Lockout Hindsight

With basically a whole week to reflect on some of our selections, and in my case, a couple of what now look like obvious mistakes, it is a battle not to slip straight back into pre season mode and complete 50 trades during the lunch break and another 40 throughout the day when the boss isn’t looking, with some coaches potentially overcompensating for a slowish start. What coaches like me need to ask is, are we just making matters worse? It’s only 1 damn game! Or can we tactically use this information to strengthen our team for future rounds?

My biggest Captain Hindsight’s

With Dylan Shiel coming off an interrupted pre season, I was stupid to think he was ready to play a full game at the top level and hence, missed McDonald’s 98 as my emergency on the bench. Old Mac is a seasoned player who has completed a pre season and has a body that is used to playing a tough team like Sydney. This is a move I can do nothing about and I know Shiel will be awesome, so it’s all good, but I shouldn’t have started him for obvious reasons.

A lack in faith in the ability of the GWS rookies to score on the big stage, and an even greater fear of their ability to cement themselves as a regular caused me to take a very conservative approach to my team structure and I placed Kennedy and Bugg as my forward and defender emergency. This move has obviously left me with a fewer premium players on the ground than those gutsy enough to start those players, as well as being at least a couple of hundred points off their pace. Now although I won’t be taking the drastic measures of chasing the scores of these players by selecting someone on the ground who won’t score round 1, I can’t help but have an increased confidence in their ability to contribute at least 60 points on a weekly basis (possibly causing a reshuffle in my team to give them a more permanent role on the ground, and make some money from a mid pricer who is currently sitting there.)

So, due to the lockout, this information is gold because it provides us with insight, before the dreaded hindsight kicks in and it’s too late. Will data gathered from 1 game cause an overhaul in your camp? Can the viewing of just 1 game cause you to lose faith in all your research and previous structure?

Amid the excitement, it would be easy to place too much faith in these rookies to perform at such a high standard week in week out so a complete restructure loading your ground up with these guys is dangerous, however tweaks are definitely understandable and warranted in some (more conservative) squads.

Wake up call

After weeks of staring at your team, your eyes start to see only what you want them to see and usually it’s not until you look at it after full lockout you think, What the hell? A wake up call for me came after a dude purchased his copy of the cheat sheet and Tweeted me saying “where’s Goddard mate” and for the first time in weeks, I saw my real team! Changes won’t likely be major, but destroy doesn’t look the same without Goddard and I want to get him back where he belongs. Things are much clearer for me now the pre lockout panic is over!

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  • Extremely off topic…just been on the Collingwood website…and left their wondering if they only have 1 player…called Pendlebury…Ah yes hes the guy that won last years Brownlow yeah…

  • Travis Cloke or no Travis Cloke?

    • Hedging my bets here by getting him in Supercoach but not Dreamteam.

  • Maybe I’m just a sentimental fool – but anyone else shedding a tear for the end of an era? Riewoldt not even talked about let alone a walk up start. No Goddard as a lock or Sam Fisher. I can’t remember a time when I had no StKilda players ….. very sad day!

    • The Voldt just hasn’t been the same since blowing his shoulder and then twanging the hammy… the running and marking machine that was Nick Riewoldt has his best football behind him now…once an absolute gun but I just can’t see him reaching his former heights…

    • Im On Riewoldting, can’t surely do worse than last year. No preseason hiccups, Plays Port,Goldcoast,Dogs in the first 3,Goldcoast again in Round 11. Expect 100 plus in those 4 safely which will bump up his average so at worst I’ll upgrade him come Round 13.
      Also said to be playing more the HFF, Wing role so with his tank will get a lot of easy uncontested ball. ( Thats the Plan anyway)

  • when will a decent rookie max out?

  • By the end of tonight’s game lockout hindsight would have undoubtably reared its ugly head yet again. The Ellis v Morris choice for D7 is going to be the topic of discussion.

    You’ve got Ellis who has the greater scoring power, but also a better chance of getting subbed out. Then you have Morris who’s scoring power isn’t great, but due to the fact he’ll likely be given a role on one of the carlton smalls (betts, garlett), i really can’t see him being subbed out.

    However, in my opinion there are only three candidates for being vested in Richmond’s round 1 team. Conca – due to his lack of match fitness/preparation. Maric – has been used very successfully as the sub during the NAB and is a burst player. Ellis – capable of playing a number of roles across HB and the midfield and its this type of versatility that can make for an ideal sub candidate. Ellis is also still very young and may be eased into the big time.

    Obviously, the problem isn’t going to be who starts as the sub, because we will know this before lockout. But rather who is subbed off, and this is something only lockout hindsight can give us!

  • Well thanks to this article, after not trading for 8 solid days… i have now have made 5 trades in 30 seconds lol… I’ve now gone to the 3 rookie strat in the rucks using redden this week, upgraded waters –> goddard, Sloane –> Selwood, Downgraded Clarke –> Morris and pffifer –> Hall…. i feel safer with my on field players but not as much with my rookies :D lol. there is just something about goddard, i like him too much and he is priced well so that even if he only scores the 80-100’s every week thats fine.

  • the comment about asking “where is Goddard?” was me. Ashworth’s AllStars set for the car this year.
    however im experiencing some serious stress at the moment between morris and bower. i have the cash to upgrade but is it worth it????
    morris could be out of the team by rd 2 and rotating that position with ellis. also by all reports his kicking is garbage. on the other hand bower has proven he can score quite well in previous seasons. he has the same JS issue though with jamison, waite, duigan, laidler all returning.
    anyone wanna sell me bower/morris?
    nb: already have ellis and bugg

  • It’s all becoming clearer now that my paranoia is really kicking in – Morris starts with Ellis as the Sub. Half way through the 3rd quarter and Ellis comes on for Morris. What a way to kick start my season!!

  • Ive gone with the 0 Rookie onfield forward setup,hoping it won’t bite me in the Sidebottom if someone like Kennedy can actually play more than 3 consecutive games. Severely doubt that tho.

  • I have a feeling picking Hale ahead of Martin is going to be one of things I regret in hindsight.

  • Robinson + Golby
    Gray + Waters

  • Well in hindsight having Giles on the bench left me nowhere to move but to persist with my premium rucks idea!
    In hindsight probably too many GWS players as they will get rotated for games.

  • Join the DT TALK teachers comp. Even if you want to teach then a lesson!!

  • Do you have to have Assistant Coach to get the green hots etc on your team?