Golden Stubby – Round 14


Voting is now open for the DT TALK Golden Stubby for Round 14. This coveted prize will be awarded to the player who excelled on the weekend, taking into account price, form, opponent and whatever else tickles your fancy!

This weeks nominations (collected by @WarnieDT through Twitter) are:

  • Dane Swan (172). For those going against Calvin, you were very well rewarded with a massive 42 possession game!
  • Jobe Watson (126). This nomination isn’t just for his awesome game… and the next lot of 3 votes on his way to the 2012 Brownlow Medal, but for the consistency he has shown and what he has offered for his owners over the last few weeks!
  • Sam Gibson  (110). He played his third game this weekend and busted out an awesome score leaving those who got him in happy. However the real win was for those who needed him and used him as cover for Pendles or Chappy this week!
  • Jamie Elliott (95). Just like Gibson, Elliot might have been cover for a missing gun… but in all reality, he was a real winner for us over the MBRs and his 95 (and quality of his game with 15 tackles) should keep in in the side for a while yet.
  • Courtney Dempsey (129). Dempsey received a heap of votes via Twitter so I had to put him in there for this week. 129 was very handy and a nice reward for those who stuck with the mid-priced defender!
Honorable Mentions: Ben McEvoy, Andrew Carrazzo, Lenny Hayes, Jason Porplyzia, Luke Shuey, Pearce Hanley… and a few others. A lot of names were thrown out there this week!

Who deserves the Golden Stubby for Round 14

  • Dane Swan (58%, 1,040 Votes)
  • Jobe Watson (12%, 222 Votes)
  • Sam Gibson (19%, 343 Votes)
  • Jamie Elliott (3%, 59 Votes)
  • Courtenay Dempsey (8%, 135 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,799

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Stay tuned for the results. If you are a beer company looking at this, we’re looking for a sponsor of this awesome award (and much more brilliant exposure). Please contact us if you are a beer company and want to get on board!


  • FIRST place will definitely go to the great Dane

  • hey lads2nd i think

  • shueyyyyyyy

  • who got last week?rocko or zorkliff?

  • My vote goes to Swanny <3 172 beautiful Captain points! Swanny, you are a bloody legend mate!

    Don't like the implication that having Swan as captain was 'going against Calvin.' Personally I listened to Calvin's valuable captain's numbers, Calvin was clearly torn between Gaz and Swan…he went Gaz, I went Swan based on a gut feel that as a Collingwood player he'd see plenty of the ball with the pies likely to dominate possesion….as opposed to Gaz playing the Eagles in perth where GC might struggle to get a touch in a one sided belting – perhaps hurting Gaz's numbers. Never was it a decision to 'go against Calvin' Gives us some credit for having brains.

    *Keep up the great work Calvin, ignore the knockers who need to take resposability for their own decision making.

    Also, great work Watson, lookin good for the brownlow right now, great stuff Jobe! :D

    • responsibility*

    • ha ha cheers mate…. was a 50/50 call I reckon but the coin landed poorly for me ha ha

    • totally agree..people need to take responsibility for there own team and who they choose as captain and not lay blame elsewhere..and when its 50/50 and 1 player gets highest score for the round its bloody good odds id say…Swanny and Ablett geez people should know bye now

    • I totally agree.

      Now where did we put the tar and feathers?

  • Wait, what? No Zorko this week? This guy is the messiah of DT, how can he not be up for the Golden Stubby?


    • Not gonna praise Swanny for getting you 172? Oh wait…nub.

      • You’ve been having a few pot shots at me lately, what’s up with that? Did I shag your missus?

        Feel free to post your team and rank though.

        • Backs: Deledio Goddard Adcock Waters Hargrave bugg Darley
          Bench: shaw spurr

          Mids: Swan Boyd Barlow Kornes Sloanne Mcdonald
          Bench: Couch Gibson

          Ruc: Giles Campbell Bench: Sandi, Redden

          Fwd: Franklin Chapman N.Riewoldt J Martin Goodes Adams Dickson Bench: Saad Hall

          I have 4 trades left / ranking 13,867

          What about you…

          • Must have been sideways trading like theres no tomorrow… haha, so many rooks

          • Hey Boomer. Congrats on that ranking mate! Your season continues to rock! Have you renovated the garage yet so the FJ fits in ok? You in the facebook group yet? If not feel free to join up mate

            you really need to pick and choose your battles. You keep throwing out the arrogant line of ‘feel free to post your team and rank’ to the wrong people. Feel free to check out Boomer’s team yourself. What you need to do is load the first page of the rankings and search for the only team with Boomer in the name. Then click on the name and presto, you will be able to view his team. Just to make sure to be clear, it is on the first page of the rankings link (Top 50)

          • Rids you are ruthless!

  • Voted Jobe, more for his season than his score this week. Consistantly putting out big scores, and hasn’t really had any stinkers this year, with only 2 scores below 100 (94 and 91.) He’s also averaging 2ppg less than Boyd, and cost probably 80k less at the start of the season.

    Special mention goes out to Rocky :D

  • What about Matt Rosa for his dreamteam worthy 114?

  • Dane Swan – he must have a case Golden Subbies by now. Week in week out, legend!

    Questions – Anyone heard anything on how long Chappy may be out, groins can be niggly ones??
    – Did Zorko sit on the bench all the 2nd half as he seemed to stop scoring?
    – Any word on Dylan Sheil’s injury?

    • Answers:
      -apparently zorks could have kicked three goals in the last qtr…..
      -I’d say chappys just having a rest but I hope I’m wrong! ;)
      -sheil…. most likely season ending, time to cull the cow!

      • i was at the game, zorko wasnt paid a mark he shouldve been given in the goal square in the last quarter. Add the +12 and his score wouldnt have been too bad

        • Also, Black was pumping the ball forward just as the final siren went, it was going to hit Zork’s on the chest inside 50 for a shot on goal, that sucked.

  • If I had the trades to spare Goddard would be on the block this weak.
    The man is slipping into DT irrelevance.

    • I said that a few months ago and got shot down.

      He seems to have run out of angry pills and just isn’t playing the ball anymore. Should start learning boxing with Barry. # barryspersonalboxingbag

  • Gibson for me, and I did have Swan as Cap’n.

    Saved my a55 with Darley being a sook. Might even evict him for it as I have had alot of interest from Carrots to sign up. (probably M. Clarke though…..not the pup variety)

  • NEED HELP, finding my 6th midfielder:
    Rockliff 472k
    Cotchin 470k
    Mitchell 459k
    i have chosen cotchin for now because tigers draw is just that good.

  • I wish Chook did a start of a week ‘Rooks’ followed by a Thursday arvo ‘refinement’ once the teams have come out.

    I know I could research but he does it with much style.

  • Went with Jobe, you’d have to say he’s a real chance for Brownlow at this point. Would of gone Swanny if i had him as Captain

  • Cracked 10k for the first time and I ain’t stoppin.

  • Also ranked 4000 odd this week which I was pleased about.

  • Ok guys my team sucks and i need suggestions. I have 5 more trades left that I am willing to use, leaving 3 for LTI’s

    My team:
    Deledio, waters, Scotland, Goddard, bugg, Farley, shaw (smelts, Edwards)
    Swan, ablest, Boyd, stanton, Kennedy, Gibson (pfeiffer, crozier)
    Maric, cox (Jenkins, Campbell)
    Beams, Franklin, sidebottom, dangerfield, Robinson, zorko, Cameron, (Tomlinson, dellolio)

    Should I go:
    Cameron—> murdoch (rookie) leaving me with 105k this round

    Pfeiffer—>murray newman
    Jenkins—> spencer (melb) leaving me with approximately 293.2k which would allow me to upgrade either Newman, crozier, or Gibson into Jove watson.

    Please post whether these trades are effective, and if not, what you would do in my place.

    • Darley not Farley. Sorry guys.

    • darley not Farley, and Edwards is the one from gws.

    • Mate from what you’ve mentioned up there you seem to be naming players not on anyones radar just yet.

      Best option to do is keep an eye on this website and read everyones posts.

      You have all week. Murray Newman looks good, very good but you’ll have to see if he gets another call up this week. I’d say he will.

      Your team doesn’t look too bad. Ideally you do want to get Carrazzo but do do so you don’t want to at the expense of someone that might never play again. Especially with limited trades like you have.

    • From one jake to another,
      I would get carrots and newman.
      I would.also reccomend using all 5 of your trades n the next 3 weeks trying to salvage your (dodgy) team

  • Who to drop?

    Clarke, Bugg or Darley.

    I am thinking Clarke or maybe Darley. Darley is consistant, where as Bugg as higher and lower troughs and I’m willing to take that.

    Clarke can just get stuffed.

    • Then who to Tom Campbell?

      Orren or Redden. Thinking Redden.

    • Clarke was on fire in the seconds, so he will be back very soon if not this week.. He is a keeper for me

      • But will he fit back into Collingwoods side?

        • Possibly needs one more good week in reserves i dont know but he chopped, i think he will be back soon anyway. I traded him to carrots it was the only way i could have got him without double trading, concern now is that S.Shaw and L.Spurr are my d8 and 9 and the only weak links in my team.

  • Hayes got me over the line for a win.. Good onya Lenny

  • Guys can you please help me with my team

  • Def: Goddard, Delidio, Heppell, Birchall, Waters, Hargrave, Ellis (Bootsma, Darley)

    Mid: Pendles, Boyd, Ablett, Thompson, Mitchell, Swan (Gibson, Sexton)

    Ruc: Goldy, Ryder (Stephenson,Redden)

    Fwd: Sidey, Buddy, Robinson, Zaharakis, Martin, Beams, Dangerfield (Hall,Zorko )

    30,000 in the bank 5 trades left

    I was thinking:

    Hall to Murdoch/Frank
    Gravy to Carrots

    Later on in the season with 115,000 go:

    Ellis/Darley to Johnson or a cheap Heath Shaw

  • if i had have captained the great dane i would have got 1440 instead “par” oh well better luck next week calvin

  • swan has to win…

    also on another note…

    Zaha i am one of those coaches that kept him thinking he would be back this week…
    i think the time has come that we should seriously think about trading him out… (not easy for some as we are all low on trades)

    checked his twitter this morning and saw this:

    @DavidZaharakis Which game are you targeting for your come back?

    David Zaharakis
    @GMCoops still a few weeks away

    this was posted 27 June….


    • If Swan does win then it simply should be “The most DT points of the round stubbie”?

      I traded Swan in this week and made him captain and I still think Gibson should get it.

      • +1 completely agree.

      • Not really, the highest scorer doesn’t get it each week but 172 is a massive score and especially for those who had him captain which is most of us.

      • i wasnt going on his score… i was going on his performance… he completely destroyed freo…

        it was like watching the ‘Dane Swan Show’

  • Thank goodness Leigh Adams is not a contender on this list. Week in week out, he has been pumping out 70’s. This week my opponent had Leigh Adams and needed him to crank out 128 for the league win. He got 135 and beat me by 8 points!

  • Hanley for mine.

    Backed up last weeks 134 with a 120. Got me the top score in my #1 league and the $20 bucks weekly prize. Ooooh YEAH !!

    • yeah I’m just going to get Patton in next week, cover for the rest of the year.

    • yer but to who… there is no reasonable downgrade targets… and he hasnt increased a whole lot.

  • Swan for me as dont have others (Gibson just riding bench trying to take the spot Zorko has trying to fill in for Pendles)

    Beams 2nd highest player in value now, 98 his lowest score in his last 9 matches. Still 50K behind the great Dane Swan.

  • DEF: Delidio, Goddard, Waters, Birchell, Heppell, Hargrave, Sam Shaw, (Townsend, Spurr)

    MID: Swan, Ablett, Stanton, Boyd, Thompson, Beams, (Gibson, Sexton)

    RUCK: Cox, Giles, (Redden, Campbell)

    FWD: Franklin, Sidebottom, Robinson, Dangerfield, Martin, Cloke, Zorko, (Pfierrier, Black)

    7 trades left and $223,900 in the bank.

    I want to get carrazzo in for either Hargrave or Townsend. i was thinking of keeping hargrave and trading townsend but it wont leave alot of cash after the trade. By trading hargrave (which would leave me with about $100,000 odd i think) i would have to play sam shaw or townsend on the field… :/

    Some other options ive thought of is:
    Dowgrading Pfierrier to Murdoch

    Trading Travis cloke out but for not quite sure.. :/
    want to get maric but ill have to hold on that trade.

    Its looking like ill be doing 2 trades this week just a matter of picking the right players to take out and bring in.., im just about settled with my team. but as i said im not keen on cloke being in my side but i probably need to focus on my defence more.

    Sorry its a tad long..

    Thoughts on my options and overall team would be much appreciated??