Reptiled With The Sub Marine – Round 8

Pies Fasolo
Cats Guthrie
Power Pfeiffer
Roos Greenwood
Hawks Savage
Dockers Neale
Swans Johnson
Dees Blease
Dogs Smith
Suns Sexton
Bombers Lovett-Murray
Tigers Edwards
Lions Bewick
Giants Buntine
Blues Curnow
Crows Lynch
Eagles Brennan
Saints Cripps


  • first class article once again

  • For the Lions I reckon it will be out of Bewick or Green.


    Brisbane Lions v GWS Giant

    G – Sun May 20, 1:10pm

    Brisbane Lions

    B: Ryan Lester, Matt Maguire, Josh Drummond
    HB: Jed Adcock, Joel Patfull, Mitchell Golby
    C: Pearce Hanley, Tom Rockliff, Daniel Rich
    HF: James Polkinghorne, Jonathan Brown, Jack Redden
    F: Ashley McGrath, Daniel Merrett, Patrick Karnezis
    Foll: Billy Longer, Simon Black, Andrew Raines
    I/C: Jared Polec, Joshua Green, Rohan Bewick, Dayne Zorko

    Emg: James Hawksley, Ryan Harwood, Niall McKeever

    In: Jed Adcock, Ryan Lester, Joshua Green, Rohan Bewick
    Out: James Hawksley, Todd Banfield (Leg), Ryan Harwood, Niall McKeever

    GWS Giants

    B: Luke Power, Tim Mohr, Sam Darley
    HB: Adam Tomlinson, Phil Davis, Sam Reid
    C: WIlliam Hoskin-Elliot, Dom Tyson, Tom Scully
    HF: Adam Treloar, Jeremy Cameron, Stephen Coniglio
    F: Chad Cornes, Israel Folau, Toby Greene
    Foll: Jonathan Giles, Callan Ward, Jacob Townsend
    I/C: Andrew Phillips, Rhys Palmer, Matthew Buntine, Taylor Adams

    Emg: Anthony Miles, Sam Schulz, Nathan Wilson

    In: Sam Darley, WIlliam Hoskin-Elliot, Matthew Buntine, Adam Tomlinson, Sam Reid
    Out: Tomas Bugg (Rested), Dylan Shiel (Rested), Liam Sumner (Foot), Devon Smith (Rested), Adam Kennedy (Shoulder)

    New: Sam Darley (Nth. Hobart), Matthew Buntine ()
    Carlton v Adelaide

    ES – Sun May 20, 3:15pm


    B: Christopher Yarran, Michael Jamison, Lachlan Henderson
    HB: Nick Duigan, Paul Bower, Zach Tuohy
    C: Kade Simpson, Chris Judd, Heath Scotland
    HF: Eddie Betts, Bret Thornton, Jordan Russell
    F: Andrew Walker, Shaun Hampson, Jeffrey Garlett
    Foll: Matthew Kreuzer, Marc Murphy, Bryce Gibbs
    I/C: Dennis Armfield, David Ellard, Mitch Robinson, Edward Curnow

    Emg: Aaron Joseph, Brock McLean, Andrew Collins

    In: Bret Thornton, Christopher Yarran
    Out: Jarrad Waite (Back), Aaron Joseph

    Milestones: Christopher Yarran – 50 games


    B: Michael Doughty, Ben Rutten, Graham Johncock
    HB: Matthew Jaensch, Daniel Talia, Brent Reilly
    C: David Mackay, Scott Thompson, Nathan van Berlo
    HF: Jared Petrenko, Josh Jenkins, Ian Callinan
    F: Matthew Wright, Kurt Tippett, Jason Porplyzia
    Foll: Sam Jacobs, Patrick Dangerfield, Rory Sloane
    I/C: Bernie Vince, Ricky Henderson, Brodie Smith, Tom Lynch

    Emg: Brad Symes, Brodie Martin, Luke Thompson

    In: Bernie Vince, Tom Lynch

    Out: Taylor Walker (Suspension), Jarryd Lyons
    West Coast Eagles v St Kilda

    PS – Sun May 20, 2:40pm

    West Coast Eagles

    B: Sam Butler, Darren Glass, Will Schofield
    HB: Beau Waters, Eric Mackenzie, Shannon Hurn
    C: Matthew Rosa, Matthew Priddis, Andrew Gaff
    HF: Chris Masten, Quinten Lynch, Luke Shuey
    F: Dean Cox, Jack Darling, Josh Hill
    Foll: Nic Naitanui, Scott Selwood, Daniel Kerr
    I/C: Adam Selwood, Patrick McGinnity, Brad Sheppard, Jacob Brennan

    Emg: Thomas Swift, Lewis Stevenson, Koby Stevens

    In: Adam Selwood, Will Schofield, Nic Naitanui
    Out: Mitch Brown, Ryan Neates, Scott Lycett

    St Kilda

    B: Jason Gram, Sam Gilbert, Jason Blake
    HB: Tom Simpkin, Sean Dempster, Jarryn Geary
    C: Ahmed Saad, Lenny Hayes, Brendon Goddard
    HF: Jack Steven, Nick Riewoldt, Leigh Montagna
    F: Stephen Milne, Rhys Stanley, Terry Milera
    Foll: Justin Koschitzke, Nick Dal Santo, Clinton Jones
    I/C: David Armitage, Farren Ray, Jamie Cripps, Beau Wilkes

    Emg: James Gwilt, Arryn Siposs, Jack Newnes

    In: Jamie Cripps
    Out: Arryn Siposs

  • Much better picks this week roy. Well done.

  • Surprised if Lynch starts sub for Adelaide with Walker out!

  • Hey Roy. Why do you reckon Neale over Spurr?

  • I like it when I read through the list and none of them is in my entire squad. I wish to make the NeedMore Cats a RFZ (Reptile Free Zone). Now if I somehow stop Sheedy resting half my team then that would be even better!

    ps. I read of rumours, on twitter, that Srarlo is out tonight. Has anyone heard anything more?

  • Who knows who the subs will be????
    Im tipping roy will get 12 right this week

  • Spurrter with a vest for sure

  • Who do you think the 18 will be? Easy to criticise.

    This whole game is one giant guessing game but some people’s guesses is better than others’. I would be rapt to pick 12reptiles.

  • geeeee is anyone else worried that the great B Whitecross could be the sub? i know i am :S

    btw, hopefully van berlo is freo’s sub. i think he will be!

  • i’m tipping morris to be sub for tiges, unfortunately.

    who should i play out of spurr morris or ellis??

  • Savage absolutely zero chance to start in green, don’t know where you would pull that from.

  • Whitecross also no chance, more likley to be Breust, Puopolo or Suckling.

  • To start Morris or Ellis on the field???

  • Who do you reckon will score more – Sexton or Pfieller, both will probly be sub. Need one to cover for Kenndey/Smith

    • Sexton is definitely sub. Where as pfieffer has I smaller chance ( but still high) just because of wingard. He might be

  • You better be right about Spurr. Starting him on field this week

  • Lol Roy u plan to get any right sooner or later?

  • West Coast – Brad Sheppard

  • Just on the Reptile thing, I reckon surely it has to be Mario/Luigi.

    What say you people?