Fantasy Freako’s Rave: Round 10

The weekly Fantasy Freako Rave from the team at Champion Data is available for download. The rave includes Dream Team scores and Time on Ground percentage which gives us the all important points per minute stats. The Freako also gives us some hot tips for each team as well a bit of info from the round just gone.

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DOWNLOAD: Fantasy_Freako_Rd10.pdf



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  • There is definitely some Hawthorn “brown” in the Richmond “Black and Yellow” Banner

  • Anyone else thinking of this week as potentially an opportunity to buy rd 11 players for rd12 rather than only being able to make 3 changes next week?

    • Not really, to be honest. Going to be copping enough donuts this week as it is!

    • I’m looking at doing the reverse (out OldMac, Devon Smith – in Steve Johnson, Marley Williams) as my r12 opponent is much, much weaker than my r11 opponent. I think that r12 has more of the teams with gun players.

      Makes sense to do what you propose only if you will positively choke of donuts in r12 and can better endure them in r11 BUT you you surely must pay attention to job security and you’ll look pretty silly if you get it wrong. At some point, though, you just have to accept that your premos will score 0 and you might not be able to cover them.

      Another factor is how strong your r11 & r12 opponents are. If they are weak then the donuts might not matter anyway. If they are too strong then perhaps accepting a loss or two and trading and planning for the longer view is the way to go.