Get the DT TALK iPhone App FREE

Thanks to AFL Footy Star 2012 we now have our own official iPhone app!

This free app features a handy fixture (with betting odds), a handy news feed with DT Talk articles in an iPhone friendly format to read, links to our videos ready to watch on your iPhone and our up to the minute Twitter feed so you don’t miss out on any of the important news… and opinions from us!

This is version 1.0 of this little puppy and we’d like to thank Rodgo heaps for his effort in putting it together. Support Rodgo by purchasing his AFL Footy Star app (on both iPhone and Android).

Feel free to leave feedback in the comments.




  • First Comment
    and Anybody interested in a Euro 2012 Dreamteam league –
    I have made a DT Talk Euro League – 734320

    • Oh what the hell, I didn’t know people actually like being the ‘first comment’.. I thought everyone was just mucking around. Aidan, what was the point of saying ”first comment”?

  • This is absolutely amazing guys. Love all the effort you boys put in for such little return

  • Someone should make a Dwayne Russel app.

    Touch his giant head and he says;

  • Nice work, great little app! Cheers!

  • Is it avsilable on android?

  • I was thinking about you guys getting an app just yesterday.

    Just need to get an iPhone.

  • Hey guys,

    How do you use footynerd?

    I used it ages ago but have forgotten. Now when click on it, it highlights Ablett in gold, Pendles in silver and Stevie J in bronze.

    Ho do I make it show the byes rounds?

    • Under where your salary cap can be found, it should say byes – projections and something else, just click on byes.

  • Can you leave comments via the APP?
    I can’t seem to leave a comment or read people’s comments ??

  • Great work guys but…

    Android Version please!

    iphones suck

  • Nice work guys but….

    Android version please! iphones are retarded!

  • footynerd is awesome help for the bye rounds

  • Hey boys,

    When I use the app, the only odds price available is on round 1. Scroll to the other rounds and its $0.

    Are these sportingbets odds?

    Also when you refresh the app at another round other than round one it goes back to round one. Should it do this?

    App looks really good though guys. Outstanding effort. Best one stop shop for easy to find/read team match ups for the round and all your boys artiicles.

    Being able to post would be another great addition if at all possible.

  • Looks like a great app guys
    Now that Mcintosh is out for 4-6 weeks I’m wondering who to get in for him I can afford everyone

  • Awesome App, only downside is that the text is too small on the articles. I can zoom in and read the articles, so it’s no big deal, but part of the reason I download apps is because you can easily read without zooming in or moving around the screen.

    I don’t wanna be the annoying negative guy, but it did say above to leave feedback :) Keep in mind though, other than this, app is awesome, really appreciate it, and the fact it is free, awesome!