Golden Stubby – Round 4

Voting is now open for the DT TALK Golden Stubby for Round 4. This coveted prize will be awarded to the player who excelled on the weekend, taking into account price, form, opponent and whatever else tickles your fancy!

This weeks nominations (collected by @WarnieDT through Twitter) are:

  • Brent Stanton (175). After winning the award in Round 1 for his mammoth 153, his 175 points blew that out of the water – especially against the Blues who have been killing it this year. He’s in under 10,000 teams… expect that to change this week.
  • Tom Rockliff (143). DT Talk’s own Rocky had an all round awesome DT game. 37 touches, 7 tackles and 2 goals… plus the best on ground medal.
  • Dane Swan (134). Swanny gets the nomination here as the number two pick in Calvin’s Captains. If you watched the live show, and read Calvin’s article carefully, taking the punt on Swanny would have paid off big time. Hopefully this is just the start for the ultimate fantasy pig.
  • Steele Sidebottom (117). Iron Frontbum gets the nomination from a few punters as the ‘winner’ of the best trade in for Nat Fyfe. Fantastic DT game with a great kick:handball ratio with 21 kicks and 5 handballs. He also added 2 goals to his tally.
  • Ryan Hargrave (111). This is a perfect nomination for the Golden Stubby and what AFL Dream Team is all about. Hargrave was on 32 at half time and looking like having a pretty ordinary game around the 60-70 mark. In the third quarter he picked up with 31 points and then finished the game with 48 points in the last – but get this, about 25 of those points came in the last couple of minutes winning people games, helping them crack 2000… and making other wear dirty old green vests.

Who deserves the Golden Stubby for Round 4

  • Brent Stanton (46%, 1,022 Votes)
  • Tom Rockliff (13%, 280 Votes)
  • Dane Swan (6%, 141 Votes)
  • Steele Sidebottom (8%, 178 Votes)
  • Ryan Hargrave (27%, 583 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,200

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Stay tuned for the results. If you are a beer company looking at this, we’re looking for a sponsor of this awesome award (and much more brilliant exposure). Please contact us if you are a beer company and want to get on board!


  • stanton for sure

  • Hargrave, for a last minute junky time to save everyones team.

  • I have Sidey ans Hargrave out of these and my nomination has to go to Hargrave.

    The ridiculous junk from him and Chapman saved me and put me up to a respectable 2,094.

    FYI, Stants only scored 153 in Round 1, not 180.

    Very happy atm leading ACT Schools :)

  • Had Stanton as C, so no doubt about this one


  • Swan for kick starting some fantastic form hopefully

  • I think Hargrave will win it just because he’s in so many teams and for his price.

    Voted for him, almost got me over the line, just 13 points short of my opponent…

  • I have Stanton, Swan, Sidebottom and Hargrave but my pick is Stanton

  • suggestions??????? Carrazzo to …….?

  • Speaking of Golden Stubbies, i reckon the AFL match review committee had way too many beers this week before the review!!
    How does Lindsay Thomas get done for rough play on Rohan because he slides to play the ball and got it to first………then Conca slides in 3rd and gets someone high and no action taken.
    Injuries like that are unlucky and not Thomas’s fault.
    Will it stop blokes like Selwood……..NO. And would they suspend someone like Selwood for that incident…..NO!!!
    More contact allowed in netball nowadays. Number of other soft incidents in review, worth a watch.

    Sorry rant over. :-)

  • how long will fyfe be out?

  • Note: When Ablett was in fantastic form last year coming of a 175 against fremantle similiar to this year

    He then played sydney the next round copping a knee knock and getting subbed out, this injury hurt his form for the next rounds he scored 97 and 100 still reasonable scores.

  • Hargrave scored 113; not 111.

    I have 3 of them and my vote goes to Rocky. Perfect comeback from a somewhat luck lustre start to the year.

    If only Stanton actually had an effect on games so teams would tag him. Hopefully Collingwood assign someone to him this Wednesday and all the halfwits boasting about having him get burnt.

    • wont happen.

      stanton has had 108, 139 and 155 against the pies in his last 3

      pendles has 166, 141, and lower score (cant remember off the top of my head, close to a ton i think) in his last 3 vs pies (166 and 141 last year)

      hocking should go to swan so will be a free for all for most others.

    • No disrespect Colonel, but if you watched Essendon’s first game against North or the game against Carlton, Stanton was clearly best on ground and set up countless goals with an improved disposal efficiency. Probably got votes against port as well, which would leave him in the top bracket thus far.

    • Colonel way of the pace Stanton is a great player his gut running goal assists and 3rd and 2nd efforts are top notch.

  • is josh drummond to risky

  • Picked Rockliff, he has had a 130 and a 143 in 2 of his 4 games and is finally back on my radar for ’12. Stanton was good yeah but enjoy the games when he gets tagged, you’ll kill someone

  • Stanton didn;t score 180 in round 1. He scored about 150-160

  • Stanton gets my vote. As a Carlton fan, as soon as Carrazzo went off, I expected the worst. No tagger, absolute domination. Still, top player. Worthy of the Bombers number 5 in my view.

  • Feels so wierd with Gazza not on the list!

  • I picked Rocky. Unique and an awesome way to come back to form.

  • Anyone got any news about Pendels? Someone on Fanfooty reckons he injured himself at training? Hopefully just a troll.

  • trade mcevoy to ryder?

  • gotta be izzy folau for the golden stubby

    • I agree, Izzy preformed above and beyond what any one would of expected, sure these boys went good but they were not scores that anyone would of been surprised with, Izzy’s score was remarkable for a player who has never played an game of AFL before this year!

  • voted for hargrave, he got me over the line in both leagues this week

    was thinking of upgrading caddy to ziebell or brad ebert, not sure which one yet, opinions??

  • am i jumping the gun??

    I have 21 trades left and i am seriously thinking –
    Smith- Pfeiffer DPP
    Moving Fyfe into the mids for Pfeiffer, then
    Fyfe to Stanton/ Rockliff/ Mitchell/ Thompson/ Barlow- leaving me 19 trades …

    Tell me why i shouldn’t and if you agree how do you think is best value out of the mids mentioned….I like Barlow, but plan to get him for Magner when he peaks…..hopefully he won’t be to high by then….

  • the awkward moment when your back line scores more than your midfield

  • keen for thoughts:

    ablett for pendlebury or scott selwood (already have Swan, Boyd & Hayes)

    hurley for sidebottom or ???


  • Gota say its hargrave this week!! only because it was the last game and he stepped up big time this week in the case that you needed him to get you over the line.