Greatest Dream Team of All: Round 1

On the back of the non-success of the ‘Greatest’ series on, I will aim to reinvent and establish a new article: DTTalk’s own ‘Greatest Dream Team of All’. Taking into consideration DT form of players across the competition, a best 22 will be proposed; with things like value and price coming into play. Whilst the article shares the same name as its predecessor, these articles will be focus on players from a DT perspective (sorry Nick Maxwell). This is by no means a reflection of any player personally or on their playing style, just a pure expression of their DT awesomeness.

Upon receiving feedback from the initial article in the preseason, I’ve tweaked the structure of this idea to reveal a team that legally fits within the AFL Dream Team Salary Cap – making this team of players even more impressive. So, without further ado I give you McRath’s Inaugural Greatest Dream Team of All:


A. Carazzo (CAR – $454,800) – Carrotts was fantastic in Thursday night’s opening v Richmond. Effectively shutting down the dangerous Trent Cotchin in Q2, he went on himself to record a handy 106 points from 31 touches.

M. Suckling (HAW – $448,900) – Suckers picked up right where he left off in 2011 as he marshalled the Hawks half backline to record 26d and 7 marks on his way to 105 points.

G. Birchall (HAW – $443,500) – Suckling’s partner in crime, Birch had the 3rd best score by a defender in R1. He scored an outstanding 118 points from 21 touches, 8 marks and a goal.

J. Adcock (BRL – $417,700) – Brisbane’s stand-in captain had a field day against Melbourne on the weekend, scoring 125 points from 29d, 9m, 4t and a goal. Jed was the #1 defender in Round 1.

P. Hanley (BRL – $396,600) – The Lions’ Irish experiment showed how far he has come on Saturday against the Demons. He racked up 23 touches, 9 marks, 6 tackles and 2 goals to be one of the best on field. Those who picked him will be very happy with this unique.

T. Mohr (GWS – $115,800) – The Giant’s stalwart held the fort down back in the absence of many experienced players. Despite his DT-unfriendly role, he still managed a serviceable 74 points from 16 disposals.

T. Bugg (GWS – $104,200) – GWS’s second inductee this week, Bugg is already being headhunted by many who missed out; and has already been traded in by around 4% of coaches. His 27 touches for 97 points against the Swans were invaluable to his coaches who put faith in him to start on the field.


J. Hombsch (GWS –$104,200) and B. Smedts (GEE – $104,200) who scored 71 and 50 respectively to give solid cover for their teams in Round 1.



S. Pendlebury (COL – $576,900) – Was arguably the best on ground against the Hawks on the weekend. The majority’s decision to start him over teammate Swan paid off as he accrued 33 disposals on his way to an elite 132 points.

G. Ablett (GCS – $554,700) – Calvin’s #1 captain pick for the week didn’t let us down as he continued his unstoppable run of form against Adelaide. With a massive 42d, 2 goals and 136 points, Ablett put on another fantastic display to vindicate his selection in over 50% of teams,

S. Thompson (ADE – $538,500) – The first of a raft of Crows to make the grade in R1 as Adelaide overran the Suns in a non-competitive contest. Gathering another 39 touches against the Suns, Thompson showed us why he loves playing Gold Coast with his score of 135.

B. Stanton (ESS – $528,300) – My ‘Whore of the Week’ in my Numbers Article, Stanton absolutely dominated North on the weekend, scoring from everywhere. He finished with an outstanding 35d, 7m, 5t and 2 goals on his way to 153 points – and is my captain in the Greatest Team for Round 1.

J. McDonald (GWS – $98,700) – Old McDonald really stood up against the Swans, providing some good protection for his young charges. Gathering 23 touches and laying 6 tackles gave him a handy 98 points – not bad given his sub-$100k price. The only issue is that he’ll miss 2 weeks from his hit on Luke Parker.

J. Magner (MEL – $85,800) – Second only to Trengove for the Dees on Saturday was our very own ‘Magnet’, James Magner. Despite picking up a slightly ankle injury in the closing minutes, he gave his coaches a big smile in tallying 103 points. Now let’s hope he’s okay for Round 2.


C. Smith (WB – $107,700) scored an outstanding 79 before being subbed on the weekend in a performance surely worthy of a Rising Star Nomination, while T. Greene (GWS – $134,700) showed great ability to score 99 from 27 disposals v Sydney.



P. Ryder (ESS – $394,400) – A bit of a surprise here as Ryder was the top scoring ruckman of the round. His 128 points came from 20 touches and a game high 33 hitouts – all of this against two of the game’s best rucks in Goldstein and McIntosh.

M. Kreuzer (CAR – $326,000) – The former #1 draft pick is finally starting to live up to his potential. Playing almost as another midfielder, Kreuzer’s 2nd and 3rd efforts were outstanding as he went on to record 96 points, including 15 hitouts.


J. Giles (GWS – $117,800) and J. Redden (POR – $104,200) scored 77 and 68 in their debuts for their clubs, providing solid bench cover for their coaches; or a serviceable 2nd ruck score for those who went with the Sole Premium Ruck strategy.



L. Franklin (HAW – $503,000) – Buddy once again justified his selection in all of our Dream Teams as our #1 forward option. He tore apart Collingwood in the second half to finish with 21 disposals, 5.3 goals and 125 points. On an even more positive note, he only gave away 1 free against (and gained 2 frees for) – which can only help his DT output.

N. Fyfe (FRE – $486,600) – Undoubtedly the best afield on Saturday night, Fyfe showed no slowing down from his preseason on his way to 30 touches and 124 points, including 2 goals. He is a smokey for the Brownlow this year – and my sources tell me that he’s currently paying $31, jump on!

D. Zaharakis (ESS – $443,200) – Zaha scored an even 100 against the Roos to prove himself as the best of the mid-price premium DPP Forwards in Round 1. He beat out Martin, Robinson, Danger, Sidey and Lewis to be more than effective for his coaches. His score could’ve been higher too, if he’d converted his 2 behinds into goals.

K. Tippett (ADE – $350,400) – In a Crow-heavy forward line up, Tippett tops the list here with the 114 points he scored against the Suns. He dominated throughout as Adelaide’s #1 forward target, scoring 4.3 and also grabbing 13 hitouts.

T. Walker (ADE – $296,400) – Tex also had a great outing against Gold Coast, taking advantage of their inexperience down back. He finished with an important 98 points and kicked 5.3. In an ominous sign to the rest of the competition, if Tippett and Walker can both lift; they could become an unstoppable force in the AFL for years to come.

I. Callinan (ADE – $217,000) – Proving to be a better mid-price pick than teammate Jason Porplyzia at this early stage, popular 2011 rookie Callinan came out firing with 99 points from 18 disposals and 2.5 goals. Imagine if he’d converted all 7 of his scoring shots…

A. Kennedy (GWS – $104,200) – Top scoring for the Giants in their debut match, as well as his – Kennedy showed an uncanny knack for finding the ball. He ended up with 28 disposals and a game high 11 marks before settling on 116 points. If he backs this performance up in R2, it’ll be hard for those who missed out to justify not getting him in.


C. Hampton (GWS – $104,200) showed that the hype surrounding him is valid on his way to a serviceable 77, whilst T. Milera (STK – $115,800) had a great debut for the Saints on his way to 74 points.


Greatest Dream Team of All: Round 1

B:        A. Carazzo (106), M. Suckling (105), T. Bugg (97)

HB:     J. Adcock (125), G. Birchall (118), P. Hanley (120)

C:        B. Stanton (153 – ©), G. Ablett (136), J. Magner (103)

HF:      N. Fyfe (124), L. Franklin (130), D. Zaharakis (100)

F:         T. Walker (98), K. Tippett (114), A. Kennedy (116)

Foll:     P. Ryder (128), S. Pendlebury (132), S. Thompson (135)

Int:      T. Mohr (74), J. McDonald (98), M. Kreuzer (96), I. Callinan (99)

Reserves: J. Hombsch (71), B. Smedts (50), C. Smith (79), T. Greene (99), J. Giles (77), J. Redden (68), C. Hampton (77), Milera (74).

Total Score from starting 22: 2660 (with Stanton as Captain)

Cash Remaining in Salary Cap: $1,600

Honourbable Mentions

Tom Rockliff (BRL, MID – $554,700) – 130

Sam Mitchell (HAW, MID – $554,000) – 130

Rory Sloane (ADE, MID – $429,500) – 125

Brad Ebert (POR, MID – $308,100) – 125

Trent Cotchin (RIC, MID – $463,400) – 120

Jack Steven (STK, MID – $394,500) – 119

Will Minson (WB, RUC – $365,500) – 97


Stay tuned for our next instalment in the ‘Greatest’ series in the next few weeks after the first price changes.

Feedback appreciated as always. Also – if you’re not already… follow me in the Twittersphere: @McRathDT




  • Am I your source McRath? Put those Brownlow odds up on on Monday – great value!

  • Nice analysis McRath. Wouldn’t that have been a smashing start to the year? I’d be interested to see how that team performs this week.

  • Nice read McRath

    You could have gained 1 more valuable point if you had T Greene (99) on instead of McDonald (98)
    but now I’m just getting picky

  • i can save you ther work next week McRath.. just use my side ;)

  • And there is my unique ruck combo………..have they gone too hard too early??

  • anyone know tkol’s team?

  • Nice analysis McRath, does anybody know when the teams for the Brisbane Carlton game? Hope it’s today.

    • Sorry, does anybody know when the teams for the Brisbane Carlton game ARE ANNOUNCED. Hope it’s today

      • Should be tonight around 6:20 Jack

        • thanks and I’m going to make a team exactly the same as that and see how it goes throughout the year! I will let you know

          • Oh and keeping Stanton captain (except for his bye) and the three highest scoring benches as emergencies

  • I backed avatar @41/1. put $30 on him to win Brownlow.

  • Will it be a new team each week? Or this team with 24 trades for the season? If its a new team each week you will need to factor in salary cap increases at say 0.75% a week. Anyway love the discussion! Good work

    • I’ll likely do a new team each time (more to show what could be – I’m not actually making a team persay) but will be staying within the restraints of the normal salary cap. I agree with the incremental increase – that will certainly make it easier when it comes to R23!

      Next one of these will be up Wednesday after R3 with the price drops/fluctuations coming heavily into play…

      • Good idea to keep it under the salary cap, i wonder who gave you that one haha

        • Haha the gents and ladies who suggested it in my last article… was it you slighthawk….?

          If so, I’ve taken your suggestion under advisement and thought it made for more interesting/unique reading.

  • nice right up McRathDT

  • Wondering whether you could have found more value substituting Zaharakis with Dangerfield (11 points) as this would have given you an extra $100K to play around with?

  • Great write up McRath. Always good to be able to analise something like this and determine how right (and or wrong) we were in our squads.
    Was wondering though how better the team’s total score could have been if you had an extra $100K to play with. Substituting Zaha with Danger will reduce it by 11 but would that extra money found you more than an extra 11 elsewhere?

  • Awesome article, if your going to do a new team each week, to make it more in line with where the competition is at, perhaps you could make the salary cap the team value of the player ranked no 1 in the comp. Awesome work on all ur articles though.

  • Nice work McRath – I had the same idea for the article but you beat me to it!

    The team I came up with was:

    J Adcock – 125
    P Hanley – 120
    G Birchall – 118
    T Bugg – 97
    C Stiller – 95
    N Smith – 87
    P Duffield – 86
    T Mohr – 74 (EMG)
    J Hombsch – 71 (EMG)

    B Stanton – 153 (C)
    G Ablett – 136 (VC)
    B Ebert – 129
    C Bird – 127
    M Rosa – 127
    R Sloane – 125
    J Magner – 103 (EMG)
    J MacDonald – 98 (EMG)

    P Ryder – 128
    M Kruezer – 96
    J Giles – 77 (EMG)
    J Redden – 68 (EMG)

    L Franklin – 130
    N Fyfe – 124
    A Kennedy – 116
    K Tippett – 114
    C Cornes – 111
    L Thomas – 110
    I Callinan – 99
    C Hampton – 77 (EMG)
    T Milera – 74 (EMG)

    Total score for starting 22 – 2706
    Salary Cap Remaining – $15,800

    Will be very interesting to see how the same team scores next round!

  • Brilliant article McRath and nice to see I had 11 of the 22 in my squad!
    Keep up the great work (you must be unemployed or won lotto to be able to find the time to pump out quality week in, week out).
    A bit off topic but was there any reason why Freako wasn’t available last week? I’m assuming it will be out today???

    • Wouldn’t have come out last week as there wasn’t a full round completed at that point.

  • Clay Smith listed on Bulldogs’ injury list as “Clay Smith (ankle) – TBA” published today on The Age’s RealFooty website.

    Weren’t the Doggies originally saying that he was subbed-off due to cramping? Its pretty hard to get a cramp in an ankle joint!

    Will be interesting to see if he is named on the field when teams announced tomorrow.

  • Parker says 2-3 weeks, is this right?

    Farken McDonald, causing 5 weeks to be missed between both of them.

    Might burn a Parker to Ebert trade straight away.

    • Dont do that (unless you really want ebert).
      That 2-3 includes last week so most likely will only miss this week and is still a possible chance to play this week!
      He is a gun! I recommend keeping the lad….

    • I hear you Albert, I’m in the same boat. Agree with the mighty Genghis though, gonna hang on to the trades for the next round or two and see how it plays out.

  • Does anybody know what % of dreamteamers have got Matt Rosa in their teams?

    • Roughly 0.6% going by AC… Just buy Assistant Coach – then you can look at this kind of stuff to your hearts content

  • Nice one McRath – like the introspection…

  • Hey McRath,

    Absolutely top exercise! I look forward to seeing it whenever you do it through the year.

    Thanks for the taking the feedback on board from your draft article on it.

    One extra bit of feedback if you’re interested:
    The listing of the team in a standard club selection format is not as helpful as it would be to see it a standard DT selection format (the way Pearcey has got it above) with the prices/scores listing them in descending order by price, as VS had our teams listed on prior to R1. [Now, they seem to list them only in descending order by score.] Anyway, it will just make it easy to look at your finished product the same way we look at our DT page.

    Thanks heaps for all the work.

    • Cheers Gozzie… always keen to take on feedback from the comments to help improve our articles in the future! Will definitely take on board for next time. Next one should be up around Wednesday morning, R3!