Good Trade, Bad Trade: Rd 8

Well, round 7 was an absolute belter of a round with the par score around a massive 2200 points. The trades are flying hard and fast (in a Tony Greig voice) at this point of the season, and people are starting to get what they consider a ‘set’ team to have a crack at league glory or for a select few the FJ. What trades will get you there? Well, me or my crystal ball doesn’t know but it’s sure as hell good fun to discuss!

Spurr of the moment?

This week,  general consensus in dream team communities (and assistant coach stats) is trading young tiger Brandon Ellis to mature Docker Lee Spurr. Ellis got the attack of Scorpion ( I don’t care what others say chook, I’m gonna keep it going) and pumped out a paltry 6, putting a halt in his dream team cash production quicker than David Cloke shops around Travis Cloke for more dollars. Ellis has already leaked $21,200 last week and with a b/e of 82, is due to leak another $13,500 so now appears the time to jump ship. For the first time this season, there is a back line rookie that is on the bubble,and is actually worth considering and this man is Lee Spurr. Lee Spurr looked at home on the half back line, amassing 20 disposals and 6 marks for 69 points and now has a b/e of -21 and projected increase $26,900. Something to consider with Spurr is that he only has played GC and Port so may not look as home against the better teams like Hawthorn and West Coast (ironically, the teams he plays next. Job security wise, he is keeping veteren Antoni Grover and Alex Silvagni out of the team so has a chance to keep playing and earn some cash.

Is this a good trade?  Well you make $104,100 on the trade, which isn’t great money, but Spurr does have more cash generation in the interim. Is it worth a trade? In my opinion, no.  I see Rd 13 rookies like Ellis and Morris as keepers until this round, when they can be traded to rd 11 or 12 players to reduce the amount of donuts. With all the gun rd 13 backmen, flexibility will be the key to successfully navigate the bye rounds.

Looking upwards, an extra $200k or so will get you gun premos who have bottomed out such as Shaw ($421k), Goddard and Suckling ($417,000) Birchall ($398,000)  and Waters ($393,000). There are players from each round to suit any structure needs and with other rooks with great job security, upgrading at this time of the season may turn out to be more profitable than the cull.

Well, short and sweet this week, are you jumping on the Spurr wagon? or will you just hold the trades for future cows and sacrifice a bit of cash? Discuss it all here!

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  • Hey guys can you rate my team and possibly give me some areas where i can improve my team, i have 16 trades left (Have had some troubles with injuries) am ranked 30,000 and $203,000 in the bank. 2nd year in Dream Team.

    Defence: Deledio, Goddard, Waters, Hurn, Clarke, Lake, Grimes INT: Spurr, Ellis

    Midfield: Watson, S. Selwood, Kennedy, Hayes, Ablett, Horsely INT: Shiel, Neale

    Rucks: Ryder, McIntosh INT: Giles

    Forward: Sidebottom, Franklin, Johnson, Martin, Smith, Ballantyne, Cameron INT: Pfeiffer, Zorko

    • Ballantyne is your weak link. With your cash you could upgrade him to any other forward.

  • Ellis to shaw/waters/enright or and other defender up 427,000 without the rd 13 bye

  • Quick question:
    Def: deledio, Goddard, waters, hargrave, lake, bugg, Ellis (Morris, smedts)
    Mid: Gaj, swan, peddles, jelwood, rockliff, horsely (shiel, pfieffer)
    Fwd: sidey, Franklin, beams, Martin, Rioli, d smith, porpus (treloar, Cameron)
    Cash left: $142,00
    Really want to upgrade Ellis to a bottomed out Birchall to complete back line. Is there anywhere to free cash as Birchall is still $44 grand away? Or should I just downgrade Ellis to spurr am a bit worried about a spur smedts interchange as it is a bit risky coz of js. Other options could be Ellis-spurr Morris- Birchall but Morris has growth. Want to upgrade rioli to Robinson but will probs wait a week coz of high be on robo, and zorkos 3rd game.

  • Been riding the Magner train since the start and I’m wondering if it is time to jump ship. Currently looking to bolster my forward line and was thinking of trading out Magner for Zaharakis and then move D Smith to the mids and plop Zaharakis in the forwards.

    Smart/dumb what do you think.

    Here’s the current team

    DEF: B Deledio, B Goddard, M Suckling, D Heppell, R Hargrave, M Clarke, L Spurr, (T Bugg, B Smedts)

    MID: D Swan, M Boyd, T Rockliff, G Ablett, J Selwood, T Greene, (J Magner, K Horsley)

    RUCK: D Cox, J Giles, (J Redden, O Stephenson)

    FWD: S Sidebottom, L Franklin, D Martin, T Cloke, T Milera, J Porplyzia, A Treloar, (D Smith, A Hall)

    Cash $149,000
    Trades remaining 17

  • Hall or kennedy out for Zorko?

  • Seems as though there has been alot of talk about Spurr for a down grade target (which I am in that boat to make some cash).

    Any opinions on Delaney? – Nth Melb

    • was thinking the same thing, might have better JS then Spurr with Nth being full strength and not getting dropped after a bad loss.

  • kennedy for pavlich or zaha?

  • I play the league leader next week, and am currently destined to lose. He actually has the lowest total score of the top four, and beating him is my best way to force my team in there. So I was hoping for some trading advice. Byes are not a factor for me, as I have three of the bottom four teams in those weeks, and have them comfortably covered.

    Current Team:

    DEF: Deledio, Scotland, Goodard, Heppell, Waters, Clarke (Bugg, Ellis)

    MID: Ebert, Rockliff, Greene, Magner, Horsley, Adams (Shiel, Pfeiffer)

    RCK: Cox, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)

    FWD: Robinson, Franklin, Chapman, Martin, Petrie, Cornes, Treloar (Porplyzia, Hall)

    I have $525,300 cash, and am prepared to use it all and burn all four trades remaining before the game to guarantee this win.

    Petrie is clearly under performing, but I’m prepared to give him more time given he plays Port and Brisbane and his highest scores this year were against Gold Coast and GWS.

    My current thoughts are Shiel and Magner to Boyd and Thompson this week, but I realise they have more earning potential, and I have a lot of wasted cash on my benches. Thanks for any input…

    • If my second “premium” is Mitchell, then I can actually afford anybody else at all. Assuming using all my cash this week on two top mid-fielders is my best strategy…

    • I missed a defender. Hargrave completes my line up.

  • Going to spend some cash to upgrade my mids.

    Shiel to either Swan, Boyd, Watson or Judd?

    Opinions boys?

  • I’ve gone Ellis – Goddard and Hall – StevieJ as my 2 upgrades this week… Wanted Robbo but bye/BE/knock? put me off.

    To Ike: Porps isn’t going from my team anytime soon, so maybe a keeper? Im not considering Dal Santo, but I also ignored Barlow, Hayes, etc… I don’t like mid priced mids