Lockout Chat: Round 6

After a massive week in AFL Dream Team, we are back for another round. How are you attacking Round 6? Did you make any big trades? Discuss it all here in the comments and the chat all weekend. We want to hear your scores after each game so we all get a good idea how the DT community is going!

POST YOUR SCORES: Show your scores as well as how many players have played… if you captain has played, count then as two. So at the end of the round, you have 23 players to have played.


  • my opponent just passed 2300 with a qtr to go from Deledio and 3 qtrs from Waters. Making my 2100 look average. : /

  • What do people think par is roughly?

    • Depends if they you have Stanton as Captain 2200, but probs around 2100 as normal

  • Pfieffer has done pf**k all

    • lololol

    • I don’t know how many times people including myself advised everyone about not getting Pffffr this week. He is a spud and will prob be dropped next week. He is the turnover king!!! I would know because I am a Tigers supporter ;-)

      • haha with you there Ridley, stayed well away. Horsley + dpp miracle Adams will be worth the wait next week

    • Hahaha good one

  • The carnage continues! Anyone know what has happened to Nic Nat today he has served me up a big donut, what happening with the rucks this year?

  • wasted a trade gaetting pffeifer, shud have copped the donut

  • 2271

  • Carn Coxy need a 130 to crack 2300. Good start so far, hopefully Natanui misses a few more games.

  • … and the jinx on my trade ins continues Darling 24 at half time, I could of kept a useless rook and then upgraded to a premo next week…….. on a brighter note thankyou mr delidio for getting my score above 1800, need 56 from Darling this half to make 1900, come on west coast kick it to darling not lycett.

  • Paul Bower has to be the best pick i’ve made all year.

  • 2150 vs 2122

    Cox & Waters Vs. H-Mac & Glass

    Half a game remaining, I should take it out but i’ve been nervous since my opponent had Stants as captain.

    • does someone seriously have darren glass in their team ?

      • he does seem to be spoken about as a leper in DT circles, but I’m not arguing with someone who’s score is 2100+. Suppose barring injury he’s assured he will play each week and wont be subbed

  • I want to get some cahcows out of my defence. There are literally no Defence downgrade options ATM are there.

    • Cashcows even. I have Ellie and Guthrie. I think they are very close to their peaks.

  • 2080 with Beau Waters to play still

    Kennedy (GWS), Cloke, Broughton, Magner and Ellis stuffed me with their scores and i accidently played Shiel over Mcdonald.

    Thats how close i could have come to an amazing score this week :(

    • 2083 with Waters and Cox still to play.

      Jelwood, Kennedy, Magner, Giles let me down.

      • how frustrating is it!!!

        • I’m frustrated only because I get a half decent score for once, and I play an absolutely bunny in my league so its wasted.

          Although the team in my eliminator is going to get 1900. Would have beaten me last week with that score lol.

  • CHELSEA!!!!

  • Any1 else thinking Redden -> Renouf?

  • I’m only going to hit 2000 if waters gets forty in twenty minutes.

    Meh, at least there’s next week!!!!

  • I’ve well and truley shmashed my opponent hes got 1800 and i’ve 2104 but my eliminator oppnent has lew plast me today I was beating him all week until Richmond V Port match i’m now losing by 39 and my only players left are B waters and H-Mac while my opponent only has b waters left do u guys think McIntosh can get 39 points in the last quarter? Being eliminated in the first rd will be embarrassing compared 2 last year when i got through 7 rds

  • FMDT!!!!

    lost by 2 point cause of bloody macintosh!!!!

  • DEFENDERS: Deledio, goddard, birchell, hargrave, bugg, Lee spurr, townsend, smedts, sam darely.

    MIDS: swan, boyd, thompson, murphy, Stantonl, Devon smith, macdonald, Horsely.

    RUCKS: cox, giles, stepheson, redden.

    FORWARDS: sidebottom, robinson, franklin, dangerfield, D Martin, cloke, J cameron, A hall, D pfieffier.

    rd 11: 12 players :/
    rd 12: 7 players
    rd 13: 11 players :/

    17 trades left
    $42,200 in salary atm



    Option 1:
    OUTS: muprhy and swan
    INS: zorko and a premium

    Option 2:
    OUTS: jmac and murphy
    INS: zorko and a premium

    Option 3:
    OUTS: hall or pfieffier and murphy
    INS: zorko and premium

    Option 4:
    dont get zorko
    focus on strengthening my defence and fixing my midfield by trading murphy

    OR: anything other suggestions…