Subs: With special agent Sub-Marine

After a week of stressful decisions in regard to trades, dodging injuries and captain selection to name a few, the last thing we need is the dreaded green vest to undo all our good work. Well stand up straight and pay attention because me, The Sub-Marine is here to ease the burden by naming the subs for you.

Note: If on the off chance I get 1 wrong and you want sympathy, look in the dictionary between shit and syphilis, that’s where you will find sympathy.

Crows Lynch **
Lions Sheldon*
Blues Russell *
Pies Seedsman**
Bombers Lonergan*
Dockers Pearce*
Cats Hunt*
Suns Weller HFF
Giants Tyson**
Hawks Bruest*
Demons Bennell HBF
Roos Delaney*
Power O’shea**
Tigers Batchelor**
Saints Winmar*
Swans Parker**
Eagles Smith**
Bulldogs Djerrkura*


** Named last on the pine
*Named on pine

Goodluck and I hope you all avoid GREEN!



  • Footy is back today, oh yeah.

  • Sympathy LOL

    Haven’t stopped laughing yet haha

  • yeah getting sick of this crap of not having a game on good friday, whats good about it, nothing.

  • Not having a game on Good Friday, C Smith is my candidate for the Green vest.

  • Pearce was my first trade (out) of the year. Patience is all well & good, but another 16 and that price will plunge pretty sharply.

  • Major Payne quote, love it

  • Roy – I hope you’re wrong about Parker!! Reckon it will be either R Shaw or ROK returning from injury?

    If it’s Parker, then it is going to be very difficult to stop myself downgrading him for either C Smith or Toby Greene next week (depending on how these guys go this week of course) – which would be a shame as this kid (Parker) is going to be a real gun from everything I have seen of him.

    • Hard one to call. But if Parker is named sub this week he wont get the vest next week. Hang on to him.. He’s going to be a gun this year.
      Then again there is always Ebert and Lucas at about the same price range.

  • Sheldon didn’t even play on Thursday night. O’Brien was the sub.

  • Loved the sub-atomic article. You going to trial any dodgy accents to go with it?

    It doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence that you got the Lions sub wrong, even though you posted the article AFTER they played!

    If you boys know your Roman mythology (let’s face it, who doesn’t!?!), then I expect Warnie to appear on here as ‘Green Vesta’ very soon, he’d look quite good dressed as a goddess!

  • I reckon Lovett-murray will cop the sub over Longergan, still not match fit and was rushed last week due to hocking.

  • Good idea for a new segment. Bit worried about Dickson being the sub, almost considering playing Cameron over him!

  • Glad I have none of the above. Roy looks good in green.

  • Pretty sure Rohan Bail will be sub over Bennell for the Dees… Then again who cares, we (the Dees) are shit, and no one has Melbourne players in their DT

  • C Smith or Shiel for M6 this week? I guess no one really knows for certain but does anyone have any info to convince me who to play? Smith won’t score 4 goals every week and those full body cramps maybe indicate that he isn’t ready to play a full game yet. Does anyone know if Shiel played in the NEAFL last weekend to get some match fitness? Seemed like that was all he was lacking against the swans, have a feeling he might start killing it. Thoughts?

    • Smith much more likely to get vested then shiel imo.
      shiel did play last week so thats a pretty good indication they want him to play a full game, he is an absolute jet.

      shiel for mine!

  • Why the Fuck is the Essendon vs Power match being telecast at 3:00 on ‘7’ when the match starts at 1:45?

    Is it just me or did I hear all of ‘Seven’s’ 4 weekly games will be live?

    • Oh yeah!

    • I’m a tad confused.
      It’s live on Foxtel & No telecast of Syd vs Freo?

    • I too was sure I’d heard that all four games on seven were going to be live.
      So sure that I’d planned my day around it without checking the tv guide
      Majorly peeved now as I’m going to miss the end of the game as I have a dinner at 6, which was scheduled early so I could get back in time for Collingwood vs Richmond!

    • The deal was three live games and one sat arvo game delayed by 90 minutes. Round 1 was a bit different due to the split round.

  • Maybe fox footy needs to ad ‘fox footy 2’ so they can show every game live, they seem limited with just one channel. So much for their claim that we’d see ‘every game live’ ….total BS!

  • ….or put it on fox sports 1…lol

    • They do show every game live as they advertised. When there is two at the same time one is on fox footy and the other on fox sports 1. Such as today where ess v port is on fox footy and freo v syd on fox sports 1.

    • I think you should probably have another look!!

  • when/what time do the subs have to be named?

  • Roy’s 2 for 2 so far o’shea and lonegan! :P

  • Nice work Roy

  • Good start Roy, but I think you might want to amend your guess for Gellong….Josh Hunt has withdrawn from the squad.

    Shannon Byrnes maybe? If he makes the 22 of course.

  • Heard on SEN Mumford is out.

    • Seaby IN.
      Seaby actually started in the reserves games earlier!!!

    • Damn, that’s a double whammy for me.
      DT-wise and now it makes harder for the Swans to win

  • In the last mid spot who should i go Magner or Kennedy

    • Can you move Kennedy to your forwards?

    • Depends really. As good as Magner is, I have a feeling he may score low against the eagles. Though on the other hand, Kennedy will more than likely score around the 50 mark this week as well, so it’s just a matter of chance.

      Answer: flip a coin. See what happens.

  • Hannebery and Barlow the subs for Sydney and Freo.

    • AFL site currently showing 4 interchange plus a sub for Sydney…OKeefe, Rohan, Jetta, Parker, sub White

      Sneaky buggers those swannies.

  • FMDT!

  • Broughton starting on the bench, will be hard to play a lockdown role from there…

  • Should I play Barlow on field or Coniglio? Barlow got 52 vested last week and Coniglio got 53.

    Can’t understand why they are still vesting Barlow.

  • Mumford out!

  • FUCKING MUMFORD!!!!!!! I just get home to watch some footy…set my team for lockout early this morning and I find that you’re out! Thanks for the 0 you worthless piece of rubbish!!!!

  • do we know the nature of Mumfords injury?…serious?…

  • Fark! have mummy! :( at least I don’t have Hille as well!