The Friday Scramble: Round 10

Another big week in DT.  At least this week we were saved from any season ending injuries, we just copped some rubbish scores from our Premos.  What is it with the DT Gods this year, they give us gold and then they take it away!  However, it appears as though from Team Selection last night the bad news subsided a bit.  We got Redden back and Hall was named on the extended bench for Sunday night.  Our big out seemed to be Heath Shaw.  Other than that I think we got away fairly well unscathed.  To be honest, what did you expect from Heater!

But…. this doesn’t mean there aren’t some big decisions to make again this week.  We will have a look at all of them…  Let’s Go!

Dodgy Downgrades

I have seen a lot of people talking about doing some downgrades this week and I think that a lot of people are doing this just for the sake of doing a downgrade.  My advice for people is that unless you really need to trade this week …. HOLD!  The main reason for this is that if you trade in a rookie this week and even if you have made sure that you have the trade fits your bye strategy, they may be a one week wonder.  This would then mean that you are going to cop an extra donut in round 11 over and above what you would have had anyway.

The main guys that people have been talking about are Sexton and Darley.  I certainly don’t think that there is anything wrong with these guys, however our GWS expert RL Griffin has told us that he doesn’t think that Darley has the greatest Job Security in the world.  So just beware of this.  As for Sexton, I think he could be a good player too.  If only they were one week later before they were on the bubble.  Just beware that you could be forced to trade again next week if you are carrying too many donuts.

Just make sure that you are really sure you need to make the downgrade before you do it.  My last piece of advice on downgrades is don’t try and catch a boat that has already sailed.  E.G Zorko.  The other thing that I have noticed that people have been talking about is trading down for cash.  People have said that the want to have the cash there ready for the bye weeks and then won’t have to use as many trades.  To me this is a false economy.  The have already used a trade to get the cash.  To me this isn’t too different from doing a downgrade / upgrade in the one week.

Most importantly you need to check Chooks Rooks to see what our Rookie GURU Chook has to say about those two boys.

 Iffy Upgrades

As many people have been looking at iffy upgrades as have been looking at dodgy downgrades.   Don’t just pick up a guy because he has bottomed out… his price is low for a reason! (eg Cloke)  Also don’t just take them because they have had a couple of good games and a low BE (eg Heppell a few weeks ago).  The guys that you are looking at bringing in should be the guys that were in your plans or are screaming out to be picked.

Chasing a score that happened last week won’t work!  A big score is gone!  Make sure that you aren’t making a Knee Jerk reaction.  I have seen a stack of peole wanting to chase a Low Score!  Travis Cloke has been on a lot of people’s trade tweets.  Everyone thinks that he is about to explode.  I just can’t see it!  He may be cheap, he may have had good games last year, but this year he hasn’t been anything to write home about.  And I can’t see this turning around.  All I can say is buyer beware!  Just because they are playing two of the lower clubs in the next two weeks doesn’t mean that he will suddenly dominate.  I reckon the ball will be flying over his head from all the half forwards and midfielders kicking goals…. Go Sidey!

As with the downgrades make sure that you need to make sure that you haven’t stuffed your bye week plans through any trades that you are looking at.

 Beware the GWS/Melbourne Curse

A lot of people have been sucked in this year by seeing someone have a great score when they have been playing against the Dees.  Then the following week they have put in a shocker/more standard score.  Case in point is someone that people were looking to use as a downgrade option and that was Tommy Walsh.  After scoring well in his first game against the Dees, he came back the next week against the Saints and scored a huge -3.

The other team in this equation hasn’t given up the massive scores like we had hoped is the Greater Western Sydney Giants.  A lot of peole have been playing their captains against GWS and they haven’t been getting huge scores.  Just make sure you have been over to visit Calvin’s Captains to find out who your best bet to put the big C on.

 Things to remember

  1. Careful goes it with your trading – if you haven’t got it by now, this week I am all about trades and being smart with them.  Don’t waste them and be ready for next week’s issues to be dealt with.
  2. Don’t whinge when your fallen premium scores badly – If you trade in a guy that isn’t playing well hoping they will turn it around, don’t complain when they dont!  However, if you trade in a gun who starts to suck, you go right ahead!
  3. If you have held on your injured premo’s don’t fold now – If you held Swanny and HeppD last week then don’t fold now.  Hold on!
  4. Heater…. what can you say – to be honest I don’t know how bad the injury is or how long he may be out for.  So I am not sure whether he needs to be traded or not.  Keep an eye on things today, but to be honest if you have held him this long you would be probably planning on keeping him.

This week seems like a bit of a holding pattern to me.  It has been a really strange week in DT.  We are all sort of waiting for the horror that is the multi bye rounds.  I know it is going to suck looking at low scores for the next 3 weeks, so make the most of this week whilst we can. 

There are two things that I am hoping for this weekend.  And they come in the form of Hall  and  Redden.  I am praying that neither gets the green vest and they both go up in value and do enough to hold their spots for next week (yes I know that this means Hall has to survive the cut tonight but I am giving confident vibes).

Good luck and happy DTing, catch me on Twitter for any last minute questions that you might have @pkd73



  • who to play out of treloar or zorko?

    • Both are named on the field. treloar is named in the guts. My gut therefore says treloar.

  • Torn between starting d.smith or zorko. Both playing tough teams. Help?

    • I’m in the same boat, using the formula that was posted last night by old mate I’ve gone with Smith

  • Zorko, Magner, Jmac or Horsely on the field.

    I would normally put Horse no concerns, but … named on extended Bench, didnt have the best game last week.

    Getting dropped, thats ok, emergency will cover.

    More concerned of the SUBMARINE

    Both Jmac and Magner are on bench.

    Only player named on field is Zorko.

    Hmmmm tricky

    (I might throw in Porps as another option)

  • ok guys i really need help last week murphy trucked me buy droping significantly in price, i traded him out for jelwood and morris to waters ( i was happy with these trades leaving me with 100k in the bank) so that i could go this week and trade out coniglio for chappy. but i turned out i was 9k short… so what im getting at is should i trade out tomlinson for sexton get the cash and put chappy in (which would leave me with 10 trades left) or should i just wait and see what happens (keep in mind coniglios be is 90) and most likely will go down in price)

  • Need desperate help, my ruck stocks are Hmac, Giles, Big O and Redden with 357k in the bank and 12 trades left.

    I could either trade hmac to any ruckman in the league, probably mullet or 211. Or possible Goldstein


    i could hold Hmac and hope that redden plays for the next few weeks and get Sandi or Mullet after there byes.

    League win doesnt matter this week but still in eliminator.
    Help Please!!!

    • I have the same four ruckman, waiting till next week and Hopefully Redden and Big O will play then the week after trade HMAC to COx (who will have had his bye) and then everything should be sweet for the next two byes…

      • Thank you, sounds like the solid format which i will most likely take, thanks alot for the advice

  • Attempt 2 but this time not as a reply lol

    Everyone who has HMac needs to settle a bit especially if you have Orren and Redden on the bench.

    Wait till next week to trade to best minimise your donuts over the MBR’s. For example, if Redden and Orren both play next week then you will be able to look at all ruckmen. If only Orren or Redden plays, then by waiting till next week means that you will be able to pick which ruckman with which bye will best suit your needs to get no donuts over the 3 bye rounds.

    • +1….

    • Well, it’s all very well waiting on a McIntosh replacement, especially if you have cover. I do with Hale and Redden, and am considering waiting.

      I think most people are concerned that some of the likely replacements (Goldstein, Ryder, Maric) are set to increase in price this week and are hoping to get on before that. If only we’d known this a week ago I think Jenkins would have been a lot more popular too.

  • Hi guys,

    Any opinions on




  • Only willing to make 1 trade this week that is either James Mcdonald or Magner to Zorko have over 150, 000 left to get in a big player during the bye rds. Whos better to keep Mcdonald or Magner?

    • keep oldmac better be and scoring potential and will keep getting you more money (if plays)

  • so hmac is now out for 6 weeks should i trade, or keep and let the big O and bill longer take the oval or should i trade to either Goldstein or Ryder??

  • Might rest some of my premiums this week!!! Not use to having them all playing. Lol

    • Yup about to post that. I’ve got krueze, Giles and Stephenson as well…. Half thinking of keeping him

    • Hey mate thanks for that. Came here just to say the exact same thing but you beat me. Thinking he has to go to kruezer.

      • I had the Krooze looks like warnock is getting a game bait more frequently. 3 ruck men will be hard to keep up his scoring

  • Sexton and Darly in this week? leaving me with 360k but only 12 trades which is worry but team really only needs on more trade to be set? is it worth it?

  • Darly and Sexton in this week? leaves me with only 12 trades but team is basically set and also leaves me with 360k? Good or bad?

    • 360k left with 12 trades left and only one needed ..u must be winning wanking or just showing off…such a stupid question only comes from someone stupid having good luck..or a lier/showoff

    • in for who?

    • “People have said that the want to have the cash there ready for the bye weeks and then won’t have to use as many trades. To me this is a false economy. The have already used a trade to get the cash. To me this isn’t too different from doing a downgrade / upgrade in the one week.”

      In this very article that your commenting on….

      Making a double downgrade just leaves cash sitting on your bench losing you points!

      The point of a downgrade isn’t to have cash sitting on your bench, it’s so you can upgrade and score more points!

  • Ruck is killing us all this year!

    I have the money for any ruck but i’m leaning towards:

    Ryder – make 20k averaging 90ish but worry Dons will play the 3 rucks and thats no good (but I don’t think they will, I think Bellchambers will hold out Hille).
    Maric – looks good but costs extra 50k and then I won’t be able to afford carrots when he comes back and drops a lot in price.
    Goldy – a bit variable

    Or hold tight until next week and give it more thought….but then would have definitely missed the Maric boat (even more so then currently as low BE) and possible Ryder will go up as well.

    Input would be appreciated.


    • My first ruck trade for the year

      Swan -> Beams
      HMac -> Sandi

      Giles – Rd 11 bye
      Sandi – Rd 12 bye
      Hale – Rd 13 bye


      • Are you concerned about how many games sandi will play?
        Also what was your thinking on sandi v Malric?

        • Apart from any bye structure

        • Maric being a Round 13 bye would leave me with an extra doughnet, also I think Maric has peaked and Sandi has bottomed out.

      • Why trade out Swan? He’ll be playing next week…..

        • I’m not seriously in contention for the car, I’m playing the undefeated guy in our league this week and want to stay top 4 in our league, and I also want to improve my chances of staying in the eliminator – currently 55/45, would be hopefully 70/30 with these 2 trades.

          Planning 3 trades over the bye rounds for 4-0-1 donuts.

          Concerned that Swan wont be back until Round 13 also.

          Looking at their averages Beams vs Swan doesn’t make a huge difference either, happy to stick with Beams all year.

          I was planning to trade out a Rd 11 ruckman next week anyway, the Swan trade lets me go straight to Sandi, if he cops a LTI I can swap to Cox after Round 11.

      • It doesn’t bother you that Swan might be back next week? Your pretty much using a sideways trade just go gain an extra 20-30 points for one week if Swan comes back next week

    • not sure im in same situation…

      ryder isnt in the best form… last week he was on 50 in the first quarter but only finished in the 90’s

      maric is the best option but i cant afford him.

      goldy will fix the problem but only up until Hmac comes back then goldy’s scores might drop again…

      • also i did Hmac to Goldy and my projected score only went up about 15points…

        doesnt seem worth it… but goldy could pump out another 100+ score…

        • I hear ya…going to be a tough decision. Would have been nice if I did the straight swap hmac to Maric 2 weeks ago!

      • Mate a trade isnt worth an extra 5-10 ppg.

        I’d love to swap Giles for Goldstein, but really its only going to cost me 10ppg I reckon. Much bigger gains elsewhere.

    • I did a downgrade to Jenkins for McIntosh. I’m taking a punt with having Giles and Oreo as my two main ruckman but it’s a good way to free up cash if you need another trade

      • not a bad option… you gaining $250,000+

        hope it pays off for you…

  • who should i put on the field? horse / oldmac / magner

  • Hmac – Maric
    Dickson – Saad

  • am i crazy putting the big C on Stevie J?

  • Anyone know why WCE is taking Lycett to Brisvegas? Hopefully NicNat’s hammy is still whacked.

    • Interesting Question ?????

    • Plugging holes IMO they’ll rotate Lycett through the ruck so big Cox and Nic Nat can push forward – weagles depth really getting tested…

  • “Hird said defender Dyson Heppell would “definitely” play against the Sydney Swans next week after missing two weeks with a knee injury”

    You Beauty!!!!!!

  • Guys how about this option

    Swan to Sexton (banking on Swan dropping price with a high BE and Sexton increasing)

    Free’s up some cash and getting in robinson for cogs?

    My other alternative was

  • DEF: Deledio, Goddard, Duffield, Lake, Hargrave, Birchall, Clarke (Morris, Heppell)
    MID: Ablett, Watson, Rockliff, Hayes, Horseley, Mcdonald (Swan, Magner)
    RUC: Cox, Giles, (Big O, Redden)
    FWD: Sidebottom, Chapman, Franklin, Lewis, Martin, Cloke, Treloar (Zorko, Hall)
    $5000 kitty, 14 trades.

    Clarke > Darley
    Magner > Robinson

    Antcipating no trades til rnd 13 til I get Pendles/Beams (say anticipate no trades all the time..)
    12trades and $65k left in kitty after trades

  • Cogs to Robinson
    Porpus to either Stevie J or Chapman due to Geelongs upcoming runs and on form

    • This option!!! x1,000,000
      Why trade Swan???

      • Haha $$$ but ive upgraded Porps to Stevie J due to his higher ceiling over Chappy and midfield time + teams hes about to play :)

  • Once again, awesome article Dunny!

    Just a quick one:

    Kennedy -> Sexton
    Coniglio -> J Selwood?

    Are these trades viable? They reduce the amount of donuts I have during the bye rounds so no issue there, just curious as to whether Sexton will hold his spot and return acceptable scores, and will Jelwood continue on with his good form?

    Cheers lads

    • What’s the point of the comment section if people don’t reply haha? Feedback would be appreciated!

    • I’m hoping Sexton keeps his spot for the bye rounds at least, I’d consider that a win.

  • I want to make money on Hmac. Jenkins is probably the only playing option but i don’t really need him to play, so i was thinking just make as much cash from Mac as possible. Who out of all the dirt cheap rucks are more likely to appear at some stage this season? Or is that just crazy. I have a playing round 11 12 and 13 ruck already.

  • Okay, i get all you people think darley is a risk because of his Js. even read griffens last tweet.

    but think about all the fricking GWS boys have crap Js as they all get rested anyway.
    bugg, darley…..all in the same situation. they could both get rested at anytime and cause you a donut throughout the MBRs

  • bugg for:


  • Thoughts on trading BUGG out for ENRIGHT?

    Suits my byes and enright could be on track for improvement?

  • Sandi or Maric? Please help!

  • As much as hmac’s injury is terrible, it has made my team a lot better and fixed my problem of having too many rucks.

    Just went
    Hmac>jenkins (cheapest ruck thats playing)

    Other option for last trade is

    Or i could go sheil to super premo from rd 13

  • Which two to play on the field of:

    D Smith

  • I know you’ve dubbed them “dodgy downgrades” but the question has to be asked:

    Is there a better MID or FWD downgrade looming over the horizon than Sexton? Nothing among the one gamers. Mitchell (SYD) looks to far away to be of any help and we need to cull cows to get anywhere in this comp by bringing in the guns.

    Should we be looking a gift horse (wait he was a few weeks ago now) in the mouth?

    I ask “dodgy downgrade” or neccesary risk?

    • And unless someone has indecent photos of Mark Neeld don’t say Tom Couch…..

  • Who to play on the field:

    Sheil or McDonald???

  • Coniglio to Ablett
    Porps to Beams
    do these sound like good trades?
    The only problem i have is Macintosh then but as long as Redden and Stephenson keep getting games, i’d be happy to hold.