Dream Team Extra: Rd 2


Welcome to the inaugural Dream Team Extra, where we take a sometimes light-hearted look at issues that have come out of last weekend’s round of footy and newsworthy snippets that have featured in the media during week that may be relevant to your Dream Team for Round 2.

Mummy v Seaby

This official tweet from the Sydney Swans was a momentary heart-stopper for me…

We don’t like our premium rucks sharing the load, which of course results in sharing points as well. For recent evidence of this, see Goldstein v McIntosh and Leuenberger v Hudson. Not, not in the legal archives – North Melbourne v Essendon and Melbourne v Brisbane, Round 1, Season 2012. For the record, here are their numbers from their respective games.

DT Kk Hb Mk Tk HO FK F/A G.B
McIntosh 56 7 4 5 0 10 1/2 1.1
Goldstein 56 5 5 1 4 18 0/2 0.0
Hudson 71 5 12 1 3 19 1/1 0.0
Leuenberger 64 3 6 2 3 22 0/1 1.0

Like I said though, it was only a momentary heart-stopper. Mummy’s a big unit and should be able to take a few grabs in the square, so as his coach, I’m fairly confident that he’ll be able to kick a goal or four when he’s resting up forward. Fellow DT twatters out there have also expressed the same thought. However, if he struggles for goals, we can expect a below average score from the behemoth this weekend.

The Magna Got Broke

We cringed when we saw Jimmy Magner’s ankle fold awkwardly when he was brought down in a tackle by Mitch Golby last weekend. We feared the worst when he took an eternity to hobble off the ground. Now we dread the possibility that he’ll miss this weekend with that sore ankle. This is a cause for some concern as he scored a brilliant 103 while the Dees were being savaged by Brissie.

That was a Barlow-esque performance that left us wetting ourselves in anticipation of a possible M6 keeper for 2012. The good news is that he’s not on Melbourne’s Injury List and he looks a tough-as-nails kinda player, so I reckon we’ll see him run out this weekend. On a side note, Jordan Gysberts is written off for 4-6 weeks and Tom Couch may get his opportunity sooner rather than later.

Parker Rolled

Mid-priced breakout candidate Luke Parker took a hit from J-Mac and will sit out the next 2-3 weeks with a broken jaw. If you have him in your MID, he’s probably an integral part of your structure at M4 or M5. Whether you decide to trade him out or not really depends on your bench cover. If you can cope with a few weeks without him, I suggest you hold on to him and ride it out as he looks like a handy DT type who is likely to average in the high 80s or possibly 90s this season.

Watch List

Following on the injury theme, a couple of names caught my attention on the AFL’s Injury List. Freo’s Lachie Neale and Lee Spurr are due to undergo fitness tests this week. Both were pretty solid in the NAB Cup, so keep an eye on them for a run in the next few rounds, particularly Spurr if one of your rookie defenders looks like going backwards in value (ahem… Morris?).


I am one of the 13% of coaches who I selected a certain Greg Broughton in my starting squad. I was eagerly anticipating a fresh start from him in 2012 after he spent all pre-season training with the Freo midfield group, while being touted by Ross Lyon as a midfielder and then watching him put in a strong NAB Cup performance running through the guts. Suddenly it was 2011 all over again as Lyon sent him out to shut down Stevie J while the Dockers held off Geelong for a hard-fought win.

After recovering from the fetal position, I took stock and checked some of the commentary in the Twitterverse. @WarnieDT reasoned that Broughts usually fares poorly against the Catters as he gets the job on Johnson. Fair point, so let’s give him one more chance. I’ll categorically say one thing though: I do not want to ride the Broughton roller coaster again this year! So for me, if he doesn’t clock in 90+ points this weekend, I’ll be burning an early ‘fix it’ trade to swap him out. Take this with a pinch of salt though, ‘cos I’m sure you can detect a bit of rage on my part.

Buddy Good Times Ahead?

Let’s finish off on a positive note. Well, positive if you’re a Buddy owner and/or Hawks fan and somewhat negative if you’re not a Buddy owner and/or Geelong fan. Key defender Matty Scarlett is out for smacking Ballasnipe in the chops. Surely this means a guaranteed bagful of goals and general running amok for Franklin against an under-manned Geelong defence? Well, don’t get too carried away. History says he’ll do fine, with an average of 91 in 10 games against the Cats, but I wouldn’t be sticking the ‘C’ on him in expectation of an 8 goal, 25 possession outing. Steady, but not spectacular, is how Budzilla is likely to go in Monday’s blockbuster.


Anyways, that’s the rub for this week. Good luck with your Dream Team and I hope you crank out a huge score. Feel free to add any news bits, rants, raves, etc below to keep the grapevine growing. We’ll be back next week in the arvo slot as @Aki_DT‘s Dream Team Stock Market makes it’s long-awaited return next Thursday morning – it will be an epic read, so stay tuned!


Any questions, suggestions, general chit-chat or handy gardening advice for next week’s Extra?
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  • I will be keeping Broughton as he always plays on Stevie J.

    • and with Ballantyne suspended there is a midfield spot up for grabs – would have thought broughts would be first one in line.

      • doesnt really help his long term midfield JS tho. ballantyne is only out for 2 weeks, broughton may give you 2 weeks of awesome scores, sucker you in to keeping him and then trundle back to his lockdown role in the backline.

      • An excellent point,

        I will ride the rollercoaster this Round coming, but I may get off before Round 3.

      • Agreed it helps that Balla is out, but what happens when Barlow(and full games) has full fitness and Mundy is back?……is there room for him?
        l too have Broughts, but the concerns about the rollercoaster are ringing loud in my ears, and there are some fantastic sideways options

        • Also, Morabito working his way back. Will probably play a full-game in the WAFL this weekend. There is no way Broughton will be seeing significant midfield time this year with Mundy, Barlow, Morabito and Ballantyne ahead of him in the queue. And he is Fremantle’s best small-defender, as shown last week.

    • HOT TIP: Drop Lake & Broughton, it’s gonna be groundhog day!

    • Lol at the rookies dropping of the Broughton Bus. Same thing happened last year, and then he goes and pumps out big 100’s for the next month or 2.

      Trade away people.

  • When is zorko gonna come into the lions? does anyone know?

    • He Will not be in for a while unless he starts to perform in the QFL

    • why in gods name would you get him in now?

    • He was listed as test in the injury list so he will need a few games in the two’s to get some fitness.

      I would be expecting a round 4/5 debut. Lions will be to play him when he is right.

      • Lions will be keen to play him I mean

        • my god people need to get over Zorko its like hes Swan or somethin the guy has never played a game, wait till hes played two games then you can talk about him, gees sick of hearing his name already!

          • Need to settle a little Morgs. Even though he hasn’t played a game yet, a lot of people used him to get Kennedy’s emergency score last week. So he is already a big player in DT terms.

            The thing that is frustrating is that everyone is asking the same question. It isn’t hard to find the answer to the question. He wont play much in the magoo’s until Voss gives him a run.

    • He will most likely play a few weeks in the NEAFL to get game time into him than make his debut in the AFL.

  • good new fresh article te tee!

    like it. gives me some good added information.

    I know dunny did it last year but can someone (especially in these early rounds) write an article about what the best rookies to pick are every week?

    still struggling to choose between coniglio and sheil and smith and porps.

    • im sure after this round, one of these awesome chaps will do a rookie review ahead of the price rising round 3, with Breakevens etc for rookies and others :)

      • doesnt really answer your question X, i know the article your talking about and yes i would like to see it again in 2012

        • Are u guys slightly damaged??? Chooks Rooks

          • yes andy it does name all the rooks but it doesn’t give a order who to pick out of (not this week anyhow) but also as porplyzia is higher priced than a rookie he is not mentioned at all!

          • Chook doesn’t tell you which rookies to play each week, he gives an overall view of the rooks

    • Hey X-man – I’ll try to incorporate a bit of Dunny’s old ‘Get Off The Bench’ in the Extra. I will warn you though, my crystal-balling abilities may not be up to Dunny’s standard!

      • that would be awesome!

        but this week who would you pick between sheil and coniglio and porps and d. smith?

        • Hmm… That’s a good question X. I’ll let you in on a bizarre theory that I’m putting into practice this year after being generally woeful with my bench selection last year…

          If it’s 50-50 between 2 players who both did well the weekend before, then I pick the player who has the tougher oppo. Call it Murphy’s law, but most times when I played a rook because I thought he was up against a bottom-eight side, he’d spud it up and the guy I benched would end up 30-40 points better.

          However, as we are only in R2… Coniglio cos he’s the #2 pick for a reason and Porps cos you’d want to back your MPP spend.

          • thanks for the insight tee tee!

          • i’m playing smith and kennedy over porplyzia this week for the last time. Porps is coming off a long layoff – i knew that when i picked him. I think he’s likely to get another 50-60 this week and then slowly start improving from there as he gets kays in his legs.

    • Last year it was called “get off the bench” or something similar.. cant remember who did it.. but it was a very interesting read on thursday night / friday morning when last minute panic for that last spot on the field sets in

  • good write up mate

  • Hopefully Hmac can kick a few goals against GWS this week to make up for last week :)

    Love this article TeeTee, going to be handy this season, keep it up

  • Im considering the same thing with Broughton as for Scarlett he wouldn’t of gotten buddy anyway he doesn’t get matched up on the oppositions best fwd anyway he’s a seagul defender (loose man)

    • He doesn’t match up on buddy, because he is the wrong size for him, not for your reasons. Mackie/Taylor/Lonergan rotate through Buddy. If you want to criticise Scarlett for not playing on the best forward, have a look at him taking Fevola to the cleaners.

      • Interesting Scarlett doesn’t match up as he is not tall enough at 192 cms & 94kgs BUT Mackie at 192 & 87 does……..and Taylor at 193 & 92 too!!

      • **or wrong size**
        Think it will be Lonergan first and Taylor second in the normal scheme of things for the Cats. Scarlett too valueable on the rebound and at reading the play to be stuck on Buddy.

  • For us broughton owners, let’s hope that ROK doesn’t return this week – have a sneaky feeling that he’ll match up against him if he plays

  • Some good points on Buddy there too. I think people (I am guilty of this too) expect him to bag a 120 every week. His occasional push into the mid last week was great to see, especially that tackling.

    Magner better be right tho!

  • Is any one else kind of hoping broughton get a sub standard 75 so u can have a excuse for trading him to adcock, hanley, birch or waters??

    • Haha that sounds all too familiar – last year I traded Broughton out for Adcock just before Adcock started stinking it up and Broughton went on that rampage through the middle of the year. I’m going to try to stick to my guns this year

      • +1 not going to be panic trading especially this early on! Have to burn 2 trades on getting kennedy and magnet in (I know, how could I have started without BOTH of them!!!) but after that I’m pulling right back on the reigns. And yes I have broughton too, along with many other concerning scores from my set and forgets last week to worry about.

      • I told myself and I would never go Broughton again.. I was tired of riding his rollercoaster last year but for some stupid reason I picked him.
        I can tell you that if he stinks it up against the Swans he is GONESKI!! There are far better backmen for a mere 30k more which I can afford but just don’t play will in my round 13 list.

    • To answer your question – nope, I hope he scores a nice 110 and thereafter averages in the vicinity of 120 a week. I would save a trade and get bulk points! Who wouldn’t hope for that?

  • What do I do with Leuenberger?
    I believe a straight swap this week is the best option just to set the record straight as a result of Hudson coming in and watching him outscore Leuenberger. But who do I trade to?
    I’m thinking Sandi but what do you think?

    • Sandi

      • just to remind those who are considering kreuzer, read the article! it shows that rucks that share the load dont score as well. carlton have three big men that are gonna get games almost every week when fit (kreuzer, warnock, hampson) and two will pretty much always get a game at least due to the lack of hieght in the carlton fwd line. be content with a solid 70-85 each game from the big fella but don’t expect him to explode unless there are serious injuries at carlton

    • Lyon has stated several times that the biggest toe in the afl will be rested through out the year, so I would stay away from him.
      Dont go jumping on the Ryder bandwagon on the back of 1 good game.
      Kruezer looks to be over his injury problems and could be the next Goldstein.
      Im just not that keen on Jacobs.
      McEvoy should be a solid contributor all year, No1 ruc at the saints. Very durable.

      Oh yeah and great write up TeeTee, as usual.

    • Sandi or the Big Krooze

    • I have him as well, but just wait, it’s only been 1 game. Who know? Hudson might break his leg tonight

    • wait at least another round – don’t knee jerk trade

    • Yeah def trade him to Ryder cos i mean he has one big score for the year and its only round 1 but dont worry about that i would def get him. Let me guess you were one of those who traded in Steve Johnson after his 171 last year….. Baffling

    • You’ll have another chance to watch all your candidates this weekend, which is a pretty decent luxury. I deliberated long and hard before going with a 2-gun ruck (Mummy/Sauce), otherwise it would have been Mummy/Kreuz.

      I’m with the Kreuzer fans. He looks fit and ready to play to his full potential this year, so tonight’s game where he takes on Berger and Hudson will be a good test of his form.

    • Thanks for the advice fellas
      I think I’ll wait another week and if Leuenberger doesn’t post a 85+ score it will either be a trade to: Sandi, Jacobs or Kreuzer

  • Broughton-gate hahaha so true

  • Parker listed on injury list as a test, so could possibly play this week, but should be back next week at the latest I would think.

  • Remaining Cap: $8,500

    DEF: A Carrazzo, T Bugg, B Deledio, D Heppell, M Clarke, H Shaw, B Lake, B Ellis, S Darley

    MID: G Ablett, S Thompson, M Boyd, J Magner, D Swan, C Smith, S Coniglio, D Shiel

    RUCK: S Mumford, J Giles, J Redden, O Stephenson

    FWD: L Franklin, A Kennedy, T Cloke, S Sidebottom, A Goodes, D Martin, D Smith, A Hall, T Dickson

    Team as of round 2. What do you think mate?

    • Liking your mostly guns’n’rooks there. I’m not sure how Lake will go after missing a season of top-flight footy, but he’s your only real concern. Good luck for R2!

    • Not enuf preemos in the mids, get rid of dickson he isn’t playing. I’m in the same bOat with lake he better perform this week or he is gone.

  • I have Pendles, Ablett, Boyd, Thompson, Parker, Magner, McDonald and Shiel in my mids. With McDonald out I am worried that Parker and Magner also won’t play….. I really hope that Sydney and Melb don’t name then pull Parker and Magner last minute as it would be a donut in only round 2. Or even if only one of them doesn’t play I still have to have Shiel on the field and I reckon he is a big vest chance. Not sure if anyone else has the same issue?

    Is it silly to contemplate selling McDonald now to Clay Smith (although he might not play)/Ledger/another mid rookie so I have cover for a possible donut and then look to possibly bring McDonald back in round 7 (3 game suspension plus 2 more until a price rise)? If Parker is not listed I might run with this concept as I am not sold on Shiel, I reckon he was a gun junior ball magnet but might not pick up the speed of AFL for a year or tso (a la Dion Prestia).

    • I currently have those 3 as well. From what I’ve heard I’m pretty confident Magner will play this week.
      Parker is a good show as well. Wouldnt be trading yet unless you actually hear both are out before lockout. Too early to wast trades….

    • He’s only got a 2 game suspension, and then you have to trade him in before his 3rd game – so between Round 4 and 5.

    • Magner will play.

  • In regards to Spurr from Freo, not sure if I missed something but isn’t he still rookie listed? Not sure how it all works exactly but I thought that he needed to be elevated to the senior list to play, and this didn’t happen. Can anyone clarify this for me? Can the rookies be elevated at any time during the season? Thanks in advance.

    • Yes, this is true, Pearce has been upgraded for them, so Spurr will have to wait for a long term injury or until mid-year, when one rookie can be upgraded.

      • Thanks Donk. My mistake there – Neale is on the Senior list, but not Spurr. Hope he’s ripe for a a mid-season downgrade!

  • Who are people starting out of Kennedy, D.Smith and Porps? Help would be great!

    • i’m play’n them all if that helps

    • Kennedy if he is running across half back again, actually kennedy anyway as smith will probs play in the pocket.

    • U have to go porps he is playing at home against a weak dogs defence. Plus u didn’t spend extra on him just to put him on the bench :p

  • Didn’t roy, calvin and warnie all have mumford?

  • Question…. Who to have on mid bench, Cogniglio or the Magnet? thinking Cogs will be over first game nerves etc and put up a big one. any ideas?

  • For all those wondering Parker and almost certain starter this week…

    • Reckon it might come with a vest though.

      • Why? No reason for him to get the vest….

        • Just my opinion.

          Has to be a candidate for the vest without an injury. He already has a history with wearing the vest. If I was coach I wouldn’t like the chances of a crazy hard nut like Parker not taking another knock to his already fractured jaw. By starting with the vest it means he wont be playing early when both teams will be hitting in hard. Might be wrong but must be a chance.

    • Shit yes! Im a happy man!

    • Thanks for that info Mr Khan…….you have made my day……….I take back the what I said about you earlier this year, but lets face it you have toned down and that’s a good thing.
      I may be sticking my beak out here and say you might have some respect from some of the guys here, :-) keep up the good work.

      The scull on the other hand has no hope of redemption.

  • Anyone know the job security of Milera (St K) ?

    • Not sure about his JS. There seems to be quite a few similar type players at the Saints – Milne, Schnieder, Saad, Milera. His JS might be dependent on how if the Saints are winning or will blood the new players.

      He was quite impressive last week though. Might be one that slides through just because we don’t know enough about him….

    • How could we possibly know that?

      I do know that Gavin Wanganeen mentored him all last year while he was in the maggies so that he would have the best possible opportunity to get drafted. What a head start that must be.

      PS maggies = Port Adelaide (SANFL) as distinct from the magpies *spits*

      • that s very funny redvest *spits* very far king funny actually…..

    • My guess is that he’s a front-runner for more games after an impressive start last weekend. If he puts in another good performance, I don’t think he’ll get dropped in a hurry.

      • milera and saad where always on the radar, the sunday game ment they slipped through the cracks but.

  • Can someone please explain to me why I picked Broughton over Adcock? I had Jed last year and he was gold. Case of grass is greener me thinks.

  • How quickly does a rook’s price rise if say a magner continued to put in 80-100 performances?

    Cracking site guys, found it whilst searching for info as first year dreamteam.

    • Depends on what the magic number is Ben. Magic number changes through season to keep the TOTAL price of ALL players put together around the same. at the moment it’s about 5000 but it will drop as players get more expensive

      Assuming magner ave’s 90 in first 3 games his price will go to

      75% of 85,800 + 25% of 90*5000 = 176000 Approx after round 3

      • After th3 next game it will be 75% of 176000 + 25%*Magic Number (probably about 4400-4600) times by ave of last 3 games

  • Thank you

  • Last year Adcock averaged significantly less when Brown played, compared to when he didn’t. The stats where:

    12 games (Round 2-8, 18-24) with Brown: 96.92
    8 games (Round 1, Without Brown: 65.75

    Dunno if you can really read into that, but there certainly was two side to Adcock last year. Now that’s probably me hoping that it applies again this year and that I’m not missing out (I have Broughton instead), but I have a feeling that I may have made my first big mistake of 2012. Only time will tell though.

    • Thats about the 5th or 6th time I’ve read that this week and it still contradicts itself.

      I can’t see how there could be a correlation between the two anyway. I think Adcock just had an injury (finger or wrist or something?) in that period that was responsible for the down scores

      • I see your point but…

        Last year Adcock averaged significantly less when Brown played, compared to when he didn’t. The stats where:

        12 games (Round 2-8, 18-24) with Brown: 96.92
        8 games (Round 1, Without Brown: 65.75

        Dunno if you can really read into that, but there certainly was two side to Adcock last year. Now that’s probably me hoping that it applies again this year and that I’m not missing out (I have Broughton instead), but I have a feeling that I may have made my first big mistake of 2012. Only time will tell though.

      • P.S. taing the piss as the original poster kept posting over and over again ad nauseum.

  • Can’t believe how many people are burning trades this early before prices change.
    Good for me :D

    • I did a couple of early trades last year before price changes to grab a couple of rooks I missed, worked out alright for me.

      No need to trade this week but there is merit in a couple of fixup trades next week before prices rise.

  • Broughton v Shaw v Adcock the answer is – DO YOUR HOMEWORK

    Last year

    Broughton – 6 games x 60 points or less
    Shaw – no scores under 60
    Adcock – no scores under 60 (excludes whilst recovering from broken finger where he had 3 occassions under 60)

    If you have Broughton get ready to trade him next week

    • You can’t just go by past performance or you will never pick a good roughie. Sometimes you have to listen to news, watch NAB cup roles and use your gut instinct. All the signs were there for a great year for Broughton and it definetely wasn’t a lack or research that made me pick him. It was the potential to average 90+ as a defender.

      He still might

      • Agree to an extent however – he is a DPP defender, can run (score well) and tag (score shithouse) to much risk thus why you look elsewhere – Malthouse use to play Shaw the same way

        • Yeah I’ll give him the benefit of doubt for one game though.

          Carrazo, Mitch Robinson, Jordan Lewis, Scooter selwood, Kane Kornes can all score while playing defensive roles so hopefully he can do the same if he is given the role.

    • i love “no scores under 60 – excludes the three games when he scored under 60.”

      And why did you choose 60 as the cutoff? Because adcock scored in the 60s a bunch of times?

  • struggling with this one!

    I have Lake and broughton in backline
    2 trades left
    $49,300 left in the bank

    any thoughts of what i should do would be appreciated,


  • need some help lads, three quick questions

    which 4 out of coniglio, shiel, magner ans clay smith should i have in this week?

    which one out of ellis and bugg

    and finally, kennedy or porplyzia

    any help would be appreciated!


    • Magner, smith and coniglio, shiel is still getting used to afl standard, bugg for now and kennedy if on the hb flank

      • fark, i meant which 2 out of coniglio shiel magner and clay smith

        sorry deez !

  • thoughts on brian lake

  • teams named!

    no drastic changes. parker, smith and magner named.

    neale, darley and pfeifer yet to get a game.

    cunningham, yagmoor and tynan out.

  • should i start motlop over d,smith or a,kennedy

  • or should i start cripps>motlop then over who?