Chook’s Rooks – Round 14

The challenges are edge-of-your-seat excitement, the in-camp banter and Tribal Council back-stabbings are endlessly intriguing and the fact that there are always a smattering of super-hot babes in skimpy outfits doesn’t hurt either, but one of my favourite bits of Survivor is the catchphrases that host Jeff Probst has cultivated over the years, hell, decades. If the forever-tanned fifty-year-old hadn’t signed on to do his own talk show this year, I’d have snapped him up to do the voice-overs for my Dream Team. I mean, how perfect would “The tribe has spoken. It’s time for you to go” be whenever you rage trade out an under-performing mid-pricer. Or his pre-challenge call of “Come on in, guys” when you bring in a couple of rolled-gold premiums. “You guys ready to get to your next challenge” would be suitable on the eve of the dreaded multi-bye rounds, while “once again, immunity is back up for grabs” could be used on a Friday night when you’re giving your rookies one more chance to impress before deciding whether to trade their arse on Monday.

The one Probst catchphrase you don’t want to hear during the Dream Team season, though, is the one that the khaki-clad host delivers just after handing over a reward to the winning tribe. He turns to the opposing team and says: “[Insert tribe name here], I’ve got nothing for ya.” In DT, that time comes when the rookie well runs dry and the downgrade targets vanish quicker than a hidden immunity idol disappears into the side pocket of some guy’s cargo shorts. While I’m not at the “I’ve got nothing for ya” stage quite yet, it’s getting pretty close.

Sure, there were six rookie-priced debutants in round 14 – a surprisingly high number given that it was one of the few occasions this season when the fresh-meat factory at Greater Western Sydney gave us doughnuts – but few if any of that six are likely to play much of a role in your quest for a million bucks, er, an FJ Cruiser this year. Western Bulldogs ruckman Tom Campbell leads the two-game bracket, but more about him and the debutants further down. For now, let’s have a look at how their more experienced peers fared in the first full round since round 10.

 Three-or-more gamers

Eighty-three players who started the season at a rookie price have played three or more games by now, with North Melbourne midfielder Sam Gibson the highest scoring of those in round 14 with 110 handy points. A substitute’s vest in round 13 and subsequent score of just 17 has capped his first price rise at $54k, but he’s in most teams for season-long bench cover now, not cash generation, and he got the chance to step on to the field with plenty of coaches missing Scott Pendlebury from their midfields last week. Collingwood rookie forward Jamie Elliott did the same for coaches with Geelong mid-fwd Paul Chapman, a late withdrawal from Friday’s game, racking up 95 points to cover the angry bald one. He could keep his spot on the field for a fortnight, with Hawthorn forward Buddy Franklin set to sit out a couple. Wedged between those two at the pointy end of the scoring chart was Port Adelaide defender Andrew Moore, but only 3000 coaches benefitted from his 99-point haul. GWS trio Toby Greene (mid), Jon Giles (ruck) and Adam Treloar (mid-fwd) all chalked up 80+ scores yet again and also loom as strong bench cover for the remainder of the season if they survived when you culled Giants from your team before their bye round a month ago. One formerly high-flying GWS kid who you can’t fall back on anymore, well, not for the next three-to-four weeks at least, is midfielder Dylan Shiel, who will be rested with a foot strain.

The big bombs of round 14 were mid-fwds Alex Sexton, of Gold Coast, and Adam Kennedy, of GWS, as well as Adelaide defender Sam Shaw. Sexton scored 14 before being subbed out and is gone for the season, having been booked in for hip surgery. I figure dual-positionality is the only reason Kennedy is still in 50,000 teams and it could be what saves Sexton from getting booted left, right and centre too. For the record, Kennedy’s score of 16 was his first in five weeks, and was exactly 100 less than the total he scored against Sydney the first time around, in round one. How long ago must that seem now? Just a fortnight seems an age for owners of Shaw, who has endured two shocking weeks of DT scoring, although it should be noted that the first of those was impacted by injury. With Goddard out this week, I for one am desperately hoping that Shaw returns to high 60s scoring and, more importantly, hasn’t squandered his spot in the Crows line-up.

Two gamers

After keeping his place last week despite the return of first-choice ruckman Will Minson, Western Bulldogs tall Tom Campbell has become a popular downgrade target for those looking to offload fellow rookie rucks Orren Stephenson and Jarrad Redden. It’s unclear how long Brendan McCartney will persevere with both Minson and Campbell in his line-up, but I’d check the team sheets tomorrow before loading up. The other two in this bracket are Gold Coast forward Liam Patrick ($173,100) and teammate Taylor Hine (defender, $104,200). While Patrick’s scores of 78 and 58 – the second in a drubbing from West Coast – have been okay, his high price tag rules him out of contention, while scoring power is the problem for Hine, who has notched 56 and 36 so far.

One gamers

Eight tackles helped put Geelong first-game forward Jordan Murdoch ($98,700) on par with DT Hall-of-Famer Jimmy Bartel on 88 points, but even his high scoring rate was exceeded by West Coast mid Murray Newman ($98,700), whose 65 points came in less than half a match, albeit against a compliant Gold Coast outfit. Collingwood mid Caolan Mooney ($85,800, 16 points) also copped a subs vest in his first run around at AFL level, but Melbourne ruckman Jake Spencer ($104,200), Port Adelaide defender Thomas Jonas ($137,300) and Richmond forward Todd Elton ($98,700) all had full game time to get to 50, 42 and 34 respectively. Monitor Murdoch and Newman by all means, but I don’t see too many chances for them this season.


  • Bit dry on the rookie front hey… Newnam sounds interesting. Was against a mate who is a player at the Roos and he stressed I had to get Gibson after his first game.. did I listen? No… The vest affected second game put me off … And guess who won the game for him last week with 110.

    Prompting this….

    Schiel- Gibson
    Hargrave – Scotland

    • Doing the second trade myself.

      (and it’s Shiel, not Schiel)

      • Care factor Chuck = 0

        • Your IQ= 0

          • your a dick norris, go sniff the fat one.

          • Keyboard warrior chuck strikes again… You are a page polluter mate… If it was even slightly relevant I would have acknowledged your input but alas, you are talking absolute piffle, all part of you being the pleb that you are I suppose.

  • Todd Elton’s job security just got a whole lot better.

  • Whats better? I have 6 trades left
    Goddard to Carrots
    Darley to Carrots, Horsley to Murdoch (DPP with D Smith)

    Losing Goddard is a side ways trade (yet saves a trade) and he is out for 2 and playing like a muppet, but i probably see more up side if he comes back with some form…

    • keep god. I really dont understand all the fuss. Yes he cost quite a bit at the start, yes he’s had a few bad games and yes he will be out for 2 weeks. BUT he is still the 4th best defender……

  • Nice write up Chook!

    I’m thinking of going Kreuzer (R3) to Campbell if he is named.

    Then either
    1. Spurr to Carrazzo leaving $61K or
    2. Hargrave to Carrazzo leaving $227K

    Option 2 means I can turn Giles to Maric next week but then I’ll be on only 3 trades for the rest of the year.

    Which option sounds best?
    My other defenders are Deledio, Scotland, Goddard, Heppell, J Grimes, Broughton and Darley.


    • Get rid of Spurr, Giles can still score 80 or so but Spurr’s job security is not great.

    • Hargrave definately. No point having money on your bench with no trades. You should save all your trades after that for finals.

      • Thanks guys but I don’t have a consensus here. Opposing opinions so I’m still unsure

  • who will be the more reliable ruckman: Mumford, Griffin, Jacobs or even Lobbe?

    • Jacobs is the most likely to play every game

    • Jacobs, who will score about 80-85ish each game. At the same time, Lobbe was quite valuable last year, averaging 70, and also gives you DPP. If Lobbe can play 3-4 games in a row scoring well, I’d give him the nod.

  • DEF: Delidio, Goddard, Waters, Birchell, Heppell, Hargrave, Sam Shaw, (Townsend, Spurr)

    MID: Swan, Ablett, Stanton, Boyd, Thompson, Beams, (Gibson, Sexton)

    RUCK: Cox, Giles, (Redden, Campbell)

    FWD: Franklin, Sidebottom, Robinson, Dangerfield, Martin, Cloke, Zorko, (Pfierrier, Black)

    7 trades left and $223,900 in the bank.

    I want to get carrazzo in for either Hargrave or Townsend. i was thinking of keeping hargrave and trading townsend but it wont leave alot of cash after the trade. By trading hargrave (which would leave me with about $100,000 odd i think) i would have to play sam shaw or townsend on the field… :/

    Some other options ive thought of is:
    Dowgrading Pfierrier to Murdoch

    Trading Travis cloke out but for not quite sure.. :/
    want to get maric but ill have to hold on that trade.

    Its looking like ill be doing 2 trades this week just a matter of picking the right players to take out and bring in.., im just about settled with my team. but as i said im not keen on cloke being in my side but i probably need to focus on my defence more.

    Sorry its a tad long..

    Thoughts on my options and overall team would be much appreciated??


    • Definitely trade out Townsend, he gets dropped a bit and bench cover is everything atm. Wait another week on Murdoch.

    • Please go away… pretty please.

      • um ok.. :/ why..? :S
        this is wat the sites for..DT news,help, tips etc
        if u dont like it go past it and look at someone elses mate its not that hard champ..

        • DT is for you not for everyone to do your team for you. A few specific questions are ok but you’ll find asking the same thing on every thread will get you no where champ

      • Good on ya Chris…..Magpie if your not going to say anything worthwhile then don’t say anything …

    • Stop being sorry. Just stop posting this everywhere

  • Nice write up as always Chook. Lucky are those who still have enough trades to consider a downgrade/upgrade – I’m still struggling with the LTI’s.

    • Good trades bad trades?
      Shiel=>m.williams and Clarke=>carrots.

      • Any1 know how the likes of Stevie Clifton and A.Miles?

        • isnt clifton injured..? or maybe he was and he’s not now. not to sure
          dont know about miles though

        • miles has been out with a leg injury, should be back in soon and play most games in the second half of the season!

  • who do you guys think is the best rook option if you HAD to downgrade this wk? who would be your pick of the bunch and why?

  • Sounds promising for Docherty and couldn’t come at a better time. From the reserves rap up on the lion’s site.

    “Sam Docherty had plenty of the ball again, and is getting closer to making his senior debut by the week.”

  • Sounds promising for Murdoch too. Seems like the spot is his to keep provided he can back up last week with a solid effort against the Suns.

    Also from in the mix report AFL site:

    Jordan Murdoch, who picked up 16 possessions in a promising debut against the Power, might well survive, so George Horlin-Smith and Cameron Guthrie appear the players most likely to find themselves on the outer.

    -Adam McNicol

    Hope this gives you all something to think about.

  • A Moore won me my main league game..

  • Who would be the best 85k defender to bring in? Are any of them likely to get a game?
    Need the extra cash so cant get anyone more expensive.

  • Great work Chook! I look forward to your article every week. Especially when I’m on the look out to make sone cash. Watched both Murdoch’s and Newman’s games. They were both quite impressive. If Murdoch can keep his spot I’ll finally get rid of Hall. Shame really because Hall wasn’t that bad in a team that’s really struggling.
    Just want to be a bit cautious because these rookies will be cover for the rest of the year.
    Fingers crossed we pick the right ones!!

  • Newmans job security is low with embers darling nicoski and lecra all looking to return before the finals

  • wow. d.connors sacked and dusty martin suspended!! What did they do??

  • Unless Murdoch gets another gig, I may have to trade in an $85k FWD rook (Mr. Couch?)
    Reasons why:
    -no other good options
    -basement price (I need the cash!)
    -won’t need him for cover (have Zorko and Adams riding the pine)
    -DPP if I get Couch
    -will be getting rid of Hall who has shite JS anyway


    • I got Murdoch will probably play again.

    • Couch won’t get a game this year!! If you are after the FWD/MID link take a punt on Tim McIntyre he is more likely than couch.
      Rookie Price!! Currently leading goal kicking in SANFL, if the crows get an injury or two he should get a gig.

  • Is it too late to get in Gibson?

    Also, Carrazzo comes in, but who would you trade out?
    Ellis or Darley.
    (rest of my backs are complete, benchwarmer is S.Shaw)

    • still cheap at 140,700

    • Ellis has got to go Darley is more consistent.

    • Ellis has good JS, the Tigers look like they rate him more than the likes of Dea,but he does not have much competition anyway. Darley is up against Whiley, Reid, Buntine, Golds, Segrave and maybe even Josh Bruce for a spot in the Giants backline, and the Giants would want to blood as many youngsters as possible. I say Darley, as at least Ellis will give you a 50 or so points a week as bench cover.

  • what’s the go with boyd everyone?

  • Martin you better not miss any game you c**t.

  • DEF: Deledio, Goddard, Waters, M.Johnson, Broughton, Grimes, Carrazzo, Darley, Shaw
    MID: Swan, Ablett, Stanton, Boyd, Mitchell, Selwood, T.Adams(FWD), M.Williams
    RUC: Maric, Ryder, Redden, Campbell
    FWD: Sidebottom, Franklin, Beams, Robinson, S.Johnson, Chapman, Dangerfield, Zorko(MID), Dell’Olio

    Teams done this week, did Hargrave>Carazzo.


  • I am so tempted to trade Dusty out for Beams this week. :-(

    • i traded martin and hayes for beams and swan 2 weeks ago. Although martin and hayes both got 100’s on the weekend, swan 132 & 172 and beams 117 & 113 makes my team look that much better. And with sidebottom and pendlebury also in my team, ive found i dont hate collingwood so much anymore.

  • I am tempted to trade the mighty zorks. His price has very possibly peaked

  • yeah likewise having no beams makes my team look weak every week.. iv still got hall on the bench and with franklin out ill be having a donunt which doesnt help as well..downgrading hall a better option? or upragde him to someone around 300k sylvia? thoughts?

  • Was prepared to cover Buddy with Treloar now looks like Smedts to cover Dusty as well :(

    • i love having Zorks and Porps as cover for Dusty and Franklin…Although if Chappy is out again I will have to play someone like Smedts or T.Adams.

  • Martin suspended and Connors Sacked Gee Whizzz

  • Todd Elton JS, went up a lot.

  • Where does it say Buddy is definitely out? On the Hawthorn website, it says he is a good chance to play. is this outdated?

    • Techinally he’s not ruled out, but there’s plenty of speculation that he’ll be rested for GWS just to be on the safe side.

  • Might have to play Kennedy this week. Fuck me

  • Martin to miss two profitable games against Melb and Suns……………….DICK!

  • Who to start on the field, Gibson or Treloar?

  • Have to go Gibson on current form, surely did enough to escape the vest for this week.

  • Def: Goddard, Delidio, Heppell, Birchall, Waters, Hargrave, Ellis (Bootsma, Darley)

    Mid: Pendles, Boyd, Ablett, Thompson, Mitchell, Swan (Gibson, Sexton)

    Ruc: Goldy, Ryder (Stephenson,Redden)

    Fwd: Sidey, Buddy, Robinson, Zaharakis, Martin, Beams, Dangerfield (Hall,Zorko )

    30,000 in the bank 5 trades left

    I have 2 options but I really want to get Carrots and upgrade Hargrave. Thoughts???

    Option 1) Martin/ Zaha to Murdoch
    Bootsma to Carrots
    Hargrave to MJ
    Zorko to Pav/Lewis

    Option 2) Hall to Murodch
    Ellis to Carrots

    I like option 1 myself but only leaves me with 1 trade but with a great team

  • as long as pendles, boyd and treloar play I should get through unscathed……

  • Who would you pick?
    Priddis and Howard on ground with Darley and Spurr back-ups OR
    Van Berlo and Nicholson on ground with Howard and Spurr on bench.

    Swaying towards option 2 caus’ I’ll feel better with better bench cover in defence with low trades.


    • Anyway of starting Priddis and Nicholson?

    • Having said that I will be starting Howard this week if named.

      Just think that Nicholson might go ok against the Tigers this week is all.

      • No Rids, don’t have the cash.
        Thinking of next week Shiel-Van Berlo, caus’ Van Berlo’s going to drop in cash and love Adelaide’s run home. And Darley-Nicholson because Melbourne has got the best Post-Bye Fixture.


        P.S. If I doo these trades, I’l have one trade left but with great bench cover.

        • I will be bringing in NVB as bench cover in 2 weeks time. He will drop to about $300,000 in 2 weeks. Maybe wait for 2 weeks till you make those trades.

          Darley should get a game this week but will be in and out a little bit. The Bulldogs have Addison (broken jaw) and Bob Murphy (hip related hammy) as outs this week so am expecting Howard to get another gig.

  • So glad I traded Martin out for Beams weeks ago

  • Survivor is the greatest show ever.

  • Boyd, Martin, Buddy, Chappy, Goddard…. It could be a terrible week.