Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 10

My palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. There’s vomit on my sweater already, mum’s pirate spaghetti and I’m nervous, but on the surface I look calm and ready to drop bombs, but I keep on forgetting what I wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud, I open my mouth and the best captain tips come pouring out!! Check it out homies.

I’m certainly feeling the pressure this week as people are throwing names at me of people who have never made a Calvin’s Captains top 5 ever before. So yeah, I’m a little nervous but let’s not forget about the captain picks of old who very rarely let us down…

Oldies but Goodies

These guys are like the forgotten souls who haven’t really done too much wrong but have people turning their backs on them very quickly this week. Remember Gary Ablett? Our ‘go to’ guy? We’ll he should be solid this week without being massive. He had 97 on the Pies last year and plays at the MCG where he had just one game there last year for 96. Since returning from injury, Gaz has been semi solid with scores of 106, 117 and 106 but hasn’t set the house on fire. Last week, inform Scott Thompson only managed 84 on Collingwood and in a game that Collingwood will dominate, it’s hard seeing the Suns helping out Gaz very much at all. Scott Pendlebury has been in ripping form with an average of 126 in his last 5 games… before having 88 last week. In Rd. 3 he had just 62 on the Blues and bounced back for 124 the week after. He had 124 on the Suns last year and averages 126 at the MCG in his last 3 games there, with a lowest score of 113 in his last 4. Pendles will be big. Matthew Boyd will be ok too, even against the Swans at the SCG. He had 117 and 134 on them in 2011 and is coming off 111 and 128 in his most recent games this year. Do not right off these guns just yet.

Man of Steele

Yes, I’m speaking of Steele Sidebottom and this is why he is my #1 pick for round 10. Firstly, after crunching the numbers I can not see one negative reason why he will not score well this week. His form has been amazing. He has had 135 and 139 in the last 2 weeks and goes for his 8th straight 100+ score this week and he plays at the MCG where he had 139 in his last game there. Over the last 7 rounds, Steele’s lowest score is just 109 and this week he plays the Suns! He had 94 on them last year but even Port scored well on them last week with Ebert topping the list with 124. From the Port list, 7 players scored 90+ showing that there are plenty of points up for grabs. Collingwood will dominate this game and there is no reason why the Man of Steele can not continue his ripping form with something big.

“Yo Calvin… What About?”

What About Dayne Beams? Great question. If I’m tipping Pendles and Steele to be big, why doesn’t Beams get the nod ahead of them? We’ll… it was a tough call. Beams had 135 last week and has a lowest score of just 100 in his last 5 games this year. These numbers alone don’t match up with the other two. With that said, he will still be good.

What About That Ranga Loose Nut? I’m assuming your talking about Mitch Robinson… Yep, a real smokey for this week. Firstly I like the 146 he had last week which was his best ever DT score in his career. Then against the Power last year he had his 2nd best career score of 141 and that was at AAMI where he heads this week. Pretty good! But what I don’t like is Robbo’s ability to score little like the 87 and 54 he had prior to last weeks effort. Gotta be a pass based on this, but there are a few signs that certainly point in the right direction to the loose nut this week. Good roughie!

What about Geelong to Smash the Giants? Yep, they certainly will smash the Giants and guys like Paul Chapman and Stevie Johnson will have a field day. Stevie loves playing dud teams and smashed up the Suns last year for scores of 171 and 146. Stevie had 148 last week and did have 163 last time he played at Simonds Stadium (Skilled). He’s a little up and down for me though. But then we have Joel Selwood who has scored 100+ in 7 of his 8 games this year. He had 116 and 135 on the Suns last year and loves playing at Simonds where he averages 131 in his last 3 there with 144 coming in his last effort there this year. He’s is a sure thing to get the Scully or McDonald tag but I’m still backing him in big time.

What About Stanton Vs Melbourne? Sounds juicy doesn’t it… but Melbourne have been his worst team to play over his career (10 games) as his highest score against them over this time is just 100. Surprised me too! He will certainly get the Magner or the McKenzie tag this week and for me it’s just too tough to call with his history and a certain tag.

What About the Inform Delieido? Firstly, learn to spell you mongo ha ha. He has scored 141 and 160 in his last 2 games this year and carries a lowest score of 91 this year as he goes for his 9th straight 100+ score this week. Will he get the CJT (Clinton Jones Tag) and if he does will he be able to shake it? In the past when he has played the Saints he has struggled with his best score only being 103 on them in his career of 11 games. Despite his form, it’s a pass for me.

Hope you have enjoyed Calvin’s Captains for another week. Hook me up below!

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Who are you going as your captain for Rd. 10?

  • Steele Sidebottom (35%, 1,250 Votes)
  • Scott Pendlebury (26%, 916 Votes)
  • Joel Selwood (6%, 205 Votes)
  • Dayne Beams (5%, 191 Votes)
  • Gary Ablett (8%, 294 Votes)
  • Matthew Boyd (3%, 100 Votes)
  • Stevie Johnson (7%, 252 Votes)
  • Brent Stanton (5%, 169 Votes)
  • Someone Else (5%, 186 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,563

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  • that sad moment whyen i realise I dont have any of them,, looks like im gonna have to go for lids

  • Who should i have as C this week, this is my team;

    Def: Deledio, Hanley, Duffield, Lake, Bugg, P.Davis,K.Hunt (Spurr, Mohr)

    Mid: Stanton, Pendlebury, Thompson, Selwood, Martin, Horsley (Coniglio, JMac)

    Ruck: Maric, Giles (Gorringe, Pattison-dud)

    Fwd: Sidebum, Franklin, Dangerfield, J.Riewoldt, Dahlhaus, Dickson, Zorko (Cameron, Tomlinson)

  • at the moment im goin ivan maric as a unique….st kildas gonna struggle in the ruck.

    could change my mind though.

    • Lol, could pay off but he wont score more than 125

      • yea u could be right,buut he loves tackling and the saints mids may get a bit in the middle if the upcoming tigers dont first…which i dont see happening(saint mids beating tiges mids…soo just talked my self out of it haha

    • Stupid, stupid, stupid.

      Just stick with Pendles or Sidey.

      • Naaaaa,im not gonna be like everyone else.besides dont have pendles and never will.

        Stupid is a negative downgrade…obviously u are too hard on yrself in life,need to learn how to chill and be open minded :)

  • Sidey captain
    Pendles vice

    …..playing it safe this week as I wanna go into the byes in a strong position.

  • Anybody interested in a Euro 2012 Dreamteam league –
    I have made a DT Talk Euro League – 734320

    • Just joined…..gonna be interesting

    • Would be interesting to see how the scoring is calculated.

      +6 for diving on the ground and holding your Ankle?

      Double points and upgrade to legend status for hand-balling a goal in the world cup and claiming it?

      It’ll stick to DTing in a real sport!

      • I’ll*

        • Cheers for joining Michael, but Antipasto I like you new scoring system, but dont like how you haven’t joined the league

      • A real sport? You mean a sport that is played by millions around the world and is the most played and watched sport in the world.

        • +1, hate it went idiots say ‘a real sport’

          Love how AFL is just played in Australia, and by the way if there were Red cards and yellow cards in AFL, players everywhere would be diving.

          There’s plenty of play acting going on the AFL anyway so not sure exactly what the fook your on about mate.

          • Synchronized Swimming and Ballet are ‘real sports’ too. I’m well aware of the popularity of the round ball game, but thank you for you input. My point was not meant literally and not questioning the validity of the sport.

            The opinion that I was conveying is that the sport is batshit boring, has a terrible lack sportsmanship and dulls up 90 minutes of your life you’ll never get back.

          • I dont classify ballet as a sport Antipasto more of an art form or dance maybe than a sport

          • Very subjective. I would tend to agree though

          • Yeah look, thats just an idiotic generalization Antipasto. There’s an obvious reason why its known as the ‘world game’.

          • I’d just like to state that it does get tiresome watching the premiership over here… The amount of players diving/play acting puts me off from watching it… I haven’t gone to live game in about 2-3 seasons but then again that’s because of the owners and lack of team ethic etc… Players earning over £100k per week… lol Takes the average worker 4 years to earn that much – totally detached from reality half of them. Have we all seen the news in Italy – regarding match fixing – the mafia know how to do it proper. Who do you all think is gonna win the euro then?

          • It isn’t a generalization, nor is it idiotic. It is my opinion (shared by many I’m sure), and one I believe to be true and accurate. Lets agree to disagree.

  • Just went

    Any other combination of a def+mid that is less than 842k??????

    • Good trades, stick with em

      Mitchell should explode against the Roos.

  • Stevie j (c)
    Pendles (VC)

    So many choices this week!!!

    Have Stevie j

    All of which who should pump out 100+

    Expect some big scores from teams this week :)

  • Why do u all say ‘Jelwood’

    • Joel Selwood = Jelwood, there’s 3 others in the league so its less confusing, just like Kane Cornes (Kornes) and Chad Cornes when they were both dt relevant

      • Actually there was 3 others now only 2 Adam and Scott (wce)

  • Pendlebury (C)
    Sidebottom (VC)

    For me, it’s between Pendles and The Man Of Steele as well. Tough call, though I might stick with Pendles this week. Subject to change :)

  • Have so many options to choose from

    …I wish he put it in an order from 1-5 to make my decision easier ;)

  • Beams as a POD

    • It worked against me last round losing by mofoing 2pts. As in I had Stanton he had Beams as captain… Was thinking Beams or Pendles this week… Who has the highest ceiling??

  • The one time I think of going a unique like sidebottom, Calvin puts him at no. 1! sidebottom or Johnson, what does everyone think?

    • Chuck in pendles aswell

    • Johnson dont have him, he just put himself in his own supercoach team, Scotty just lets him do what he wants at skilled

      • I was thinking Sidebottom as a unique this week, till Calvin’s captains now I’m thinking Pendles to rebound from last week and smash Gold Coast

    • Same dilemma.. I’ve gone for Johnson, he feeds of spud teams

    • i would go johnson.
      But you have to be prepared for if he spud sit.

  • scotty thompson, hes gunna dominate!

  • Stevie J… just do it!

    • If I had him, this would be my choice.

      Since I don’t… Either Penndles or Sidebottom, decision, decisions!

  • who r the 3 dt talk guys up the tops names

    • Calvin, Roy and Warnie

      • I knew it!
        Someone told me their names were, Athos, Aramis & Porthos, and they guy that does Chook’s Rooks, is called D’Artagnan!!! :)

  • Actually changing to Pendles

  • Just brought in Stevie J and Pendles this week.

    I’m pretty keen on picking Stevie J this week for the big C.

    It’s nice to have some options this week for captains:
    Pendles, Boyd, Sidebottom, Robinson, Stevie J, Beams, Deledio, Goddard, Dangerfield & Buddy.

    I hope they all score 150pts + haha!

  • Surely Stanton will tear Melbourne a new one but he was so disappointing last week.

    Should I give him another crack?

    • OMG did you read the article? “Surely he will tear them a new one”?? it is his worst team to play with a high score of 100 coming off a double digit score against GWS he is anything but sure of getting a big score.

      • No I didn’t read the article I just jumped on the forum & posted….Of course I read the article you idiot, just like last week when I read the article & all of the top 5 were ordinary….

        Calvin has an awesome track record of selecting captains but Stanton has proven to score big even when tagged at times such as the WCE game.

    • Way too many ass references in your post

  • STEVIE J. Gave him captaincy last year against Gold Coast and was rewarded. Lets do it again big boy

    • Ummmm. GWS does not equal GCS!

      • pretty sure he’s using them as a comparison and not confusing the two sides champ.

        • Pretty sure Uncle Fester’s saying that premiums haven’t been scoring as freely against GWS as they do against GCS, chief.

  • There’s goes my unique captain I had from last week. But Sidey would still smash em!

  • I think I a gonna go with Pendles captain this week but Sidey is a chance also.




    • All good there i reckon…

      I’ve got all of the capt choices except Beams – also tempted with Stevie J… Probably end up bottling it and just picking Ablett.

      I’m either going to do

      Bugg – Enright

      Mohr – Darley/Bootsma


      Bugg – Scotland

      Mohr – Darley/Bootsma

      first options obviously leaves an extra 75k (apx) in the bank.

  • Is anybody interested in a Euro 2012 Dreamteam league –
    I have made a DT Talk Euro League – 734320

  • Pendles surely the top choice.

  • Love the fact that i have the whole top 5 in my team :-)

  • Sh*t stayed up all night till 11:30 looking for the dt talk live. But forgot it was wednesday Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccccccccccck

  • Any1 think Kennedy (syd) could be a keeper for 4th mid spot?

  • I know your saying Stantons record against the Dee’s is poor. But look at what he’s scored after his last 2 sub par scores…

    Rnd 3 (GC): 93 ——–> Rnd 4 (Carlton): 175
    Rnd 5 (Pies): 77 —–> Rnd 6 (Bris): 193! (WR)

    Rnd 9 (GWS): 93 —–> Rnd 10 (Mel): ?????

    Anyone think the bounce back factor is reason enough to put the C’ on Stants?

    • Great info!

    • There is no “bounce back” factor with Stantion.
      It’s simply a case of getting tagged or not getting tagged – and against Melbourne he’s going to get tagged.

  • Stevie J, Pendles, Ablett or Beams for me.

    Probably Stevie but Ablett without a hard tag should be good…

  • Its out of Steele, Beams or Stanton for me.

    Im leaning towards Beams

  • Should Steele Sidebottom now deserve the right for his own Captain’s hand signal (ala Pendles, Boyd, etc)?
    How about pointing 2 fingers down (representing an arse crack) then rotating 90 degrees on the vertical axis so we get a bum on the side? Other suggestions welcome.

  • really gone out on a limb here again watta genius

    first time iv been on here for weeks,aand the best articles r still the ones sent in by others

    i cant believe this captain thing is still going either most of the readers r little kids who watch the wiggles,or spastics who cant think AT ALL!! for themselves

    honestly cant believe ya still do it ,or that this many people read it ,ya could pick what players he will every week with ya eyes shut and the roughie,and bat a thousand

    it has to be for little kids it just has to be

    calvin roy warnie still adding very little to this site ALL THE BEST STUFF FROM OTHERS

    • Ah, go web your zipper closed tuppy

      these wankers are like my dream arch nemesisisis or is it arch-Nemesisisi I can pummel, gouge, eviscerate and mutilate and they’ll keep coming.

      zombie, keyboard warrior….. o_O

    • Thanks for the amazing words of wisdom there Tuppy. Roy Warnie and Calvin feel like you’ve given them a much needed wake up call, and have cancelled all their plans this week to instead give the site an overhaul (based on your observations). Calvin has retired and handed over the pirate ship to rising star Chook (soz Chook :P), whilst site managment has finally been handed to 44chappo effective immediately. And there’s a new rule…NO TWATS SPAZ’S OR LITTLE KIDS ALLOWED, AS OF TODAY!

      THANKS TUPPY! You have saved DT TALK from mediocrity!!!! HAZZA!

  • Who should i put captain pendles or jobe watson

  • If Sidey happens to spud it up bigtime this week, then his new hand signal will be 2 fingers + a facepalm. Form runs end eventually and Sidey has been on a LONG run of form…due for a dip? I hope Sidey guns it again, but I don’t wanna jinx his great form by making him captain. Personally i’m going Pendles capt, he rarely has bad games – was quiet last week, so expecting Pendles to get 160 this week :)

  • Hey Calvin, why not put Travis Cloke as your Number 1 ;)

    If he switches on and scores 7 or 8 goals with 20+ touches and he scores around 200 points ill be so pissed off i didnt take my own advice :P

  • Stevie. J, captain for me this week, always does well against the shit teams and coming off 150 last week. Also averaging 127 at Simonds this year !