Golden Stubby – Round 6

Voting is now open for the DT TALK Golden Stubby for Round 6. This coveted prize will be awarded to the player who excelled on the weekend, taking into account price, form, opponent and whatever else tickles your fancy!

This weeks nominations (collected by @WarnieDT through Twitter) are:

  • Brent Stanton (193). Of course he has to win it… he scored 193! This is now the modern day AFL Dream Team record. He is a massive chance to take home at least a dozen of these this year… he already has 2 Golden Stubby’s!
  • Steve Johnson (163). Stevie J loves playing the Dees and this game was no exception. He knocked out 35 touches and 3 goals. What makes it special is that he was probably the correct answer for the Fyfe trade.
  • Toby Greene (122). With the late withdrawal of Joel Selwood, quite a few coaches on Twitter told me that Greene came off the bench for him. With 122 and the top score for the Giants, he was a ripper and with that score in the mix for a couple of weeks, his price will skyrocket.
  • Kyal Horsley (123). I had a look on ‘WarneBet’ and the ‘Horse’ is paying $1.02 to be the most traded in player this week. With 101 on debut, he backed it up with 123 this week. Who needs Ablett anyway?!
  • Dyson Heppell (137). The rising star from 2011 has been pretty good this year but none better than his game on the weekend where he accumulated 34 touches and 14 marks. Roy was up and about with him… and it seems quite a few others were on Twitter too.

Who deserves the Golden Stubby for Round 6

  • Brent Stanton (65%, 1,545 Votes)
  • Steve Johnson (5%, 130 Votes)
  • Toby Greene (11%, 257 Votes)
  • Kyal Horsley (14%, 334 Votes)
  • Dyson Heppell (5%, 112 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,373

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Unlucky to not get a gig in the poll: Harley Bennell, Devon Smith, Dean Cox, Jobe Watson.

Stay tuned for the results. If you are a beer company looking at this, we’re looking for a sponsor of this awesome award (and much more brilliant exposure). Please contact us if you are a beer company and want to get on board!


  • Stanton will come FIRST

  • Hahaha

    “Stevie J loves playing the Cats”

    • Bahaha… too many words written tonight. He would love playing the Cats – especially if he had damn Allen Christensen on him.

    • I have a feeling you rushed this while typing it up, Warnie!

      “The rising start from 2011”

  • Yes Stanton had a massive score but its kinda what he does, for me the rookies 122 and 123 are more impressive

    • +1

    • I see what you’re saying but “it’s what he does”? It’s a bloody all-time DT record for god’s sake! After hundreds of rounds of football, 193 is the largest score ever. Surely that’s more impressive than 120 from a rookie?

  • Greenes been heavily underrated. Overshadowed by Magner whose scores are worse. Greenes gone 99, 107, 54, 90, 122. The 54 was when they got smashed by the eagles. Love that kid.

    • So glad I picked him from the start. Already cashed in Magner, but Greene may be a keeper.

  • Stanton will win this week with a mordern day record. It is not the highest in the last 40 years though. Was pouring over the stats and Jason Dunstall has quite a few over that mark, but we are talking 17 goals in a game!

    Horsley should get honourable mention and Greene saved my bacon this week with Selwood out :D

    • +1 for the Stanton Golden Stubby win this week

      +122 for the Bacon saving Greene with the Selwood out (as C) to a Boyd VC (188), Bacon saved :D

  • There is a slight problem with the golden stubby, every week it goes to the person with the highest score, but not the most amazing score. For example, if swanny scores 150 next week. I gurantee you the stubby will be his. But if horsley/greene come out with another 100, it’ll just. B overlooked, even though that is a lot more amazing that a rook scores 3 hundreds in a row, as appose to swanny having a big one one in a while. Dont get me wrong, i love the golden stubby, but its turning into “the highest scorer stubby” this week can probably be exempted cos its a world record…. But when a 150 is scored from a premo, its actually not that amazing.

    • I think what you’ll find is that the ‘big’ scores have been amazing. Swan 171 and Stanton 193 are something special. Swanny’s on ANZAC Day when we all used the loophole on him… Stanton 193 is an all time record. That’s why I would vote that way.

      If it was just us doing it without the poll like the last couple of years, the result would be the same.

      • Fair enough, but ablett won it a couple of weeks in a row with 140’s

        • Here are the stats. The Golden Stubby will be better when top scorers of the round are under 140 or so. Personally, I have no problem with any of these… apart from maybe Ablett in Rd 2 when he just got Magner in the vote… but then again, Ablett was my captain so I’m happy with that.

          Round 1 – Stanton (153). We gave it to him – nice way to start the year with a unique pick.
          Round 2 – Ablett (143). Only just pipped Magner by 8 votes.
          Round 3 – Ablett (162). Pretty big score there for your captain.
          Round 4 – Stanton (175). This is not the norm!
          Round 5 – Swan (171). WOW! On ANZAC Day, captain loophole.
          Round 6 – Stanton (193). World record, etc.

          • I want my GAJ back (playing). Seeing this makes it hurt so much more.

          • It comes down to most votes wins – I like it but will vote unique when it’s appropriate.

            Who really saved your bacon / dragged up your round score?

            If you have a player that breaks a record, then awesome pick.
            If your captain scores 140+ and is the highest scorer of the usual captain choices there’s no prob in selecting him with your vote.
            If your VC scores 130ish (Pendles), and your C is a late withdrawal (Selwood), then your E scores 120ish (Greene) – take your pick out of the VC or E coz they both saved your bacon.

            For me it’s Greene this week & I voted for Danger last week.
            (I didn’t have Stants or Swan)

        • Abletts 140s were great because he was most peoples captain.

          I think you’ll see Horsley getting more votes if he keeps getting 100s now because he’ll be traded into a lot of sides this week.

  • Did anybody else notice Greene’s BE, -22 and he’s priced at 292 000!!! he could rise to 350-375 thousand

    • yup, gonna be around a bit longer yet :)

    • Traded him in when Kennedy was rested, def worth the trade now. Sucks that the only time i have played him on the field he scored in the 50’s, damn Magner just getting in the way now.

  • Gotta be Stantons 193.
    Record Breaking = Stubby Winning

  • Greene gets my 2 cents worth just because I would bet more money on Stanton getting 193 in a pantsing over Brisbane than Greene getting 122 in a pantsing by Carlton. Just a question for all you knowledgable DT ites, If Horsley happened to average 100 after 3 games what would his value be approximately? Thanks and good luck to all.

    • Mate, just checked it and if he gets another 100 this week, he should go up spot on 100K this week and have a BE of -81.
      So could expect another rise the following week of 75 – 80K with a similar score.

      • Thanks Blueboys, He`s looking like a great cashcow. If he keeps producing the milk like greene I`ll be drinking choc shakes for a while yet. I appreciate your reply, all the best to you for the rest of the season.

  • Well I have non of those players, so I’ll have to go Stanton or horsley

  • I wanted to vote for The Mullet as his 124 got me a big league win!

  • I’m excited to have week where I can make my own unforced bad trade decisions rather then plugging holes with rookie’s and sideways trades with in arms reach.

    Imagine if GAJ comes back on top of that. I might just might not delete my team this week.

    Hello Hor.

    • In saying that, I hope he doesn’t play next round. So many low BE’s in the Mids.

  • Scotty Thompson and Dangerfield are really starting pee me off. I hate seeing players that I wouldn’t select on principle going consistantly well.

  • Went Redden to Stanton a few weeks ago, who said you can’t trade premo to premo ;)

  • What The? What about Ivan Maric from the Tigers getting 124? it was his personal best, have to be a Tiger ruckman best score for a few years. His score was higher than Horsely and Greene. Further to that in a year of low Ruckmen scores surely he rates a mention? Go Tigers, look out Sydney this week.

    As to Stanton, Heppell and johnson high scores are their job, no golden stubbie from me.

    My vote is Ivan Maric 124 points and the carton of stubbies (Thooeys New).

  • I really hope a backline rookie comes along soon. The cows in the back paddock will spoil soon.

  • Is it stupid to go Sheil to Horsely over Magner?

    • Im looking at this trade this week. Going sheil over magner helps my round 11 bye structure. If Abblett comes back this week will be able to put magner back on pine. Sheil was only on 55 early in the 4th quarter. was only some late ‘pigery’ that boulstered his score.

  • im voting for Kade Simpson’s 4th qtr, who was 9 points away from outscoring my captain Rockliff’s whole game score in just one qtr. That must be some kind of record to score 68 in a qtr??

  • Im just rapt to see the modern day record held by a true DT slapper.

    It was an injustice that Lake held it!

    Warnie any chance of sportsbet giving odds on the first ever player to crack the double ton?
    If so i will have it on G Ablett in about 3 years time. When the suns are unstoppable and he is playing mid/forward i reckon he could pump out a 50 possie 10 goal game.

  • Anyone getting Horsley and Adams this week?

  • Ivan Maric should have got a nomination… but not one of his coaches put his name up on Twitter last night. Oh well.

    • Do we need to nominate?

      • Yes – as per the article, as I said “Collected on Twitter”. I do it on Sunday nights from about 7:30pm. People tweet in nominations… I then pick the best 5 (on popularity and my own opinion) and whack them up on the poll!

  • Ivan Marci should have atleast got a mention and should be the runner up this week behind Stanton

  • Joel Selwood deserves the Golden Stubby, for baiting Raines, getting him suspended for two weeks, hence allowing Stanton to run free!

  • should be mullet maric

  • anyone else having trouble making trades in dream team?

    • Yep I am. Trying to find a suitable replacement for Mcevoy but the DT site it’s not giving me the trade list

  • lol at all the people talking down stanton!! It’s easy to see who is bitter at not having him!
    He can score as many 70s as he likes if he keeps chucking in 170+ every 2 weeks! Averaging 134 and still fairly unique, no contest. Even if greene scored 120 with one arm whilst unconsious still no contest.

    Feels good having the C on the highest score of all time

    • Highest scorer of all time……..well all the time that Dream Team has been officially played for anyway!!!
      Congrats on Stanton btw, you’re right……….reckon he has stepped up this year and what he does against the weaker sides more than makes up for a few poor games against the good side. He just needs to keep it up now.

  • I have been thinking about this trade,

    Bock to Enright or Lake ( I have hargraves already so I perfer enright)

    Tom Couch (yes I still have him) to Horsley (Cash cow reasons only)

  • Adam Goodes out for 6 weeks with a quad….



  • Tony Lockett had 196 points against Fitzroy 1995.

    Dream Team wasn’t around then but there was a fantasy game in “The Australian” newspaper with EXACTLY the same scoring system.

    He had 18 kicks 12 marks 3 handballs 1 tackle and 16.0 goals!

    • 16 goals from 18 kicks….that’s efficiency

    • Couple others over the 200!!

      Gary Ablett Snr, round 6 1993 vs Ess – 202pts
      Wayne Carey, round 17 1996 vs Melb – 209pts.

      And the best I’ve found is:
      Jason Dunstall, round 7 1992 vs Rich – 245pts.
      25 kicks, 4 handballs, 18marks, 17 goals 5, 5 FF & 2 FA.

    • Jason Dunstall against Richmond in 1992

      25 kicks 4 hb 18 marks 0 tackles 5/2 frees and 17 goals 5 behinds = 247 DT points!!

      • Hahaha…….one of us can’t add up mate!!!

        • i did it quickly, didnt check. I’ll check again…

          • I think we both wrong, now i get 243 !!!

          • Neither of us can…..243pts. Somehow manage to add 7 for the 5pts he kicked………juggling kids and adding up is obviously not my strong point!!!

          • No, no, no now i get 245 doing it another way…sheeesh! YOU were correct blue boys

          • jeeeezus I GIVE UP, im back to 243 again



      • its a sh*tload of points either way you look at it and well done to both of you for getting on to that score. Being a Saints fan and in those days plugger fan, every goal Dunstall kicked earned him minus 10 from me anyway (even though he was a champion) so the score I come up with is considerably lower.

          • Geez Warnie, way to take the fun out of adding up!! Haha.
            So really by looking at this, Stanton’s score is pretty sh*t when you think about it!!! ;-)

          • Greg Williams’ 193 sounds so much better than Stantons – 53 possessions and 6 goals!

            That list goes to show how lucky we were to see the likes of Dunstall, Lockett and Ablett snr all competing in the same era. Then you had Lloyd and Modra coming through the system as well.

            Funny how you could kick 100 goals or more for the season and come 3rd in the Coleman!

  • any news on Gazza?

  • c.smith – horsley


    magner – horsley (will get a decent amount of cash in bank)

    magner seems to have flat lined

  • Round 7 golden stubby winner: K Horsley… he will score 130+ v GWS and be owned by 200,000 teams.

  • stanton… stanton… he’s our man. if he can’t win the golden stubby. no one can.

    • I wish there was a sound button with that comment coz I`d love to hear you sing that Slappers :)