The Friday Scramble Round 12 (MBR 2)

1 down and 2 to go!  That is pretty much the way that all of us DT coaches are looking at things this week.  Hopefully you managed to survive not only the bye carnage but also the regular style carnage this week where we were either without or were left high and dry by Zaha, Sandi and Dids whose total score amongst the 3 of them was 16 (with no help from Zaha). The main problem with this is that I know a lot of teams actually traded one or more of these guys in last week!

It was a bit of a depressing weekend, not only because there were only 6 games to watch, but at the start of the round the Dreamteam Analyzer had me sitting on 2009 points, but as each game passed and our players got nowhere near their predicted scores that number kept coming down!  Anyway, we know that this is just an estimate, but it is nice when you outperform the predictions.

But just when we thought the depression had ended we saw team selection and we had guys like Hall, Sexton, Morris and Giles all out!  This made a bad week even worse!  Particularly if you are like me and have (and were relying on) all 4 of these guys!!  So, all this proves is that no matter how much planning you do, you are never going to win or outsmart the game!

It’s a Trading Frenzy!

Now last week I said that you shouldn’t trade unless your trade met a number of criteria.  Based on that I know there were a lot of teams that did trade… actually I don’t know anyone that didn’t.  One guy here at work actually did 3 trades.  The main point that I was trying to get across was that during this 3 week period you shouldn’t be trading just to get rid of a donut.  The trade needed to be improving your squad in your push to premiership glory.

Now that we have had one of our bye rounds it is time to really start to get your year end squad in place.  If you are upgrading you should be looking at those guys that have already had their bye.  Similarly for downgrade options too.  However, as Chook told us on Wednesday there aren’t too many good downgrades around at the moment.

Hopefully the guys you are trading in don’t get dropped next week (thanks Sexton).  Whilst we all look at every single reason why a player should have good job security, there is just one big unknown and that is the Coaches!  Based on the game last week there was absolutely no reason why Hall or Sexton should have been dropped.

Many people have asked me how many trades you should have left at the moment.  My thoughts on this is that you need to be comfortable that you will have enough trades to get you through to the finals and then about 4 at least for the finals.  So for me, I am planning on having 8-9 left after next week.  However I have seen a guy at work that has 14 trades left at the moment and another guy that has 5 left.  So there are a lot of people out there with different strategies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because we had the Eagles v Blues last night we have a Partial Lockout in effect.  Whilst this does let us use our Captain Loophole (if you don’t know what this is see Calvin’s Captains) from Wednesday night (and if you didn’t use it you are too late anyway).  MOST IMPORTANTLY THOUGH…. Trades are NON REVERSIBLE TODAY!

 The Magic Spray

I reckon that every club will want to give the Carlton Doctors a call.  Firstly Kreuzer‘s knee had a miraculous recovery and he played after being out with a knee on the Thursday night.  Then we are told that Scotland is out for about 4-5 weeks only to see him back after 2 weeks.

Earlier in the season we saw Ablett and Swan both come back after 2 weeks when most had them sitting out for about 4.

Why do I bring this up.  Well it is just a gentle reminder to be very careful with your trading out of your premiums when it is reported that they are injured.  If it is listed as a 2-4 week injury and you can afford to keep them on your bench then do so particularly if the prognosis for them is a bit wishy washy.

The opposite is true when you have a guy like the Big 211 out with Turf Toe for the second time.  This is going to be a long one and they are saying 10 weeks, so in that case you can’t wait around.

Mind your Captain!

Now I am sure that you all had a crack at the loop hole last night with your VC on either Cox or Robbo.  You probably put your C on one of the non playing players.  So make sure that you go back in and check your team today.  If you were happy with the score of your VC, then leave the C on your non playing guy (but based on the scores of the popular picks Cox and Robbo you probably don’t want to keep them).  However, if not, then make sure you select another guy as captain.  I would suggest Boyd would be your best bet (even though he is playing against my team).

Things To Remember

  • Check your LineUp – With the Bye Changeover this week make sure you have benched those guys not playing.
  • TRADES ARE NO LONGER REVERSIBLE – If you have heard it once you have heard it 100 times this week.  So there are no excuses!
  • Low Scores are Cool – Yes… you just keep telling yourself that.
  • Pray for no more Carnage! – There has been enough carnage this week with the outs and the bye’s, let’s just hope that there won’t be any late outs or injuries!

There we have it.  I am not sure what you can actually do to ensure that you have a good score this week.  I thought I had the right formula for the Bye’s but then everything fell apart!  So trust your judgement and back your plan to see you through.  Remember, after next week things all return to normal and you don’t want to have destroyed your team for just one or two weeks worth of wins.

As usual I will be tweeting across the weekend from @pkd73  I will be hitting Melbourne this Sunday and will be at the Hawks v Bris game at the G and then am heading down to Etihad to see the Power v Dogs game.  So I won’t be watching my DT scores, which I think might be a good thing given the state of my team this week!

Have a great DT weekend and good luck!



  • Thanks Dunny.
    Last week, no trades, sat on my hands, 3 donuts = 1750 top 1200.
    Planned on 2 trades this week out Magner and Dev Smith, in Sammy G and Redden.
    Thanks to our friends at Krispy Kreme that is now Funaki!!

    Out: Morris, Magner, Giles
    In: Sam Shaw, Sam Gibson, Todd Goldstein
    10 trades left, 3 donuts this week and a fantastic looking bench, like everyone else.

    The Giles injury makes the decision of who to keep between he and Kreuzer easier. Hampson out last night and K’s respectable score reinforces that a bit.
    It would appear Sam Shaw has decent JS following the coaches comments and a couple of good first up efforts, so again a bit of a no brainer.
    I had planned the Gibson trade, was prepared to take a punt there to free up cash for Redden. Pulled the trigger yesterday forgetting there was no reverse trade after last night. Doh!

    I have climbed from 100000 5 weeks ago to 15000 now by sticking to plan. My trades are a bit vanilla but I have 339k in the bank, and might be able to manufacture Beams and Swanny next week to just about finish my team.

  • Last week no trades, 6 donuts = 1421, ranking dropped by about 20 (roughly 4800)

    This week 2 trades: Clarke -> Sam Shaw and Sandi -> Cox
    9 trades left, 0 donuts this week, 2 trades planned for R13 (Horsley and Milera out)

    After last weeks carnage (thanks Gazza) I’m keeping Cox’s 96 from last night.

    I can’t see Boyd ripping against Port, we will bounce back after last week and Kornes will smother him.
    I don’t trust Ablett to get more than 96, he might decide to sit on the bench for the whole game just to try something different.
    Mitchell, Deledio and Franklin could get 70 or 170 (ok Mitchell probably wont get 170).

    I’ll take the 192 points thanks.

  • Good work mate, 3 donuts likely, already had Robinson and Scotland played

  • Not much scrambling for me today as I’ve already done

    Clarke > Shaw,
    Sandi > Cox &
    Zaha > Priddis

    With no bench cover (unless Pattison gets a call up lol) the only thing I can change now is my captain. I’m pretty set on Gazza (going back to the well), so hopefully that works for me. Only donut for me is Waters.

  • Always enjoy the friday scramble…. wasted a couple of trades last week bringing in Mitchell and Enright. Especially when both players I ditch will probably get hundreds the week, thanks Scotland…

    Thinking about the triple downgrade this week. Shaw, Gibson and Darley. Itll leave me with 10 trades, then Beams and maybe Swannie (13/14) and Carrots and another def premium (maybe Scotland again) in round 15. Hate it but 6 trades for ltis from round 16 should be ok for me. Not my usual strategy but high ranking early on meant aggressive trading was required this year!

    For all of you like me who are burning trades my missus had 17 left and holding over the byes, unique strategy but should see her make a late run for overall.

    • To get the best overall you need to complete your team asap so having even 4 trades with good bench cover from round 14/15 is what is required. Also the value of a trade diminishes the closer to the end of the season you wait. ie if you got s johnson for martin in rd 3 he out averages martin by 20ppr for 19 weeks making your trade very valuable ie; 380pnts. If you made the same trade next week the trade is only worth 20ppr for 10 rnds ie;200. Therefore the earlier you trade the better. I am going to sideways/upgrade Martin to chapman in rd13 to avoid a donut (+100 points immediately) and prob at least 15ppr for the final 10 rnds another 150points. Therefore that trade nets 250 points for the year. If you hold your trades till rnd 19/20 without have a finalised team your trades will prob only be worth 60 points.

      • Then you get 4 or 5 LTIs in Rounds 17-20 and you eat donuts for the rest of the year and your ranking plummets – and you lose your league

  • M.clark -> Sam Shaw
    Magner -> Gibson
    Zaha -> Boyd

    Or keep Zaha

    M.clark -> Sam Shaw
    Magner -> Boyd

    • How do you think of my trades Spurr – Shaw Sexton – Gibson and thinking of going morris – Darley leaving me with 10 trades 1 donut and some cash in the bank

    • I like the 2 trade option although I’m not sure about Clark to Shaw.

      Depends how many trades you have left but I’ll keep Marty for D7.

      Going to wait on Gibson and see how he does first.

      • I want to wait on Gibbo as well, however I have a very close Eliminator game to have a decent crack at.

        To get Boyd in I have to trade M.Clark, or Zaha.

        I could do Zaha -> Sam Shaw (via Smedts)

        Magner -> Boyd

    • Shags: Option 2 for sure, you can get gibson on the bubble, I think clarke to Shaw is fine assuming you have someone like hargrave as d7/d8

      Waffles: Only Spurr trade seems sensible. Others sound like luxury trades really

  • stufed up my loophole put the C on Robbo instead of the VC FMDT
    that’s the worst mistake in my life i feel like an idiot

  • As usual my carefully planned trades go out the window with the announcement of the teams.

    Morris, Hall, Giles, Sexton were all blokes I was banking on this week.

    Morris -> Shaw
    Magner -> Redden
    Hall -> Dangerfield a week earlier than planned

    4-5 donuts for me this week, depending on whether Redden gets a game for Port, he and Lobbe both on the extended bench has me very worried.

  • 1 trade this week…


    need some cash, duffs been underperforming and has the bye.

  • Finally got rid of Guthrie for Shaw . Been spudding it in my D9 since day one but couldn’t justify the trade at any other time.

    Went Magner to Priddis to finalise my midfield.

    Hall and Morris really pissed me off this week. Hall in particular.

    Hopefully I can turn Hall in to N Riewoldt then that’s my forwards done. Spewing about Scotland.

    • Unfortunately I cant justify trading Guthrie. Hes an absolute spud, but simply hasnt gained enough value. he does get a game pretty much every week, but gets terrible scores.

      He’ll probably ride out my season on the bench. if I am ever forced to play him (outside of next week), I may trade him out.

      He does get a game so will be better than a zero, like bloody smedts gets regularly.

      • I figured I’d cut my losses and take the 60 grand. I know what you mean though.

        With shaw looking capable of decent rookie scores, it was almost last chance saloon or let him sit there til seasons end.

        Hopefully that 60G come’s in handy.

  • Just the three trades for me

    Magner -> Boyd

    McCarthy -> Priddis

    Ellis -> Shaw

    All three improve my and reduce donuts. One trade of McDonald/trealor -> Swan next week and my team is finished with 6 trades left!

  • morris to sam shaw? thoughts would be appreciated

    • Depends how good your defense is IMO (including bench).

      It’s not a bad trade and I can’t see Shaw scoring any lower than Morris provided he still gets games.

      If you’ve got bench cover for the season I’d be tempted to grab the cash and do it. Save’s you a possible donut next round also.

  • Great stuff Dunny
    This partial lockout is annoying
    I love reversible trades how did we get through all the past years without them

  • would be great to get peoples opinions on who to bring in for coniglio have $482,000


  • Does anyone have any guesses on how much Carrots will fall based on last nights game & a rough guess as to when he’ll bottom out?

  • Ok, this is my last one, I promise (been doing this way too much, lots of umming an ahhing this week too many choices too little time)

    Magner -> Boyd
    M.Clark – > Sam Shaw

    And hold onto Zaha (hoping his injury only max 3 or 4 weeks)

    Magner -> Boyd
    Zaha -> Sam Shaw (via Smedts)

    Use extra $ from Zaha to Get Beams in next week as his replacement.

  • Looking at 2 donuts if redden is named to play. if not then will be eating 3…. My midfield is done and my foward line have all premiums in there… just want to ask one question. Is it possible after the MBR not having swan or pendles in your team…

  • Do I take Scooter’s 106 as VC or do I go for Boyd. Really worried he will get tagged out by Cornes

    • Boyd, coming off a bye and playing at his favourite ground!

    • Boyd!
      Coming off a bye and playing at his favourite ground. Also averages 126 this year at Etihad

  • thoughts on goldstein? do you think he will have a spot all year? do you think he will still be able to perform with Hmac back?

    • Dunno but i swapped HMac out for goldstein this week. Can’t stand having HMac on my bench any longer. the trade gives me 10g as well so thats a bonus

  • I know cc said Ablett but I am a bit worried about him doing not to well. Who would u put the captain on Ablett or Franklin?

  • Playing Dr DT this week. He has Pendlebury on the field and Gibson from the Roos on the bench, without him being an emergency. Has all the emergencies as nonplayers. Makes it a little easier for me!!!

  • Thoughts on whether to keep Scott Selwood’s score of 106 for captain or put my faith an Gaz for a big score?

  • has anybody copped it worse then me this week?
    without trading i was expecting 6 donuts and now that is 11.
    and 11 are premos

    • Delete team is my advice…

      • i had trades lined up to finalise my team for next week, should i just do them and completely ignore this week?

        • That’s what I would do. Because of Sexton being out and there being bugger all in the way of upgrades or downgrades in the forwards, I’m eating another donut and trading Beams in this week. Not happy to spend a trade getting a Black or Patton just to see them back out of their teams next week and sopping another donut anyway in Round 13. I’m getting ready for the finals – stuff these MBRS.

          • yeah i traded in griffin and beams this week. i was going to go morris to shaw which would save me 2 0’s but i preferred to save the trade.

    • wow no…shocking MBR plan by the sounds of it lol

      • i planned this to be my bad round but chuck in
        hall sexton kennedy (yes still got him for dpp) waters wilkes morris
        enright broughton watson jelwood pendels sandi didak stevie pavlich sidebottom smedts
        and we have got a disaster

        • ahhhhh yee geez sounds like you have just got jagged big time with all the outs/injuries then lol…i feel for ya mate

          • it is impossible for me to win a league game, just going to make trades that will help me in the future rather than force trade to minimise 0’s

  • traded… magner – priddis and hmac – goldy
    6 trades left.

    i am tempted to trade spurr – S.Shaw… to stop a donut and free some cash…

    but then im down to 5 trades…

    next week…
    zaha – beam
    clarke – waters…

  • Looking at a massive 7 donuts. But won’t be trading cause I don’t want another Sexton (f**k you btw).

  • Should I do:

    Sandi to Jacobs
    Hargrave to Adcock

    Sandi to Goldi
    Save a trade

    • Id go sandi to goldi hargrave is a good d7/8 imo

    • Easy decision…number 2. Goldy is much better than Jacobs and Adcock isn’t going to get you that many more points than Hargrave. And u save a trade.

    • Goldy was a gun last year. The reason being was that he was the number one ruckman. The form he has shown this year with HMac playing along side of him has been very disappointing.

      Jacobs is the number one ruckman for the Crows. He has been slightly disappointing this year but is still averaging 80 and is very cheap @ $348,000.

      The question is are you confident that Goldy will keep scoring when HMac comes back into the side. If yes, then Goldy. If no, then Jacobs.

  • What’s up with John Butcher??
    Actually who cares!! Only reason i kept him in was for these first two byes thanks for nothing ringworm

  • Has anyone else just read on the AFL Website that next season there will be 18 rounds with nine games & 6 rounds of six games. Every team will have 2 byes, instead of just the 1. The bye carnage doesn’t just continue…it only gets worse!!!! A great time to retire from DT!!!!

    • Obviously dont have DT on their minds when they came up with those plans.

      • If those rounds are around 7-9 and 16-18 it will make it very hard to use trades to improve your team. Getting premos in early and hope for the best would be the go. Heres hoping VS can come up with a decent solution.

      • Looks like we are going to have a F#CKload of trades to work with next year.

        18+6 = 24 rounds & 2 byes per team. Gonna have to be about 36 trades i reckon. Or maybe back to extended benches with expanded salary caps???

    • Well if they up the trades to 40 and you can trade in 4 during the bye rounds that may help…

  • Is it worth trading Giles to Jacobs???
    Giles has a fairly high BE and Jacobs has a fairly nice run home

    • no

      • Can you further explain the answer?

        The trade looks a possibility to me. It really would depend on who the other rucks are. Jacobs is one of the ruckmen I am looking at seriously this week.

    • nah. Ive had jacobs since day 1. he’s consistent, but far from spectacular. I’d be looking at Griffin or goldstein instead.

  • Horror stretch this is….. I cannot wait to feild my whole team and get back into the 2200 s plus.. This BYE round sucks… My team is 2 trades away from done and dusted… I cannot beleive Scotland and Carrazzo come back so quick i had em both i said HAD gee whizzzzzzz i was to quick on the trade button… Oh well a learning curve for next year…

  • Who to bring S.Shaw in for? M.Clarke or L.Spurr?

    If I trade Spurr out for S.Shaw I don’t make much cash…and it’s nearly a sideways trade but it would save a me a donut next week…and I would have better bench coverage for the remainder of the year.

    If I trade Clarke out for S.Shaw I make around $200 large and its a downgrade trade that seems more purposeful in the grand plan of a premium team….though that leaves me with Spurr and Shaw on the bench in the back line – which could hurt if Shaw doesn’t hold downa regular spot and Spurr doesn’t play again.

    I have $260 large in the bank, 12 trades, ranked 137th and am still in the eliminator.

    Thoughts, anyone?

    • What do you think Shaw will average?
      Will he keep his spot?
      What can you do with the extra cash?

      If you think it will be close in the eliminator then you should get someone to cover if you think they can score 60+ and play the weeks you need them.

  • Totally regretting going Kruzer to Maric now with Kruzers 83 a fine score.


  • He’s listed as an emergency so I doubt they would have let him travel regardless. Hope you’re right though.

  • should i trade in waters next week or carrots in 2 weeks?

    for my final spot on defense

  • question for you guys, i hadnt checked my dt in a few days and accidently had scotland on the bench, can i still get his score if i play a bye player on the ground?

  • with the E on him i might add.

  • so happy….was gonna trade in dids last week but said nahhh and went for t.walks and it turned out pretty well