Dream Team Medical Room: Round 11

Coming into the bye rounds the last thing coaches need is for players to go down with injury or suspension. In a perfect world after the last 10 weeks of careful research and planning all of your teams would be perfectly balanced, all the byes would be covered, all of your bench players would be playing and with some crafty mouse play you would all be going light on the frosted cinnamon donuts. Now when you initially selected you teams and when you made those all important premium up-grades, every one knew that it was these players who would be expected carry your depleted teams over the up-coming difficult period. Well at least that’s what you thought, right? With all the chaos of late and with so many of our beloved leaders going down. What do can be done going into the next three weeks to minimize the damage?

I’m not pointing the finger at anyone in particular here, but Collingwood football club what are you trying to prove? It was bad enough with Swan out, then Shaw and his dodgy calf popped-up again (don’t think to much into this I think him missing last week was a calculated rest) and now Pendlebury has broken his leg!  No it was not a Barlow like break, but the facts are that his Tibia is broken! No matter how small the break (or crack) is, as this is the main weight bearing bone in the lower leg there is no way he will be back before round 14 and even that is at a stretch. Collingwood will more then err on the side of caution with all of the above three so I wouldn’t rule out Shaw / Swan having another rest this week with the bye looming in round 12.

Next is Carlton football club and honestly they are not much better…With Murphy and Carrazzo joining the shoulder club, Kruezer struck down with the ruck curse and now Scotland looking at 3-4 weeks with a mysterious calf injury times are really looking grim at the blues. Scotlands 3-4 weeks Injury indicates a significant amount of damage, but as he played out the game on the weekend I would not be surprised to see him back sooner rather then later. There are others of course that will add woes to the next three weeks. Heppell and his knee, test? you say? Having already missed 2 and with a free weeks rest only one week away smart money says he will be back round 13.  Enrights shoulder is available for this weekends game, but will he be? and is Mumfords back playing up again? More will be reveled come teams on Thursday afternoon.

With the other notable fallen soldiers of the past Goodes, Fyfe, Fisher, HMac, Luey, McEvoy (curse), Hodge, etc. and those clever enough to get suspended Waters and Lewis. Coaches will have some tough decisions to make over the upcoming day / weeks. Personally I think that you should go into the byes with the same game plan as pre-injury/suspension as trying to cover even more holes will surely see coaches running out of trade. In saying this however I think that it will be the coaches who are aggressive during the bye period and then hit a lucky injury-free streak in the seconds half of the year, who will be playing for the car.

Jakub Chudy BSc (ExHSc), BSc (Physio)

For all you Perth, Physiotherapy needs contact Jakub@mtpp.com.au or call (08) 9315 3855.  Bookings with Jakub.

Below is the official injuries list for round 11, 2012.


David Mackay (hamstring) 1-2 weeks
Shaun McKernan (corked thigh) 1 week
Brad Crouch (hamstring) test


Todd Benfield (leg) 3 weeks
Matthew Leuenberger (achilles) 3 weeks
Brent Staker (knee) season
Simon Black (knee strain) test
Ash McGrath (knee) test
Billy Longer (back) test


Lachie Henderson (groin) test
Jarrad Waite (back) test
Nick Duigan (calf) test
Matthew Kreuzer (hamstring tightness) test
Bret Thornton (gluteal strain) 1 week
Heath Scotland (calf) 3 weeks

Levi Casboult (knee) 4 weeks
Jeremy Laidler (knee) 4 weeks
Nick Heyne (hamstring) 4 weeks
Andrew Carrazzo (shoulder) 4 weeks
Marcus Davies (shoulder) 5 weeks
Marc Murphy (shoulder) 7-11 weeks
Simon White (knee) 8 weeks
Sam Rowe (testicular cancer) indefinite


Dane Swan (hamstring) test
Luke Rounds (calf) test
Ben Reid (quad) test
Scott Pendlebury (leg) 3-4 weeks
Heath Shaw (calf) TBC

Lachie Keeffe (knee) Season
Ben Johnson (shoulder) Indefinite
Andrew Krakouer (knee) Indefinite
Brent Macaffer (knee) Indefinite
Josh Thomas (foot) Indefinite
Luke Ball (knee) Season


Dyson Heppell (knee) test
David Hille (shoulder) test
Michael Hibberd (hamstring) 1 week
Jason Winderlich (hamstring) unavailable
Brent Prismall (knee) indefinite


Nat Fyfe (shoulder) 7 weeks
Adam McPhee (leg) test
Josh Mellington (hamstring) 5 weeks
Jordan Wilson-King (shin) 1 weeks
Alex Forster (hip) 2 weeks
Hayden Ballantyne (ankle) TBA
Stephen Hill (shoulder) TBA
Jack Anthony (leg) TBA


Joel Corey (foot) available
Corey Enright (shoulder) available

Steve Motlop (shoulder) available
Tom Hawkins (knee) test
Allen Christensen (concussion) test
Travis Varcoe (foot) test
Jordan Murdoch (finger) indefinite
Dawson Simpson (back) indefinite
Nathan Vardy (hip) indefinite
Josh Cowan (achilles) indefinite
Daniel Menzel (knee) season


Brandon Matera (foot) – 1-2 weeks
Jack Hutchins (quad) – 2-3 weeks
Jarrod Harbrow (fractured elbow) – 4-5 weeks
Charlie Dixon (cheekbone) – 4-6 weeks
David Swallow (knee) – 6-8 weeks
Dan Gorringe (Achilles) – indefinite
Nathan Bock (leg) – indefinite
Jeremy Taylor (quad) TBA


Dean Brogan (wrist) 1-2 weeks
Josh Bruce (back) 1-2 weeks
Stephen Clifton (knee) 1 week
Israel Folau (hamstring) test
Josh Growden (leg) 4-5 weeks
Adam Kennedy (shoulder) test
Anthony Miles (knee) test
Setanta O’hAilpin (knee) season
Rhys Palmer (groin) test
Jonathon Patton (knee) 1 week
Liam Sumner (foot) 4 weeks


Broc McCauley (shoulder) TBC
Jarrad Boumann (appendix) 1 week
Chance Bateman (shoulder) 2 week
Luke Hodge (knee) 3 weeks
Will Langford (shoulder) 4-5 weeks
Max Bailey (wrist) TBC
Michael Osborne (knee) season
Alex Woodward (knee) season


James Frawley (foot) test
Clint Bartram (knee) test
James Strauss (leg) test
Leigh Williams (virus) 2 weeks
Jordan Gysberts (jaw) 2-4 weeks
Liam Jurrah (ankle) 2-4 weeks
Rory Taggert (back) indefinite
Max Gawn (knee) season
Neville Jetta (ankle) indefinite
Michael Evans (back) indefinite


Scott McMahon (illness) indefinite
Hamish McIntosh (knee) 5-6 weeks
Lindsay Thomas (soreness) available
Kieran Harper (leg) TBA


Travis Boak (foot) 3-4 weeks
Jay Schulz (ribs) test
Robbie Gray (knee) season
John McCarthy (late withdrawal)

Cameron Hitchcock (hamstring) test
Jasper Pittard (hamstring) 1 week
Tom Jonas (knee) 1 week
Nick Salter (foot) 3 weeks
Aaron Young (ankle) test
John Butcher (hip) test
Mitch Banner (knee) 1 week


Luke McGuane (knee) test
Dylan Grimes (hamstring) 3 weeks
Kelvin Moore (hip) indefinite
Brad Helbig (foot) indefinite


Sam Fisher (hamstring) 1-2 weeks
Jimmy Webster (shin) 2-3 weeks
Ben McEvoy (knee) 3 weeks

Rhys Stanley (hamstring) 4 weeks
Jarryn Geary (orbital fracture) TBC


Adam Goodes (torn quad) 3-4 weeks
Shane Mumford (back) test
Gary Rohan (leg) season
Luke Parker (collarbone) 8 weeks


Bradd Dalziell (knee) 3 weeks
Andrew Embley (shoulder) 6 weeks
Josh Kennedy (ankle) 7 weeks
Mark LeCras (knee) season
Mark Nicoski (hamstring) 4 weeks
Sam Butler (thigh) TBA


Lukas Markovic (hamstring) 2 weeks
Jason Johannisen (knee) 2 weeks
Jason Tutt (knee) 3 weeks
Tom Williams (shoulder) 4 weeks
Dale Morris (leg) indefini


  • Should I Trade Scotland!!!!????????

    Going for League win so need my trades

  • Is Pendles really out for 3-4 weeks? Damn, I thought he’d only miss the one…..

    • Ahhh ok, I actually decided to go back and read the article like a normal person, and you think he’ll be out for 3-4 weeks. Seems like a reasonable summation – trade time!

      • Benny mate I wouldn’t be trading because…
        -He played basically a full half of footy with it and racked up 17 possies
        -He said on Monday before the scans he felt no pain and he had no limp either
        -He said he felt right to play this week against Melbourne
        -It is more of hairline fracture (fairly insignificant) eg. Luke Parker sustained one with his Jaw round one and didnt miss a game
        -The general consensus from the Collingwood camp is that it is minor and he will be back round 13 against the eagles

        For these reasons (and more) I will be holding the lad…

        • Hmmmm, another good prognosis… Decisions!

        • Quoting J-Brown – He doesn’t run on his face. Not the brightest comparison there Ghengis.

          I’m gonna back my own judgement as I did with Fyfe as everyone else should and be realistic, its a break(crack, whatever) in a major supportive structure!

          • Its just an observation ‘Stuie’.
            The main fact is he played out a half of footy (and played well) and felt as though he couldve played out the game (saying it was precautionary getting subbed).
            He will miss this week then Collingwood have the bye. So he will have 2 weeks off, miss one game and be back against the Eagles is my (highly educated) guess.
            Make of this what you will…

        • I am holding also

      • I hear you, but I can’t see Collingwood risking a major injury for short term gain on their marquee player. This line of thinking helped me avoid a Fyfe disaster while many an ‘educated opinion’ were backing him in. I think he’ll find himself in cotton wool a while longer. My two cents

        • It’s quite different to Fyfe injury wise but up to you.
          Just saying i reckon he’ll play round 13 and I’m generally right being the great GK!

          • the way I see it is that with the medical staff being ‘optimistic’ playing rnd 13 is promising.

            It doesn’t even say anywhere yet hes likely to miss. collingwood will want to protect their star leaving him out rnd 13 ready for rnd 14.

            I see this as two matches, the same amount as I have already kept ablett and swan for.

            I say keep.

    • Benny I’m in the same boat and would rather save a trade, but the main thing here is that Jakub has said it’s his tibia, which is the main load bearing bone in the lower leg.

      If it was a cracked fibula, which is the smaller peripheral bone right next to the tibia, I’d be on board with Scott in that he’ll be out for only a week.

      The problem with these small fractures on a bone like the tibia is that they seem inocuous to begin, he may very well have no pain, but if he begins his running too early or has too high a volume of running too early it can quickly deteriorate into something far worse.

      I have a feeling that Scotty is going to be his own worst enemy with this and I have a really bad feeling that even if he does only miss the one week that he will have more trouble as the season progresses.

    • I have absolutely no belief that this is an accurate source, the Collingwood website has listed Pendles as 2 weeks. He played a half of footy on his cracked tibia, so it clearly isn’t too serious. I’m keeping him.

  • Hmmm nice diagnosis.

    You may be right about Swan missing this week, however I believe Collingwood will want their Brownlow holder fit and moving and I also bet Swan is dying to have a game. That and Melbourne are coming off a “large” win and need him… ;)

    I have Scotland and will not be trading him this week. This is because the next best person I can get is Suckling and I’d rather have Waters so I will wait until R13. Plus both my opponents for R11,12 have him and I think they will hold also. If Scotland looks like returning around then I’ll just upgrade Bugg to Waters,

    I only have one place left in the Midfield and was saving it for either Pendlebury or Stanton, Pendles’ injury has only pushed me further towards Stanton at this stage.

    I have 14 trades remaining and only see myself making 3 trades tops over the next 3 rounds, I want Stevie J after R12.

    • I will bench Scotland this week as well, I just can’t find a trade I like for him.

  • Where does this injury list come from? The injury list on sportal has Enright down as a test for a foot injury, rather than a shoulder injury!


  • Should I trade Pendlebury and/or Kreuzer. Currantly have gone Kreuzer to Redden but are VERY short on trades, started with a SHIT bench so have 10 trades left plus whatever trades I use this week. Currently have gone Smedts, Kreuzer and Devon Smith to Nathan Brown, Redden and Travis Cloke

  • Sam Rowe – Testicular Cancer…….All the best mate.

  • Carlton injury list is a little out of date…

    Should be (from the CFC website):
    Andrew Carrazzo
    3 weeks

    Levi Casboult
    4 weeks

    Marcus Davies
    5 weeks

    Nick Duigan

    Lachie Henderson

    Nick Heyne
    3 weeks

    Matthew Kreuzer

    Jeremy Laidler
    3 weeks

    Marc Murphy
    6-8 weeks

    Sam Rowe
    Testicular Cancer

    Jordan Russell
    1 week

    Heath Scotland
    3 weeks

    Bret Thornton
    Gluteal Strain

    Jarrad Waite
    2 weeks

    Simon White
    8 weeks

    • Carrots will definitely be coming into my team after a game or two back from injury!

    • I’ve had him on bench since the week he got injured!!!

  • The Blues’ injury list has been updated since this post. It may pay to check the other teams too…

  • cheers for the insught Jakub, i reckon you’re on the money.

    im also expecting a rest for one J Selwood, after he played out the game after a knee/groin tweak in Q1 against the giants. geelong could jump at the chance of giving him two weeks off instead of just jabbing away.


  • Good Write up mate!
    But i think it looks quite pessimistic to be honest…
    Eg Swan has been listed as available this week and I would say he will play, Pendles is more of hairline fracture, word out he pies camp is it is minor and he’s listed as 2 weeks and James Hird has said that Heppell will play this week…

  • I have a question regarding rookie elevations mid year. What round will North be able to elevate Sam Gibson?

  • I have both Scotland and Pendles and can’t really decide what to do with either, im sitting on 12 trades and will win my league match easily this week does anyone have advice?

    • i’ve got the same deal

      on monday i was looking at Scotland -> Birchall and Pendles -> Watson
      Then yesterday it was just the Scotland trade
      Then today it’s none and enjoy some (more) donuts in Rnd 11. RNd 11 leagues are looking like wins either way.

      With only 12 trades left, I may just hold them and see what happens.

      If the Horse isn’t named, might have to get rid of them though

    • I would keep Pendles and Trade Scotland.

  • Who is this tosser? I don’t care if you’re a physio, unless you have access to scan results and have intimate knowledge of the player you have no clue. Your basically guessing just like Dr Larkins. The facts are not even Collingwood know how long Pendles is out for yet. They’re hoping for rd 13 but who knows. Swan and Heppell are already confirmed to play. Enrights problem is his foot not shoulder. Mumford played on the weekend. And this notion that Collingwood will rest players is rubbish. With Pendles out we need all hands on deck against an opponent that always give us trouble. /rant

    • OMFG dude…….oops – its troll feeding time….

    • How do you know he is a tosser? Do you have intimate knowledge of this?

    • Little rude but he has a point….

    • As with most of the information given on DTtalk, I only use it as a rough guide for the formation of my side. At least this bloke is offering a semi- informed opinon (he probably has more idea than 80% using this site) using the information garnered from a trusted (?) source. What have you given to DTtalk apart from a wild rant that will no doubt leave many people with the opinon that you are indeed the real tosser.

    • don’t need to go over the top justin bud.

      I understand some points are interesting and is his pov.

      but thats the idea on this site.giving a pov!

      but I agree there are a few assumuptions being made here….

    • Updatey injury list for DT Talk

      Justin (4 weeks) – vaginal sand

  • I have scotland but dont have deledio a straight swap would b perfect but im 5k short donnu wat to do im stil in eliminatot so want a strong team this week only 12 trades left

  • Oh no!

    Levi Casboult (knee) 4 weeks

  • Can someone make me a trophy that reads “unluckiest DTer”

    Started with goodes, fyfe, carrots, hmac, mcevoy and ablett.

    Have had to trade all (waste of 6 trades) but then listen to this

    Traded ablett to swan
    Traded swan to murphy
    Trade murphy to pendles
    KEEPING PENDLES!!! That way i cant go wrong, which otherwise i inevitably would

  • From what I’ve been reading in the papers Collingwood have been saying that they are lucky to be able to bring Swan back in this week to cover the loss of Pendlebury and it’ll just be a straight swap. From all I’ve read, Swan will be playing this weekend?

    • As i said 2 weeks ago SWAN will play this week against Melbourne…

      • +1. Completely agree with you Genghis. Don’t know where DT Tall is getting his info from because everything points towards him playing.

  • Swan available and probs no Heater this week – Darren Jolly SEN

  • brandon matera injured his foot in round 5 and was only supposed to be out for 1-2 weeks, its been 6 weeks now and really starting to annoy me on the bench! any info?

  • Big mistake putting your phone number on a DT article. I’m about to spam the f**k out of your phone.

    • why would you want to put a precooked meat product into his phone ?

      • I know you can’t hear me, but I’m laughing out loud right now.


  • Radio (SEN) said Heppel and Swan are likely to play this week. Heppel was more than likely. Swan would have played last week if the game mattered. Pendles will be 2 weeks, I bet too he would play this week if it were a grand final.

  • You forgot to mention that in the same SEN interview with Jolly that he said Shaw was unlikely to play

  • Collingwood are playing Melbourne on Monday, so maybe Pendlebury could be a late inclusion.

  • guys i need some help aha
    my team consists of
    deledio, goddard, broughton, waters, hargrave, bugg, geary, darley,
    mid: boyd, pendles, watson, ebert, ziebell, horse, shiel, mcdonald
    ruck:maric, giles, big o, redden
    fwd: sidey, chapman, franlin, robinson, lewis, danger, zorko, smith, painewhat do i do!!??? im looking at 9 donuts wtf! i have 90k in the bank. plz help

    • Not much you can do about it this week you will simply move zeros to another week. Consider trading pendles. I wouldnt tho.

  • geez my mids are good this week, Ablett, Barlow, magner, Horsely…..

  • So got a question. Everyone has written off Christensen of playing this week. Is there any prrof or evidence. Sorry if I have been under a rock, but when/where did he sustain his new injury. Im sick of looking at him on my bench when I could have got Chappy but skimped on cash along time ago.

    • Club said they will be cautious with him (ie. not play this week).

      • Cheers mate, yeh that sounds just about right. Just going to call it now, but he has been one of the biggest let downs for me in 2012.

  • every internet source is suggesting that pendles will be back straight after the bye..

  • Who should i trade in for Scotland:

    I was thinking maybe:
    Heath Shaw
    Greg Broughton
    Jed Adcock
    Corey Enright

    Can’t afforrd to keep him and have the extra doughnut over the byes….

    Thanks, your thoughts would be appreciated..

  • with regard to Pendles leg, let me give you the benefit of my experience. I had a broken fibula bone and a cracked Tibia at the same time, and i can tell you all that the cracked tibia meant almost nothing. No pain, no instability, just a tiny crack, nothing that a 1-2 week lay off won’t fix.
    My tip, HOLD ON, pendles won’t be out long at all.

  • Brandon Matera was BOG in the reserves last week.
    Also Dawson Simpson has been back two games having 21 touches and 34 hit outs in the last VFL game.