Lockout Chat: Round 2

This Easter weekend of footy is a bumper round! While the games may not the the greatest with so many teams paying under $1.20 for the win, we will have plenty of AFL Dream Team action to keep us going! Full lockout at 1:45pm Saturday and going right through to the Cats v Hawks game on Monday. Discuss the goings on of the round here.

POST YOUR SCORES: Show your scores as well as how many players have played… if you captain has played, count then as two. So at the end of the round, you have 23 players to have played.


  • does anyone know what the go is with the emergencies?

    i put shiel and smith as emergencies in mids and mcdonald on the field. i assumed i would get the highest score but im not sure? anybody have any idea what the go is

  • May as well give up on dreamteam( and life) now. Everyone is getting big scores while im stuck with another sub 2100 this week :(

  • Big orren not playing today

  • 2184 all done.

    Farewell Broughton (why did I trust, why!) and McCarthy you were ok, but ok doesn’t cut it in Team Tooler.

    I should have enough cash then to allow Golby one last chance to redeem himself and pick up either lake or gravy if he doesn’t score 75 plus.

  • 1944 with Franklin, Chapman and Selwood to come. Hoping for 2250, which wasn’t looking likely yesterday. Ablett locked in as captain from now on! Broughton likely to stay in my side for another couple of weeks, I got bitten last year and traded him out before his mid-season renaissance. Probably not going to trade next week, I’m pretty happy at this point, all of my rookies are still getting gigs and going ok.

  • going around the grounds is getting demoralising :-/

    in my league “bit of a laugh” team supercrows is on 2219 with Franklin and Burgoyne still to play. Glad it’s just a “fun” league …..

  • 1723 with Franklin, Mitchell and Birchall to go. Happy with 2000 given the atrocious Melb weather today.

    Have been smacked down this week after an awesome first rnd.

  • Oh no Bruce is going on about Cyril again.

  • oh cmon Chappy start playing like the premium you are…

  • you guys are going to think im an idiot but what about trading franklin for josh hill and parker for watson/stanton

    • You’re right. I do think you’re an idiot. Franklin to Josh Hill? On the back of ONE game? Watson’s on my upgrade radar, but you’re a little trigger happy too early, don’t you think?

    • I know it’s early days, but Danger –> Chad Cornes is looking mighty tasty right about now. I know it’s going to cost me more as Chad goes up and Danger drops in price, but I might hang on for a couple more weeks. I still have the ‘Brennan’ trade of 08? in my mind. Brought him in after triple figures in the first two rounds, only for him to stink it up for the rest of the year.

      I think which ever way I go, I’ll end up kicking myself. I’ve got that kind of luck!

      Although, if Chad was a backman (and for the record, why the hell isn’t he??) I wouldn’t think twice about Broughton –> CC. Now that would be a sweet trade.

      Greg ‘midfield’ Broughton. I can’t believe I was stupid enough to think that’s where he was going to play out the season.

  • Guy in my league missed out on weekly prize due to Redden on Field over Giles. Still got to be happy with 2393, well done Supercrows.