Punching above their weight – Round 4

Which players are playing better than their average?

Who are those that are outperforming their price?

Who is punching above their weight?

Firstly the question on everybody’s lips…Is the Hampson Medal cursed?

Recent performances suggest that it probably is.

The Chad was the inaugural recipient of the Hampson after pumping out two 110+ scores, he has now followed this up with a 74 and smashed out a Lonergan like 26 last week. He even felt compelled to rip his top off and bring the rig out, like that will enhance his DT scoring.. Pull your head in Chad, and respect the honour that is being Hampson Medalist.

Rhys Stanley picked up the Gong last week after starting the season in fine fashion, but pumped out a measly 52 against the Dockers. This is probably more reflective of his scoring and demonstrates the fluctuating scores of the younger players. But Rhys…you are on notice…respect the Hampson.

So on to this week, a week that can be summed up by 4 tiny letters FMDT. Yep I know that I wasn’t the only one to say it, but pretty sure I yelled it the loudest!!

Anyway through injuries, withdrawals and suspensions there were some shining lights and I will jump straight to this week’s top 3.

Coming in third and currently punching at +27 is Ryan Hargrave … The Gravy Train!
Yep showed us what Junk time is all about against Melbourne with a 45 point last qtr to pump out 113 glorious DT points. Priced @ 61 and averaging 88, the train shows no signs of slowing down and has a BE of 19. If you have missed the train, he is still very well priced so jump on now as barring injury he shows all signs of being D6/7 in your final team. Oh did I mention that Doggies play GWS this week? Surely that means many more +6s for the train… All Aboard!!

Runner Up for this weeks Hampson is a guy that has featured in the running for each of the last 3 weeks Brad Ebert punching at +31 shows no signs of showing down and after a really slow start last week against the pies, cam home with a wet sail to hit 100 DT points, his 3rd century of the year. Those that punted on him early are being richly rewarded and worst case is that he provides a fantastic stepping stone for one of your midfield upgrades. Still priced well @ 77 and averaging 108 with a BE of 24 he looks like the real deal.

So to this week’s medalist… from the swannies Craig Bird… who? Yep that is what I said when the numbers spoke to me (that is another story). The nuggetty little mid fielder is punching well above his weight at the moment at +33. Priced @ 65 and averaging a very handy 98. This is an inflated average due to his opening round 127 against the Giants, but has backed that up with 82, 87 and 97 v North. Certainly not on anyone’s radar I wouldn’t have thought but definitely punching above his weight. Let’s see if the Hampson Curse continues?

Given Carnage week as well coaches starting to look at their Midfield upgrades, I thought that I would look at some of the Mid Priced Midfielders and see how they are punching. I have put them into 2 categories Heavyweights and Middleweights


(Punching +20 and Above, averaging over 100, haven’t played any easy beats)

Brad Ebert +31, 3 x 100+, Ave 20 Disp, 5T, Next Opp: Ade (76 ave)
Verdict: Stepping Stone

Callan Ward +22, 4 x 100+, Ave 28 Disp, 6 T, Next Opp: WB (N/A)
Verdict: Keeper

Shane Tuck +35 (minus sub 47), 2 x 100+, Ave 24 Disp, 7T, Next Opp: WCE (100 ave)
Verdict: Jury is out

Michael Barlow +23 (minus sub 52, 67) 1 x 100+, Ave 27 Disp, 6T Next Opp: Car (119 ave)
Verdict: Keeper


(Have played against  at least 1 of the easy beats or punching less than +20)

Lenny Hayes +20, 2 x 100+, Ave 26 Disp, 8T Next Opp: Mel (100 ave)
Verdict: Keeper if his health holds out

Liam Anthony +20, 2 x 100+, Ave 29 Disp, 4T Next Opp: GCS (116 ave)
Verdict: Need to see him against decent opposition

Scott Selwood +17, 2 x 100+, Ave 30 Disp, 4T Next Opp: Ric (56 ave)
Verdict: Need to see him against decent opposition

Josh Kennedy +14, 1 x 100+, Ave 29 Disp, 5T Next Opp: Haw (76 ave)
Verdict: Potential keeper next year

Tendai Mzungu +14, 1 x 100+, Ave 23 Disp, 5T Next Opp: Car (105 ave)
Verdict: Potential keeper next year

Rory Sloane +12, 2 x 100+, Ave 21 Disp, 7T Next Opp: PA (84 ave)
Verdict: Potential keeper next year

Notable Mentions to:

Kane Cornes
Chris Masten
John McCarthy
Shaun Grigg

All punching above their weight, can’t see any of them being keepers.

So there you have it.. The Hampson for another week…congratulations to Craig Bird and lets hope that he doesn’t get struck down by the Curse!

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  • Tendai Mzungu would have been a member of the Warne Dawgs this year if he retained his MID/FWD eligibility.

    • The whole name of this article is stupid. But i like the idea of it. Shaun Hampson is a 6’5 Tall, handsome, muscly footballer, dating an old over the hill has been model. I would have thought that she was punching above her weight. It should be called the Ling medal, cos no matter who he is dating he would be punching above his weight.

      • Sounds like someone is jealous.

        Does ‘the man’ want some Hampson loving???

      • I’d still shag Megan Gale if I got the chance.

      • You are both right, i would certaintly like some Hampson loving!!! And of course u’d still do Megan Gale, (i feel she’s Below me), but she isn’t punching above her weight, stop putting words in my mouth, (i need some room for Hampson’s ‘Johnson’).

      • sounds like the man isnt happy with wat he is getting at home!

      • Sounds like ‘The Man’ needs to open those closet doors and come out!
        Jealousy will not get you anywhere!
        absolute muppet…..

      • I got to agree with this. Gale was never that hot, she just got famous in another country, which is the quickest route to fame in Australia. And now she’s 10 years older.

        • Should be called the brad Miller, i dont care how ‘good looking’ he is, Pia is f**king phenomenal.

          Would insert pic if i cbf

    • Should be DEF/MID next year

  • Can we still trade as per normal after wednesday lockout (ie only trades pre wednesday are locked??)

  • Thanks for your great work Rainman, nice article. I was thinking Parker could have made it into the list this week with his 89 followed by 104 and given that he’s priced at mid-60s.

    • True Rydo, he could have been, but like to see him with another full game under his belt, as has had 2 interrupted games… But he def looks the goods.

  • What a slap in the face… throughout the pre-season I had Sloane, Anthony, Masten, Hayes & Barlow all in my team at various stages, only to decide with Rhys Palmer as my mid priced midfielder!

  • what do you guys think of Jack Ziebell??, im tossing up between him and Brad Ebert and cannot separate them, both fit my bye structure and both scoring well

    • Ziebell is an awesome footballer and might end up being an awesome DTer.

      Not this year for me though. Wont end up in the top 6 mids at the end of the year IMO. Maybe 2 years of good scoring will make me have a serious look at him in the future.

  • what are your thoughts on fyfe to cloke before anzac day game obviously???

    • Keep Fyfe.

    • i disagree he is injury prone and cut ur losses! he will most likely do it again soon and go in for surgery!

    • That trade could be a goer after ANZAC day for 3 reasons.

      1. you should know by then how Fyfe is going
      2. Cloke’s BE means his price wont be affected too much this week
      3. there’s a 90 something year old bloke running around named Dustin that seems to like having to play on big forwards.

  • Carrots to Barlow – good pick?

    • Yes thats a great outcome if you can do it and plan to have barlow as a keeper. Who will be your defender though?

  • Great article!

    Talking abt punching below their weight, any suggestions whether to keep Petrie?

    Should I trade him out before the next huge price drop? Or wait until the next game with GC?

  • Doesn’t Hawthorn count as decent opposition for Scott Selwood?

    • Moorey, they have played Melb and GWS and as I said above they are termed easy beats.. Can only put so much stock into those scores.

    • he got 82 on them if i remember right. not a great score..

  • What about Luke Parker?

    • Gun but coz of his sub effected 55 in round 1 his average isnt quite as high as it should be to get the gig in this article. WIll feature within the next 2-3 weeks….

      • Spot on Genghis, as above. Another good score this week against the Hawks should see him feature next week

  • good article gents but it all it does show is where we f**ked up from the start of the year! lol…

    now to the negatives who was it that labelled rockliffe and golby as tradebaits… not good enough! especially when they are versing GC im glad i didnt listen….

    now after scoring a respectable 2010 with 21 palying and moving to within 7000 overall which im more concerned about is cleaning up the $900 on offer in my league who do i trade for ablett for??

    pendles?? swan??

    i already have boyd, rockliffe, selwood and mitchell!

    i can only hope my mates in the league keep him i can keep on my winning way before trading him back in after GC bye…


    • Ablett to Barlow, use the 190K to upgrade kennedy to robinson or sidebottom etc. 2 premiums in for 1

      • i do have 300k in the bank too i was thinking of ablett to swan and my fourth ruck as jenkins (not playing) to sandi as he has an easy run the next 4 weeks!

        • Sandi legitematley does have a calf injury, check out “in the mix” on the official AFL website

  • happy i started with mzungu

    • I keep getting you mixed up. Are you Patrick or Jack???

      I remember talking you out of trading Mzungu about round 3 from memory. You were saying that you wanted to trade him out because he wouldn’t play midfield anymore with Barlow back and Mundy on the way back.

      Anyways, well done for picking him in the first place and staying firm after hearing others views.

      • im jack haha and yeah i stick with ryder to when people said i was a dip shit to

        • That’s right. You are the 14 year old Jack!

          Well done mate on picking Mzungu and Ryder.

  • So do i keep sloane?

    Or do i go kennedy > JMac/treloar
    Sloane > stanton?

    stanton be tagged soon

    replies would be greatly appreciated cheers

  • Great article again Rainman!! Those stats of Barlow do look good especially with Abletts injury.
    I’m going to stay the course considering my track record in trades. Broughton and Golby out! Ouch
    Fyfe to Whitecross, double ouch!!! Really don’t won’t to see Super Fyfe playing. I’m really starting to hate Ross Lyon!!
    On a positive note loving Hargrave at the moment as well as Waters and Malceski.
    Now for Whitecross to show us something special on Sunday!
    All the best buddy!

  • mumford to ????

  • do we keep sloane?

    or is sloane to stanton a good option (early downgrade of a GWS player)

    • Sloane to Stanton will get you more points but I think sloane’s price will go up more

  • went ablett to rockcliff and carrazzo to goddard ive finnally got my team sorted out for byes will have to make 4 or 5 trades then but will have to do no more trade unless injures occur

    • Reverse that ablett to Rocky trade right now!
      Come on lad you only get 24 for the year! dont go wasting them!
      better off giving that trade to charity…

    • Can’t beleive how many ppl don’t have Goddard.

  • Sloane > Stanton/Murphey
    Kennedy > Jmac/trelaor

    • Sloane to Barlow, Kennedy to Treloar, a bit more cash left then and great way to get barlow

  • which 2 trades should i do this round??
    1.)Greene/Coniglio to OldMac
    2.) Greene/Coniglio to Barlow
    3.) Kennendy to Treolor
    4.) Dickson to treolor

    • I would do Coniglio to old mac and definitely dickson to treloar as dickson doesn’t look like he is gonna score well at all.
      So definitely do 4, and maybe coniglio to oldmac, but only if you think old mac will out average coniglio or in desperate need of cash

  • I’m trading pav to ziebell this week, other options were Barlow and ebert however Barlow missed the whole pre-season and was sub the first 2 through leg soreness which has me very worried as the season goes on he will miss a couple more if not more games especially at the end of the season if they are going to make finals. And I can’t bring myself to bring ebert in now that he has made 80k just would piss me off knowing I could have had him for 310..

  • Slappers

    trading B.Vince – Barlow.

  • i hope to see my boy reece Conca feature in here very soon!

  • is sandi injured??

  • when are the teams for essendon and collingwood up?

  • I stupidly put in Liam Shiels in my team at the start of the season and has struggled to put of a reasonable score in his first 2 games expecting a massive drop as his breakeven is around 160, Not sure if i should cut my losses and bring in Barlow or Ebert possibly Old Mac

    • trade asap

    • As the Colonel said trade ASAP.

      Not sure about the options you have mentioned though. Plenty of good players around Shiels price tag at the moment. Watson, Rocky, J Selwood to name a few. Trade to someone that you will keep for the year.

  • Which 2 trades should i do this round??
    1.) Greene/Coniglio to Old Mac
    2.) Greene/Coniglio to Barlow
    3.) Kennendy to Treolor
    4.) Dickson to Treolor

  • So Rainman would it be fair to say whoever gets the Hampson goes on to stink it up the following week?

    Could I suggest we never award Hargrave the Hampson!

    • +1 and well said…

    • Certainly appears that way. I also hope that the gravy train never gets the Hampson.

      I did also talk GAJ up last week saying that he was punching @ +20 and given his price that he deserved special mention in the Hampson… We know what happened there!

  • Which defender is the best????
    trading out carrots and can afford anyone (have 300k)
    who are your top 3
    My only premos i have are suckers and heppel (and the gravy train, if he counts!)

  • Brad Sewell says tacklers should adjust to players shrugging their shoulders to draw a free. #SuckthatClarkson

  • my weekly ranking has gone up three, and my overall by eight. lol.

    thanks johnnie…

  • Gazza for boyd/ward/ebert? help or should i save gazza

  • I’m liking the GAJ >> Barlow and Kennedy >> Robinson trades. The only problem is how do I get GAJ back in my team in a couple of weeks.

  • Pearce looks to be a candidate for a mention if he keeps going at his current clip.