Lockout Chat: Round 16

After a massive week in AFL Dream Team, we are back for another round. How are you attacking Round 16? Did you make any big trades? Discuss it all here in the comments all weekend. We want to hear your scores after each game so we all get a good idea how the DT community is going!

POST YOUR SCORES: Show your scores as well as how many players have played… if you captain has played, count then as two. So at the end of the round, you have 23 players to have played.


  • 2200 par you reckon?

  • 14/23 1547! With gablett Captain! And had Nick Riewoldts 55. Very happy this week, First good week in dreamteam in ages!

    Still have Shaw, Jacobs, Dangerfield, Treloar, Darley, Dickson, Selwood, Priddis and Hurn!

  • Had Giles covered by Redden75 better than nothing.. Chappy a shocker iam 1000 with 12 to play.. Not Good..

    • Considering Giles up and down form I would take Redden’s 75 even if Giles was playing, not a bad result really

  • 1516 with 14 played. Captain Boyd yet to play, but still have Adam Kennedy to come so may as well be 1516 from 15 played

  • Dear diary,
    I know I have a hot girlfriend and 3 beautiful kids but lately I’ve begun experiencing odd sensations and strange thoughts that only get stronger each week. They all started when I first heard the name “Dane Zorko”. Am I normal???

  • Why are two Geelong stars and the coach in Adelaide today? Port fans won’t be happy.
    Exclusive vision Nine News at 6pm.


    • Selwood and Bartel – they’ve sent the cavalry. Unfortunately for us I reckon he’s all but gone :(

      • In Adelaide to talk Bock to go to Geelong over Carlton, Melbourne and staying @ Port

  • To bomber_tom and leetrover (and anyone else that wants to help me) (this is from a post that i posted on the last page btw) i have thonpson, watson, ebert, priddis, zorko and gibson in my mids and have dpp links in my forward and backs but they are both locked in so dont want to trade them out.

    I can either trade ebert or priddis or zorko out for pendles vut i dont knoww who so would be nice if you guys could help me choose who to trade out for pendles.

    • Ebert is super consistent, and his average before this round 103.5

      Priddis 93.67 but a last 3 round average of 108, last 5 round average of 106

      Zorko 98.38 (which includes a sub affected score) His last 5 round average is 114.2

      You shoud keep all of them, they are all doing awesome!

      The only way I would consider this is if your team was finished and you had 6+ trades

      Otherwise it would be a massive waste of a trade and you should save your trades for LTIs don’t trade out your guns even if it is for Pendles

    • None of these mate, try to trade Gibson out for him, even if you have to wait a week or two.

      • Gibosn is going for murphy and i wont have enough to go adams to pendles :( but thanks for your help anywya

    • I completely agree with @leetrevor81, a sideways trade is never a great idea, even if it is Scott Pendlebury.

      Could you maybe post your team mate, see if we can help you out?

      • Here is my team:

        DEF: hanley, waters, hurn, birchall, grimes, carrazo, shaw (bootsma, lynch)

        MID: watson, thonpson, ebert, priddis, zorko, gibson (williams, cunningham)

        RUC: maric, jacobs (jenkins, campbell)

        FWD: sidebottom, chapman, pavlich, dangerfield, johnson, adams, goodes (dell’olio, walsh)

        see what i can do about getting pendles in plzz

        • I probably can’t help you out until lockout finishes and prices are finalised, get back to me then mate.

          I wouldn’t get Pendles in at all if you had to trade Ebert or Priddis out.

        • How many trades left and which Shaw do you have?

          Either way, upgrade your rookies, but don’t trade out premiums.

          You mentioned upgrading Gibson to Murphy, that is a great trade because it can give you an extra 30-40 points a week. A sidways trade will cost you a trade and only give you 10 points if your lucky.

          Your goal is to have all premiums so keep your trigger finger off your premiums! and look at your rooks (Except Zorko who is now an absolute gun!)

  • Suckling WTF !!!!!

    • on Fanfooty it says Responsible for Dickson, is he playing a defensive role?

      If he is doesn’t make sense…Best kick in the game! So give it to him and take advantage of that! I’m not watching the game though, maybe hes just playing really crap

  • You little suck-ling, go get that oval shaped pill!

  • What a rollercoaster this weekend…Projeted score started at just over 2100 then after a great start went to 2300, then yesterday went down to 2200, had some good scores in GWS vs Crows, but now Lake is on 22 and Suckling on 5 nearing half time in thier game.

    Have Goodes to play in the last game, score has been sitting on 1996 for a long time! Need big halves from Lake and Suckling then a big 100 from Goodes to push past 2200

  • 2077 with Boyd and Birchall in play, would love a miracle and be able to hit 2200 but I don’t see it happening unfortunately.

    Would have liked more from Smedts, Goldstein and Sloane this week but apart from that no real major complaints

  • Is it just mine or is the AFL App f**ked

  • need goodes, JPK and priddis to get 270 pts

    anyone reckon they will make it?

    • They could easily get about 90 each mate, good luck!

    • needing 60 pts from priddis,goodes and JPK in final quarter.

      • you should get it…I wish Goodes would start scoring again! He has been 43 for ages

        After the Crows vs GWS game my projected score was around 2250….Thanks to Goodes and Suckling I won’t even make 2150

  • Goodes…0 over half way through the 1st quarter

  • C’mon Captain Boyd, 130+ please!

  • Whats happened to Mitchell, 0 points this quater 20 mins in, Tagger, Injured or just not finding the pill?

  • Adam Goodes – 0
    Matt Suckling – 22

    I love Sunday’s

  • Eagles vs Sydney.
    Greatest rilvary of all time???

  • It would be less painful if Suckling just f*cked off to the bench and put on a red shirt instead of adding 2 points every 10 minutes.

  • just need 96 from Goodes in a half for 2200…..

    I really hope par is aroud 2100 this week, I want back in the top 10,000 damn it!

  • Killed my 2350+ hope Suckling you c**t

  • Fucken Smedts and Suckling combined is half what Spurr scored and he’s on my bench

  • doin alright this week!!!

    treloar worst score with 59, then lake on 67, danger on 76 and baguely on 81!!!!!

    now just need rok to get 38 in the 2nd half to make 2400!!!!

  • Matt Suckling take a bow. You beat the worst debut record for me of Goldstein’s 55 last week by a considerable margin!

  • Really contemplating playing Ellis over Suckling next week

  • Spurr, please stop laughing at Broughton and Suckling from the bench.

  • About 2300 seems a great score this week, anyone else agree?

    • I reckon maybe 2350 – 2375 would be a great score!
      I’m looking at 2290 – 2300 but that was with Suckling and Broughtson the field and God, Waters, Dusty, Giles and Buddy warming the pine. Reckon that weekly win will be pushing 2550 – 2600
      Congrats to X Factor as well. Great score mate!


  • anyone else made 2400?????

    • Haha bit lucky I gather I will still manage 2200 with broughton,Clarke and suckling so not too bad aay.

    • Yeah i got 2441 :D

      • need 6 from rok to beat that!!!

        • oats

        • you know what mate, you’re a right f**king twat, what could you possibly get out of commenting that you are gonna beat someone when youre clearly talking shit, i bet you are ranked 50 000th you sad sad man

        • i just hope your falsified self satisfaction lasts the week until you do the same stupid shit next week, cos you obviously have absolutely no life to look forward to during the week

          • Dude just cos u got a shit team doesn’t mean u need to spazz out cos some1 got a score that you could never get.

          • sorry jack…. was never looking for a fight mate….. wasn’t trying to boast either…… just pretty happy with that score…. wouldn’t you be????

        • yea but you didn’t get 2450 did you, who you trying to kid?

          • dude…. why don’t you believe me?????

            seriously… I’ll spell my score out to you in big words so I can show you my score….

            I GOT 2455!!!!!

            believe me??????!!!!!!!

          • And why would it matter to you if he got that score or not !! Obviously hit a raw nerve mate, put some of that anger into ur own team and u might get some good scores too haha

          • exactly lewie.

  • getting nervous,just over half a quarter left needing 50 from goodes, JPK and priddis to win one of my league games.