Round 6 Reptiles With The Sub Marine

The subs hit some key personnel this week, especially with late withdrawals leaving teams requiring players like Devon Smith on the ground. Hopefully this week we can leave the vestings to the duds.

Dogs Thomas Liberatore
Pies Kirk Ugle
Dons Nathan Lovett Murray
Lions Jack Crisp
Cats Mitch Brown
Dees Luke Tapscott
Suns Josh Toy
Dockers Lee Spurr
Swans Daniel Hanneberry
Crows Ian Callinan
Saints Arryn Siposs
Hawks Paul Puopolo
Blues David Ellard
Giants Toby Greene
Power Cameron Hitchcock
Tigers Matt White
Eagles Brad Sheppard
Roos Aaron Mullett

If on the off chance I am wrong, use this as a forum to discuss who you think will be reptiled.


  • plz not callinan

  • Given Greene’s tank I think he is very unlikely to be the sub. We will know more when the 22 is announced later today though.

    • Yeah Greene doesn’t really strike me as being explosive player suited to being sub…….more an accumulator. Not to mention he was rested in round 4.
      Maybe that is just me hoping though.

  • Cant see Hannebery being the sub coming off his game last week…

    • He played well, but that whole team is in form. Who would be sub if not Hannebery?

      The only real alternative I can see is Jetta.

    • Hannebery played tops, but so did Jetta. I would think someone like Nick Smith would be the sub. Then again, all of this is guess work.

    • I think The Marine is on the money here, Hanna’s had a good game last week but there is seriously no other player that i can see that can get the vest. Nick Smith had it last week but when he came on for Mal he tore the Hawks apart and was influential in the second half come back so I doubt he will get it again. I thought Mal might cop it but he’s named on the field (thank god as i have him) so either way it is between Hanna’s or Smith.

      Good time to be Swans tragic, come on bloods!!

      • That is very true. I shouted at the tv a little much last week v the hawks! :D

  • Why Greene?

  • This is always hard to pick, but I would be betting on Colyer being sub for Essendon.


  • Have been trying to decide between Greene and Magner to who goes on the field.

    If I go by what you say, Magner would be the choice, but is he?

    Down in Geelong, may get another tagging role, and in reverse knowing Geelong he won’t get a touch!

    So, Greene or Magner?

    • same could go for Greene and Carlton (i think carlton might be better than geelong this year)

  • No chance Ian Callinan being sub. Will be Lyons or Martin

  • What happened o ablett????

  • God I hope your right … i need all my players to play full games

  • Good point re Magner not scoring much at Geelong, but then Greene playing Carlton. I thought Smith would were the vest for GWS???

  • Hey what do people think of this….

    D.Smith – Adams/Dangerfield

    Porps – S.Johnson

    Adams and Danger for the bye structure…

    • I was set on Adams too as his B/E was high blah blah blah. But then got thinking that he is just another name in the large GWS squad of rooks. Will get rested/subbed and after one game there is no guarantee he will be amazing (see A Kennedy).

  • I would rather D Smith being a sub usually as Greene is a higher accumulator (in his history over 4 matches that is). However, this week Greene would suit my field/emergencies better.

    Nice work as always Roy.

  • Should I play Greene or sheil


    Marty Clarke or golby (trading him next week)

    • Have a look at the Sunday teams after 5pm. I have both Shiel and Greene on my bench, but am watching for who is named EMG etc.

  • Pretty bad decisions here. It is kind of obvious Callinan wont be sub. Greene as well.

  • Kreuz or giles?????

  • hahaha with my luck, the subs will be

    Adel: Porplyzia

    Coll: Paine

    GWS: Kennedy

    W.B: Hargrave

    Rich: Morris / Ellis

  • Arryn Siposs for St Kilda? He is named on the field…unless…

    “Row, row, row your player, gently under the stream. Haha, fooled ya, he’s the sub marine.” or something like that. Don’t hate, I had very limited time to prepare that.

  • You boys think last weeks “DT Capitan” Dickson from the Dogs will get a run?

    Also, is Pfeiffer on the bench or an emergency?

  • Dom tyson will be sub for gws

  • Top article.
    It’s all well and good knowing who will get the Green Vest. Knowing who’s gonna get the Red Vest would be even better.
    Two guys one on, one off = half points each = very very bad.

    • Good idea…go on Roy, have a go at ‘forecasting’ who’ll get the red vest too from now on.

      We wont hold it against you if you get it wrong…well not too much anyway.

  • I reckon it could be Roberton for the Dockers.