Golden Buddy – Round 10




(that is all… no need for a poll).


  • Buddy deserves to be first in the Golden Stubby.

  • I can’t believe 37% of teams missed out on his 204! HAHAH

  • now lets watch as tons of dt’ers put buddy as captain and get 74 or something, LOL.

  • awesome score by buddy, ablett deserves a mention too, still not as good as buddy though

  • I think a few might want to nominate calvin for the other stubby this week. :-)

  • I would have voted Gazza. Buddy deserves it! Should be a tie though. Gaz got me over the line in the eliminator!

  • What about Matt Rosa !!!

    Scored 91, 9th best scorer in the game where his side lost.

    Rosa, Rosa, Rosa

  • I would have voted gazes too coz all 6 opponents had buddy

  • I fully think buddy deserves the golden stubby, but for arguments sake I thought the rule was not to give it to the highest scorer? I mean over 60% of teams have him just like lids last week unless he was your captain chances are he didn’t make or break your team, my opponent didn’t have Ablett and that’s what got me over the line.

    Buddy defenately deserves it

    But Sloane, Ablett, Stevie J, Chapman and others I’m sure deserve a mention as “uniques” who won and lost our rounds for us.

    My 2 cents, insert abuse below

    • He cracked 200.

      It’s the DT equivalent of Bradmen scoring 314. Ablett had 53 touches and still couldn’t break it.

      There are some times when you just have to pay tribute to what has been achieved.

      • What team does Bradmen play for? He should get the stubby!

        • What team do you bat for? you jelly you didn’t get given a stubby this weekend aye? what a drag…….queens birthday coming up soon, you might get your wish.

      • Bradman got 334 mate…..

  • If I wasn’t on the gas tonight, I might have still gone with a poll and watch 95% of people vote for Buddy, but really… he deserves it. Makes it easy!

    Obviously Ablett would have been in there for his 190… so for arguments sake, who else would you nominate?

    • Rosa…… I mean Stevie J

      • Firstly well done to Buddy 204, you bloody legend! But, what if i wanted to vote for Zorko!? He wouldn’t win, but he deserves to be recognised with a nomination. Seriously Warnie, players deserve to be aknowleged with nominations! Just because Buddy is a shoe-in to win doesn’t mean you get to be LAZY and by-pass the weekly voting? When Stanton got 193 did everyone vote for Stants…no! Everyone has different reasons for voting for different players, this is an insult to the likes of Zorko, Gazza, Sloane and Jobe! Lets us choose champ! ;)

        • Sorry for being lazy and ruining your Dream Team experience. Sometimes (only sometimes) I have better things to do on a Sunday night and so set this post up Sunday arvo. Like I’ve said before, we used to come up with the winner of the Golden Stubby with just the three of us chatting about it. This week, it’s back to that because I couldn’t find an hour to get organised because I had a 30th to go to.

          Just suck it up! We’re not a professional organisation… we do this as a hobby! If you watch the show this week, I’ll be sure to acknowledge other players who smashed it!

          I’m disappointed you didn’t mention Riewoldt in your rant though! Surely he deserves to be nominated. ;)

          • Here here Warnie.

            Boomer you are absolutely the weakest of people. Calling Warnie lazy when he puts this amount of work into improving your DT experience is an absolute disgrace. Be thankful for everything that appears on this “FREE” site tosser, and definitely don’t whinge when something doesn’t get done.

            I used to run a footy tipping comp, and 90% of the people involved were very happy but of course there were pieces of crap like Boomer who didn’t understand I didn’t have 4hrs every Sunday night to do the results and write-up. Guess what, whining pieces of crap ruined the experience for me and there’s no more tipping comp.

            Don’t even acknowledge these idiots Warnie, the site is better off without them.

          • I’m dissapointed you saw it as a ‘rant’ Warnie :( meant as constructive critisism mate. The fact that you inform me about forgetting j-Roo’s big ton just further strenthens my argument …if you actually read down this page you’ll see HEAPS of posts by thoses choosing other players…that is my point! Not having a go mate, love the time you guys put in, keep up the good work.

          • Tooves, you’re a tool mate. I’m just putting forward a point of view, not ‘trolling’ like a 44chappo, it is ok to have differing views isn’t it? isn’t it?

          • Maybe I over-reacted and if so I apologise however blasting a big LAZY because a voluteer had better things to do is a bit of a sore point with me. Maybe you could volunteer your Sunday nights Boomer, and when you miss one because something came up we can all give you a blast LOL. Believe me, from experience that really gets my goat. I don’t mean to be fighting anyone else’s battles either by the way, I just love free content on the net and people complaining about it is a good way to make sure it doesn’t continue.

          • Totally agree Tooves, my original post was never intended to come across as a lack of respect for all the effort that goes into this great site, and that’s why it troubled me most of my working day that I said Warnie was being lazy. (sorry about that Warnie) I still stand by my point about having a poll, but I guess the inner-animal came out in me on sunday night…boy is DT hardcore this year, all bye plans going out the window…

    • I would have thought Buddy, Ablett, Stevie J, Zorko and JRoo would be worthy nominations this week.

      • You’d actually consider voting for one of them over a player who scored 204 would you?

        • Everyone has Buddy so everyone got his 204. Not everyone has Ablett. Especially my eliminator opponent from last week. I won by 29 points. Ablett was the difference between the 2 teams as he had Watson captain and I had Pendles captain.

          So yes I would vote for someone who got a record equaling 53 disposals in a team that lost by nearly 100 points.

  • Golden Buddy, awesome call!

    No poll is like one of those war movies where even the enemies put their weapons down to pay tribute to the great hero. Nothing else would be fitting

    Budwood, we salute you!

  • Stevie J, Watson and Zorko. but obviously no contest with Buddy, or even Gaz for that matter.

  • I notice Fan footy has GAJ at 190 and DT at 186, there was another earlier in the round as well but can’t remember who, do they not use the same source? Or how is the data collected?

  • Anybody interested in a Euro 2012 Dreamteam league –
    I have made a DT Talk Euro League – 734320

  • Still would have voted for sloane, the blokes an animal

  • Just curious why its deemed a new record when Ablett Snr scored 213 round 9 1989 against Richmond…

    • Record in the ‘modern era’ i.e. since Dream Team was a web site, not a comp in a newspaper…

  • Top effort Buddy! What a champ.

    GAJ awesome effort too 186 and he didn’t even kick a goal.

  • As far as I’m concerned, Buddy not only deserves the golden stubby, he also deserves a golden coaster to put under the stubby, and a golden stubby holder!!!

    The Franklin Mint, Golden Stubby! :)

  • If the golden stubby was like the brownlow, my votes would be-
    Buddy 3
    Ablett 2
    Sloane 1

    • I’d give Zorko the 1. 102 with Swan on the bench was nice’n’handy.

      Sloane killed it- should get the 3 come brownlow night.

      • My votes this week would be
        1.Buddy – tied for first
        3. Jack Roo – hard to say someone who kicks 8 goals in one of the games of the year aqnd suddenly becomes DT relevant with a BE in the negatives at $380,000 (nice stepping stone to a premium in 2 weeks trades permitting).

        • Yes, well as you know, I started with JRoo & traded him out…..I must be on, “auto-pilot,” for blocking out his performance from my memory! :P

          I think I might break my rule…..McEvoy OUT, Roughy to Ruck, JRoo IN….what ya reckon about that lil beauty? :)

          • I know it breaks the rule but JRoo can be used as a stepping stone to another premium in 2 rounds time. I would have never condoned such things previously but this year is so unique with the MBR’s that all existing rules should be thrown out the window IMO lol

        • Sounds like you’ve got alot of spare trades there Rids…

          • Yep, that’s where I’m at….13 trades- can’t afford “stepping stones.” :(
            So Chappy it is!

          • It would take one trade to generate cash then the upgrade anyway if you didn’t have the $ already. S a JRoo to Swan/Sidey (using DPP) trade in 2 weeks would alleviate the need to make the cash. Doing this increases your score over the MBR’s plus generates approx $70,000 (not including the $ dropped by the upgrade target ot the $ dropped by moving on the rook to JRoo, in my case Greene).

            If everyone did the same then it would become a very boring. Just something different to think about that’s all.

  • He will still crack 100+ this week against Port

  • I think Ablett deserves more than a mention. Buddy’s game was better but very, very few would have had him as captain. So for all those who thought we were done and dusted in terms of getting a great score, to have Ablett come out and go close to matching him was a praise worthy feat.

  • thoughts on Jamie Elliot from Collingwood.
    didnt watch last nights game but he got an impressive 100
    tempting the only concern is his sub affected 11 the week before………… he might start sub or be subbed too much.
    anyway im thinking
    D.Smith >> J.ELLIOT with 200K

  • doesnt it feel great when sloane performs awesome.

  • calvin is the shittest dog, sidey cost me the game, dont even know why he is one of the more superior people on tis sight, he knows shit all

    • Dude,
      Calvin does his research, crunches the numbers and comes up with a top 5 based on these facts.

      It is then up to YOU, to decide who will be YOUR captain!!!

      Should I blame Calvin for picking Pendles as capt?….he was 2nd on his list….the answer is a clear NO!

      He tipped Melbourne to win, and everyone laughed at him…..they’re not laughing now! ;)

      The plain fact is that even gun players have their “off,” days…’s unfortunate that Sidey had his the week YOU captained him!!!

      Based on form, and the opposition, Sidey was a worthy candidate for the C!!!

      It’s a brand new week….build a bridge and get over it! ;)

    • Damn Calvin!!! How dare he log into YOUR team and CHANGE that captain choice for YOU!!

      Are you serious??? Pull your head in. There are other sites that would love your insightful input. See ya later. Some people need to really wake up to themselves!

    • Dear me.

      I am baffled by your stupidity…

      • All top players have a day out or a day off the boil.. You cannot expect the top players to score 150 plus week in week out.. So to all that took sidey as captain i say stiff.. I had Mitchell and he did ok,and so did i…2190 without ablett

    • Brandon ,

      take ownership of your own action and grow up you had a choice

    • Yet another thoughtless and ignorant arsehole abusing the DT Talk boys for the countless hours of hard work they put in for YOU, the fan. Like eeepo said, Calvin does his research and names the best 5 captains based on history and form. He doesn’t force you to put a C on their heads. Stop taking advantage of this great free service and show a bit of appreciation and respect.

    • Haha love these softcocks who cant accept blame for their own actions. So many Sheeple who cant choose their own captains, go to a captain selection guide and blindly follow without thought. Same people should really give Calvin a huge cheer when he gets it right. Usually here nothing.

    • grow up you punk.

  • He was electric!

  • 3. Buddy
    2. Ablett
    1. Sloane

    Honourable mentions go to Stevie J, Zorko and of course Matty Rosa…

  • Does anybody reckon Mitchell could debut for Parker?

    • Shit, i didnt think of that!, awesome news i got him in last week, love to hear how he went on the weekend in the 2’s

      • Apparently he’s been chopping it at recently, or thats what I’ve heard, Seems a logical in – Bloke out for 6-8 weeks, why not give a kid who got 43 possessions in a half of footy a go for those 6-8 weeks

        • You traded in Mitchell or Parker in last week?

          • Mitchell, i heard he did real well before the 43 possie game too so i grabbed him, he’ll get a game real soon if not this week :)

        • If he plays this week and is named for Round 13 im strongly considering bringing him in for Horsley

  • Morabito starting to get going in the WAFL too. He`s cheap and would be a lock after the bye with any other team. But unfortunately knowing the dynamics at Freo, Zac Dawson will probably be moved into the midfield to give a bit of laughter……….. woops I mean pace and skill.

    • Knowing what Lyon’s been doing at Freo you’ll probably be right on the ball

    • How Lyon intends on winning games with the likes of Dawson and Anthony running around is beyond me!
      Simply baffling…

  • Dunstall got 261 against Richmond in round 7 1992

  • Fuck Pendles out this week

  • Brandon for the golden spuddy.

    Pendles out this week hurts, hopefully Swan is back, i think he will be.

    Was only looking at one donut until the pendles announcement.

  • Swanny a certainty this week with Pendles out.

  • I think Buddy is a deserved winner as he’s dished up a lot of squat so far so he owed us!
    Even though my Dream Team’s going to sheet I have to say that I’m really enjoying my AFL footy at the moment! Upsets galore, the Tigers are up and about, the Blues are pulling heart muscles and the mighty Adelaide Crows are in the mix!
    Carn the Crows!!!!!!!!
    P.s. Do we have any experts (Doc Larkins) that can give us an idea of what Pendles injury entails? Is it too much to hope that with the bye he’ll be back for the Eagles clash?

    • The general opinion so far seems to be that he will be back for round 13 against the Eagles.
      So lets hope that its true…

  • I am officially in hibernation mode.

  • Gaz was robbed.