AFL Dream Team Bench Theory

Every week we are faced with the same dilemma, who do I start on the ground? So we have developed a system that has worked wonders for us over the last few weeks. Just thought I would share with you all the system that has turned our season around.

How it works

(1) Select 2 players you are tossing up between

(2) Allocate points to each player when going through the criteria


  • Who has the highest season average?
  • Who has the highest 3 game average (if applicable)?
  • Who is playing the team lowest on the AFL ladder?
  • Who has the highest round score?
  • Who has the lowest round score, not sub affected (if applicable)?

*In the event of a tie, both players are allocated a point
*if a player has not played 3 games, you use their season average in this comparison
*If comparing a player from the same team, they both score a point for the ladder position

(3) When you have a total, it is the player with the highest score. In the event of a tie, it is determined by the player who has the highest 3 game average, if they do not have a 3 game average sub for season average

Let me show you an example, in Round 10 we will compare Kyal “horse” Horsely (GC) and James “Old McDonald” McDonald (GWS)

  “horse” “Old Mcdonald” Points
Season average 95.8 87.2 1 horse
3 game average 85.0 84.7 1 horse
Ladder position opposition 4th 9th 1 Old Mac
Highest round 123 98 1 horse
Lowest round 52 72 1 Old Mac
Total points 3 2  

According to this analysis in round 10 we would start “horse” on the ground and “old mac” will take a back seat on the pine.

There it is, I hope it can benefit you as much as it has us


Seamo’s Sharks and Gagebrook Gators


  • Nice idea that. Will help heaps cheers.

  • Cheers lads! Betcha any money slackers still ask who they should start…

  • Sorry brain dead atm…. Long day…
    Would that mean play Treloar or D.Smith?

  • Great theory. I like it! What’s your thoughts on adding one more criteria to the list: Last score. In that case Horse and Old Mac would tie as Mac had a higher score last round.

    • G’day, I look at it the other way and give horse another point for having the lowest score last week as in my opion I think it’s unlikey he ll have two bad games in a row and hopefully back up a score of 50 odd with a much higher score

  • I like the idea, but what i see is that you’re choosing horse over old mac based on a .3 pts difference in there 3 game average. What would you guys do if there is equal points for both players?

    • If both players have the same average or high score etc. They both are allocated a point.
      Horse is being selected also as ge has a higher ceiling and season average.

  • Nice little write up Salty. I’m beating you this year haha

  • nice, it kind of doesnt apply for zorko unfortunately, cos his 3 roll average is affected by him being a sub

  • Ah sweet, I need to apply this to Zorko and Devon.

    Season Av. – Zorko.
    3 Game Av. – Smith.
    Ladder Pos. Opposition – Smith.
    Highest Round – Smith by 1 point…
    Lowest Rd – I will ignore the sub games as they are a poor reflection, meaning Zorko gets the point.

    Essentially though, they have the same ceilings, but we’re yet to see Zorko play a strong team. Leaning towards Smith.

    • Nice work. That’s a close one. Should be an interesting outcome.
      Good luck

  • I swear most weeks its just luck!

  • Perhaps instead of Ladder position you could look at DT Point Against. That would probably be more relevant..

  • Who should I KEEP in my team SSelwood or SMitchell they are getting traded 4 Sidebum

  • And Saad or cameron

    • Neither

      • I’m thinking

        Mitchell >(swap martin to mid and trade in a fwd) Sidebottom
        Dahlhaus>Cameron/Saad who should i get there



      get sexton if anyone for dalhaus if you must.

      its time to upgrade and downgrade rookies, not sidways trade premos!

  • Just play the guy with the higher average. You win some and lose some but win more than lose.

    Then can you apply the Sam formula to capt choice?

    • You don’t apply it to captain choice because we have extra information, e.g. average vs opponent.

  • Anybody interested in a Euro 2012 Dreamteam league –
    I have made a DT Talk Euro League – 734320

  • The week after i trade out J.Redden, he finally gets a game. Bullsht!!
    Good to see a few debuters this round, gotta make some more cash ya know!
    hurting without Swan and Heppel though :(

    • in in exactly the same boat as you regarding Redden. traded him out for Big O before last lockout and the next week he playes. not sure about his JS unless he plays the next couple weeks, not that it really effects me anyway

  • what 2 do you think will score the most

    Horsley, Zorko, T.Adads

  • Looks like I’m starting Tory Dickson over Clancee Pearce this week!

  • Chance of being a sub should be a stat.

  • trade in Ebert or Gibbs as an upgrade

  • I’ll be doing this…in DT 2013 lol

    DT 2012 is completely rooted for me

  • Just a thought. But the ladder pos wouldn’t it be more of an accurate “system” if you had it from the teams which leak more DT Points? For example Coll leak more DT points then say Stk and NM(last time i checked)

    Just a thought. Nice System though.