Rookie Rollercoaster

As DreamTeamers we all get excited when we see a cash cow on the bubble especially when there’s a 100+ in their first couple games. Now some of us have been hurt before and some of us have held on for the ride. I take a quick look back at history and see how the rollercoaster ride has fared for us


Beau (must have) Muston

First 3 games: 127, 106, 42
Season games: 8
Season average: 70.6


Jordan Gysberts

First 3 games: 103, 78, 29
Season games: 3
Season average: 70

Micheal Barlow

First 3 games: 128, 127, 46
Season games: 13
Season average: 109.8


Ed Curnow

First 3 games: 107, 91, 100
Season games: 12
Season average: 76.2

Tom Liberatore

First 3 games: 72, 116, 76
Season games: 16
Season average: 69.8


Adam Kennedy

First 3 games: 116, 72, 58
Season games: 5
Season average: 65.4

James Magner

First 3 games: 103, 106, 48
Season games: 7
Season average: 78.4

Toby Greene

First 3 games: 99, 107, 54
Season games: 5
Season average: 94.4

Kyal (the horse) Horsley

First 3 games: 101, 123, ???
Season games: 2
Season average: 112.0

As you can see there has been some great scoring by rookies on debut but holding such a high average is not easy and that’s why we offload these kids for superstars like Gary Ablett and Dane Swan. The question is can the Horse hold his average with Ablett & Risky back in the side? And will he be sub? I think he can, I’ve seen this guy play over here in the west when he was with Subiaco in the WAFL and his numbers back up what I’m saying:

He’s played 91 league games over 5 seasons, runner up in the Sandover (brownlow) in 2011 & won his club fairest and best, played in 3 WAFL grand finals. In 2011 he was ranked 4th in the league for total disposals at ave 24.1, and ranked 1st in total kicks ave 15.8. Last year he started slowly and built up towards the end of the season where it counts and I really think this guy can be a keeper as you M6 or M7 seasons end

His first half of the year averages (10games)

Disposals: 20.5
Tackles: 1.8
Dreamteam: 74.6
Second half averages (10 games)
Disposals: 26.3
Tackles: 4.3
Dreamteam: 102.3
WAFL finals (3 games)
Disposals: 28.7
Tackles: 5.7
Dreamteam: 111.3

Hope you’re as convinced as I am, so jump on the horse and feel free to add more rollercoaster rookies in the comments


Matt Dickie (@MattDickster_DT)


  • First

  • carn the horse big score from you and gaz today!

    • +1 but Horsley is EMG, I was considering putting the horse on and Ward off, but decided against it

      • really? you actually thought for a minute that you would play a rookie on field ahead of a player averaging 98.8? were you high? sure he’s played 2 amazing games but come on man

  • Tom Lynch (GC) last year!

    Had 2 90s and then faded out real bad

  • Isaac Smith last years tarted with 89, 59, 99 on his way to an 84 ave

  • well bit late now not to put Horsey on the field, but good work

    • yeh wouldve liked to send it off friday morning but i work away so couldnt get it through to warnie till this morning, cheers

  • Won’t average 112 thats for sure. I think 80-90 would be more realistic which would still be awesome.

  • Not only did the horse win Subi’s B&F, he won it by 70+ votes!

    Sub or not, my opponents have him on ground too.

  • Good thread Warnie.

    Hard to remember a better year for rookies. Taylor Adams on the bubble would have been a close to a lock at this point in any other season, but most teams can’t find a place for him. When the topic of the week is which rookie should be culled early to make way Horsely, you know you are truly spoilt for choice.

    With no expansion teams on debut next year, we will return to the DT game that I remember. The game where most rookies struggled to string a few games together – or get a game at all – and where the top five draftees were actually worth picking.

    Enjoy the ride while it lasts .. and go the Giants today!

  • toby greene over horsley any day.

  • Great match GWS v Suns green, conigs, cornes, horse, giles. Good thing traded out kennedy for horse kennedy’s not looking too good. Was thinking of putting dev smith ahead on ground instead of cornes but didn’t at the last minute phew! Bugg not looking that good though he’s gonna get a crap score this week thats two stinkers in a row not good for BE and price rises. :(

  • prestia is ripping it up much betta than last year consider upgrade from dickson

  • What pick was Horsely?

    Something tells me he went rookie draft?

  • I reckon horslye will score….. Around 95 today….lol