Fantasy Freako’s Rave: Round 8

The weekly Fantasy Freako Rave from the team at Champion Data is available for download. The rave includes Dream Team scores and Time on Ground percentage which gives us the all important points per minute stats. The Freako also gives us some hot tips for each team as well a bit of info from the round just gone.

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DOWNLOAD: Fantasy_Freako_Rd8.pdf



  • Just when i thought Horsely couldn’t be any better…

    He has the second highest points per minute of anyone in the league?!? That is a huge stat!

    Great read as usual!

  • Defs going Porps to Beams next week

  • thanks for the help

  • i like that Melbourne is ranked 19th in dreamteam scoring

  • How bad has Ellis been?!?!

    In his last 4:

    47 50 6 44

    If he wasn’t in a team destined to spend eternity in purgatory (the bottom 10), he would have been banished to VFL land yages ago.

    Can’t believe I held that chump so long

    • Seeing as though basically each score has been sub affected, they aren’t as bad as they seem. He was solid after coming on this weekend, I doubt he’ll be sub again.

    • If you think Dreamteam scores are a DIRECT reflection of ability, then you are sorely mistaken.

    • You’re a fool Brendan. Do you even watch the actual matches anymore? or do you just sit at your computer watching the points tally. Sad.

  • yet again you have delivered a wonderful article. Thanks for the contribution I look forward to reading it again next week and as the season unfolds.

    Regards, bradley

  • DEFENDERS: Deledio, goddard, birchell, hargrave, bugg, Lee spurr, townsend, smedts, sam darely.

    MIDS: swan, boyd, thompson, murphy, Stantonl, Devon smith, macdonald, Horsely.

    RUCKS: cox, giles, stepheson, redden.

    FORWARDS: sidebottom, robinson, franklin, dangerfield, D Martin, cloke, J cameron, A hall, D piffier.

    Overall thoughts…?
    im concerned about my defence :/
    and suggestions on what i should do with swan and murphy..?
    should i get zorko or not..? personally im not sure :/

    rd 11: 12 players :/
    rd 12: 7 players
    rd 13: 11 players :/

    17 trades left
    $42,200 in salary atm

    • Defence: 5/10, but that’s pretty standard this year – First 4 are keepers, 5th is due for an upgrade in 3-4 rounds, and your last 4 have little job security

      You know that you’re going to get Zorko, so why even ask?

      • i have to trade out either swan or murphy, probably murphy is the option considering how long he is out for. i dont know who to trade in for murphy though.. :/
        i probably should trade one of my rookies coz than i get zorko and have more cash in the salary, but who to trade out of my team.. im not sure of :/

        • Catch ya later A Hall…

          • yeh thats wat ive thinking and wat im going to do..
            just got to bring in a premium in the mid for murphy, not sure who to bring in though..
            yehh ill be looking at trading 2 or 3 in rd 11 and hopefully thats all my trading for the byes..

        • you having 12 out in the first round will not be very good BUT it does help the other rounds…. i guess

          • yehh ill be looking at trading 2 or 3 in rd 11 and hopefully thats all my trading for the byes..

  • Who should I get for Murphy – Has tossed up A swallow, thompson, Ablett, Ebert…. ?? trying to make sure it fits into my bye structure.

    Getting rid of Milera > Zorko to free up up some cash

    Heppell v Suckling (even)
    Hargrave v Morris (win)
    Pendlebury v Swan/McDonald (win)
    Rockliff v Hayes (even)
    J.Selwood v Shiel (win)
    Jacobs v Cox (loss)
    Dangerfield v Chapman (even)
    Zorko v Beams (loss)
    D.Smith v Cameron (even)

    Thoughts? Should get a win…

    • Too early to call, he may trade, change bench players, players out, wait until Friday night.

  • Mitch Robbo could be an ok price to complete my fwdline in round 11… if only Hall comes back by then…