Dream Team Extra: Round 9


And a great weekend was had by most! Some excellent games of footy were on show, particularly Richmond’s spirited fight in Dreamtime At The ‘G and Port’s stunning 6-goal comeback late in the fourth quarter against the Roos. There were massive 2300 and 2400 scores around the grounds – congrats to you coaches who clocked big numbers and marched up the rankings. There was more bad than good news doing the rounds with a few notable guns blighted by injury. So enough chit-chat, let’s dig in!


Murphy Dangerfied

Crunch! The moment of impact.

Two hard nuts went into a contest on the weekend and after the dust settled, the semi-kamikaze Paddy Dangerfield walked away while the mighty durable Marc Murphy was left writhing in pain. That’s just the luck of the draw as Murph came off second best. The upshot is that he’s out for 8-10 weeks after surgery to fix his broken shoulder. That’s an eternity in the DT world and I’m sure you’ve already pulled a reversible trade or ten to sideways him for another midfield premo. Sadly though, here’s another salute to a fallen DT hero… Take care Marc and see you on the paddock when you’re fighting fit!


Swan Song?

The Great Dane was buzzing along in the 90s with a good bit of the final quarter to go when, to the dismay of his coaches (especially those who had him as Captain!) he came off the field and disappeared down the race. The ‘Arizona calling’ alarm bells starting ringing and now there’s a fair bit of twatter debating the merits of keeping the Pies’ accumulator versus trading him out.

Like the Ablett trade, it all really depends on how long you think he’s going to be out for. Collingwood have marked him as a 2 week out, with no indication that he’ll be rested or sent up north for a dose of high altitude training. However, there is some sense in the reasoning that he could be out for up to four weeks as he recovers and rests until after the Pies’ R12 bye. Whichever the case, weigh it all up before you pull the trigger as this could shape your run home. To paraphrase the crusty Grail knight in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, choose wisely!


Greater Western Merry-Go-Round

Dream Team stat supremo @FantasyFreako was among many to tweet that the old fox Sheeds will be putting his rotation policy into effect again this weekend.

Really though, this shouldn’t surprise us. GWS have what looks like a solid plan to get their club up and about in quick time, with a pretty enviable list of youngsters and Sheedy and Choco running the show. This season looks like a real ‘blooding’ year as their selection committee continues to run the kids through the revolving door.

Enough Sheeds, I think I'm gonna be sick... Blurgh!

Hey, that’s great for squad development, isn’t it? Yup, just dandy! But… And it’s a big Serena Williams-type but… This hurts us coaches who have feasted on the charcoal Ooompa-Loompas in the hope that they’ll make us a bucket load of cashola and provide valuable cover when needed. While most are mooing nicely, with the exception of Jon Giles, all of the popular rookies have been rested or rotated so far this year. Psst – don’t take this as gospel, but Gilesy may cop a rest at some stage too!

Okay, to cut a short story long, what I’m getting at here is that while some like J-Mac may be worth holding on to due to very low BEs, do not rely on the baby Giants for cover during the bye weeks. I know, I know, like the dog’s bollocks, I am stating the obvious here, but just be prepared for your precisely planned handful of donuts to turn into a Deluxe Mixed Box through rounds 12 and 13 as Sheedy stirs his starting lineup like a party mix.


Injury Update

Good news everyone – the Kangas have marked H-Mac as being a test, so the big man could be back this week! From the AFL Injury List, others listed as ‘test’ include: Jed Adcock, Clancee Pearce, Adam Kennedy, Jack Hombsch, Jacob Townsend and Matt Priddis. Sam Fisher is still a week away. Al Christensen is also 1-2 weeks off. Keep an eye on Mummy – he’s 1-2 weeks out and could be a prime uprgade target after R12.


Rookie Roundup

I’m really starting to hate this bit. Not because I don’t like writing it, but because half of my rookie picks usually end up getting rested or dropped when the teams come out tonight or green-vested 90 minutes before game time! Okay, let’s have a pot-shot then… In defence, Bugg is the obvious choice if he is named or if you haven’t upgraded him already. Darley, Morris, Ellis and Spurr should do an adequate job otherwise. The Horse is a must in the middle, then Magner, Coniglio and J-Mac (again, if selected) with Lachie Neale and Clay Smith a fair way behind. Jon Giles and Big O are the preferred rucks. Up forward, flavour of the week Zorko should be solid, then Dickson and Dev Smith (see J-Mac). Like I said though, tonight’s lists are key and they will destroy my guesswork!


Anyways, that’s the rub for this week. I’m looking forward to another relatively carnage-free round of high scoring. Feel free to add any news bits, gossip, rumours, rants, raves, etc below to keep the stone rolling. See ya next Thursday for another bout of media trawling and good luck this weekend!


Any questions, suggestions, general chit-chat or requests for next week’s Extra?
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  • Thanks!

    He chose poorly

    • I was wondering why the Knight was there, then read the title “Swans Song” and fucking lost it.


    • loser

    • Sucked in, your not first. Now you look like a dick.
      Oh wait your a Dockers fan so your probably use to that. Loser!!!

      • Doesn’t anyone else think Zorko may be a little bit over rated? I mean yeah he’s the best downgrade target atm, but he’s only really played GWS….

        • yes i agree iam not jumping on the zorko wagon

        • I’m only on coz I need DPP

          • He can sit on the bench, and try to win a spot as an emergency in a couple of weeks. As long as he plays through byes and scores at least some points that’ll do.

          • DPP is vital i think for a lot of coaches. but he scored 96 on GWS but he is a rookie that ISNT a GWS player, so he has less chance of being rested and dropped for another rookie. He will play 80% of the remaining games i believe.

  • cheers buddy, stressing over the rest of the season…

  • d.smith – zorko
    treloar – Zaha


    • both of those guys can still make you cash, maybe just downgrade one for zorko but not zaha once the teams come out.

  • good work TeeTee

  • Don’t smash me in a hail of insults but I agree that Giles will be rested sooner rather than later.
    this week I’m trading him for Jenkins. This will cash me up for MBR’s, I just gotto hope his JS is good.
    P.S I like redtube….ssshhhhh!

    • oooooooooooooooooooooo

    • Giles will only get a rest for a week maybe once or twice – Giants don’t have the depth in rucks to rest him too often – plus he’s “mature age” – hope this counts.

      Anyone up for signing a partition asking Sheeds to rest him next week (giving him 2 weeks off – bye included) whilst the Big O is getting a game?

    • i will be upgrading giles to ivan mavic next week.

      • I like your thinking, better off upgrading than downgrading and mullet man is a good fit. I was thinking Sandilands but I believe he is likely to get at least 2 rests before seasons end.

  • Good Stuff Tee tee…

  • Shit! I forgot about the Sheeds roundabout when calculating the number of donuts due for rounds 12 and 13.

    Could be a DT massacre out there – Par score of 1500 on the cards

    • I started culling sheeds boys weeks ago.
      By the close of bye rounds I will be down to 2 from 6 selected at start of season.
      Only issue is that my trades will be hurting. oh well I’m hoping my side is good enough not to require any trades apart from LTI’s.

    • If we are lucky! I reckon 1500 could be top scores in some of the rounds, partic 13 I reckon with Hawks, Tigers, Suns and Saints out.

      • Top scores during the MBR’s will be around the 2000 mark, average scores will be 1700-1800 imo

        • Hmm… I think lots of coaches will smash it in the bye rounds!

          Wont be me smashing it but organising my team with that spreadsheet yesterday certainly helps.


      • My gf’s team has no players from Round 13. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t crack 1900 – very surprised.

        • Yeah, someone will stack their side so they’re a powerhouse in one of the bye rounds in the hope of winning the weekly prize. I’m probably more interested in the 3-round average than my score in any of the individual rounds. Will make or break my season, really…

        • What’s your girlfriends facebook name man?

  • I’m going to be that guy, and do it with a smile on my face even though it throws all my careful damage control and mad trading out the window.


    I have to go now, the “Reverse Changes” button is calling to me……again.

    • Back next week?


      • WHAT!!!

        Swan is back net week?

        • I guess Collingwood meant 2 weeks and not 2 matches? Round 10 game will be 2 weeks after his injury, nonetheless awesome news for the owners of the great Dane such as myself

      • Swan was jogging lightly and kicking the football on tuesday at training. Should be fine. Its not a tear to the main belly of the hamstring either.

    • Thanks for the link!

    • Dammit – why couldn’t they have shut their damn mouths until tomorrow night?

    • you cant take anything from that injury list they have josh thomas listed twice…..

  • Lake ?
    Scotland? or

    • either Lake or Scotland, Lake is a bit more riskier but he can save you some $$$

  • Thanks Tee, ya big ledge!

    Anyone have some words of wisdom on who to play on the park out of Shiel, Magner and Zorko?

  • Is there anyone who is still in contention to have a crack at winning the FJ look like copping unavoidable donuts through the MBR’s? In top 3000 rankings or higher. Even if you avoid the donuts how is your team going to structure up with people such as Morris, Ellis, Spurr, Pheiffer, Dickson, Redden, Hall, Magner, Stevenson just to name a few going to look in your team as cover. I can’t see the point of trading people with byes out of the team for a week but I don’t want to go tubbling down the rankings.
    These MRB rounds have been giving me headaches for weeks about what to do. I’m going to write a letter to Andrew Dematitiis that next year we have all teams byes on the same week to help us dreamteamers out. Make that bye week the state of origin weekend as well because I would love to see WA smash them Vics and it would also be interesting to see what players in an origin match would rack up the dreamteam points.

    • Good question, I wasn’t seriously going for the FJ but through luck and gut-feel I’ve managed to end up ranked 1286 with a solid team and 16 trades left. I have picked the best rookies when they came through and the risks have paid off.

      However I may have been too clever/careful for my own good. All my GOOD cash cows have no solid downgrade targets. So times when I chose to cull the weaker cows for a $80-120k instead of the fuller, juicier ones ($200k+ profit) like when I went A. Kennedy > Zorko instead of Magner > Zorko.

      So I have a liquidity issue, soon to be the type running down my leg.

    • I am curently 480 with 17 trades left. Going well. It will be so interesting to see how overrall rankings change during the bye rounds. You wont be able to tell where you fit back into the overall rankings until after all of the byes.


    • I don’t know how to avoid unavoidable donuts. If you figure it out, let me know.

      I am just inside the top 3K. I have 18 trades after the Zorko trade this week, and $300K.

      My team is set for the byes. I will do no trades prior to Round 11 (I hope), 3 prior to Round 12, and 3 prior to Round 13. The goal is two donuts – the reality may be otherwise.

      I’ve done everything I can to minimise donuts, and hope to be inside the top 1000 by Round 14. Well to be honest, I hope to be well inside the top 1000. It will depend greatly on how everyone above me manages them, obviously

      • How do people have so many trades? I had to use 4 in the first 2 rounds to get the best performing rookies and drop duds who looked promising but ended up not playing. I did research etc but picking which GWS rookies would perform was a bit of a lottery. Then throw in a few long term injuries and some upgrades and I’m down to 12 trades. Dont plan on doing anything during the byes. I’ll just cope whatever score and play as though the byes didnt exist. Hope to leave myself with 4-5 trades for injuries etc.

  • Nice one, Tee Tee. “Sheeds stirs his line-up like a party mix” – love it.

    Sorry to go so off-topic, shagger, but I need help with my upgrade in defence.

    Goddard v Scotland (yeah, I have neither!)

    The second and third-best averaging backmen. Both are down on their starting price, Goddard significantly so, while Scotland is set to come down more with a BE around 120.

    I’m concerned that Goddard hasn’t scored over 90 for a few weeks and that big 140 at the start of the season against GC is inflating his overall average.

    My concern with Scotland is not knowing what effect the loss of Murphy will have on his scoring – make him sluttier or more frigid?

    The other options (keen on rd13 defenders) are either of Hawks duo Grant Birchall/Matt Suckling, who have a good run home but I think the other two have them covered. Maybe.


    • I’m in the same position; currently don’t have any of the four named gents but plan to pick one up next week. Goddard was always the target particularly when he fell in price, but now a little concerned that he might not bounce his average back up again. Watching a few games, he often looks disinterested or irrational out there; lazy question, does anyone know if he re-signed yet?

      Anyway, at this point, I’m leaning heavily towards Suckling.
      Which means he’ll probably do an ACL in three weeks’ time, so avoid if possible.

    • I’d be going with Scotland.

      He is a key to Carlton getting close to top 4 this year, and as they are in danger of missing out on this, Ratt’s cannot afford to rest him.

      A bad game for Scotland was his 85 last week, and that was in a team where Juddy top scored – don’t see that very often.

      Another variable is his court case coming up later in season. Even if found guilty, first offence, model citizen – will get a good behavior bond, and Carlton will not suspend him.

      He will grind a 90 plus score in 95% of games this year – pretty solid for a backman.

    • The worst trade I’ve made this year was Carrazzo to Goddard…
      any one of your other options will be a better choice.

    • So you dont have Goddard, Scotland, Birchall and Suckling? What kind of backline do you have Chook?

      Id go Scotland, as mentioned above, had a ‘bad’ game last week and still got 85. Goddard seems a long way from the man who had a 110 average 2 years ago.

      • My DEF line without the afore-mentioned trio of Scotland/Goddard/Birchall:

        Deledio, Waters, Broughton, Malceski, Hargrave, Golby, KHunt
        (Ellis, Morris)

        These are also the same nine players that I started with in round one; as you can see, I went fairly mid-priced back there so I could load up elsewhere. This backline scored 679 last week which is admittedly a shade higher than they’ve averaged so far, but I think that performance for value has been pretty good.

        Will upgrade Golby (Suckling) next week along with downgrading Morris (Darley, I think). Then Ellis (Heppell) in round 13, with Hunt destined for D8 emergency. Ellis is dropping in price now but touch wood, won’t be subbed for six points again and “should” be back to pushing $240k or so by that point.

        Two of my four donuts for the bye rounds will come from here (11:Waters/Hargrave/Darley, 13:Lids/Suckling/Hunt). Toyed with finding an R12 rookie for Morris and using another trade to upgrade Malceski (Hanley/Lake?) to increase the ceiling and attempt to limit my donuts to three, but not sure it’ll be worth it at this point; Malceski has been good for a solid 80pts per game week in, week out apart from one game where he was subbed off. And, I’m not sure if there’s any backline rookies with the R12 bye with any sort of job security… not that Darley is a sure thing to play, either, but probably the best bet that I’ve seen so far if he’s to make his fourteen-game quota.

        Ok so maybe I’ve overanalysed it a little… And sorry for hijacking the thread. Lol.

    • I thought I was going to have to make that decision this week as well but with Murphy out I needed to make a different trade instead, I had decided on Goddard just because he is $63k down on his starting price and he was always planned as the first defender upgrade, but with Murphy gone Scotland might even step up and increase his scoring.

      Either way I think you will be looking at getting both in at some point so pick Goddard, because he is cheaper, see how Scotland goes over the next few weeks and then pick him up after his bye. That is the least risky option and you save money in the meantime.

  • Great atricle!
    My hair is almost gone over this deision!
    Watson. Thompson and J.Selwood?? Please help!

    • Would Go thomo, Watson, selwood in that order..

      • thomo has a ridiculous ride home after byes go thomo for sure. will averag 120+ after the bye rounds

    • F#CK ME HAZZA!
      You have asked this question 9 times and that is without exaggeration!
      Please only ask once or twice at most in the future if you want to lose your tag as an absolute muppet…

  • Ive got a feeling Stephen Clifton will debut this week. Dev Smith will come back

    • Cliftons still listed as 2 weeks. Not that that means alot…

      • Really? He played in the reserves last weekend, saw his name on the goals

      • Oh ok he’s hurt his knee (just had a look), prob in that game. Hell be a good downgrade target in 4-5 weeks when he gets on the bubble, later the better though ;)

  • Swan is playing this week.

  • Elliot Yeo is debuting for Brisbane. Another mid option.

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      I use to like them, now they are dry and tasteless.
      Also, your popcorn chicken boxes are tiny these days. Give me a nice sized portion you tight ass.

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    Kinds Regards hazza44

  • Still no Couch……. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU NEELD , hopefulyl will come right for MBR rounds

  • Heppell out!

    • GWS: Hampton, Kennedy, Smith, Shiel, Bugg, McDonald for Palmer, Hoskin-Elliott, Buntine, Tomlinson, Wilson, Greene.

  • forward line complete now, Franklin, Beams, Sidebottom, Robinson, Dangerfield, O’keefe, Martin

  • Who to trade out for zorko?

    Magner, D.Smith or Porps?

    trading out magner will give me a DPP
    already trading out greene for GAJ.

  • I’ll have a full squad playing minus Redden. Pretty happy with that :)

    …Now to decide if Pfeiffer or Kennedy should take my F7 spot to cover Christensen (worst trade of the season too just FYI).