Golden Stubby – Round 5

Voting is now open for the DT TALK Golden Stubby for Round 4. This coveted prize will be awarded to the player who excelled on the weekend, taking into account price, form, opponent and whatever else tickles your fancy!

This weeks nominations (collected by @WarnieDT through Twitter) are:

  • Dane Swan (171). The short priced favourite for 171 reasons. Plenty of coaches whacked the VC on him and took his score using the loophole… others may be brought him in this week. Whatever the case, this man was a beast and if you didn’t have the ANZAC Medalist in Round 5, you would have kicked yourself pretty hard!
  • Tom Rockliff (136). In the wet at the Gabba, Rocky had 32 touches backing up from his 143 last week. This is why people started with him – for this type of scoring! Roy was ultra happy with his purchase this week!
  • Patrick Dangerfield (140). The winner of the Showdown Medal, Danger has finally broken through for a thumping big score we all knew he was capable of. With 140, it was a nice way to bring up the first DT ton of the year.
  • Josh P Kennedy (149). The ex-Hawk smashed his old club and with a couple of 90s in his first two games, this thumper is what can make a unique mid-priced pick go well for you.
  • Tomas Bugg (96). The Tommy Bugg is putting his hand up for the DT Rookie of the Year for 2012 with his 3rd score in the 90s from his 5 games. Pretty awesome effort.

Who deserves the Golden Stubby for Round 5

  • Dane Swan (49%, 1,139 Votes)
  • Tom Rockliff (6%, 147 Votes)
  • Patrick Dangerfield (29%, 671 Votes)
  • Josh P Kennedy (7%, 172 Votes)
  • Tomas Bugg (9%, 221 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,347

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Unlucky to not get a gig in the poll: Hamish McIntosh, Jonathan Giles, Kade Simpson.

Stay tuned for the results. If you are a beer company looking at this, we’re looking for a sponsor of this awesome award (and much more brilliant exposure). Please contact us if you are a beer company and want to get on board!


  • may want to review kennedy and rockliff’s scores…not that it matters that much anyway…but still!

  • have 509,000$$ for a mid! Was goinng barlow but looking at scotty thompson price is it worth getting him in for that little extra cash???

    • Pretty sure Pendles is around that price also. I’d be going either of those before Barlow.

      Not that Barlows bad.

    • wait two weeks and pick up mitchell
      his BE this week is like 160-170

    • I already have Thompson. Would be wary of bringing him in this week though given what Sydney did to Hawks mids (and Hawks in general, not one DT ton)…Mitchell’s dud score hurt me bad! Adel also have some tough games coming up, Syd, Geel, Carl, Coll, Fre and then of course the rnd 11 bye.

      Having said that, hoping he smashes it!

    • Get Josh Kennedy from the Swans. Unique pick and averaging in the 100’s. Mid priced as well

  • Rockliff scored 136 not 128.

  • My vote goes to Danger for getting me over the line in all my leagues!

  • Obviously Swanny is going to win, but Patty was huge!

  • with swannies score, it should really be a vote for second place.

  • We’d expect Swan to go large but that was a break through game for Danger so he gets my vote this week. Not in my team either. Let’s see what he does over the next month though – can he back it up?

  • Has to be Swan, though he did cost me a game so not all roses ;)

    Porps being out was a god send for me as Cameron as emergency was sweet!

  • Thommo stiff

  • Dangerman for sure, I had Swanny captain, but I think Dangerfield because he has had potential for a while but hasn’t ever quite turned it into points…until now! Smashed his previous best…unlike Swan who didn’t even match his previoust best, plus Dangerfield got me over the line in a couple of my leagues. Unfortunately he couldn’t get me the win in one of my leagues though, perilously close :(

  • I would like to nominate Jarrod Harbrow. A sacrificial lamb to the DT gods.

  • There should be one option only – Swan.

  • Some people will be enjoying a few A-grades warming their pine this week with Ablett. A la Selwood & possibly Sandi for another week.

  • Danger for mine. Yes Swan was huge, but we all know that Swan can go big. Dangerfield finally broke through the 100 barrier (I think only one last year maybe?) and did so convincingly. In my eyes, its not the “highest score of the week stubby”.

    Also swan made me loose my main league match…

  • Bugg for me, 96 as a DEFENDER

  • Okay, so I have Mumford, McIntosh, Giles and Stephenson in my ruck dept. WHAT DO I DO WITH MUMFORD! (If hes out again this week) I’m happy with keeping Mc and Giles in as starting players, but they both share a round 11 bye.
    Thoughts please

    • ill state the obvious here its round 5 chill out relax and let the good times roll gills is solid and the no.1 cash cow atm by then mummy will be back and you can sideways gilles into cox at this rate

  • My vote is for Swan, although if I went by the one that helped me DT score this week, I’d go with Dangerfield. HMac must have been close to nomination this week as well surely.

  • I have andrew swallow at the moment trade or keep ???

  • I have Andrew Swallow at the moment trade or keep ?

  • come on danger!!

  • As a non-owner, my vote would be for hmac as his score smashed so many other popular ruck choices and would have had a huge impact on relative overall scores.

    Yes, i realise that swan vc or c also had a big impact :-)