AFL Teams: Round 5 – Magpies v Bombers

Collingwood v Essendon

MCG – Wed Apr 25, 2:40pm

OUR FOOTYTIPS: Roy – Collingwood by 20, Calvin – Collingwood by 4, Warnie – Essendon by 12.


B: Heritier O’Brien, Lachlan Keeffe, Nathan Brown
HB: Simon Buckley, Nick Maxwell, Tyson Goldsack
C: Dane Swan, Sharrod Wellingham, Ben Johnson
HF: Paul Seedsman, Chris Dawes, Ben Sinclair
F: Dayne Beams, Travis Cloke, Alex Fasolo
Foll: Darren Jolly, Scott Pendlebury, Steele Sidebottom
I/C: Alan Toovey, Martin Clarke, Jarryd Blair, Kirk Ugle

Emg: Alan Didak, Cameron Wood, Tom Young

In: Nathan Brown, Kirk Ugle
Out: Tom Young, Jackson Paine

New: Kirk Ugle (Swan Districts (WAFL))


B: Dustin Fletcher, Cale Hooker, Dyson Heppell
HB: Michael Hibberd, Tayte Pears, Kyle Hardingham
C: Jake Melksham, Jobe Watson, David Zaharakis
HF: Brent Stanton, Patrick Ryder, Jake Carlisle
F: Alwyn Davey, Stewart Crameri, Leroy Jetta
Foll: Tom Bellchambers, Heath Hocking, Angus Monfries
I/C: Ricky Dyson, Sam Lonergan, Ben Howlett, Cory Dell’Olio

Emg: Henry Slattery, Travis Colyer, Luke Davis

In: Jake Carlisle
Out: Michael Hurley (Hamstring)


  • can’t help myself…


  • I was going to say good to see Ugle named for his FIRST game

  • That’s good pendles is playing

    • why wouldn’t he be playing?

      • there was an inury scare during the day

        • Interesting piece in the age today regarding Hocking studying the footage of Carazzo’s job on Pendlebury. I wouldn’t be expecting massive scores from Pendlebury. I’ll be putting the VC on Watson, I reckon Stanton will have a bit more attention, possibly freeing up Jobe.

          • Using the loophole is all about putting the VC on someone who can rack up a massive score……surely. Stanton would have to be a better option than Watson to do that!!!!

          • Carazzo’s job on Pendles was over-rated… Pendles just had a dead set shocker. He was in space plenty of times, just did un-Pendles-like things such as dropping marks when in the open and being half a step behind at times. Ablett had 40+ touches against Essendon, remember.

          • Hey Magpie, thanx so much for your unbiased opinion about Carrazzo.
            it’s hard to know which, if either of Stanton or Watson wouldget the most pointsd, as it changes every week.
            Of course Pendles could do well, and Swan even better.
            Tough decision!

          • I agree with Magpie. Was at the game. Everybody from Collingwood played shockingly – dropping marks and our midfield got killed. Pendlebury made HEAPS of uncharacteristic mistakes like dropping marks etc. Anyway, so what if Hocking watches a tape of Carazzo? I could watch a tape of Carazzo, doesn’t mean I would tag well

  • Looking to make use of the loophole – Will a Pendlebury VC and Ablett C (both on ground) with Shiel as an emergency make this possible??

  • Will the loophole be in effect?? suppose we need ablett on the ground with an emergency to cover. Is that how it works???

    • all you need to do is put the C on Ablett and the V on a prem playing for either Collingwood or Essendon. if your happy with the score of your vice then leave the C on Ablett, if your not happy with the score from your V then take the C off Abblett and put on another player before final lockout.

  • Maybe a possible downgrade defender in N Brown. Should have great JS. Hopefully never get a game or have one of those chip around the back games if required. Always great in theory. Hoping for another one (forward) to be named this week for North in Ben Warren.

    Wonder if i will have the balls in 2 weeks lol

    • Yeah Brown will be awesome for consistent mid 30 scores…….not to mention sound health!! ;-)

      • yeah,,i’ll get rutten and glass thie week then brown and carlile..

      • There has been some good scores from backs this year that you would never have seen coming.

        You just never know… lol


  • why isn’t dempsey playing

  • Guys – I don’t know if I’m imagining things but I swear to God that I’ve gone up 2 places in the rankings this week.
    Anyone else experience anything similar?

  • Dane Swan VC!! will either go bang or bust looking at his history.

    • Won’t be bust. Check out his history – Swanny goes large in patches. Never an isolated fat score. The next two or three will be monsters from the DT pig – and non-owners are gonna suffer while GAJ isn’t out there…

    • Or possibly somewhere in between?

  • Just put $30 on Pendles for the medals,
    Big game player and due for a massive score, makes up for the fact I don’t have him in my DT! If he wins me it however, I will have to give him a run in my team after the bye.

    Got another $10 to chuck on something (Sportsbet) anyone found a favourable bet?

  • What to do with Zaharakis? Keep him this game or upgrade him? He’s my weakest link in the forwardline in terms of form: Sidebottom, Lewis, Zaharakis, Robinson, Goodes, Smith, Kennedy

    Advice appreciated

    • Just turn Smith or Kennedy into Buddy round 14 and you will be looking good.

      Keep Zaha. He will come good.

  • 44chappo would be telling u s to do the loophole thing!

    • 44chappo would be complaing that “ablett didnt score as much as swan. Why didnt calvitell us that ablett was going to get injured, clvin your a fraud and shouldnt be giving advice”
      Good to see him gne

  • Have gone To put the lids on carrots.
    Good trade?????

  • Dunno if I can hold Ablett for 2 maybe 3 weeks, thinking of Ablett to Barlow, Toby Greene to Rockliffe. What do you think would pay off better in the long run?

  • Watson or pendles for vice captain loop hole?

  • Ok so iike everyone i’m really not sure what to do about Ablett. I don’t wanna go down in the rankings, or lose any of my head to heads over the next few weeks and without Ablett my midfield would be Boyd, Pendlebury, Mitchell, Magner, Coniglio, Greene and Shiel, which I don’t feel is strong enough and also kinda worry that sheeds is gonna be up to his usual tricks of last minute resting of shit loads of my players leaving me with donuts galore! At one point I considered trading Ablett to Stanton and then upgrading one of my gws rooks when he returns, but I also reckon that no one will score too big tomorrow because it’ll be a rainy day which often means a scrappy game with not many clean possessions….am i right in thinking this? I already only have 21 trades after trying to dodge donuts with fyfe and shaw. Any suggestions would help!

    • Save your trades. Chuck him on the pine. He will come back soon… It’s Ablett.

      • thanks for answering!

        • Just a word on saving trades… I saved a bunch of them last year for finals and upgraded a series of guys to Hawthorn players in the lead up to the GF because they were playing the Suns. Well, turned out about half of them were rested and I had a bunch of donuts anyway.

          What I’m saying is make your trades, get your team to a position where you can afford to let it sit (or at least, make say three trades through a 6-week stretch) and hope for the best. The second best time to trade is for the finals. The best time to trade is the start of the season so you make sure you get there!

          • Without doubt, the single most sensible piece of advice I have read in some time. Nice one, Magpie.

          • Agree totally, which is lucky as i can’t help myself from trading anyway.

  • Barlow for Rhys Palmer
    C.Ward for Fyfe

    Or Treloar + Stanton/Swan/Pendles/Watson?

    In other words, two underpriced premiums or a cash cow and a [potentially] super premium?

  • geez…..

    can you help thinking about next year already?

    I know theres still a great year ahead of us and I’m already thinking about ball, gray lecras, embley, possibly fyfe (will have him anyway). just live the dream……

  • 20 trades left-
    To sell Fyfe or not?? do i keep him and lose money, or trade him for anyone barring Swannie??

    If you think i should sell, who do you think for?? Rock, MMurph, Thompson, Mitchell, Barlow ????

    • It’s up to you, if your going to worry about his shoulder, get him out, if not he’s a keeper. If not Murph or Mitchell, toss a coin.

  • I have fyfe coming back this week (pretty sure he will play), do I sub adam kennedy, adam treloar or devon smith? Cant make up my mind and leaning towards kennedy because of recent poor form

  • Trying to undo a trade stuff up and keep GAJ. Hurn out, C. Smith out, Robbo to mids, can’t afford Sidebum, so Crameri in, the only player i can afford in backs with some form is Marty Clarke. lose about 50pts but still have Gazza. Sound ok?

  • can anyone advise me on what affects rain has on dt scores? Looks like we will have a wet game on our hands tomorrow and if i end up doing a crazy last minute sideways from GAJ to Stanton, I don’t want him to score poorly coz of the rain

  • alright lads, was gonna downgrade a few rooks this week but injuries have changed those plans. Looking at making a big decision and trading in Ablett for Murphy and Carrazzo for Birchall or Suckling. hate making side trades but they’re a must for me this week!

  • Re Captain loophole: Is are the VC and C unlocked after the Wed night game? eg. If I put VC on, say, Ryder then C on Boyd….if I like Ryder’s score can I then move C to Ablett (bring him off the bench) to exploit the loophole OR are VC and C locked from first game?

    • If you have selected a Captain, Vice Captain and/or any Emergencies from your Collingwood or Essendon players prior to the Wednesday afternoon partial lockout, they can NO longer be de-selected or changed. If you did not, these options will remain available to you through to the full lockout on Friday evening, for players from the remaining 8 matches.

    • Basically anything you do to a collingwood or essendon player can’t be changed after lockout. Players from every other team can be moved around, traded etc.

  • If I’m a muppet, I’m a very manly muppet…

  • I’m stil not 110% sure bout partial lockout. so if you want to make 2 trades this week, and before partial lckout u trade in a bomer/magpie player lets just say you trade in sidebum for beams. then after partial lockout if u make a trade reguarding any other player (mcdonald for conigs) can you still reverse themcdonald/conigs trade?

    Picking stanton as VC for loophole expecting him to pop out another high scoring 140+ game.

    • Reverses cannot be used after tomorrows lockout. So in your sitcho the trades would be locked. However if you just did the lies trade you would still have time to wait and see on team selections. But any trade you make after Wednesday is final.

  • Considering a trade of Shaw to Lake as he’s not playing again and has been subpar at best so far. The extra coin it brings sets me up to get Swanny possibly next week. Is it worth it? I don’t usually trade out keepers and the thought is somewhat bugging me. Very tempted tho.

  • I’m pretty keen on Barlow – I reckon he’ll just get better and better without that douche Rhys Palmer to break his legs. This seems to be the week to get him… so I may get rid of Ablett – just don’t see the point in selling rookies too early.

    I also have Fyfe, and am considering a trade to Beams next week or so as he is dropping in price. I reckon Beams will go alright as the Pies improve, and now there is one less midfielder with Ball out – can only mean more game time.

    My question is; is Treloar worth picking up for Fyfe? Will Pfieffer do the same thing in a week or Zorko at some other point? I suppose there will be more opportunities to re-establish the DPP link with a rookie in the future… Treloar looks the goods, but at the wrong time??

  • Quick question:

    Is the captain loophole this week legit?

    Reputable DT colleagues responses appreciated.

    • I’m sitting on 2097th after 200000th last year, so I don’t want my season going down the drain…

    • Just try it
      If it fails, its your fault for not reading the 1000000 other comments about it

  • aHay guys need help I’m raeally hammered shoudl I drrTrade Popr out this weel?

  • Hey Wise DT heads,
    Can you give me fors and against trading in N.Brown for Carrots?
    I noticed some of you making fun of him a few posts back.
    Is he a bad DT’er then?
    I thought he was supposed to be a gun?
    All non ironic comments appreciated.
    Ta. :-)

  • Top read mate!! Team will remain unchanged, with Ablett and Pendles C and Vc respectably… Greene shall provide me with a forced loophole attempt which will be backed up by boyd if pendles fails. Quick shout out to know-all Genghis Kahn… Turns out H Mac is proving to have assumed the no. 1 mantle at the kangas already. Ranked inside 2000 and loving GKs many comments to everyone, being disproved… You sir, are a pleb…