Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 6

Gazza out Again

Yeah what a bugger! Let’s hope I’m not saying that he’s missing again next week. I can see you smiling Warnie you trade happy tool arrggg. It’s lucky for dud DT coaches like the Warnedawg because Ablett would have carved the Dockers up big time. With previous scores on them of 175, 117, 130 and 118 it just depresses the old Pirate this week. But something to consider upon Gazza’s return is, last year when Garry had a week off he returned poorly with scores of 83, 92 and 106. Maybe he made his ‘comeback’ too early? Don’t care really, just get back out there Gaz!

Ground Lover and Haters

This is weird. Let’s take Marc Murphy for example. This week he plays the Greater Western Sydney Giants and should slaughter them. He plays at Etihad where he is going for his 8th straight 100+ games there where he has scored 91% scores over the 100+ mark in his last 11 games, compared to the 55% at the MCG over the same period. Marc also scored his 2nd best score last year against the Suns (comparison side) and should be a great option this week after Griffen (124), Boyd (115) and Cross (109) were good against the Giants last week.

Then you look at Brendon Goddard who shares the same ‘ground’  issues. 14% of his scores at the MCG are over 100+ with previous efforts of just 58, 94 and 56. Compared to Etihad where he cracks the ton 62% of the time over the last 2 years. Now this week, Goddard plays the Hawks at the MCG and therefore should be avoided, especially after he had just 54 last time he met them.

Here are a few other players of interest with their average at the MCG and Etihad over 2012/2011:

Swan – 117 (MCG) and 133 (Etihad)
Goddard – 77 (MCG) and 106 (Etihad)
Boyd – 94 (MCG) and 117 (Etihad)
Judd – 107 (MCG) and 95 (Etihad)
Murphy – 108 (MCG) and 117 (Etihad)
Pendles – 113 (MCG) and 119 (Etihad)

Interesting for sure… but just a small part of the complex Calvin’s Captains formula.

Oink Oink – Pigs Can Fly

Ha ha, yeah the DT Pig Swanny. Something we say with the upmost respect and what makes it funnier is the way the media have recently called him ‘fat’. Swanny is not fat, he’s… perfect. We call him a pig because of the way he is a ‘guts’ or a ‘pig’ when it comes to feasting on DT points. Last week the pig was at his best with a massive 171pts and this week he should be at his ‘piggery’ best again.

Last year when Collingwood played the Bulldogs, Swan, Boyd and Pendlebury all failed to crack the 100+ mark. Amazing stat really, but that will not happen again. In 2010, Swan had scores of 157, 128 and 143 on these guys and with scores of 171 and 134 in his last 2 games this year, this DT Pig is seriously flying.

The game is at Etihad (The Pig Sty) which is one of Swanny’s favourite grounds where he is coming off a 134 already from his only game there this year.  Look out cause the dude is smashing it.

Cop That in Ya Face

YEAH, BANG… cop that tap in your face Raines you tagging moron. As a ‘talented captain picker,’ taggers are my #1 enemy, plus as DT coaches we hate them. But credit to Raines, the dude can tag. Last week, Raines tagged Selwood to just 69pts, when Selwood found out about his score he whacked Raines in the face. Ha ha ha and then go let off YES!

But this is why it is important for this week. Selwood plays the Demons and they are one of his mega favourite teams. With previous scores of 178, 110, 131, 105 and 120 on them in his last 5 games, you see what I mean. Add to that, Selwood is playing back on his home track this week where he has already had his best score of 130 so far this year. For those wondering, Selwood has averaged 127 at Skilled (Simonds) over the last 2 years.  Selwood will be nasty this week and is certainly a great pick for your top job.

Righteo, there you have it. Very confident with my top picks this week and I’m expecting BIG things from my top 3.

Good luck and I’ll see you all next week for the best DT Captains advice you’ll ever get from an Irish Pirate.

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Who will you be locking in as your captain for Round 6?

  • Dane Swan (32%, 607 Votes)
  • Marc Murphy (18%, 341 Votes)
  • Joel Selwood (16%, 297 Votes)
  • Tom Rockliff (6%, 115 Votes)
  • Matthew Boyd (10%, 178 Votes)
  • Scott Pendlebury (10%, 193 Votes)
  • Sam Mitchell (2%, 31 Votes)
  • Someone else (6%, 112 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,868

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  • Is it just me or has the reverse trades button been removed ?
    Yes ive asked this question before but cant work it out, very odd !!

    • Probably becuase you havent made any changes

      • Yeah tried that, oh well ill keep trying, hopefully is just a glitch, cheers !

        • The button’s actually called “Reverse Changes”. If you’re looking for a “Reverse Trades” button, there isn’t one!

  • Would it be a good idea to upgrade Barlow to Thompson?… It wouldn’t leave me with a whole lot of cash though :/

    • Barlow, whos last three are 99,109,105? No. If thats the worst problem in your team has, you must be coming first.

    • upgrade Barlow?, why would you do that?? hes had a 99 109 and 105 in his last 3!.

      Wheres Genghis with his ‘Baffling!’

    • No, i would bother with that yet. Barlow will only average about 10pts / week less than Thompson so no real gain for the cost of it.
      Both will go back up in price, but Barlow is likely to go up more and if u are still keen to do that trade later i would reckon round 12 (Freo’s bye) would be the best time as Thommo would have just had his bye.

    • Besides, his last 3 are 99, 109 and 105
      Anyone else wanna tell us his last 3 scores ?????

  • I’m going with Swan as captain.

    Thoughts on my trade of Porplyzia to Chapman?

    • good trade, im sick and tired of porplyzia

      he’s got another week to prove he’s worth it

  • Is there a site that will tell me what Chapman averages at Skilled/Simmonds stadium?

    • Yes mate, career average at Skilled (KP) is 90.2, doesn’t sound that impressive does it…….remember that for his career.
      In the 14 games since start of 2010, his average there is 111. Only 1 big game (132) down there last year though.

      • stats are on fanfooty site.

        • Thanks mate, worth chucking the c on him? Or Stevie j a better option? Haven’t traded either in yet, only have Boyd in top 5, do not like Friday night captains at all though.

          • Bit risky i reckon…….stick with one of your mids IMO. Boyd was very quiet the other week and still got 84, also Pies don’t really tag to often and they will go head to head with Dogs mids so would be surprised if Boyd doesn’t get 115+.
            My personal no-no is trading someone in and giving them the C.

          • Friday night captain was amazing for me last week. Everything seemed that much more enjoyable when i had 342 points banked from my C. Boyd is a better option the Stevie J and Chappy.

          • Oh shyt my bad mate that was a bloody Wednesday haha no wonder it was so sweet i had a few more days to admire it. As you were….

  • Mids: Pendles,Ablett,Boyd,Mitchell,Shiel,Magnet

    Bench: Conigs, Greene

    Forward: Buddy,Sidebottom,Martin,Danger, Fyfe,Smith,Trealor

    Bench: Hall, Zorko

    I need to make 2 trades this week with 152k in the kitty

    I was thinking of either upgrading my mids so I have 4 premium mids with Ablett on pine and trade out Fyfe next week

    Straight swap Fyfe to …… Premium

    Upgrading Fyfe and Smith to Zaha and ROK


  • Hi can someone please tell what jack grimes breakeven first



    Firstly I find it funny that people are all talking about Raines all of a sudden… ‘oh he’ll kill Ablett, Raines is shit’ was the calls and now… after he stiched up Ablett and Selwood… he has people running! Anyway… he’s out and people are not trying to take advantage of this… and good on them, but don’t get too crafty.

    Stanton had a dirty 77 last week and can be a little hard to pick. He had 89, 88, 73 in his last 3 games against the Lions and has just 1×100+ in his career 9 games against them. YES that 100 was a massive 174 in 2008 but as I said… little unpredictable.

    Watson has just a highest score of 104 in his last 3 compared to Swanny coming off 171 and 134. Watson has had 71 and 58 in his last 2 against the Lions, making hima risky pick too.

    They should be ok… but we can’t have everyone in the top 5.


    Yeah he probably will. But what can we do? We’re not AFL coaches, we’re DT coaches and it’s hard to predict these things and then predict the effect it will have. He might tag Bartel, Kelly etc… so it’s tough to say. Back in Selwood cause his numbers are massive against the Demons and he’ll tackle his way to 130!

    Cheers lad, I will do my best to answer questions quickly in Twitter…. @CalvinDT but I’ll pop back in here 2mrw to see how things look. :)

  • bartel to murphy?


  • marty clarke to grimes?


    • i am really considering this one

      does anyone think im doing the right thing?

      • No real need to do it… Grimes injury prone, Clarke doing nothing wrong (apart from last week, but Grimey’s had bad weeks too). Seems like a knee-jerk to me.

  • A bloke at worked asked me if I had Boyd. As he usually stirs and would know very well if I do I said NO. He then went on to say he broke his hand and was out for 6 weeks. I haven’t seen anything on here about that? Is he BSing me?

    • Put it this way mate, if it happened it would be all over this site and the AFL site…… u can relax.

  • Fucking going to be shitting myself all Saturday. Selwood cost me a spot in the top 1k with that piss weak effort last weak, and here I am waiting to be spanked again.

    /me grabs his balls and kisses them goodbye.

  • Mitchell, Thompson, Deledio or Hayes for C?

  • Anyone think jimmy would be a good skipper?

  • so i have 20 trades left and have fyfe an gaz?!?!? someone plz answer i do have cover on my bench for gaz though in mcdonald

    • Obviously trade fyfe out but yeah tough decision on gaz. Mcdonald seems like he is pretty reliable and will smash 90s most week so you could keep him if you want to hold onto that trade. I’d probably keep him.

    • APPARENTLY someone tweeted that Guy Mckenna said that Ablett may play next week, hes had good movement in is knee this morning. if its true what was Dean Soloman on about yesterday?!?!

    • My theory on Gaz, though i never actually picked him stupidly, is the same i used on Fyfe a few weeks back. I plan on trading big in the byes and having trades left for the finals so trading out players i believe to be stars is a massive no deal. Obviously Fyfe is out now so i’ll be trading the unlucky gun but if I had Gaz i’d be keeping him for sure.
      Trades can make or break you come the back end of the season! If your in the top 10k and going for the car then maybe a trade is gonna be needed but otherwise chill, and know he will be back at some stage pumping out massive numbers once again!

  • HEEEREE’S BIGDAWG! who wants some advice, currently in the top 100 so hit me up

  • gents a little help.

    Want to upgrade this week here is my team:

    DEF – goddard, lids, scotland, bugg, clake, ellis, lake (dempsey, smedts)

    MID – murphy, pendles, mitchell, magner, shiel, conigilo (D smith, L neale)

    RUCK – cox, krezuer (giles, the big O)

    FWD – franklin, dangerfield, chapman, zaha, M johnson, Christensen, treloar (milera,hall)

    259k in the bank

    So i was thinking maybe conigilo > ebert (though i know coni will make more cash but i think there are better cash cows). Possibility of trading milera > Dusty

    I played with the idea of getting rid of COX > H MAC then Conigilo > Josh Kennedy swans but squashed it.

    I have 19 trades left. HELP!!!

    • milera to dusty martin, save the rest for later tho

    • I would upgrade that defence if it was me

      • Yeah I did think of that… my main upgrades I think would be either ellis or clake the others like bugg, dempsey, lake I think I will keep

        Just not sure who to upgrade too. Broughton looks good…

        • how many weeks is dempsey out for?

        • Ellis’s BE is 15 if that affects your decision

          • IT DID :). Ive now completely changed my mind and moved M Johnson to the backline. Smedts up FWD and looking possibly to up grade Milera or A Hall > Dusty or C Pearce

  • i have brought in barlow for gaz this week. thinking of going him capt vs gold coke. am i mental?

    • he could have a big one against gold coast, but it could backfire majorly

      • big call but i may go for it. otherwise rockliff. has never played at metricon or against gc so definitely a risk

      • Barlow doesn’t have bad games. It’s a no lose situation.

  • Trade thought for this week…

    D. Smith & M Clarke


    B Ebert or C Pearce or C Bird


    T Adams or K Horsley

    what do people think

    Tits Outs!!
    @TitsPlace #TitsCrew #TitsDTDecision

    • i dunno if its really worth the 2 trades

      • I think wait on the horsley trade. While he went gun last week. Id be interested in seeing how he may perform when GAZ is getting all the ball.

      • i went uo 13000 positions last weeks by trading Ablett & Cripps to Waters & H Mac
        I’m trying a few bold move first as i plan to cop it in round 11 with 14 players out at the moment, but OK for round 12/13 with only 8 out on them.

        TIts Out!!

    • Reckon if you’re going to upgrade, you upgrade properly. No point doing cheap arse upgrades when they’re ultimately finishing players for you.

  • After listening to McKenna, who hasn’t totally Gazza out this week yet, I have done a backflip and will hold off on trading Ablett. Very good listen guys and gals.

  • Thrashed out topic but but i’ve got 2 players in mind for my Fyfe trade-

  • Looks like Ablett will be back next week now

    • i trading the little bald man regardless. will welcome him back after his bye.

  • literally just did this trade

    ablett to barlow

    milera (saints) to stevie j

    im ganna have a listen to the thing on ablett now but is this a good trade or forget it

  • Quick laugh for those that missed it. Go to Joels Link of his team!!!

  • Stevie J for me, D`s have no one for him …………. maybe :)

  • Gaj -> Murphy
    Fyfe -> Robinson

    Sadly very tardy on these moves but hopefully it will enable me to pick up the peices.

    It’s similar to a bad betting strategy. The more you lose the bigger you bet to get it back.

  • how ’bout stants?

  • What about Buddy -> Clancee?

    In three years I can’t remember Buddy stringing many tons in a row… He’s one of those ones you think you have to have but probably really don’t. Limited numbers in the forwards are probably the biggest cause for this.

    • Yeah, do that. But be prepared for Buddy to get 150 this week..
      If that’s your biggest problem in your team then you must be number 1.
      Wasted trade.

    • Dear me…..

  • What was Buddy’s average last year?

    • 101, almost 102.

    • Lovely – you proclaim that Buddy is not worth having in the forwards then have to ask what he averaged last year… great statistical analysis behind your in depth post. Drop Buddy – assist the rest of us in moving up a peg…

  • a mackie 290k worth a go or not

  • Great article Cap! I’m prob going with Boyd this week, even though I think the Pies will smash them (esp in stats).

    Also contemplating getting in Power for Porps if he doesn’t play again this week (maybe even if he does play). Power averaging 90 at 390k and BE this week of 19. What do ppl think?

  • I’ve got Boyd, Stant, and Barlow the rest of my mids are mid-pricers and mcdonald who would be the best of them for captain or should i take a chance with Robbinson. robbo is gonna play gainst GWS so probaby a big one for him

    • I’d say Boyd, but then again seeing as he got held pretty well by Magner and M.Clarke did a great job on Stanton last week I could see buckley giving Marty the job on Boyd this week so could be riskay

      • There is no way Clarke will be able to tag Boyd out of the game like he did to Stants. For a start they are totally different players, and it is a lot easier to tag out a link-up type player such as Stanton than it is a hard inside mid like Boyd.

        He will fight you for the ball, like he does in every pack, and get stats for quick (albeit often blind) clearances.

        Boyd is a good captain option this week IMO, especially in the absence of Luke Ball.

  • Bugg captain??

    • Exellent idea for a roughy, I’d definitely recommend it you sir.

  • Ok folks iam ranked 58000 why is this please help me here is my team

    Delidio bugg murphy hargraves goddard clarke dempster [ webbererly wilkes]

    Swan mitchell stanton boyd Kennedy[swans] hayes [ magner miles]

    Franklin goodes zaharakis d smith pheiffer trealoar s reid [ porps smedts

    Roughhead Giles redden stephenson


  • Awkward — never had zero of the top 5 before I don’t think.

    Pendles or Stanto for mine.

    With the Lions having seen the shut-down job on Stanton last week, he just makes me a little nervous, so I guess I’ll go for Pendles.