Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 3

Ticks All The Boxes

Matthew Boyd is one of the guys from this week who I am very confident with. Last week, based on his history against the Crows… you couldn’t have gone him. If you did, well done. He was always going to be awesome at some point against them but with 0x100+ scores against them from his previous 5 games… it turns into a guessing game of when will he break the drought.

This week however, he ticks all the boxes.

History: TICK – had a huge 143 (39d) on the Saints in his last game against them in 2011.
Form: TICK – Averaging 120 from the first 2 rounds this year.
Ground: TICK – Boyd averages 129 in his last 3 there with a low of 115 in his last 4.
Opposition: TICK – last week the Saints allowed 2 premium on ballers in Ablett and Swallow to crack 100+ and that’s after they were flogged by nearly 100pts.

So there you go. Lock this lad with confidence my friends.

Block Buster

What a huge game we have on Friday night. Let’s quickly run over a few of the stars in this game to see if we are using our captain nice and early this week.

Dane Swan had a solid 116 last week with 32d. In his last encounter with the Blues he’s had 101and 116. But the amazing thing here is… he has scored 11×100+ scores on them in his last 12 games. Sadly, it’s a pass for me this week as his form hasn’t been up there with the other guns so far. He will go BANG at any moment and it might be this week! Scott Pendlebury loves the big stage and has scores of 123, 95, 129, 115 in the games in the past. He loves the MCG and has already posted a nice 134 there this year. I’m tipping something very solid from him this week. Marc Murphy plays against his worst team to score on over the last 2 years this week. With previous scores of 93, 69 and 67 on the Pies… it’s not overly nice.

Shining Sun

Wow, how good was Gary Ablett last week? After a slow start he came home with a belting 143 (40d). Despite the tag from Clinton Jones, Gazza was simply awesome. He is back home at Metricon too this week where his last 3 scores have been 136, 147 and 142. Gazza loves the sun and loves ripping teams to bits on his home turf. But his form against the Bombers is slightly concerning. Last year he was tagged by Heath Hocking, who didn’t play last week because of concussion but might return this week. In his last game against them (Rd. 6) he only scored 81pts – his worst for the year (excluding his injured game). In this game he still had 30d and received a knock to the ankle in the 3rd term. Add to this, Essendon have only given up 2×100+ scores from their 2 games this year. NOW, with that said, they’ve only played the Power and the Roos and showed no evidence of tagging players during this time.

So what does this all mean? Well, there comes a time in captain selection when the positives clearly out weigh the small negatives. I am just putting all the facts on the table. Gazza has been in smashing form and plays on his home track which he loves. Watch out for another 130+ game from Gary again this week.

Final Word

Brent Stanton – averaging 135 this year and will rip the Suns badly after 5 Saints posted 100+ on them last week. He is on fire at the moment and should be considered if you have him.
Joel Selwood – Has had 3×100+ on the Roos in his last 3 games. Should be good.
Sam Mitchell – averaging 126 this year and loves the MCG, had 123 on the Crows in his last.
Scott Thompson – averages a horrible 66 on the Hawks in his last 3. Yuck.
Dean Cox – plays GWS! H-Mac (106) and Goldy (71) didn’t really cash in last week though as Giles holds his own. He should still be very good.

Twittertown: @CalvinDT

Let’s clear up a few things before I set sail. This week I have copped abuse in Twittertown about Swanny not scoring as high as Pendles, Boyd or Ablett. You pick your own captain. If you don’t like my top 5, go against it…  but don’t cry me a river when you fail to back your own judgment and follow mine. “Calvin talked me out of it” is a poor excuse for people who can’t make their own decisions as they are afraid of failing. Instead, by resting on my calls the fault isn’t theirs. Insecurity at its best. At the end of the day… I’ll take 116 off Swanny on a low day, all day long.

Ha ha arrggg there you go… My top 5 stand there in the order I would be picking them this week. Currently Ablett is marginally ahead of Boyd and I’m tipping BIG things from all the 5 this week.

Thanks for hanging out – Good luck and I’ll see you all next round.


  • Why is nobody putting Goddard up there as captain as an option, thoughts ?

  • thanks mtooler…I might bring G Ablett in…just dont think i have anough captaincy options without him

    I thought about Stanton, but already have J watson…first year learning the game, but can see how it becomes addictive.

  • I’ll be going for Watson this week vs the gold coast
    Loving that not many teams have him and hope he keeps smashing out the big scores.


    Has he been banned or something?

    I liked that he used to stir the pot with his outlandish claims of supremacy and didn’t wilt under the intense criticism that it provoked.

    This site needs a few more characters (and fewer haters) who move to the beat of a different drum – just like the “real” footy needs its Fevolas, Swans, Franklins, Didaks, Milnes, Kings, Akers, etc to keep things interesting.

    The last thing we want is too much beige.

    Anyone know how well/badly TKOL’s team is going this year?

  • Will most likely play it safe and go GAJ- Hocking or no Hocking, the little master is looking ominous!

    Would love to have the aggots & go Buddy- just a funny feeling!

  • @Calvin What do you think? Pendles or Boyd??

  • 44Chappo should have his own weekly article;

    Featuring informative commentry from one of DT’s most respected masterminds…44Chappo!

    – exclusive Dr.Dreamteam captain selections (Chappo’s DT guru of choice)
    – detailed round by round loop-hole tips from the loop-hole Master Chappo.

  • Not captain related, but keep or sell Enright? Getting old, not sure whether he’ll come good or not and is only avging 50.

  • my mids: pendles, ablett, boyd, murphy, parker, coniglio magnet shiel
    any ideas how i can make it better???

  • Mcarthy or Masten?????

  • Gary Gary Gary every week of the year
    Boyd with the VC

  • Who should i pick out of Swan and Pendles Calvin?

  • will the Clinton Jones tag possibly affect Boy’d score???????

    • he usually goes to griffin

      • That’s with Lyon as coach though.

        I don’t know, who has Watters try to tag in round 1? A player who hurt or a player who whored? GAJ in rd 2 would have to be both.

        I think most coaches prefer to limit the damaging types, so Boyd should be ok.

  • Im just happy that ive got 4 out of those 5 players :)

    GAJ for me though, he gets touches in his sleep.

  • My mids: Pendles. Boyd, Ablett, Murphy, Coniglio, Parker, Magner, Shiel
    How can I fix my mids an who should i put in??

    • Trade Shiel for Swan and Coniglio for Scotty Thompson.

    • parker for maybe mccarthy or masten, other than that looks pretty solid, if u need extra cash u could also go coniglio to greene but if u dont i would hold onto coniglio, he was draft pick #2 for a reason

  • cant wait for swannie to go BANG!

    scores 102 and 116 when playing well below his best. imagine when he hits form (hopefully he does anyway)

    will most likely be going with GAJ this week. Has assumed my perma captaincy from swannie, with Pendles vice

    Ablett (C)- is this bloke human??

    Pendles (VC)- big game player, big scores every week.

  • Bit late….cheers for replying Joseph…name of team is Heffer Legs

  • Great article! But surely Watson would in the top 5? If you have Stanton there you have to have Watson in my opinion.
    I’m stuck between Ablett and Watson but leaning towards Watson because he won’t get tagged whereas Ablett will.

    • Ablett has proved that you cant tag him, remember that!

      • Yeah true, now I’m really confused! I think I’ll go Watson just because Gold Coast are so easy to score points against.

      • Hocking did a better job of it than anyone else last year… this is about the only thing holding me back from going Ablett. I’m seriously considering Watson/Boyd or vice versa.

      • Hocking did a better job of it than anyone else last year, and no reason he cant do it again this year even after a week off. This is my sticking point when trying to decide my captain for this week. I think GAJ’s ceiling is higher than the others, but the likelihood of him turning out a <115 is also higher than the others. I've got him, Pendles, Boyd and Watson to pick from through the guts (and theoretically Rockliff as well, but he's on my shitlist after last week). Im thinking Watson/Boyd or vice versa at this point.

    • Gazza loves a game at home, tagged or not he still racks up points like no other :)

  • Calvin, you gave massive wraps on Boyd, pointed out several negatives for Gaz, yet made Gaz no1 and Boyd 2… Explain please…,

    • What negatives? He said he expects 130 plus, thats enough for me

      • Concern against bombers…
        Last score against them 81.
        Usually gets Heath hocking tag.
        Bombers have only given two 100+ scores this year without an obvious tagging assignment.

    • Gary Ablett is Gary Ablett – that’s the missing part of the equation. I guess he figured we could work that part out for ourselves.

      I do have to say, though, that Dane Swan is Dane Swan, and that’s why he should be in the Top 5, his pathetic score of 116 last week notwithstanding…I’ll probably flip a coin to decide between him and Gary this week.

      Nah, I’ll just go Gary…

      • +1 Dane Swan is the Great Dane

      • “Pathetic” score of 116!!

        Kids these days. When I was boy playing Dreamteam, a player scoring 100 was a cause for celebration.

  • Need some help hear guys I want/need to make two of the following trades
    Broughton for Goddard

    Shaw for whitecross (swapping smedts to my back line)

    Redden for Watson

  • I’m gonna go Mitchell over Gaz this week as captain. I think despite his hot form, Gaz might be capped a little by Hocking and the Bombers. Mitchell vs the Crows looks a little better for me because each team that takes them on has high scoring premos that performed against the Crows despite losing (GAJ 136, Boyd 125). Taking nothing away from Ablett but I just think that Mitchell will be able to have a slightly better game, DT wise and plus, its Mitchell’s 200th so I’m gonna back him.

  • Thinking these sideways trades.


    Is Carrazzo the real deal this year? Been burnt by him a bit a few years.

    Got all the rooks needed in all areas except Greene. Might bypass him though, bit heavy on GWS already.

    Few joyriders though, Kerridge, Hall, Pfeiffer, Darley. Should I be concentrating more on flogging one of these off?

    • Nah sideways trades are the way to go. Well known fact.

    • “Got all the rooks needed in all areas ” – “Kerridge, Hall, Pfeiffer, Darley”

      I’d be praying to the DT gods these get game time, because if you don’t get rid of at least 2 and they don’t play, your seasons toast.

      Personally I’d bin all other options and get in Milera and Greene.

  • Tossing up Broughton to Waters and Geary(got all other good back rooks). Does anyone think Waters will end up averaging over 90? If so, then I’ll take him but if not, then I’ll take Geary as a cash cow.

    • Yes, he will average around 90, over the 15 or 16 games he plays when not injured or suspended. Go for your life

      • Hahaha, he played 21 games in 2010, he might do that again. So are you serious about him averaging 90? I want him in because if I go Geary I’ll only have 3 premiums in back (Goddard, Deledio, Birchall).

      • Excellent call right here fellas.

        Who cares if the guy scores 5 points more a season when he’s playing 7 games less………………

  • To whom it may concern,

    Ablett is captain until further notice.

    Uncle Fester

  • I’m tempted to stick with the legendary Gazza… but i just have to choose Stanton. I have to pick him. I hope he doesn’t let me down.

    What do you guys think about these trades? I’m really in a bit of a pickle… And i dunno what to do. I’ve got Broughton and Golby who both aren’t doing too well. I was simply going to trade Broughton out for Goddard and Golby out for M. Clarke. With $105,100 left. But then i thought to myself… “Really? Trading out a premo in rd 2?? Is that smart, you idiot?” So now i’m thinking i should trade out Grimes for Goddard and Golby for M. Clarke. And that leaves me with $18,300. And my backline looking reasonably solid…. What do you think?

    B Goddard, B Deledio, A Carrazzo, G Broughton, S Burgoyne, P Davis, M Clarke. (T Bugg, B Ellis.)

    I also have Stephenson, Smedts, Dickson and Hall. All worthy of being replaced. What do you guys think?

  • Barlow Captain this week for me…. make up for his 2 sub affected shitty scores. GAJ & Mitchell to be quiet. Stanton to be subbed at HT…

    It all makes perfect sense.

  • Hey Calvin. A real smokey, Chris masten? Thoughts please

    • Wow, Masten! Your midfield must be terrible! lol

    • Sounds bloody mental. They are playing gws, so expect a bunch of eagles to crack the ton if they field a proper team. very risky though.

    • Yeah Masten could really rip it up…….and get 110!!!
      Ablett will get that in his sleep.

    • These guys are just jealous they didn’t have the minerals to pick Masten like you and I did.

      113 last week, expect 130 from him against the Great western witches hats….putting him captain is a bloody risky move though.

  • To all the people putting the big C on Watson, are you worried he could get subbed off in the 3rd quater if their winning by 80+???

  • I’m thinking of going Watson for Cap with Pendles as the VC. Had Goddard cap last week against GC and he racked it up.

    speaking in Watson – i brought him in this week for Goodes, burning a trade, I know, but I cant see Goodes being as prolific as he was in 2011. Should I be more patient and hold on to him?

    • same Watson all da way

    • Trades are like gold mate, you must have a really good side if this is the biggest hole you have in your squad. Unless Goodes has a broken leg i wouldnt be trading him out this early.

    • this is going to sound flippant, but i am deadly serious.

      I think it is seriously bad karma to put the c on a guy you just traded in. give them a week to find their feet in your squad.

      I know it sounds dumb, but i’m serious. if you bring watson in don’t captain him

  • Doing my head in!
    Stanton, or Gazz, or Cox????

    Help me obi wan!!

  • Cox vs GWS anyone.

  • good work calvin the people that whinge about your choices are obviously ignorant to the time and effort you put in awesome stuff ;)

  • Cox will kill it – Watson will smack it up
    Boyd’ll smash it – Mitchell will rack em up
    But GAJ’s the gun with the form to back it up
    So give him the C, sit back, watch him slut it up
    Go Gary – Go, Go

  • Cox?

  • What about Goddard as Captain? He has a score projection of 130 and has a good record against the Bulldogs

  • Getting rid of a mid and thinking either Stanton or mitchell?!?! Pick one

  • Get on Pendles he’s a sure thing to score 162 this week!