Lockout Chat: ANZAC Round

With the partial lockout happening over this ANZAC Round of footy, we now head into the remaining games of Round 5. Did you make any big trades? Discuss it all here in the comments and the chat all weekend. We want to hear your scores after each game so we all get a good idea how the DT community is going!

POST YOUR SCORES: Show your scores as well as how many players have played… if you captain has played, count then as two. So at the end of the round, you have 23 players to have played.


  • This is shit. Need Mitchell to pull his finger out. Then danger and cox to suck. And dusty to kill it. Then I’ll win my league. Fuck this week.

  • Looking like being a good last quarter.

    No point complaining about my DT, nearly everyone else is in the same situation.
    Simply a “low tide” week this week.

  • Might crack 2k. Very touch and go.

    It’s one of my season goals, so fingers crossed the lads pull something out.

  • Porpus out is going to give so many coaches a donut. Glad I’ve got an emergency :D

  • Who had JPK from round 3? …. Not me. Looks like he would’ve been a great pickup!

    • i overlooked him in the pre-season and got jimmy bartel


      • Well that’s just the thing… Call me old school but I tend to pick the champions of the game, like bartel, then I end up gutted when they don’t come throug with the goods in DT land!

        At least Lenny is rewarding my sanity this year

  • i’m glad clarko got a loss, might teach him for screwing us with birchall!

  • Going to lucky to hit 1800 this week.. if i could use say 9 maybe 10 trades this week i f**king would

  • FMDT for the third week in a row.
    Hargrave, Birchall, Porp, Sandilands all out.
    Only one ton (from Boyd, who thank god was my captain and not Sam “Brownlow winner my butt” Mitchell).
    S.Shaw a late withdrawal, and I had him as my emergency over B.Ellis.
    Gods, Mitchell, Franklin, Cloke, Bartel all went missing, as Cox looks like he is going to.
    And Devon Smith gets the vest!
    Not even my lovely GWS cows pulling in some good numbers can save me now.
    And Hawthorn still can’t just win and put a smile on my face.

    • Look on the bright side big fella, there’s always next week!! Bad things come in 3’s……..so now there all done. :-)

  • hugh_Jass

    what a shit round, the best league i’m in is ranked 20th overall and I don’t think anyone is going to reach 2000

  • AHhhh! Tuck you bastard!

  • Deledio badly injured it looks like :(

    • is it just me or is this year way more ridiculous than normal! its not worth the stress!

  • Deledio NNNNOOOOOOO !!!!!!! FMDT Big time !

  • Ahhhhhh Not Lenny, I mean not Lids!

  • If Deledio doesn’t come back on.
    I’m quitting Dream Team forever, even though I still look like getting 2k It’s not worth the stress

  • Might *just* crack the 2000 if I’m lucky, and that’s copping doughnuts from Porps AND Birchall…

    From other comments that sounds like a score I should be happy with….

  • porps is not playing

  • Deledio back on boys, Pheeew

  • Looks like Lids coming back on *fingers crossed* was looking good for a hungey as well.

  • Grow some balls all you pussys above

  • Fuck off and play with your boyfriend’s balls mate

  • Why isn’t porplizia not playing?? injured??

  • Looking like I’ll be finished a shave under 2k.


  • Ellis subbed now… This week is just going from bad to worse

  • Get a touch Shuey, stop watching your mates do all the work. Only 26 points at 3/4 time.
    Pump up!!!

  • Looking at about 1900 this week. What does everybody think is par?

  • Worst.week.ever.

  • Grand total of…. BUMBADDABAA… 1624

    3 donuts, a 4 and Mitchell delivering with a staggering 126 as the skipper

    If you think your weekend was bad, spare a thought for Stuie

  • 2080 with Jacobs and Dangerfield still playing

  • Looking about 2150, pretty happy with that, especially as I don’t have Swan. Currently around 5000th, how much do you think this can push me up the rankings?

  • 2188 pretty happy, should push me up a few spots!!

  • All done at 2204 with no help from Buddy, Goddard, etc but gotta be pretty happy with that especially when I look at the carnage surrounding me.

    Out of 4 leagues I’m including a DT League (that’s 72 teams) it looks like a tsunami has hit with only 4 coaches likely to finish above 2000 including me.

    Helps to make up for the first 4 rounds of crappy scores. Trading Carrazo for Hargrave didn’t do anything for my scores either!!! Not this week anyway.

  • Fuck brad ebert is pissing me off ! Was going to get him at the start of the year but no chickened out than was going to get him after 2 games but chickened out, than finally grew some balls and decided to pick a mid price mid. But chose ziebel instead !!!! Should have picked ebert !!!! And I know if I do bring him in now he is going to spud it up for the rest of the year !!!! Fick dt shits me !!!!!

  • Just cracked 2k…woohoo? Half way throught the round my hopes were to get 2200, but no, the DT gods would have none of that. Instead, they decided to send a shitstorm my way. Malceski, subbed, Birchall, withdrawn, Porplyzia, withdrawn, Conca and Cox, shite. Thankyou to Martin and Dangerfield for keeping my sanity and getting me across the line in my main league.

    • Might I just say that there are too many good midfielders and not enough quality players in any other position on the ground at the moment…no wonder everyone is suffering. Oh, and I know I’m in the same boat as everyone here, but Goddard is probably the disappointment of the round. Tipped by Calvin to be the 2nd best choice for captain this week, scores a debutant-like 58 FUUUUU!

  • I am really embarrassed about this score. 1688

    Beat That!

  • 2057 for me this week. And that’s with Andrew Swallow as Captain. Thought i was gonna get smashed because of bloody Swan, but my team has come through pretty well. Dangerfield with an awesome game, 136 points; should get the Showdown medal.

    5 out of 5 league wins.

  • Finished with 2045 despite copping a donut from Poor Please Ya. What kind of weekly ranking do you think that will get? Inside top 10k?

  • I’ll be on 2072 once smith’s 39 is added to cover porps.

    Clearly i have to be happy with that.

    Hoping it reduces the gap between me and the leader.

  • what fwd rookies should i look at with 250k