Feature on Southern Cross News in Tasmania

Southern Cross News (Tasmania) – Sunday 1st April, 2012.


  • that’s awesome! congrats boys

  • hahaha nice one

  • I think its time you did a show from Alberton Oval, lets tee something up.

    • That’d be awesome… one day when we make money out of this thing, we should do a tour. First stop, Alberton Oval! ;)

  • Brilliant Boys:)

  • From humble beginnings…

  • Would kill for you boys to have a weekly show on telly!
    Would be awesome!
    Weldone boys you deserve it yew

  • Tassie represent. Respect.

  • DT Talk, the first good thing to come out of Tassie

    Nice work

  • SELLOUTS!!!!!

    Arrggg just pullin ya leg….great stuff lads, lovin’ your work!

    Can’t wait for DT TALK on telly (maybe on Fox Footy) Clearly all the time and effort’s paying off, keep up the great work!

    DT’s alright with me, DT’s alright …OHHHHH YEAH!

  • yeah nice work fellas, hope this season leads to bigger things for you.

  • Definitely a tv show is next on the cards.. and lol why didnt they put up Calvin’s real name? The Irish pirate remains anonymous! Yarghh!

    Also slow news day down in Tassie there? :P Ahaha, I kid.. thats an awesome news-worthy piece. :D

  • great stuff boys, would love to see a weekly show on fox footy :)

  • Alot better than that Supercoach show crap that was FOX Footy on thursday night.

    • There is one thing thing that you three amigos have, that can’t be bought, scripted, or manufactured.

      You guys have it in spades. Effortless and unaffected.

      i wonder if you already pitched a show to Fox?
      Surely there is room for both?

      Regardless of whichnetwork your show ends up on though,
      it is bound to be a winner.

      Best of luck guys.

  • DT Talk Show > Eddie McGuire Tonight

  • I won’t bother watching if it aimed at SuperCoach, what a load of shit. Do I care that DT doesn’t reward the best AFL players (especially key position players) with high scores. No. Do I like watching and knowing my player has just scored +6? Yes Live Scores Hell Yes!

  • Great to see you blokes getting some network time. Keep up the great work fellas!

  • from little thingsm big things grow.

    great work boys keep it up

  • it seems that fox footy is more interested in SC than DT. Fox Sports afl fantasy is revolved around the Supercoach system. It will be hard to crack into Fox Footy without expanding into SC guys. I know that you provide insight via the supercoach site for those who have signed up to the premium package but overall you are basically labelled as DT experts (and in the older days you all bagged SC a bit). I do wish they would sign you up tho. You guys are great.

  • All the best gents, hope someone gives you a shot, 250,000 people have teams i cant see why not.

  • FOX footy have a Supercoach show on now….. It’s revolting. They should be ashamed
    We want the Fan Show!

  • tangent stage left…….is there a chance of a tazzie team in the future
    whatya reckon?

  • Nice work blokes. I get the feeling Calvin, Warnie and Roy are top people and fantastic Australians in whatever they do. Teaching our precious children when Mum’s and Dad’s are out making a crust, educating the DT world with seriously amazing and detailed professional articles either written by themselves or having the respect from others to contribute with some truly astounding pieces of journalistic literature instilled with brilliance.

    I hope your passion of DT one day can resemble some sort of full time remuneration for each of you – it’d be fitting. However I can’t help but the think the government education system has lost a few ‘legend’ teachers.

    Well Done