‘Par’ – Round 14

This is based on the scores from the teams who are ranked in the top 5k overall and averaged out. We thought this gives the best indication of the ‘better’ teams so we can all gage our weekly efforts based on theirs. We think this number is about right… therfore ‘par’ for each round and will be posted here in DT TALK shortly after each round (thanks to Virtual Sports). There’s no point averaging the top 25k or everyone in the competition as some of these guys would probably forget to do their teams. So the top 5k average is the mark.

If you don’t think this is a fair indication, then ppffthhh. Take it for what it is.

For those who play that other silly game The SuperCoach ‘PAR’ was 2248pts

Get onto the Assistant Coach and SuperGold for more of these amazing facts!


  • Not Surprised…

  • Suprised the DT par is more than the SC par

    Usually SC scores are always inflated

  • What you needed to score to stay at various levels in the top 5,000:

    500 2,343
    1,000 2,328
    1,250 2,328
    2,500 2,301
    3,000 2,297
    3,750 2,288
    5,000 2,279

    The highest scores are more widely distributed this round.

    Even to stay at 10,000, you needed to score 2,244.

    To get any substantial gain v the top rankings probably needed to score 2,400+.

  • Not surprised, but not too happy. Thought i did ok with 2318! Ablett instead of Swan as C didn’t help

  • Ranked 168 before hand, scored 2336 and dropped 20-30 places to 190 odd.

    As much as I’m disappointed that I had a good round, scored above par, and still got knocked out of Eliminator by a mug team, it’s also good to see my predicted score has jumped up by 50-60 points, and that pretty much my entire defense scored poorly last week.

    Going to be an interesting week in scoring, I think some people are going to fall back to reality after a week like this.

  • Beat par by abit (2362) and was chuffed to be back inside the top 30,000 (27,978). This score proves you can score big without WITHOUT the Great Dane in your team. Top scored in 4 of 5 leagues and 90% of teams had Swan as captian.

    • haha obviously dont do it often if your ranked that high

      • I knew that I’d get a response like that, and as a first year player thought I would be in 100000 plus club, so to be inside the top 10% I feel is an achievement, and done with out Swan and several other high profile Fantasy players, Such as Boyd, Stanton, Buddy, Chapman, Pendles, Stevie J, So if I had a Cookie cutter team like yours, I’d have scored 2300 plus, Three times this year instead of Twice.

  • 2399. Pretty happy with that. Moved up 1400 spots to 4153 so not feeling too bad considering it’s my first year of playing DT:) Good learning curves so far ready for next year.

  • 2278 and lost 3 of my 5 leagues! wtf!! then again I am in 5 pretty kickass leagues

  • Got to 2448 and slipped into top 500 thank god the bye rounds are behind us.

  • DEF: Delidio, Goddard, Waters, Birchell, Heppell, Hargrave, Sam Shaw, (Townsend, Spurr)

    MID: Swan, Ablett, Stanton, Boyd, Thompson, Beams, (Gibson, Sexton)

    RUCK: Cox, Giles, (Redden, Campbell)

    FWD: Franklin, Sidebottom, Robinson, Dangerfield, Martin, Cloke, Zorko, (Pfierrier, Black)

    7 trades left and $223,900 in the bank.

    I want to get carrazzo in for either Hargrave or Townsend. i was thinking of keeping hargrave and trading townsend but it wont leave alot of cash after the trade. By trading hargrave (which would leave me with about $100,000 odd i think) i would have to play sam shaw or townsend on the field… :/

    Some other options ive thought of is:
    Dowgrading Pfierrier to Murdoch

    Trading Travis cloke out but for who..im not quite sure.. :/
    want to get maric but ill have to hold on that trade.

    Its looking like ill be doing 2 trades this week just a matter of picking the right players to take out and bring in.., im just about settled with my team. but as i said im not keen on cloke being in my side but i probably need to focus on my defence more.

    Sorry its a tad long..

    Thoughts on my options and overall team would be much appreciated??


  • My best score ever in DT 2350 – above Par – wooo hooo

    If and that’s the biggest word in the dictionary – I had the right players on the field would have scored another 92 points!!!

    Still very happy but Cloke your on notice!!! Stop worrying about your million dollar contract and play footy or else you will soon be only worth half a million!!

  • Hi Guys and Girls, Can I get an opinion on my team.
    My question is if I make the following trades is it likely that this team will be good enough and deep enough to get me through without anymore trades required….I realise no one can read the future but I feel that the bench cover is adequate.

    colourcoded sanity

    Round Score: 2,335

    DEF: B Deledio (115), G Broughton (75), J Grimes (67), G Birchall (108), C Enright (89), R Hargrave (65), B Goddard (75), T Bugg (41), Sam Shaw

    MID: D Swan (172), G Ablett (102), L Hayes (122), R Sloane (67), M Barlow (120), J McDonald (70), M Williams (52), S Gibson (110)

    RUCK: D Cox (120), J Giles (88), O Stephenson (0), J Redden (0)

    FWD: S Sidebottom (99), L Franklin (115), D Beams (113), M Robinson (115), P Dangerfield (84), M Pavlich (113), D Zorko (69), D Martin (109), J Porplyzia (97)

    I propose to trade shaw to carrots this week, and marley williams to boyd in the next two leaving my benches as : Bugg, Hargrave, Macdonald, gibson, zorko and porps.

    The other two trades I would consider would be gibson or porps to goodes to create the dpp link and stephenson to ryder or goldstein (maric would be ideal but dont think cash would push that far.

    What do people think???? Which trades are necessary and which luxury?

  • To be honest man you’re leaving yourself with WAY too much $ just sitting on your bench which you need to use. Too many so-so players in your team and not nearly enough super premo’s… eg; grimes, hargrave, sloane, old mac. Your forward line is great (almost too great!) your rucks are good, your backline is weak as is your midfield. How many trades do you have left?
    You should aim to have your completed team full of guns especially in the midfield. Its great that you’re getting boyd but sloane and old mac rounding out your midfield is going to get you pumped week in week out by the teams that have guys like thompson, jelwood and rockliff rounding out theirs.
    My first priority would be upgrading hargrave, jmac and sloane in no particular order.

    • Thanks for your reply dools.
      I’m a chick btw. I have got 5 left. hargrave and jmac i intend to have as first to go bench players so im not worried about them being weak points against other premo mids… barlow and sloane were players that i went with to help my bye structure and as a point of difference from the stock standard midfield, and now i kinda think its a bit late to be considering sideways trading them for the sake of possibly ten more points a round. But I see your point. Barlow is ave 106 over his last 5 but sloane is a little worrying as he is starting to look tired and has droped those ten to twenty points from his best. in saying that i am first in all but one of my leagues so now trying for my highest possible overall finish. perhaps selling sloane would give me the cash to make the last upgrades of williams to boyd, as well as stephenson to maric and adding goodes but it will take all bar perhaps one of my trades to do it. Another option might be trying to get jmac or sloane to jelwood but do u think it is better to ride my team as it is with its uniques with the deep bench and keep my trades or take the plunge and use em for those kinds of trades?

  • With only 5 trades left I would be leaving your forward lines and rucks as is (as they are fine) and solely focusing on your midfield and backline. Leave yourself 2 emergency trades and use 3 trades to upgrade. Its hard to know exactly what advice to give you as I don’t know how much $ you have but in an ideal world I personally would use those 3 trades on upgrading either williams or old mac to boyd, upgrading bugg or hargrave to say carrots, and sloane to one of the elite midfielders. This would see every position on your field filled with decent stayers with great bench cover and 2 emergency trades left. I (and everyone else) would love to have Maric but unfortunately you don’t have enough trades left to afford the luxury. Like I said your rucks are fine. Hope this helps :0) If you tell me how much $ you have left I can more accurately give you my advice (oh and sorry about calling you dude). Hope you continue to kick ass in your leagues!