Sub Marine

Pies Sinclair
Blues McInnes
Roos Harper
Eagles Newman
Dees Bennell
Tigers O’Hanlon
Swans Armstrong
Lions Crisp
Power Jonas
Crows McIntyre
Saints Ray
Bombers Lovett-Murray
Hawks Hill
Giants Haynes
Suns Weller
Cats Murdoch
Dockers Sutcliffe
Dogs Djerkura


  • I don’t give a rats if Hargraves plays. I have had enough of his shit. Traded the prick out for Carrazzo.

  • Cheers Roy, but you need to work on your grammer, and pronunciation needs work too, did you proof read this? :P

  • Roy, you do realise Addam Maric is playing right? Easy sub pick right there

  • which should i do
    both ways im doing campbell in for redden
    but i have 2 choices
    choice 1. Hargrave out carratz in
    choice 2 bugg out carratz in

    atm ive done choice 2 with beau wilkes having to be on my field covering hargrave
    or if i do choice 2 i will have wilkes as emergency

  • With Hargrave out I’ll be coping a donut this week. Need to upgrade one of Hargrave or Marty Clarke to Carrots. Which one do you guys reckon has more chance of getting back into their side?


    • Marty is back in, should make the decision easier for you. Did for me anyway! :)

      • Cheers mate – hadn’t seen that. Does make the decision much easier – heard he chopped it up in VFL last week so hopefully he can continue with that and cement a place.

        Thanks again

    • marty clarke just in so HARGRAVE!!! THE DOG

  • Iam keeping Hargraves WHY i dont know BUT he is toi good to leave out and i cannot understand the dogs.. Like i think they would need him

    • At 31 years old, Gravey may not be apart of the doggies plans looking to 2013 and beyond. If he’s fit, why arn’t they playing him?

      • Agreed, Bulldogs window is shut and padlocked. Focus on the future big time now, the old guard will begin to make way over the next few years.

  • Carrots in this week. Wanted Pendles to play this week so I could pick him up next week for 20k less! :(
    On a different issue who thinks that Dusty might come back all fired up and start pumping out those big numbers we’ve been expecting? Was going to trade him out before his suspension but now I’m not so sure. Strange the suspension should have made it easier to decide between him or Whitecross. It hasn’t!

  • help please…

    only 4 trades left.

    Have Hargrave on the filed and dont want to cop a 0


    Big O > Campbell
    Hargrave > Carrazzo

    or just cop the 0 (which may not even happen)

    Hargrave is my D7 and is starting to give me the sh*ts…..

    should I not trade? 2 is not enough trades?

  • With only 4 trades left I think you better eat the Donut and move on. Check to see who your main opponent has. They may have the same problem.
    Good Luck.

  • Poor lovett-Murray, the AFL’S first full-time substitute.