Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 11

Last Bloody Week

Ok, let’s just look at it. What an absolute shocker! Last time I checked, Pendlebury, Sidebottom and Selwood were all good players. Good players in form playing dud teams (Suns & Giants). This is why I thought they would score well… and if you had one of these guys as YOUR captain, then you agreed with me. It’s as simple as that. We all thought they were going to be better… but they’re weren’t. Yep, my advice was wrong, but your selection was wrong too, just like mine. So, you’ve had your teary now harden up and pick a better captain this week. That’s what I intend to do! Am I pissed off about my picks from last week? Course I am, but I’m a mad Irish pirate and everything pisses me off! Arggg!

“I’m Just Going Ablett Every Week”

Ha ha ha argg – here we go again. This is what I heard at the start of the year and then it was Swan’s name and now it’s back to Abletts. Ha ha. People are so quick to ditch these guys and then quicker to jump back on. I pick who I think will score the most each week, surprisingly it doesn’t always work. But that’s why I write these articles and that’s why you are reading it right now.

Ok, my rants are over (thanks for your patience)… let’s get down to pirate business.

Gary Ablett

Positives: Gazza is back after a smashing 186 last week against the quality midfield of Collingwood. He received no attention and racked up an amazing 53d. Before that he has scored 106, 117 and 106 but went BANG in a big way last week. Gaz played the Saints earlier in the year and after a slow start he scored 143pts (40d) despite very heavy attention by the Clinton Jones tag (CJT). In recent weeks, the Saints have given up 3×100+ scores to the Tigers and 4 to the Swans and 5 to the Eagles. Ablett is a good pick this week cause everyone under the sun is going to go him, making him a very safe pick. People went unique last week to be burnt and after his 186, people are going back to the safety of Gaz. He is a safe pick! This year Ablett has played at Metricon 3 times for an average of 135 and if this game was in Melbourne… Ablett would not have been my #1. But he loves Metricon.
Negatives: Quiet simply… the CJT. This is a massive concern. CJT has claimed scalps of Cotchin (90), Kerr (64) and Marc (68) in recent weeks with Mitchell (112) and McVeigh (110) the only ones to make any sort of score. The dude can tag and can tag very well. But as I said… everyone’s going Ablett anyway.

Dane Swan

Positives: Swanny is back! He didn’t play Melbourne last year but had scores of 150, 84, 133 and 130 on them prior to that. Another big positive here is that this game is on Monday and everyone’s eyes will be focussed on the MCG… and Swanny LOVES the big stage where he had 171 on ANZAC Day. Excluding Essendon’s loss last week to the Demons, they do give up heaps of 100+ scores. Carlton (6×100+), Sydney (5), Hawthorn (5) and Geelong (6) have all cashed in on this recently. Swanny will for sure.
Negatives: Maybe Swan might get the tag of McKenzie? Maybe… but I think he will go to Daisy.

Brent Stanton

Positives: Ok, Stanton did have 112 on the Swans in his last game against them in 2011, but Stants is here for one reason only… he plays at Etihad! This year he has only played there 4 times for scores of 140, 193, 116 and 153. Need I say anymore? He might be very big!
Negatives:  Stanton only averages 107 in his last 3 games this year and may get the JackBird tag. Kieran Jack and Craig Bird tend to do the tagging for the Swans with these guys most likely going to Jobe and Stanton this week. I’m not too fussed though, but it is a tag.

Other Heroes? Or Other Zeroes?

Dayne Beams – Only had 98 last week against the Suns but should be great this week against the Demons, a side he didn’t play last year but did have 96 and 91 on them in 2010.
Paul Chapman – Had 110 on Carlton last year and is coming off 136 and 131 in his last 2 this year. Signs are saying Chappy will be pretty happy this week.
Lance Franklin – Had a DT World Record of 204pts last week and did have 142 last time he played Port. BUT… before his 204 he only had scores of 97 and 81 and this week plays at AAMI where he hasn’t scored over 100 there… ever!
Joel Selwood – Struggled last week with an injury for his 62pts against the Giants. Did have 122 and 113 on Carlton last year… so who knows?
Steele Sidebottom – Was on a wicked run carrying a lowest score of 109 in his last 7… till his poor 68 last week. Averages 105 at the MCG in his last 5 and should bounce back this week surely.
Brett Deledio – Although his highest score against Freo is just 114 in his career of 9 games, I reckon things will change this week. Delids is coming off a 141 and 160 in his last 2 this year and I believe Crowley will tag Cotchin instead of Delids this week. Crowley has tagged Kerr (44) and Thompson (65) in the last few weeks, as Fremantle allowed Sloane to run free for his 150pts. This might be Delids I’m hoping this week.
Sam Mitchell –Sam may get the Cornes tag, but did avoid it in both games last year for his scores of 128 and 110. Mitchell is coming off 119 last week and averages 104 at AAMI in his last 3 there, but we have better.

Who will be your captain for round 11?

  • Gary Ablett (63%, 1,154 Votes)
  • Dane Swan (11%, 205 Votes)
  • Brent Stanton (5%, 100 Votes)
  • Brett Deledio (7%, 135 Votes)
  • Steele Sidebottom (4%, 81 Votes)
  • Lance Franklin (2%, 33 Votes)
  • Joel Selwood (1%, 21 Votes)
  • Someone Else (5%, 99 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,828

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  • Franklin!!!!!!!!!!

  • Either Swan or Deledio, I’ll be following rumors on the Fremantle page closely to see if they reveal who Crowley will tag.

  • Zorko

  • Gary Ablett all the way

  • does anyone think swanny will get subbed out at some stage (obviously depending on how his hammy is). Im thinking either ablett or lids.

    • If he is named to play on the weekend, he will play the full game. Pointless to bring him in against the Dees if he is not 100% given they have the bye the following week

    • I tend to agree with the sandgroper on this one.

      It will depend on the score and injuries obviously. But why would they risk Swan (if named and if he isn’t a late withdraw) if they were 10 goals up at 3/4 time. They would have already given him 3 qtrs for touch and match fitness. I think it would be unlikely but there is a definite chance of a red vest. With no Pendles, then Swan will definitely get the McKenzie tag. I think there is more risk than necessary with Swan this week.

      Only time will tell I guess.

      • Might be the reason as to why he hinted not to make him captain this week as he might not play out the full match ;) Nah, in all honesty, I feel he will but.

        I’m going with Gazza probably this week, like the rest of the pack. Beams as a possible unique look at but.

  • Back to Ablett for me this week. The one week I take it off him and he goes cosmic! :(

    • Same with me mate – I went with Stevie J – Was pleased with his 145 so not complaining

  • Thoughts on Goddard as captain – 152 and 141 in his two games against the Suns last year. NDS, or Montaga will receive the Wilkinson? tag or whoever the Suns Tagger is. Goddard is my VC and GAJ has the Captain’s armband

  • Yeah got the top 5 in my team! Too bad I have about 7 doughnuts

  • Think you missed that Deledio is coming off a low hundred last week and the 140 and 160 scores were before that.

  • 1. Dale Thomas
    2. Gary Ablett
    3. Brendon Goddard
    4. Dane Swan
    5. Brett Deledio

  • what’s the bet sidey will get 130+ this week????

  • Great article Calvin! Ill be going with Gary this week!
    thinking of burning 2 trades this week.
    Horsley to Sexton/Williams
    Dickson to Beams/Chappy or Shiel to Watson/Mitchell/Redden

    Is this a good idea or should i wait until after the bye rounds?? (have 10 trades left)

    • You don’t quit do you?

    • i think it is very important to keep trading through the byes Hazza. You currently have 10 trades remaining so the quicker you use them, the quicker you will stop posting the same question about your potential trades for the week ;-)

    • i reckon use as many trades as you can as soon as you can. and yes to whatever trades you think

  • If daisy gets McKenzie tag then wont magner go on swan???

  • Brendon James Goddard. ;)

  • this article cracks me up. he bombs picking captains, so he simply reverts to putting the guys with the 3 highest averages as top 3, and picking the top scoring midfielder from last week as #1. geez, you’re article offers sooo much insight!

    i seriously wonder who bases their captains off articles like these that give almost no statistical analysis.

    and for the record, my captain scored just fine last week ;p


      Troll spotted- Do not Feed!

    • why do you bother reading it then and taking the time to post a comment ?

      • It’s simple, to see what the masses who can’t think for themselves are going to go with. Plays into strategy against an opponent.

        • I would have thought that most people pick the captain from their “premo’s” on current form and the captains teams opposition.
          I for one have alternated between pendles and swanny most of the time and have been unlucky that when I pick them they have an average game / get injured.

          • i think by ‘most people’, you mean ‘most people like the guy who writes this article’. there is so much more to picking a captain that just slapping it on the best scoring mid from last week.

          • Mate, If Calvins captain’s is so beneath you then why are you reading Calvin’s captains? Also, If you don’t rate Calvin’s top 5 then why don’t you elighten us with your top 5 for round 11 so we can openly judge your selections next Tuesday…awkward silence…

        • thanks mate for your statistical contribution and your psychological nouse.

        • so I take it from your confidence that you have already made space in the garage for the FJ.
          You seem to be such a mathematical and statistical genius that everyone else may as well delete their teams and hand you the car keys.

    • Not getting enough attention in your life so get it from putting up controversial posts much?

    • Learn the difference between you’re and your and people will respect your trolling more.


      • mate, do some real analysis and stop worrying about internet grammar and childish name calling. grow up. go ahead and comment about my lack up capitalization…

      • geez, i’m being tailed by the grammar police and childish name calling. ugh, grow up dude. this is the type of guy who worships this column.

    • “gives almost no statistical analysis”?? Are we reading the same article dude? Cause Calvin offers stats on history against, recent scores, ground played, possible taggers and what others have scored against those taggers this year… yes the top 3 may be pretty bloody predictable this week but theres sound reasoning and stats to back them up. He writes the article each week and does all the research to back it up, show some respect unless you can do better mate.

    • Show some respect you tosser! Calvin’s research is extensive and 100% valid info and stats. Why are you here if you don’t appreciate it. Go suck a fat one mate.

      • welcome to my team j.watson ;)

        • Not to be different, and I certainly think that it’s rude and pointless to post negative comments about calvins captains when these guys do it for naught but the love of the game, but reading back on johnsons comments I’m not sure he should have got banned for that??? He was a jerk, but he wasn’t offensive or abusive, just condescending and cocksure. I read FAR worse posts about Calvin during the captain carnage last week that were let fly. Lighten up everyone! Like previously said, ignore ignore ignore! Start banning for trivial posts though and it all becomes a bit “in house”

    • Haha what’s this guys problem? Sounds jelly to me. I bet you secretly wish it was “Johnsons Captain’s”, however you probably have as much personality as a piece of cardboard.

      Take your pointless opinion elsewhere and stop trolololollinnnn, that’s what 4chans for. umad?

  • i will be very disappointed if jones tags ablett. although jones isn’t a star footballer he is a great tagger.

  • Goddard vs GC suns should walk away with 120+ right?

  • Great work Calvin, Ill be back your number one like last week because I too think he will be the best option.

    Just a quick piece as well, top work guys on the new (or maybe I just notcied it) “mobile theme” for using the internet on your phone. Looks good for the articles and reminds me of the old website which I like!! I think though that it should have the twatter feed which like on your app is important for people like me who dont have twatter and possibly the new comments which could go underneath possibly. Just giving my feed back and thoughts. If somehow the way the news is represented in the “mobile theme” could be transferred onto the app then you have a winner in my books! Only because you cant read or comment through the app which I dont know the logistics behind if it could work but would be great.

    Thanks again guys for your great work, also next tour should be out west!!

  • Lets see if Calvin spuds it up this week, like last week with his “Sidebottom” call..

    • oh look, our almighty hero has spoken….

      • yeh, but i dont have that so called “x” factor that some people are striving for…

        • if you want an ‘x’ factor as your captain this week why don’t you go the genius call of sidebottom?

          he’ll get 130+ now that the pressures off……

          • Calvins Captain’s is a resource provided weekly by an experienced Angry Pirate who mathamatically calculates which star AFL player will ‘most likely” score the highest DT numbers, providing a solid overview for Dreamteam coaches young and old to make a personal judgment as to which of these players they will select as their Captain for the week ahead.
            It is advisable for reader’s of Calvin’s Captain’s to aknowledge that this is a “guide” to assist you with your selection. The research undertaken by the Irish pirate is worth it’s weight in gold when the reader uses his/her own judgement to apply their own research to Calvin’s top 5 selections to maximise the probability of a positive outcome.
            If the reader of Calvin’s Captain’s fail’s to use their own judgement to weigh up the information provided, and therefore takes that information at face value, there is a risk that a negative outcome may result in the blame being directed toward’s Calvin for providing “false information.” However, this notoriously simple demographic of reader is infact at fault, yet cannot seem to comprehend that the final decision was actually made by THEM…not Calvin! Confusion sets in and they often regress to an ape-like lifeform known only as…the DERP! Derp quote: “Your a spud Calvin! You picked a s**t Captain…derp derp derp!”

            Use Calvin’s Captain’s as a guide, think for yourself, don’t be a Derp!

          • +1 BOOMER!!!!!!

          • +10 BOOMER!!!!!!

            BOOMER N Da HoUsE!!!!!

          • Whats it lilke being a loser BOOMER? I wonder how respected you are in the “real world” ? I can answer that for you.. Not very!. But behind your computer screen with your keyboard by your side you feel pretty good dont you? Gaining respect on the “internet”, WOW, im so jealous of you mate.. Heres an idea go to your front door open it up and have a look outside… That’s where the rest of us earn our respect.. HERMIT!

        • Wow, I really hit a raw nerve.ROFL…you silly Derp! :P

    • There was no statistical or logical reason as to why Sidebottom spudded it up. It was a solid choice. Can’t help how the game plays out, f##kwit.

  • just a thought,

    is it possible that from all the negative criticism and bad publicity following his 53 touch game, Ablett may take a step back and not go all out to smash out a huge score? maybe he might play that forward role that malthouse liked, rather than getting cheap touches off the ruckman and dodgy kicks in the team. maybe his massive scores are a thing of the past?


    • depends on what bluey wants him to do I suppose

    • possibly but gold coast will then struggle in the midfield and bluey will have no choice but to put ablett back on the ball.

      just a thought:)

    • 2 tweets fro ablett which seems to suggest he doesn’t give a stuff about the media.

      “Haha… Some people in the media make me laugh!!!! #thatsall”

      “A negative judgment gives you more satisfaction than praise, provided it smacks of jealousy.”

  • Brendon Goddard has hit 152 and 141 DT points in his two games against
    the Suns. Could be a solid captain choice dispite recent form.

    • Not saying it’s a bad choice because I have considered it myself but keep in my he has scored just one hundred in 7 games. Not captain worthy form in my opinion

      • You’d need balls of steele to make Goddard captain this season. It was a pleasant surprise to see him ton up last week, will he get 2 tons in a row…roll the dice and find out. Gazza for me. :)

  • Didn’t listen to Calvin last week, went Pendles
    all those pricks bagging him are twats, I wish I had gone Sidebottom. Every point counts.
    Lock in Gary this week.

  • Thanks for the write up Calvin, but think I will make my own mind up after listening to you last week mateee ;)

    • Maybe Calvin should have jumped off a cliff least then all you tools bagging him would have followed and saved us the pathetic sulking (sorry Calvin theoretically speaking)

      • What a novel idea, thinking for one’s self. OMG! Hope that works out for you. ;)

  • How much will Thompson go down in R12 with his high BE?
    working out my trades

    • About 25,000 (assuming score of about 120) then in rd13 about 5,000 to 10,000.

      i believe the conversion rate is about $400 for a single point above or below B/E
      correct me if wrong

  • Just check your lids fact there calvin.
    I think it reads “coming of a 160 and a 141 in his last two”
    However lids scored 102 last week….

    Not trying to be rude, just helping out

  • Garry for me… Apologies for not selecting you last week.

    Just between you and me, need you to pump out around a 400 to make my score some kind of respectable.

    Pendles and Lewis…I encoage you to sneak on and pump out lazy 100s too….please?

    • Pendles may possibly play on one leg but with Lewis being suspended unless he puts on a disguise he won’t be allowed to sneak onto the field…

  • Going to stick with Gaz. Hopefully he can score pretty big to offset some of the donuts I have! Also, decided against making any trades this week — concentrating purely on league matches now; my opponent has about 8-9 donuts. lol

  • What’s everyone’s donut situation for Rnd 11?

    • 5 but i am aiming to decrease that

    • Just one, at this point, in the backline. Eliminator opponent has minimum of about seven so pretty happy about that for the moment :)

      • I’m jealous… if I do nothing and he trades, I’m toast. If he does nothing and I trade I should win. If we both do nothing it’s neck and neck. But who the fark knows till it’s too late what our opponent will do?

        There are so many interesting yet frustrating facets to DT…

  • i have 11 trades left, $58k, 5 donuts this round and i am up against a decent opponent this week.
    should i trade pendlebury, scotland or waters or just leave the trades until after byes

  • game having sidebottom in the top 5 again haha…. thinking stanton shoud be about time he pulled a big one out i hope!

  • Managed to land a good captain score from Watson last week when everyone else seemed to be picking a magpie. Realistic options this week are Watson again, Cotchin, Deledio, Goddard, Mitchell.

    The latter is too unpredictable this year and I’m really not sure which tiger will cop the Crowley Tag… guessing Tuck, actually, but it’s a big punt to make in a round like this where every scoring player counts for a greater % of your total. Watson is playing Sydney and given Sidebottom was the only real disappointment against Gold Coast last week (considering Pendles on track before vest)… It’s hard to go past Goddard but damn I hate putting the C in the backline. Just doesn’t look right!

    • You actually think Crowley will go to Tuck ahead of Cotchin and Deledio??
      Surely your taking the piss young sir…

  • I just figured another thing thats crap about beau waters suspension!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    he would be a great option for the loophole at patersons next thursday!!

    just coming off 120+ scores there he could have had another!!!!

    oh well…. just need robbo to step up!!!

  • #1 Gaz
    #2 Jobe
    #3 Goddard
    #4 Lids
    #5 Boyd

  • I knew there was a positive to draw from the MBRs…..6 fewer teams to pull a “late withdrawal Larry,” on us!

  • From memory last week was the first time all year Calvins captain selections have nosedived which means 90% of the time he’s been on the money!! Thats a hell of a lot better than my strike rate, yet he has to cop this moaning from all the plebs he’s helped out all year for free I might add. This site is comprhensive, updated daily and doesn’t charge a cent. Without it I’d still be pumping out 1600’s and scraping a win against some hack who’s whole team consists of collingwood players so a bit of PERSPECTIVE wouldn’t go astray all you moaners

  • As Calvin said Lids could carve up the Dockers if he avoids the Crowley tag…..need a POD and I’ll be going Lids, reckon he will get a 160 against the dud Dockers

    • I just couldnt handle doing that and then seeing Creepy Crowley go to him and he scrapes out a 60 at best. Particularly during the MBRs when you need (even more then usual) a huge score from your captain…

  • BJ Goddard for me this week. Had 152 last time at Metricon and 141 when they played in Melbourne last year.

    How did he not make the top 5?

    • Form, I imagine. Only 1x 100+ score in recent history isn’t a good sign, but does make for a good smokey. I’m tempted to join you but will probably back Watson in again.

  • DELEDIO all the way. Cotchin gets the tag, Deledio runs a muck

  • Yaaaaaaablettttttt!!!!!! for the big C this week.

  • If i had swanny hed be a certain capt for me, too risky with the CJT