DT TALK Final Teams 2012




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  • Robinson and The Porpus selected in all 3 squads o_O
    Interesting strategies, keen to see how Calvinators insane midfield pans out…

  • No RedRock for any of you??????????????

  • Pendlebury was my Captain am happy with 334 :-D

  • Pendlebury was my Captain am happy with the 334

  • these guys are pretenders, having almost the exactly same teams.
    good to see they will fail together.

    while im sitting pretty with 1245 with 10 players left, going to be 100+ ahead of the people who (think) know what they are doing.

    • Well done champ, you’re going well after the first 3 games of the season, must be an expert.

      What a fucking chump.

      • could not have put it better Benny!!

        All I can say is ..


      • +1!
        But good for a laugh :-)
        Remember DT is sprint not a marathon as everybody says! (-;

    • Tomjay, you muppet.

      I would happily put $100 down that by round 10 they will all be 100’s of points in front of you, let alone the end of the season.

    • Wow. What a guy!
      We all look up to u mate.
      U the man………….. not.

  • i will be interested to see how the 1premo ruck – 3rooks combo works out. i was a bit sheepish and wimped out (went mcevoy/kreuzer). sweet teams though boys!!

  • There was a team with the same forward line and ruck, only difference is porp and dangerfield,

    the mid and backline different I commented on that team (lol)

    i gave the team a 10, I think the team was called Celtic Clan

  • for anyone who has a second team or has spaces we have created five new leagues they all have spaces hope us fill them up all are welcome

    dream team
    last minute codes peoples get in 577226, 638265, 894750, 742626, 707085

  • Wow, must say I’m surprised that Destroy, Warnie & Cal all have no DPP links whatsoever….

    • yeah maybe they don’t overrate their importance this year like you clearly do…

      • I disagree, I still think DPP links are really important. Basically gives you another player on your bench, and a shitload more flexibility.

        • You don’t need them at the start. If you don’t have 30 players getting a game in Round 1 you have issues. The likes of Magner, Shiel and McDOnald make midfield spots to valuable to give to DPPs. You can add the links through trades later on when we are all more likely to have some non-players clogging our lists.

  • Very surprised that Destroy, Warnie or Cal have no DPP links whatsoever….

    • – and the same rucks – and the same forwards. I think not having a single mid/fed in the mids could bite badly.

  • Didn’t have time to change my team when the teams came out last night so I still have Pfieiffer.. if Clay Smith performs would it be a good idea to switch Kennedy into my forward lines for Pfeiffer and trade Pfeiffer out for Smith? Or is this just nuts seeing as we have limited trades this year.. cheers

  • Bizzaro…
    You all have the same forward line!!
    More Bizzaro -I have I have the same minus Dickson + Smedts

  • whoever doesn’t have magner is screwed!!!!

    this is the curnow and barlow of the last two years!

    • uhhh. Very annoying watching him rack it up on my bench! :'(

      I know Coniglio will be a gun…but jeez Magner has only played a quarter and isn’t too far off his score already!

      At least I know I’ve got awesome cover for McDonald in the next 2 weeks!

      • don’t worry, I know how it feels!

        but you can’t be too hard on yourself cause no one knew if he was playing last week so it was safe to just keep him on the bench.

        but whoever doesn’t have him will be feeling worse!

      • Might not have him as cover any more, limped off the field!

        • Limped off the field with ~5minutes to go but he walked off the ground at the end, Should hopefully be ok.

  • coniglio wont be a gun this year but magner will, how do you think magner will go against west coast?

  • have ledger in the field and magner on the bench :'( but rockliff has fought back that quater and expect him to hit the tonne easily, anyone have golby? :)

  • Well done Roy with Golby…..

  • what suprised me the most no rocky or coniglio guess that means there not friends after all i have the same forward line as all 3 and i think so will the rest of australia with this sheet floating around the net hindsight is such a bitch fuck you heath shaw never picking anyone i fucking hate should have stuck with my guns and taken goddard

  • Hey guys still 7 spots to fill in my league. Code is 998820. Cheers

  • do we go head to head from round one?

  • i thought rockliff was DT talks golden child therefore in the team, oh well in my team

  • Still 5 spots in my large guys. Code is 998820. Help a brother out lol

  • Happy with 128 from Rocky, put him in as the Captain for a risk and it has somewhat paid off. Ablett will probably beat it however. Will definately be using the loophole on him next week!

  • 1108/12

    Make or break game coming up…

  • How long is Magner out for?

  • Looking at it destROY’s team looks similar to mine with a few smokies of mine he doesnt have.

  • 3 spots left in my league. Get in quick! Lol 998820

  • Ive got Porps like you guys, looks like he is battling at the moment. Callinan on fire…. but I am sure Porps will work his way into the season.

  • 89 for Danger, not bad.

  • Christensen with the vest!?!?! Fookkkk!

  • Hey, not sure if you guys would be interested but if you are doing the AFL tipping and would like a league to join, why not join mine.


    I haven’t had the best of starts to the season, so your probably already off to a good start :)


  • It’s only Round 1 – but so far…

    Dr DT > all of the DT Talk boys…

  • Anyone know what happened to Heppell? Was on fire by half time but then barely scored the rest of the game

  • LOL people paid money to see these.