DT TALK Live 2012: Rd 3





  • nice work fellas

  • Someone should remind these 12 year olds that being First is NOT COOL.

  • Did you listen to the pre-show? The band playing were “Small City Lights”. Brilliant band from our hometown and are the JJJ Unearthed feature artist. They have a pretty sweet EP out now (which was playing… and I am loving). Check ’em out! Nath has a sensational voice!

    Tell them DT TALK sent you!


    • Well you guys have sweet taste in music like me so i will check em out ;)

  • How many are going the Bock, to shore up their backline, could be a great Unique, if he gets off to a flyer ?

  • How Will Giles go with brogan back in???

    • Will play mainly in the forward line this week…..IMO he’ll still rack up the points!
      Tall, strong, fairly agile, versatile = consistant scores!
      Expecting nothing under 75 everytime he plays!

  • Hale for Stephenson
    Watson for mcarthie


    Scotland for Scott selwood
    Hale for Ryder

  • Great show guys. Love the relaxed, banter style. Entertaining stuff!

  • Coniglio —-> A. Kennedy
    Broughton —-> Deledio

    2 trades down, but it’s raining cash! :D

  • Who’s more important to loose?

    Shaw, Enright, Pfeiffer or Kerridge? Pfeiffer name ext bench and Kerridge last of E’s.

    Thinking these guys might eventually get a run. Happy to hold them if they do eventually.

  • Guys i really need someones help

    Option 1
    Broughton Out In Carrazo/goddard/birchall
    Parker Out In T Greene
    Option 2
    Broughton Out In Marty Clarke
    Out Parker In Stants/Mitchell/Jobe/Murphy
    really neeed someones help

  • Just watched the supercoach show on fox. What a load of twits these dudes are. Surely the boys from here would do far better……Infact they already do on youtube!

    • Thought the exact same thing! Eddie should be made aware of these blokes for some proper information whilst being entertained. Fox Footy 2012?

  • well done, was very tempted to go C Cornes as a smokey but went Darling instead, will probably regret this.

    Godard is good for captain if your brave enough not to go Ablett ot have I drunk too much?

    • Darling as captain? Yeah man you’ve drunk too much hahaha

      • Think he meant C as in Chad Cornes.

        • I’ll try again in english.

          I was thinking about trading Chad Cornes as a smokey but wasn’t brave enough and traded in Darling due to Eagles playng Giants this week.

          As far as this weeks captain goes Goddard lookslike a good option if your brave enough not to put the big C on Ablett.

          Now where did I leave that scotch :)

  • hey fellas B. Ellis or T. Bugg for a spot in the backline?

  • Parker —–> Greene


  • do you think greene for ledger
    milera for dickson?

  • Thoughts on a gutsy, Smokie captain in Scotty Selwood ;)

  • 1. ellis (rebound off halfback against magner)
    2.morris E ( playing magner)
    3. bugg (tagging against west coast no chance)

    that’s my 2 cents

  • Hey Guys im desperate for some help

    I’ve gone

    Coniglio > Greene
    Pffeifer > Milera (using dpp kerridge to switch)

    are both these trades worthy? have duffield at moment but am waiting on him

    please help!

  • You guys are teachers right? Terms such as mongo and mongoloid used as insults are offensive to anyone who knows anyone with Down’s syndrome. It’s f**king poor form and you guys ought to know better.

    • Im sure Warnie and Co had no intentions of offending anyone mate. They have everyones best interests at heart in giving up their time to do live shows ect, which shows their true character and is what they should be judged upon.

    • I’m sure they didn’t mean anything by that. I’m a teacher and I said “bugger” the other day when I stuffed something up in front of a colleague and they were offended by it. I was told “streuth” has unpleasant origins for pretty conservative people. I didn’t mean anything by it, just like the lads. I’m ignorant, I didn’t even know the words mongo and mongoloid even referred to DS.

      • i think there is a big difference between some uptight ultra-conservative being offended by a word that has been used in a Toyota ad, and having a problem with the casual use of a term which pejoratively describes people with an unfortunate congenital condition. I wouldn’t expect them to call underperforming DT players spastics or retards, but they used terms which are just as offensive to many. I wouldn’t bother mentioning it if it was in one of these comments – but these guys are trying to build themselves media careers. They need to be careful.

    • I agree to some extent. Obviously that doesn’t happen in the ‘real world’ with us… we do get too causal with the way we speak with each other. We, like society as a whole, are becoming immune to certain words – just like swearing, insults, etc – through media… and I gues we are now kinda one of those. The way someone calls another a ‘fag’ usually has no homosexual connotation when dishing out the insult.

      Point taken though! It’s not just me talking to Calvin in the privacy of my home… others see it, and beers or no beers, we can’t be as careless.

  • Which would be the better trade.

    Shaw -> Goddard

    Or a luxury trade of Cogs -> Greene

    • shaw – goddard!

      • Greene will be made of gold and Goddard wont drop for a bit after his latest score you’d think. Shaw on the other hand might hurt the bank if he doesn’t rack em up soon. Personally I’d bring in Greene

  • i am happy with all my rookies and i have everyone in my entire team playing except mcdonald HOWEVER, i am worried that i might be missing out on the clarke train. my current backline rookies are bugg, ellis and morris and i have 35k in the bank. therefore i only have enough $ to trade ellis –> clarke. interested to know if people think its worth it?


    • No it is not. All 3 of those boys will make you as much cash as Clark will. Save your trades young warrior.

  • Can’t agree with the Golby call boys. The kid scored 77, then scored poorly in a 100 point belting.

    He might not work out, but nows not the time to pull the trigger.

  • Just got Kreuzer in for Hale, am considering Brichall in for Shaw…he will def go down by at least 30k and just wondering what people think about using the trade to save around 40k (with cheaper price of Birchall), ie is it worth it this early??

  • Golby out for Johnson or Clarke

    • It depends if u want him on your starting 22 then pick Johnson if u want him on ur bench then go clarke. Johnson has a good score, but clarke is a good cash cow it depends how much $ you have left and where u put him

  • coniglio for magner
    broughton for carazzo

    thoughts would be appreciated

  • I am hanging onto golby for a couple more weeks cause of his low BE. He is my 7th defender and im wondering if i should put him on my bench. My current bench is Bugg and Ellis.

    So who should i put in 7th mid Ellis, Bugg, or Golby