Fantasy Freako’s Rave: Round 9

The weekly Fantasy Freako Rave from the team at Champion Data is available for download. The rave includes Dream Team scores and Time on Ground percentage which gives us the all important points per minute stats. The Freako also gives us some hot tips for each team as well a bit of info from the round just gone.

To sign up to the Fantasy Freako Rave mailing list to have this emailed to you every Wednesday afternoon, head to

DOWNLOAD: Fantasy_Freako_Rd9.pdf



    • Thanks for that mate, cant start half a page disscusing somebody’s FIRST comment

  • Fantasy Freako has the blessing of Caesar

  • thanks freako, the most essential read each and every week.

  • Anybody interested in a Euro 2012 Dreamteam league –
    I have made a DT Talk Euro League – 734320

    Also can somebody tell me the web-adress of the Bye-Planner sheet. A mate wants one and cant find the Web-Address

  • i love this, so much cheaper than assistant coach!

  • Ive got a bit of problem,
    Would you guys go Cognilio to mitchell and have 130,000 in the bank or got to Pendles or selwood etc and have 50 to 80,000?

    • My current midfield


      • i would go for pendles or selwood. pendles has a avg114 but coming off of a 88 while selwood has an avg 108 and coming off of a 100. i would go selwood because a:he is a more unique option b: he is playing at simonds stadium this week where he is avg 127 this year and will be my captain

  • guys i need some help, sam darley for bugg and then upgrade ziebell to ablett
    or option 2 is darley to bugg and ziebell or shiel for dal santo and then next week i will get gaz for the one i dont trade?

  • loving your articles this year freako they have been really helpful

  • When does everyone expect to get a full team together. I still need 4 premiums to bring in to have a full-ish premium team, but that is with only 14 trades left.

    My side is looking good and in the top three of the leagues i am in, just unsure if i should make trades each week bringing in rookies like Sam Darley & upgrading or, save the trades throughout the year bringing in only the must have rookies like Horsley was earlier in the season.

    Any advice would be appreciated.