ANZAC Day Partial Lockout

With the Collingwood v Essendon ANZAC Day game, the partial lockout is in effect from 2:40pm AEST. This means your Magpies and Bombers players are locked in from them. Please be reminded that trades will not be reversible once partial lockout kicks in. Full lockout will be at 8:45pm AEST with the Dockers v Blues game.


  • 6/685

    Swan VC (GAJ C)

    Cloke spilled about 4 marks he should have taken
    Clarke did a great job on Stanton – pretty sure it will be a one-off role though

  • Didn’t have Swan, should of had Swan, will get Swan.
    Sums up my day!

  • inztantkarma

    can’t beLIEve some of the rubbish comments about Swan… He can’t be held responsible for who, or in this case who doesn’t, tag him.. That doesn’t make the game Pendles played better than his… He ran like a fat man chasing an ice-cream truck… He burst from packs, kicked goals and played some smart football (pulling kicks to get to players, clever toe pokes)… And the fat lazy man even tackled…

    Say what you want.. one of the best games going around and a DT pig.. Just wish I had him…

    • He’s a big, fat pig and I LOVE HIM

    • Brak

      He’s a premiership player and Browlow medallist to go with that well deserved Anzac Day Medal. First player picked in my team.

    • Completely agree with you. My first player picked the last three seasons. Swan delivers. You don’t select him at your peril. Happy to see so many off the Swan-train this season.

  • inztantkarma

    Anyone know roughly how much Pendles will drop and Swanny will rise.. And roughly how much Swanny’s BE will be next week.. And if you know all that, then you must know why Masten is such a tosser with a bad haircut…

    • Pendles – approx $15K drop. As for Swanny – need to wait until the round is over, but will be pretty low as his BE was only 116 this week!

      • Actually – FanFooty has him at 64 for next week. We’ll wait and see what the Assistant Coach has it at.

        • inztantkarma

          thanks Warnie… could be some people crambling to get on the Swan train…. Pendles is the one that is interesting…..

          In hindsight a Gazza – Swanny trade would have been Sweetttttttt……

          • inztantkarma

            crambiling is the modern version of scrambling… or scrambling at the last minute = crambling.. “i was crambling for the test”

        • inztantkarma

          and can you explain why Masten has such a rubbish haircut?

  • Ablett > Murphy


    Ablett > Boyd


  • Swan had a great game. Golden stubby for sure?
    Also, top game as a whole


  • Swan (vc), Sidebottom, Heppell and Zaharakis all excellent. Clarke disappointing but he’s a must have rookie so no biggie.

    How do you like my captain choices?

  • 549/5 will make swan captain

    • Oh, will you now? Thanks for letting us know you’re infinite amounts of Dream Team knowledge by making Swan captain after his 171. Very brave and smart.

  • I am one of those who is suffering without Swan this week, I do have Watson though I might have to turn him into Swan at some point as it suits my byes. I am 371/4 with Pendles, Clarke, Sidebottom and Watson so reasonably happy, hope Boyd absolutely destroys GWS though

    • That doesn’t make any sense. How would trading in Swan (round 12 bye) for Watson (also round 12 bye) help you in any way to fit your bye structure?

      • Brak

        obviously he had the byes in mind in selecting his initial squad and wants to trade like for like….., still a very stupid trade though, get Swan in upgrade time like you planed to at the start of the year much cheaper than 590K

  • 432/5 had zaha ryder watson sidebottom and clarke fmdt

  • Well, I bit the bullet and traded out GAJ and grabbed Swan, and just for the fun of it I put the VC on him as well………….348 thanks for comming
    At the end of the Ess-Coll game my wife and 2 daughters (Carlton Clowns BTW) started dancing a round the lounge room when Stanton slotted one through in the last seconds……….should have seen their faces when Blair did the dammage…………Fu–>–>–>–>–>–>Swoop – de – do–>–>–>–>–>–>

    • Dont Know what happened there when I posted that but after ” Blair did the dammage ” it should have said ( Fu <ken priceless………..I am one happy Magpie) before Swoop – de – do

      • Whoops take 6pts off that 348……..But hey, 342 looks pretty good too :-)

  • on 609 off 4!!!

  • 796/7


    Not a bad wednesday.

  • Mumford a confirmed out.

  • Had 1 guy in my league sitting on 21/1200!!! Had his whole team all Essendon with one GWS player still to play. Talk about loving your own team a little too much?

  • When will partial lockout be over?

    • it wont because the Coll and ess players are still locked out. you can still trade but cant reverse them thats all

  • I sense some minor trouble come round 12 byes…..

  • Am I the only person in the whole of DT world who thinks the risk reward of deliberately playing a donut (loophole strategy) is a little questionable? How many late outs have their been in the first 4 rounds. If it works good luck but I reckon you’re playing with fire for an extra 50 pts.

    • Yeah, I’m kind of hoping it happens. Either that orthe captain is a late inclusion :D

      Would love nothing more than to see all the Swan VC owners go into meltdown :D

  • With ablett out had to just wack the C on Swanny. Risk in doing that but also risk doing the loophole with Sheedy resting players every couple weeks.
    Was rewarded handsomely with 342 from the great Swan….
    Enough said…

  • 555/4

  • To add to all the swanny comments, was I the only one yelling at the tv for someone to start tagging swan so he’d stop scoring so much. I start with him every year. This year I went Pendles. And I was planning to get swan next week. So the 171 hurts double time. Can anyone tell me (roughly) how much swan’s price will rise at the close of the round?

    • About 15k with b/e around 75

    • Ha! what a joke coaching effort from hird. stanton cops a hard tag and is shut out of the game yet he leaves the reigning brownlow medallist (!) in bags of space all day to do what he wants. even i could have had 40 odd touches and 3 goals in a game with that much room to operate. he must have had swan as his dt captain this week. no other explanation for it. take those goals away and the bombers get the win. halfwit!

  • to the 8777 coaches that traded ablett to stanton. Thats what you get when for being a reactive coach and not a proactive one!

  • I had stanton already so put ablett on the pine until he returns.

  • lucky i didn’t go Stanton, If Abett is out for 2 weeks i’m trading him to Murphy (great bye structure)

    • He’ll be back round 7, for sure. I expect him to get 120-130. I don’t think it will be an obscene score, it will be that easy for him.

  • Guys – do u think Clarke is destined for more tagger roles based on his excellent effort against Stanton yesterday – FU Buckley

  • Very happy with my trade of Ablett to Swan 5 mins before the game and with the VC on Swanny, I thought Swan was overpriced at the start of the year, and wanted to bring him in Rd 6, when his price lowered. Abletts injury forced my hand.
    Has anyone heard anything more on Fyfe?

    • No but I’m thinking it is ok to trade Fyfe compared to the masses that traded Gaj.

  • I hadn’t heard from TKOL for along time so as I knew he’d found friends elsewhere I went and had a look at the BennyDT site.

    Even when he’s writing his own articles these days he’s still having a go at Joe Public.

    This guy must really have been treated bad by a girl (or boy) in primary school or something. Very defensive and aggressive for no reason.

    • Other than the fact most of the people that follow that website probably wish Benny didn’t offer TKOL a soap box.

      I think he spends that much time talking about gods and kings that it he is actually starting to believe he is someone who should be given the time of day. Sad sack right there.

      If you’re reading this mate. Do take it personally.

    • SILENCE…

      • Will the real TKOL please stand up. You know how these ancient warriors feel about imposters Gengis.

  • Anyone got any news on Sandilands?

  • I can’t decide between ziebell and Barlow who would ou go and why?

    • Depending on how much you value statistics…
      Barlow averages 100+ against 8 of his next 9 opponents,
      the odd one out being Gold Coast, who he hasn’t played yet…

  • any news on birchall?

  • Kennedy or Hall ?!

  • What’s the go with fyfe. To trade or not to trade that’s the question. And if so who to chapman?

    • Everyone that still has Fyfe should not be trading him now when it is expected he will play. You should have got rid of him when he first got injured if you were not planning on riding it out.

      • Yea he was named to play so I kept him and i missed lock out. So am thinking
        Fyfe -> chapman straight trade
        fyfe -> clance Pearce where I gain 90k and he’s been averaging 100 if u take away his 16 from being subbed
        Any thoughts?

  • sandi has been forced out of tomorrow nights game :(
    time to make him my captain this week though :)

  • stick with pendlebury’s 114 or should i put the C on marc murphy or goddard?

  • With Sandilands and Mumford out I’m hoping neither of Redden or Stephenson return :) Coxy may not be smashing it but at least he aint soft.