Lockout Chat: Round 15

After a massive week in AFL Dream Team, we are back for another round. How are you attacking Round 15? Did you make any big trades? Discuss it all here in the comments all weekend. We want to hear your scores after each game so we all get a good idea how the DT community is going!

POST YOUR SCORES: Show your scores as well as how many players have played… if you captain has played, count then as two. So at the end of the round, you have 23 players to have played.


  • Fuck you Darley

    • Yeahhhhhh…..FU DARLEY!

      As a Hawk, I’m actually surprised Buddy is playing? Don’t worry about making sure your no.1 player is right for the long term, Fark it, let’s play him anyway? Going piss off a lot of Hawk fans + DT coaches if his hammy goes ‘ping’ in a practice match…silly move Hawks. Just my opinion.

      • Might be chasing a % booster. Have a feeling top 4 will be separated by %, and Hawks % isn’t as good as some of the others.

  • 1350 – 13/23… took a punt this week and traded out Hargrave and Bugg for Carrazzo and Yarran (bargain price), so far so good. Pridis and Zorko boosted my score after putting the C on Swanny…Have a projected score of 2330 with Ablett, Boyd, Chapman, Mitchell, Broughton, M.Johnson, Treloar, J.Griffen, Franklin and Smedts still to play….PS..I am thinking Yarran can’t do any worse than Hargraves and won’t give me the shits as much….

  • Rockliff Quarter by Quarter = 12, 15, 18, 49

    Please do not do that to me again ! Although, proves what we knew, that he can have massive quarters and be a good POD.

  • At the moment it is looking like the Buddy and Rioli show.

  • Stevie J out!

  • missing out on beau wilkes’ 92 cos of stupid burgoyne…..thanks a lot man

  • hope gary ablett can have a bad one so he can bottom out and i can pick him up……

  • Sammy Mitchell is getting touched up by Toby greene!! Fmdt

  • Why you do this to me stevie?? Martin, goddard, waters. 4 ta$ty premium doughnuts, loss in my main league. cut bad lads, bad!

    • F45k me!! 2386 predicted.. should get 1750.. it’s like a MBR all over again….FMDT.


    • someone has a sign on the gold coast/geelong game that says – ” I GAVE GAJ MY C “.

  • hey guys heres my team at the moment…

    BAC: Goddard, delidio, scotland, carazzo, birchall, waters, grimes,
    (lake, shaw)

    MID: watson, stanton, swan, pendles, boyd, ablett (martin, baguely)

    RUC: roughy, giles (jenkins, campbell)

    FWD:sidey, beams, danger, rok, buddy, zorko, robbo (treloar, pattison)

    now I am trading in a ruckman so I could go either…..




    first will probs get me more points but second gives more cover…. which ones would you do?

    • Jenkins > Jacobs (Mummy’s back is a worry).
      I dont think there will be many points difference between McEvoy and Jacobs and it allows you to keep Giles as cover…
      and btw your team is one of the best and strongest I have seen, what are you ranked?

      • 3k

        but I just realised I can afford maric…..

        should I go him instead?

        • Yeah I would definitely go Maric if you can afford him.

          • Did you notice that derickx affected maric’s score somewhat, may have been a once off but i think it may limit marics output in the future if derickx’s keeps playing

  • Buddy subbed

  • who has buddy captain……. ouch!!!!

    • nick maxwell…………..lol im happy now cos im playing him in one of my leagues :)

    • I do…yes it will cost me a league win.

      After the Showdown I’m pretty numb anyway, whats another smack to the head lol.

  • ME–adams, giles and birchall in play with johnson and pav to come + 255
    HIM–Franklin (who has been subbed out of the game), j.cameroon and d.smith in play with smedts, ablett (C), boyd and hargrave
    who should win……

  • toby greene first to crack the ton in the gws & hawks game

  • Thats it going to get Goodes in for Trealor and have Dusty as cover for my fwd line and midfield.

  • Well it’s official, I am losing my shit over Ryan Hargrave. Didn’t take note of him not being in the team for todays game. This is on top of the outs of Goddard and Beau Waters. FUUUUU—– !!!

  • Damn Hargrave not a late inclusion means 2 donuts FFS

    At least I have both Suckling and Birchall who are both having a field day

  • Adams from GWS having a pretty god and short run with a 93 last week and he is heading there again this week…..may be the first time he crack a ton if he is lucky…..

  • Got to be kidding me.. Fmdt wtf!!?? I had dahlhaus as emergency and i forgot i reset it so now johnson is out and no emergency!!! This is to add to burgoynes farken cork?? 2 donuts and johnson was my captain gto cant win a break

  • Looks like m0nty has had a few beers judging by the comments and SC scores for the Giants/Hawthorn game.

  • Now I’m wishing that Buddy didn’t play……Smedts as emergency is killing it currently on 53 in 2 qtr

  • Smedts on the bench has already overtaken Treloar (cover for Dustin) swear I never get that call right :(

  • WTF!!! gablett is being beaten by like 5 spuds from each team……but thats good cos i have smedts on the field and i want ablett to go down in price.
    What is GAJ’s BE

  • Pavlich finding some good form of late…..on track for his 3rd ton in a row

  • Tough week, I wanted to give Giles a chance but no Brogan and still a poor score. Might be upgrading him to McEvoy, sure he didnt get 100 but looked really good against great ruck opposition. Jacobs probably a better option but how often will he get 60 odd hitouts and Ports rucks are poor.

    StevieJ out was covered somewhat by a massive effort from Dev Smith, well done young fella!! Waters had no cover but hopefully just a once off. Still looking at 2100+ with a donut so cant complain too much.

  • Whats par score this week? 2100?

  • I dont know what par is this week but my team is definetly full of underperforming pemos this week

  • Anyone have any info on Darley, Stevie J and Hargrave? They were my donuts last round and I’m don’t think any of them were injuries?