Predicted Subs With SUB-MARINE

Last week I, the Marine got off to a flying start, infiltrating enemy lines and picking off subs at will. As the weekend went on, I found myself fatiguing and caught in some crossfire, leaving with a disappointing 6 for. This week my most relevant benching is Clay Smith, who plays the Tigers and given his high scoring rate per minute, looks a better option on the ground than many of the GWS boys vs West Coast. Personally I want him on my ground this week over Sheil, but Clay has been vested in 100% of games so far with 50% game time. Last week the Dogs named Dickson (Green) last on the bench, this week that spot was saved for Smithy.


Crows Knights EB
Lions Harwood FP
Blues Curnow**
Pies Sinclair HFF
Bombers Reimers*
Dockers Mundy Wing
Cats Byrnes EB
Suns Tape BP
Giants Hoskin-Elliot EB
Hawks Young EB
Demons Tapscott**
Roos Harper EB
Power O’shea**
Tigers Maric**
Saints Milera**
Swans Parker**
Eagles Stevens EB
Bulldogs Smith**


On Pine *
Last On Pine**
On Extended Bench EB

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  • Great write up Roy! very helpful

    But i think you might have the Richmond and St Kilda players around the other way :)

  • And that would all suit me fine, although i have Parker as an E.

  • Beep Beep Beep, The Submarine, new favourite dance move. Sure to pull the ladies.

  • As probably the only person to not trade him in this week, Im secretly hoping Milera stays on the bench forever!

  • go scared for a second when I saw Maric for Richmond
    turns out its the OTHER Maric haha

  • Really hope Shiels doesn’t cop a vest in his first game back.

  • Here’s a question for you sub-marine, what chance will duffeld be a sub. I’ve got ellis and bugg on the bench and i have a sneaking suspicion that duffeld will be shit whether hes sub or not, he may not even play!?!

    • Yea hes named but I have the same worry that he could be subbed. Also was thinking of trading milera in for smedts who has the better job security. I think milera due to a heap of Geelong players that are coming back?

    • No chance mate, the vest is Mundys for sure just easing him back like Barlow.

      • Yea I hope so

        • Thanks for your help guys, as for your choice @the seamen, pick whichever will make you the most cash, sorry that it wont be much help since lockout is already in affect but unfortunalty this is the earliest i could reply

  • do you think smith is a definite sub even though its ace cordy 1st game this year, and if he is sub how many points is he likely to get.

    • Also, what numbers will win this weeks power ball?

    • I don’t think they’ll use Ayce as a sub, the sub vest is really more suited to smaller players who can come on and make an impact. Cordy would be more likely to get the red vest I think.

  • Inclined to chose O’Brien over Harwood.

  • Who to put on field Ellis or Morris??

  • Curnow as the Carlton sub? Don’t you think it’s more likely that Lucas will be the sub?

  • I hope your right and Milera is the sub. I have stuck with Ledger and I really hope he gets a full game.

  • Who should i put on the field?
    Defence: Bugg or Marty Clarke
    Midfield: Greene or shiel

    Thanks in advance.

  • Agree with Milera, hence won’t bring him in!
    Love the SUB-MARINE

  • Just

  • Agree with Milera SM
    #love the SM lol

  • Just watched live chat. Great work boys! Very happy to currently have my highest overall ranking of 1287. What happened with the boags sponsorship?

  • duz anyone know what time all the interchanges are finalised today?

  • Should be Marric for Richmond, not Maric ;)

    Mundy is a dead set certainty for the green (sorta like warmie then :P )

  • Parker to Greene LOCKED
    Either can do OUT: Shaw IN: Goddard or OUT: DICKSON IN: Porplezia

    • Be nice to your mum

    • i would be against bringing porpoise in at this stage. very injury prone. most people would be using him as a mid-price cash cow not a keeper as you can’t expect a full season from him. reconsider another rookie who’s worth less and will rise quicker rather than take a chance on bringing him in this week, him bumming his shoulder and you burning 2 trades on him. kennedy, smith, cameron, milera, hampton there are a plethora of options which will prove a better choice. rhys stanley and motlop are other options.

      i’d probably try to ride shaw out. maxy’s back this week so you should see a better score.

      • Shaw has been playing on the wing so i actually think Maxwell being back would affect him much it depends if the opposition wants to keep tagging him

    • He has a good point, you need to be nicer to your mum.

    • hazza44 = chappo44 LOCKED!

  • i’m pretty concerned about ledger being the sub again or getting subbed and shiel being underdone decisions decisions, jmac why did you have to be all big man on campus and get suspended you were on the committee god damn it.

  • Kind of in a 50/50 now with Parker. I was sure he’d get a nice run at it this week but now I’m not so sure.

    Fortunately I’m going to destroy my direct opponent , so I’m thinking I might just wait to see if he does get vested.

  • Clay Smith is playing the Tigers? Am I stoned, or is it everyone else?

  • I reckon Djerkurra is a big chance to start sub..
    With Clay replacing him half way through the third.
    Smith 60 odd points

  • I think Milera has player well enough to avoid the vest. And Tape is a key defender he definitely won’t be vested, I’d say Aaron Hall in the box seat there.

  • SUB-MARINE lmao that’s funny , wonder what he speaks like???

  • Sinclair and Duigan the subs. 1/2 Roy.

  • Quickly change Curnow to Duigan, Roy. No-one will know aha