Fantasy Freako’s Rave: Round 6

The weekly Fantasy Freako Rave from the team at Champion Data is available for download. The rave includes Dream Team scores and Time on Ground percentage which gives us the all important points per minute stats. The Freako also gives us some hot tips for each team as well a bit of info from the round just gone.

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  • Freako

    Huu Haaaa!!!

  • freeko is a nutjob:

    1) why would you get mtichell this round with his BE at 151? wait till next week when he’s on sale!

    2) “Magner has to go now” – actually Magner has the round 12 BYE, so you should sell him after round 11 for a round 11 BYE player – that way you can ‘skip’ the BYE with that spot in your team;

    3) Consider Boyd as capatin – why is he giving captain advice? hasn’t he heard of calvin?

    4) didak a smokey? wtf? who needs a smokey now? we are all trying to downgrade cows and upgrade smokeys/cows/rooks into proven guns – smokey’s arent what we’re after anymore……! you get didak into your team you muppet!!!

    • Frankie goes to hollywood….. Relax!!!!

      its just some advice and stats
      from the guys that have been in the business for a long time

    • Thanks Beermee, very insightful.

      I wish I hadn’t wasted my time reading Freako’s Rave now, I should have just read your post instead. Do you think you could set up a mailing list so you can send out that stuff weekly? That’d be awesome.

    • hero…

    • 1. Wonder what you’ll be thinking when you see your opposition has Mitchell v Melb this week?
      … it’s not all just about the money, you have to win a game
      2. Magner’s avg 66 last four rounds… up against Hawks, Swans, Blues next few
      … avg could quickly become 55
      3.You wouldn’t consider someone averaging 113 as captain?
      4. Didak is a proven DT gun, at a good price… hence a good smokey for trades through MBR’s
      … Name me another unique proven DT smokey?

      • sorry, my first post wasn’t meant to be that harsh, but i just don’t agree with some of freeko’s advice (can you tell??)….

        savabeer, good points you raise, but my thoughts are:

        1) i’ll get mitchell in a week or 2 when he drop in price – no need to overpay. my mids are already ok, without the need to overpay for the next upgrade; i got pendles in last week on the same basis (that he’s bottomed out in price)…

        2) magners 55 points (assuming thats what he starts scoring) will no doubt serve me well in the round 11 BYE and then he will be traded out to help avoid round 12/13 BYE donuts…. its not all about money – dont have to milk him right at the top do we? his 55 points might be critical with all the outs in r11….

        3) yeah, i would go boyd, but reckon calvins advice on captains will highlight other captain options….. and i am more inclined to trust calvins advice…

        4) didak was proven 2-3 years ago, not so sure about how proven he is now….. he is a high risk play in my opinion and at this point we should be trying to de-risk our teams with guns….

        • I think the point we have to remember here is it’s Freako’s Rave for THIS round…
          Future price rises/drops, MBR’s and the likes are secondary to what he thinks are good moves for this weekend. Well, thats how I’m reading it… and I look forward to the rave every week

        • Beermee it looks like the freako was spot on with Boyd. The bloke knows what he’s talking about…

        • How did Boyd go beerme?

    • Freako*

    • Love to read your articles mate….Can you do better? I DON’T THINK SO.

      Look forward to reading Fantasy Freako each week. Great insight and very handy to have.

  • How come Lids isn’t in the leading DPP’s???

    • I’d assume he’s referring to FWD/MID dpps only…. except for clancee by the looks who’s a mid/fwd…?

  • Thanks Freako as always a great and insightful piece.

    Ablett looking good this week.
    make of this what you will….

    • Bad news is what I’ll make of it!…Traded him out for Pendles last week

  • What does everyone read into this?

    its McKenna discussing Gazza being played more as a forward and a wingman now that the younger midfielders have learnt how to go and get the ball.

    • Will get more +6s as a link up on the wing, instead of rushed handballs in the guts.. and when he’s rested forward, I’d back him to snag a few goals as a clever small forward.

      Im sure he’ll still get similar TOG and as long as he’s out there, you know he’ll be scoring points!

  • I think Ryan O’Keefe is a really good option hes seems to have found some form, and im pretty sure one of his earlier low scores was sub affected… correct me if im wrong. Save a 100k too….

  • Champion data wont work :(

  • I think Championdata is down.

  • For those still with Porps in their teams.

    Hopefully this is promising.

  • Need a swap for Goodes. Is picking Clancee Pearce over Beams seem slightly absurd ? Looking for a point of diff in fwd line. If you take out his rd 1 score where he was subbed off, his average is right there with the rest of the fwds and he’s only 411k ! If I take pearce I end up with 393k in bank or 322 with Beams.

    Any thoughts ?

    • You have to Beams mate, he will gun it this year. While Pearce may well be a point of difference he just wont score as heavily.

      • If I have the extra $ I can swap Magner for GAJ when he returns …..

        • Do the trade then. But realistically making upgrades to players that aren’t in the top few for a position just to save a some $$ rarely benefits you in the long run.

          • Thanks for your help. Wil take it on board. trying to find value in fwd line to allow GAJ to join Swan Pend Selwood Watson Horsley McDonald. Some nice cash cows there for after the byes. Ah heck, you talked me into it :-)