the potential for sub-par DT performances caused by his layoff.

  • What about Bryce Gibbs? A couple of good scores lately. Has his role in the team changed lately and is he likely to score more with Kade Simpson off the field?

    My team/midfield is pretty weak, so I’m pretty keen to buy some undervalued players. I’m waiting for Pendlebury, but could really do with a good trade for Horsley this week and Gibbs looks good to me.

    • or you can get Goodes

    • I’d take Goodes over Gibbs, but both open up interesting DPP options for you for nearly the same price.

      Also consider Marc Murphy, with a BE of over 200, he’ll be dropping in price. His imminent return may also affect Gibbs’ recent output.