Cheat Sheet TV Winner Announced

Congratulations to Gary Souprounovich of Queensland who purchased our Cheat Sheet and was lucky enough to have been selected as the winner of the 3D 46″ SONY Full HD LED LCD TV valued at $1294 thanks to Harvey Norman QV Melbourne City.

Gary’s team, BONCOS scored 2102 and was ranked 12,272 for Round 1.

Thanks to everyone who purchased a copy of the cheat sheet, we massively appreciate the support in keeping this website the best it can be! We would also like to thank Mark and the team at markamedia (who set up the website and did the drawing of the prize).

Good luck to all this season and stay tuned to DT TALK for other competitions during the year (maybe there’ll be a competition on DT TALK LIVE at the special time slot of 6:30pm AEDT this week).


  • Lucky guy… congrats

    What’s the bet that CheatSheetTroll will turn up?

  • Well done Gazza, lucky bugger!

  • Pfft! I know a genuine Panaphonics when I see one! And look, there’s Magnetbox and Sonly!

  • Woulda prefered a sony tv over a sonly ;-)

  • Haha… oops! Fixed!

    Nice work Gary! Bloody jealous man right here… I was thinking about hiding the fact that we had this prize from the other boys…. ;)

    • Just caught up with the last episode of DT talk. Yeh i know but been busy busy. Now im feeling like a Tight Arse thatnks to Calvin haha. Didnt purchase the cheat sheet, yep didnt spend $4 shame on me.
      I will however organise a slab of Boags Draught at your local watering hole if you can supply a phone number Warnie. This would be a pleasure, Luv your work boys and i hope your on the road to winning your first Loggie sooner than later.

      • Where are you from, mate? We might have to catch up for a beer at some stage…

        • From SA mate. Would thoroughly enjoy catching up for a beer or two if your ever in this neck of the woods as would a few others in SA from FF. Dont forget that phone number and i’l get it sorted cant have you blokes going dry now lol.

  • Enjoy the footy now Gazza! Congrats mate.

  • well done gazza. so how many sheets did you guys sell? i purchased one unit

    • Dude that’s like asking a Lady how old she is!
      Let’s just hope enough of us purchased them, to make them drunk for a month!

  • With the cheat sheet, I purchased it but the link expired in a couple of days. Was it emailed to us? Next time would be better if it is emailed

  • Snapper

    You made that name up didn’t you.
    Then kept the TV for yourselves ;)

  • total shit I wanted that!

    Sorry for S Bomb, serious though, you should do that every fortnight or something, i for one don’t mind shouting you boys a beer now and then. Prizes don’t even have to be that great…. A footy, Jumper of your choice.

    You could try and get balls and bumpers or a sporting store on board for a few gifts… Just saying.

    • That my friend is a great idea…………………I am good for a buck or two a week……

  • Well done Gaz, how far from Carrara do you live??…….. we can share….. :-)

  • Fuck my life, im gonna go buy one to ease the pain of not winning it.

  • Haha I beat gazza by 1 point!

  • LMAO – all you spuds spent money on a cheat sheet! now thats fvcking sad!

    • No… Tool we spent money to support this awesome site and not bottom feeders like you

      • Too true rainman, the boys give us a lot and ask for very little in return. Least we could do is throw them a couple of bucks for the cheat sheet!

    • f u c k off judd you pathetic hack