Lockout Chat: Round 1

We are now into full lockout! The last 6 months of hard work (and domestics) has come to a close and now we have a squad that will evolve over the course of the 2012 AFL Dream Team season. Here is the place to chat about the round as it evolves and how you are scoring!

POST YOUR SCORES: Show your scores as well as how many players have played… if you captain has played, count then as two. So at the end of the round, you have 23 players to have played.


  • Alright, hopefully near Par with 2124, had Ellis and Morris on field, With bugg and Magner on the Pine.

    Anyway, What to do with My Smokie Howard, Looks like a serious injury,

    Already have Golby, Options? (Hargrave?)

    • Same problem here, but I already have hargrave. How bad did Howard’s injury look?

    • maybe go to a rookie even, maybe 1 of Clarke, Mohr, Bugg, Darley etc. then upgrade faster then everyone else, just a thought

  • Finished on 2064….ugggh.

  • Some dude I’m my league has 2204 with McEvoy to come.

  • 1983, with 3 to come – Goddard, Voldt, Redden

  • Errr Lake = disgusting!! Just jogged around looking disinterested. I never trade after round one but this spud makes it tempting…

  • 2152pts with McCarthy to go.
    Hoping for a 100pt game from the new recruit for port.

    Early days still, but not too bad a start for the year.

  • 1997 with Goddard to come. Tagging behind, will have some ground to make up.

  • Okay start to the year for me………2007 with Goddard still to go. I’m in this league woth my mates and it is basically a 2 horse race. The other bloke got 2032 but has no-one to play left. Please goddard get 26+! Please! Hopefully I dont syche him out.

  • Awwwww, how many people were devo when Clay Smith got subbed off, he was carving it!. Im pretty happy with 2130 especially considering that I had Morris and Ellis on the field for a combined effort of 65. Go Sylvester!

  • Devo’d fo sure with 79 red vest, but only had him on field in SC where he made a neat 102. Sweet seeing as i had magner on the pine

  • thoughts on adcock, birchall, wingard?

  • I feel like such a bonehead. Thought Robbie Gray would be a nice unique in my forward line… just discovered he’s not playing! Anyone know why? Can’t find him on any injury lists…

  • In DT i also scored 2130, fairly happy with round one score considering I had Shaw Grimes and Broughton spudding it up

  • finished off with 2110,

    this about aveage? seen people with more but fairly happy but a few players and somwe of my rookie picks on the field.

  • redden in front of Gies for now on???

  • Been on a plane, can somebody tell me what happened to Ledger?

  • oiiii mcCarthy u mut lift ur game

  • Wish ebert was a fwd would have been a lock
    For me if he was

  • Competitive DREAMTEAM PRO League – 845135. 9pm draft. # spots left!

  • 2251 and I’m trading out Broughton, if he’s still gonna be used to lockdown then no deal! Not going down that road again

  • Those talking about trading out Broughton. He ALWAYS gets the job on Stevie J!!! and always does a great job

  • Haha! Love the new picture on the home page!

    I’m disappointed with Heater’s score but do you guys think its because of the absence of Maxwell, Johnson, Nathan Brown and Tarrant?

  • someone please tell me the big o is better that all his scores have showed so far

    so as a dt player he makes a good vfl player

  • someone please tell me the big o is better than all his scores have showed so far

    so far as a dt player he makes a good vfl player

  • Looks like Dr Dream Team knew something we didn’t with NDS!

  • DR DT got rid of NDS

  • Had Redden on the ground. Looked good for 69 before 3/4 time. Now has been vested. Love DT. Cut short of 2100.

  • i wouldnt stress too much about Broughton he’ll have weeks where he gets a job and weeks where he gets freed up like most backman…look at Heater this week as well. when they play the good sides they have to be accountable when they play not so good sides they will rack up possessions.

    Ebert is killing me though wish i had the guts to pick him.

    Masten was ok along with Melkshem…my mid price strat has probably not got a tick at this stage but it’s round 1.

    2085 final

  • 2117 Decent score

  • The RockyReddenShow 2244

  • Is anyone else like me waiting around for lockout to finish to see where they ended up?

    • Open! Rank 5399 for me.
      Was hoping for slightly better but there is always next week.

      2352 wins it for the week, I had no chance!

  • Ranked 38th!

    Got the shock of my life when I logged on this morning. Got 2294, and I left bloody Pfieiffer on the field as I was overseas. Only got 30 for Dickson as cover. Had Hall’s 55 as the non selected emergency. Dang.

    Thought I didn’t do that great…. Stoked.

  • just a question should i be looking at trading mcdonald for clay smith because he will make money before mcdonald with his 2 match band.