Lockout Chat: Round 7

After a massive week in AFL Dream Team, we are back for another round. How are you attacking Round 7? Did you make any big trades? Discuss it all here in the comments all weekend. We want to hear your scores after each game so we all get a good idea how the DT community is going!

POST YOUR SCORES: Show your scores as well as how many players have played… if you captain has played, count then as two. So at the end of the round, you have 23 players to have played.


  • 2248 with lenny and goddard to play.

  • Wow some absolute monster scores going on.

    I will be about 100 off the pace with 2128 with robbo and goddard.

  • Please help me,

    I am a first year dream teamer and only discovered this site after I had created my team. I have done what I can to correct mistakes thanks to advice from the articles and posts from this site. I need help as to what I should do from now. I have luckily only lost one of my leagues games. Adcock and mcdonald was benched this week and I am worried about christensen’s injury. From what I see I imagine I need another super premo in my mids and another good defender?

    Here is my team. Please help

    Def; deledio, goddard, heppell, hurn, conca, mohr, smedts (adcock, wilkes)
    Mid; swan (c), rockcliff, ablett, barlow, horsely, shiel (mcdonald, zorko)
    Ruck; sandilands, giles (longer, stephenson)
    Forward; robinson, sidebottom, franklin, zaharakis, dangerfield, christensen, treloar (cameron, pfeiffer)

    I will be more educated next year but what should I do?

    • trade rocky for thomson

    • Not a bad team, try to trade Shiel for a premo this week if you have the $$.. Mitchell is quite cheap atm and seems to fit your BYE structure.

      I also have Christensen, anyone have news on how bad his injury is yet?

    • Do not trade Rockliff for Thommo! I know you are young Jack and just trying to help but that is terrible advice.

      You need to turn Shiel into a premium with the round 13 bye as soon as you can prob Murphy or Mitchell will be the ones I recommend. You have cover for AC so hold onto him. Maybe sub him into the mids where you have more depth.

      You will need to look at upgrading some of your defenders as well. This isn’t urgent though as Mohr, Conca and Hurn have very good JS. Overall though your team isn’t terrible. Might need to look at the bye rounds before upgrading anyone.

      • Thanks Ridley, your advice always seems spot on. I only have 95,000 in the bank. Do I need to do a downgrade and then upgrade shiel to murphy? If so, who do I downgrade? Or does it look like I need to do two downgrades? And then upgrade the week after?

        • Ps how would I get adcock into the mids?

          • Not Adcock. Christensen into the mids. If he is listed as out for longer than 3 weeks then maybe look at trading. You don’t actually have that many downgrade options from what I can see. It is late though so will have another look in the morning after coffee if I get a chance. Might need to wait a week or 2 for the cows to grow fat then maybe old mac to rook and shiel to premo. Your team isn’t that bad but I am thinking you have eaten up a lot of trades.

  • i must be the only person who did not trade horsly into my team hahah.

    but to be honest the 2 guys i did trade in will go up more then the money horsly will go up plus i still pick up the raise from the person i did not trade out for horsly so did i make the right move?

    time will tell

    • and i got rid of ellis at the right time.
      feel sorry for people who got a 6 from him
      So happy i did not trade out dickerson either i hope he plays the bye rounds!

      • Sounding very non-committal there Swamp, no mention of the trades you made mate. Be interesting to see who could go up more than Horsley if they both keep playing.
        In saying that you need to do what is right with your team set-up.

  • 1960 with gibbs robbo hayes and goddard left my opponent has got 2249 with goddard im projected to get 2362 and hes projected to get 2342 so hopefully i win not sure if i will tho

  • 2183 with Robbo and Goddard to come, 2400 if i get lucky :)

  • Thoughts on my main league match
    Me: 39 points + Goddard + Kreuzer
    Him : Goddard + Robinson

    Should be a tight one. Assistant coach says me by 4. Might be about right IMO

    Cheers in advance

    • I think you might win…..but then you might lose as well. Hope this helps.

      • And if you want to be taken seriously, try it like this.

        Your team: Kruezer +39
        Villains team: Robinson

    • So Robinson needs to score 40 more than Kruezer for you to lose

  • It’s a bit depressing to know that 2146 with Goddard and Robbo to come is just par by the looks of it.

    Anyway, come on the mighty Queens Park Rangers! Let’s down those City scum and United over the line. Wish I could watch both the United and City game at the same time instead of having to keep flicking back :(

  • Wow!!!!!! That was AMAZINGGG!!! Man City winning the title DEEP into extra time, an unlikely winner from Aguero…..BOOOOM! Greatest moment in the history of sport! And i’m a friggin Chelsea supporter…haha! Watched the entire City game, went through all the many highs and lows, from Barton’s insane brain fart, QPR hitting the lead, to Aguero’s winner…just WOW! Really happy for City, good to see someone beside’s united winning for once. I’m still really pumped up….amazing stuff! Great day for sport…Just wow! :D

  • Already thinking of my next 4 trades…
    This week: Milera > Zorko, Ellis > Spurr (+$230,000)
    Next week: Kennedy > Didak, Magner > Barlow (-$220,000)

    Mid – Ablett, Pendles, Boyd, Rockliff, Barlow, Horsely (Greene, McDonald)
    Fwd – Franklin, Robinson, Sidebottom, Martin, Dangerfield, Didak, Smith (Zorko, Hall)

  • Some massive scores this week… at least I know where it went wrong for me!
    Projected score 2190 (overall ranking WAS 1000th)
    Rockliff, Heppell, Bugg, Kennedy all hurt!

  • So, looking like a big scoring week for a change. whats looking like par score this week? 2200-2250?

  • 2125 with God and Scotland to play. Beams was captain. Scott Thomson is my most expensive player at $509K. So far my team has beaten their break even by 1,191. Unbelievable round for the cows

    • Should have been *my squad* has beaten their BE by 1,191. Anyone else worked out theirs?

  • I’ve got Murphy vs. my opponents Scotland and 2 points. Going to be a close one. Projected’s got him winning by a point i think.

  • Looking like an average week for myself.
    Only gonna get just over 2300 with bugg heppell and Parker failing for me…
    Doesnt even look like 2300 will make Par…

  • Below average for me this week – expecting around 2150. Like many made the wrong call with the Ellis/Morris selection and HMAC going down also hurt.

    The rest of my league will be 2200-2300 so I am bringing down the average. This spartan sucks.

  • I need Robinson to get more that 118 to beat my opponent….. Will he do it??

  • to help my bye structure should i trade bugg to lee spur and upgrade mzungu?

  • After Boyd dragging me back into my match, Duffield v Barlow has left me with some work to do.

    Robinson v Hayes and 23.

    Any chance of catching up?

  • Gah I’m ahead by 19 points in my cash league. Both me & my opponent have Goddard and Robinson. I have Riewoldt and he has Murphy. If I was a gambling man I’d back him but i’m hoping big Nick can get me over the line and Jones tags Murphy…..

  • Will Pfieller, Hall or Redden play before the byes or do I need to dump them for Taylor Adams, Aaron Young or Josh Jenkins etc

  • Ellard and Siposs the subs.

  • On 1688 with goddard, robinson, murphy and stanley to come
    Score was stuffed up by ellis on field, golby, bugg, heppel and ablett as capatain.
    Hoping my weekly ranking isnt below 50k…. What do you reckon i’ll get????

  • Just realised this article has over 1250 comments… Thats gotta be some sort of record,

  • I am…

    2223 with BJ left, hoping he can get me to 2320. If Ellis had got 50 odd more than what he did because of the sub, I’d be hoping for 2350 and that is amazing by my low standards!!!!

    Anyway, I can’t be much happier than I am right now :) (I know some people are smashing my score but I am just having my own little win!) Good luck tonight guys!

  • will be hard with the family to get the footy on our flatscreen with the voice on tonight…..

    • Lol. I’ve been ‘banished’ to the man-cave tonight, brews and laptop in hand ;)

  • Not sure if I’ll be able to cope tonight. Massive saints supporter, tipped carlton in a cash comp where I’m sitting third and have 5 players who I need to pump out some good scores to get around 2300.
    There will be a lot of shouting at the screen tonight..

  • robbo out for the game been subbed

  • I feel sorry for anyone who just can’t see that the umpires are routinely, intentionally, favouring one team over another in order to either make the game closer or get a particular team over the line.

    I am a Collingwood supporter. I don’t have Murphy or Robinson in my DT partly because I hate going for Carlton players. Doesn’t change the fact that the Saints are getting an armchair ride from the umps. It’s a disgrace.

  • If Marc Murphy keeps this up I might actually get knocked out of my eliminator…

  • All I need to win my most competitive league game is for Murphy to score 28 less points than Kreuzer at the most. Right now he’s 26 points down, and I’m only one point up.

    Long story short: LIFT YOUR GAME MURPHY.

    • Why oh why did I trade in Murphy for Gaz….

      • +1

        I did exactly the same thing. Thought Gaz would be out for a while, took the 40, 000 cash, and thought “Murphy is ultra consistent, this can’t backfire at all”.

    • 2 POINT WIN! Saves me from trading out Murphy in anger and disgust…